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Alfred Eugene Mitchell

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Alfred Eugene Mitchell

Alfred Mitchell and family
A very young Alfred Mitchell with his mother, grandmother Mona Mitchell, and father
Alfred Eugene Mitchell was born August 14, 1933, at Leslie, West Virginia, the third of twelve children born to Harry Nelson and Inez Mae Mitchell. His education consisted of attendance at Rand Grade School and DuPont Junior High from 1939 through 1947.
Alfred Mitchell and mother
Alfred Mitchell with his mother

Alfred entered the Marine Corps in October 1951 and was a member of the 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division, serving in Korea as a member of a fire team. On July 8, 1953, the assault platoon of which Alfred was a member was located in the Western Outpost region. They went forward of the main line of resistance and retook one of the outposts. PFC Alfred Mitchell assisted with the preparation of a defense against a possible counterattack and, during the subsequent enemy bombing, was struck by shell fragments. During an attempt to evacuate him, he was struck again and killed instantly. As Capt. Edward H. Hall explained in his letter to Alfred's mother, he "was beyond medical attention and because of the tactical situation, his body was not recovered."

Alfred Mitchell
Alfred Mitchell
Alfred Mitchell
Images of Alfred Eugene Mitchell in service

Source: Pictures courtesy of Frank Corron (cousin); information from Emmogene Marshall (sister) and letter to mother from Edward H. Hall, Capt. U.S Marine Corps


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