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Gary Wayne Morgan
White Sulphur Springs Star

West Virginia
Veterans Memorial


Gary Wayne Morgan

Gary Wayne Morgan was born November 28, 1947, at Alvon, West Virginia, to Bernard and Della Waid Morgan. He had two brothers, Larry Dwain and Dennis Lane.

Gary was a 1966 graduate of White Sulphur Springs High School and prior to his entrance into the Army he was an employee of Hercules Company located in Covington, Virginia.

He was inducted into the Army on August 9, 1967, and received his basic training at Fort Gordon, Georgia, and nine weeks of jungle training at Fort Polk, Louisiana. He began his tour of duty in Vietnam on February 6, 1968, assigned to the 9th Infantry Division. On August 30, 1968, Gary Wayne Morgan, a Specialist 4, was killed in combat at Camp Dong Tam in Go Cong Province, South Vietnam.

The body of Specialist 4 Gary Wayne Morgan was returned to the United States and was interred at Greenbrier Memorial Gardens. In December 1968, his parents were presented several medals awarded their son, including the Bronze Star, which was awarded for his actions in ground combat during his service in Vietnam.


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