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Frank Beckwith Tucker

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Frank Beckwith Tucker

". . . he was among the bravest heroes of the Korean War."

J. C. Poe, member of Able Company

Frank Beckwith Tucker was born August 16, 1924, in Welch, the third child of John and Eloise Beckwith Tucker. He attended public schools in Welch from 1930 to 1940 and continued his education at Sewanee Military Academy in Tennessee, the University of Virginia, and the United States Military Academy at West Point from which he graduated in 1946.

While at West Point, Frank, who had acquired the nickname "Taffy," and a classmate owned a plane and would engage in cross-country flights on the weekends. He participated in cross-country and outdoor track for which he won major "A" letters. After graduation from West Point, Frank spent nearly two years in Japan as a member of the Army of Occupation. On October 21, 1950, Frank married Cary Randolph Marshall in Winchester, Virginia. On Christmas Day of that year he left Washington for the Pacific Coast and was later ordered to active duty in Korea.

In Korea, Capt. Frank Tucker was commander of Company A of the 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division. He received a battle wound on March 21, 1951, which resulted in a two-month hospitalization in Japan. He was awarded a Bronze Star for bravery in action and was later returned to active duty.

On September 29, 1951, Capt. Frank B. Tucker was leading an attack on Hill 487 near Ukkonggi, Korea. During this action Captain Tucker, standing erect and shouting commands, was mortally wounded. For his gallantry on the day of his death he was posthumously awarded the Silver Star.

The body of Capt. Frank Beckwith Tucker was returned to the United States and on January 3, 1952, and was buried in Zion Episcopal Churchyard in Charles Town.


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