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Paul Russell West

Paul Russell West was born February 8, 1919, at Adrian, West Virginia, the son of Henry and Gertie Cutright West.

Paul R. West served in World War II and Korea, his military service totaling nine years. In Korea he was a member of Company F of the 38th Infantry Regiment. He was wounded in August 1950, and while recuperating in a Pusan hospital he wrote a letter to his mother telling her that he had been shot in the back and stabbed by North Koreans. He detailed the slaughter that was taking place and stated that the second division was almost completely wiped out. He was one of 12 of his company of 210 who were still alive. Of his squad, only he and a friend had survived. He assured his mother that he was receiving the best of medical care and it was his hope to return to the United States soon.

He recovered and returned to duty on October 25, but Sgt. Paul R. West was listed as missing in action as of November 27, at which time he had been participating in the fighting in Kuni-ri, North Korea. On December 31, 1953, Sergeant West was declared dead. He was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.


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