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Certified copies of these records are available only from the issuing county or the West Virginia Vital Registration Office.

Guide to Vital Research Records Project

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  • Use * to search for zero or more characters before or after the search term.  Examples: Jef* returns Jeff, Jeffrey, Jefferson, etc.  Ste*en returns Steven, Stephen, etc. *alton returns Dalton, Walton, etc.  Using a * before and after a search term will find that term anywhere in the field.
  • Use _ to replace a single character with a wildcard character.  Examples: J_n returns Jan, Jen, Jon, etc.  _an returns Dan, Ian, Jan etc.  Je_ returns Jeb, Jed, Jen, etc. Multiple _ may be used.
Currently, birth records are available for the following counties and years.  Check back often as we continue to add more.

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