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2527 Records Found
Result #NameDateCountyImage Size
1 Nancy MullinsMay 1853Nicholas1341 Kb
2 unnamed Mullins17 Nov 1853Logan3311 Kb
3 Jackson Mullins18 Aug 1853Logan3311 Kb
4 George Mullins25 Aug 1858Mason2444 Kb
5 Charles Mullins1866Wood969 Kb
6 Sally MullinsJun 1868Boone1255 Kb
7 Simon MullinsDec 1870Boone1281 Kb
8 Cinda Mullins03 Jun 1873Clay1049 Kb
9 Mullins1873Nicholas885 Kb
10 Nathaniel Mullins30 Oct 1874Logan2428 Kb
11 Mary Mullins28 Nov 1876Wyoming1117 Kb
12 Florence Belle Mullins26 Nov 1876Logan2746 Kb
13 Mary Mullins15 Mar 1877Kanawha1650 Kb
14 Mullins13 Jul 1879Kanawha1832 Kb
15 David C. Mullins10 Dec 1881Clay1120 Kb
16 Victora Ellen Mullins25 Feb 1881Wyoming1233 Kb
17 Henry W. Mullins27 May 1882Clay1188 Kb
18 Louisa Mullins1882Nicholas909 Kb
19 N.E. Mullins24 Jul 1885Wyoming1236 Kb
20 Elvira Mullins19 Sep 1885Logan2465 Kb
21 Henry Mullins11 Sep 1885Logan3174 Kb
22 Elmer Mullins14 Sep 1886Cabell1154 Kb
23 Evaline Mullins24 Aug 1886Cabell1154 Kb
24 Tamsey Mullins18 Dec 1886Boone1069 Kb
25 Prica May Mullins15 Oct 1887Kanawha1820 Kb
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