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162 Records Found
Result #GroomBrideDateCountyImage Size
1 Don Hurley McGuireVirginia Cleo Alderson24 Mar 1941Boone1321 Kb
2 Don McGuireCleo Alderson1941Boone1388 Kb
3 H.C. MorrisUrsula M. Alderson29 Nov 1919Braxton1515 Kb
4 James LemmEdith Alderson1934Brooke1499 Kb
5 George ColemanGeraldine Alderson1939Brooke1419 Kb
6 John C HoroskyJudith C Alderson1958Brooke1109 Kb
7 Dorsey CarterNelma Alderson15 Nov 1913Cabell1299 Kb
8 James E. GreeverFlorence B. Alderson6 May 1917Cabell1160 Kb
9 Walter S. BurtonThelma Alderson25 Mar 1925Cabell1618 Kb
10 James N BlakeClara Katherine Alderson1936Cabell1233 Kb
11 William B. AstonMargaret C. Alderson19 Oct 1846Fayette1461 Kb
12 James Goodrich NortonJosephine D. Alderson14 Jul 1864Fayette1711 Kb
13 Eugene B. NortonAlice E. Alderson03 Jul 1864Fayette1711 Kb
14 S. M. MooseF. L. Alderson18 Nov 1874Fayette1973 Kb
15 John ShannonFannie Alderson26 Jan 1877Fayette1848 Kb
16 James RainesDorothy Alderson26 Nov 1910Fayette1936 Kb
17 Robt. WatchersJane Alderson24 Mar 1789Greenbrier1786 Kb
18 Saml. WithrowHanah Alderson5 Aug 1792Greenbrier1786 Kb
19 Thos. SmithsanMargaret Alderson19 Sep 1796Greenbrier1871 Kb
20 William McClungJane Alderson27 Nov 1799Greenbrier1602 Kb
21 David EvansRuth Alderson2Aug1809Greenbrier1898 Kb
22 Charles LewisPolly Alderson21Dec1819Greenbrier2037 Kb
23 John CampbellAmanda F Alderson18Aug1842Greenbrier2064 Kb
24 Thas. B. PattonEliza Alderson30 Dec 1845Greenbrier1502 Kb
25 Matthew DunbarEliz. J. Alderson19Apr1849Greenbrier1026 Kb
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