Some personal notes about the photographs

All of the photographs in 2006, 2007 and 2008 were taken with a Nikon D2x digital camera. The 2005 photographs were taken with a Nikon D70, and prior to that a Nikon D1 was used. The image size of these cameras makes excellent quality 8"x10" prints (or larger).

The images on the web site for your review have not been enhanced; they are (almost) the raw images from the camera. They have, in fact, been made smaller, and compressed, to make them load faster in your browser. You can expect your prints to be lightened or darkened as needed, color corrected and sharpened somewhat.

However, please understand that photographs of movement taken under low lighting with slow shutter speeds result in some blurring of the action. That can't be helped. Stage lighting is designed to be interesting to the eye, and just because the eye can see the dancers doesn't mean the camera can freeze it. If it looks like the subject is blurred by movement in the picture, you can expect to see that in the final print.

The images as you see on the screen are not large enough, or of sufficient quality, to make good prints. As I said above, they've actually been made smaller, and the compression degrades the onscreen image somewhat. If you're not sure if the image you want will make a good print, email me the number and I'll give you my advice.

If you see a picture you like, and you want a friend on the web to see it, I suggest that in your browser you go to File, then Send, and choose Link by Email. They'll get the direct link to that page or photo and can visit it on the web.

There are a lot of photographs online, and if you are using a dial-up connection, you can expect the pages to load somewhat slow. I apologize in advance, but I'm sure you'd rather get the best possible view of the photos than for me to make them small and hard to view. Consult the "How to find your class or performance" notes to find specific sets of images.

At the Festival, someone asked about using the photos you receive for publicity purposes. That's fine, although if it appears in publication we'd like a photo credit. (photos from 2001 to 2009 "Photo by Michael Keller, WV Department of Arts, Culture and History" and photos from 2011 "Photos by Tyler Evert, WV Department of Arts, Culture and History") That doesn't always happen, but we appreciate the effort. You might also ask if they can accept a digital file; we email a lot of our publicity to newspapers now, and the larger ones can accept digital photos. If so, rather than giving up your print to the newspaper, contact me and we can arrange to email the picture you need.

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