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Chapman Revercomb Collection

Chapman Revercomb

Box 1


Flood: Burnsville, Braxton County
Flood Conference, Midwest
Flood Control: Flood Walls: Big Sandy River, Hearings Before the Committee on Rivers and Harbors, May 6-7, 1946
Views Along Proposed Big Sandy Canal, Tug Fork

Box 2

Box Car Shortage
Coal Car Shortage:

Legislation--Tennessee Valley Authority
Committee on Military Affairs: Retirement
Public Works Committee Public Works Committee - General, Folder I
Public Works Committee - General, Folder I
Stream Pollution (S. 418)
Judiciary Committee--Subcommittee on Constitutional Amendments, Term of President of the United States
S. 1098 To Create Department of Peace, Introduced by Senator Revercomb on April 15, 1947
78th Congress--Amendment to Selective Service Act
Revercomb Votes in the Senate, General File
Miscellaneous Personal Notes
Senate Bills, 80th Congress
Alumni Record, Greenbrier Military School, 1952
Defender Book and Bible House
Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace
Camille Mauclair, Alfred Jonniaux (1943)
Calvin L. Estill newspaper columns, 1948
AAA News Review, February 1948; MRA Program, June 23, 1948
"The Poles in W. Pennsylvania," "Polish Day," The Pittsburger Polish Weekly, speech by Senator Revercomb, "Polish Day," July 25, 1948
Governor Harold Stassen, Presidential candidate, 1948
Governor Thomas Dewey, Republican Presidential candidate, 1948, articles
The Free Press, Redmond, Oregon, Syd D. Pierce, editor
Council of State Governments, June 1947; Guardians of Individual Liberty, July 29, 1948; Common Sense, October 3, 1948; Trends in Government, August 9, 1948
Governor Earl Warren, Republican Vice Presidential candidate, 1948
Articles contrasting Republican and Democratic parties, State Democratic Executive Committee, 1948, Ohio County Executive Committee, Evening Star
Taft-Hartley Law, published by Andrew Gahagan Associates, 1948
Senate Resolution 219, April 2, 1948
SJ Resolution 77, International Refugee Organization, 1947-48, 80th Congress
S. Res. 247, Public Works Comm., 1948, 80th Congress
Report on Manpower for Committee on Military Affairs, US Senate, by Lewis Sanders, Col., F. A.
S. B. 1954, January 1948
Identification card, National Presbyterian Church, courtesy credit card, business cards, Senate ID card
Senate rolls, Washington Social Register, booklets, Disabled Veterans
Receipts, Eastern Airlines
Budget development legislation, Small Business, 1954
Activities of the Senate Committee on Government Operations, 1957, Republican speakers handbook
Biography of Thomas S. Gates, Jr., Gettysburg Address
Information on Vice President's office, bio of Sen. T. B. Morton of Kentucky, story of FBI, map to Everett Dirksen home
Committee schedule, pamphlet, "Questions and Answers," bond issue, notes on constitutionality and law, 1948
Government and business cards, letter from Colonel David R. Stinson, 1943, publications

Box 3

One box, Chapman Revercomb, United States Senate Stationery
Confidential Telephone Directory of United States Senators, Seventy-Eighth Congress, First Session (2 copies)
Vest Pocket Congressional Directory, March 1943
Who's Who of the United States Senate, by Maj. Edward L. Donnelly. Boston: Tremont Temple, 1946
Six guest books, 1943-48
Diaries, 1945-46
Record of Votes Taken in the 1st Session of the 80th Congress

Box 4

Displaced Person Publications
Displaced Persons Stratton Bill, Out-Of-State Mail, Unanswered (two folders)
Displaced Persons Stratton Bill, Out-Of-State Mail, Answered
Displaced Persons Stratton Bill, West Virginia Mail, Answered
Displaced Persons, S. 2242, Answered Correspondence
Displaced Persons, Correspondence
Displaced Persons Report
Annual Report of the Immigration and Naturalization Service For Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 1947
Displaced Persons, S. 2242
Displaced Persons, Judiciary File, List To Whom Report Was Sent
S. Res. 137, Immigration Investigation
Displaced Persons Bill, Drafts, Clippings, Press Releases, Speeches and Correspondence

Box 5

Report to the Senate Republican Steering Committee on The Possible Admission of Displaced Persons to the United States, by Chapman Revercomb, December 30, 1946
Comments on Proposed Displaced Persons Amendment
Newspaper clippings concerning Displaced Persons
Correspondence and booklet from Lithuanian Organizations concerning Displaced Persons
Speech regarding Displaced Persons
Displaced Persons Newspaper File. Contains correspondence regarding religious aspects of Displaced Persons Act, Letter by Alexander Wiley, Chairman, Judiciary Committee of the Senate summarizing Displaced Persons situation
Correspondence regarding dispute between Revercomb and Presidential candidate Thomas E. Dewey over Displaced Persons Act
Displaced Persons Legislation
Displaced Persons Legislation, Statement by Monsignor Edward E. Swanstrom
Displaced Persons, Correspondence, press releases, speeches
Displaced Persons, Correspondence, news and magazine clippings, remarks
Displaced Persons Bill--Articles
Subcommittee on Immigration and Naturalization: News releases, speeches and miscellaneous correspondence
Correspondence regarding Robert C. Alexander, by Subcommittee To Investigate Immigration and Naturalization
UN Correspondence and Releases, Subcommittee on Immigration and Naturalization Immigration, stowaways
Displaced Persons articles, 1948
Displaced Persons News Releases
Displaced Persons Act Amendments
Correspondence received in regard to passage of Stratton Bill, dealing with the lifting of pre-war immigration quotas (Displaced Persons Act). Revercomb served as chair of the Subcommittee on Immigration and Naturalization
Correspondence regarding Displaced Persons legislation
Displaced Persons Commission
Correspondence concerning Displaced Persons Act, proposed liberalization of bill by Presidential candidate and New York governor Thomas Dewey
Copies of letter from Senator Alexander Wiley of Wisconsin to Senator Revercomb concerning the Displaced Persons Act.
Correspondence concerning Drew Pearson newspaper column on Revercomb's role in the passage of the Displaced Persons Act

Box 6


Box 7

Guidebook and Directory, National Republican Convention, 1928
Campaign Materials, Revercomb for Governor, 1936
Cartoon: "Campaign Bait," I (1942)
Cartoon: "Campaign Bait," II (1942)
Notecards for West Virginia counties, listing population vote totals, county officers and information
"Neely Votes Against Glass and Pottery Workers," Revercomb Campaign Flyer, 1948
Republican State Convention, August 14, 1948
1948 campaign poster, announcement, special train
Democratic Party-Articles from campaign of 1948
Political Advertisement, 1948 campaign, various articles, letter from NAACP
Newspaper articles, campaign issues-1948, GOP speakers
Primary 1948 returns, The West Virginia News, May 13, 1948; Marlinton Journal
Matthew M. Neely, Democratic candidate for US Senate, 1948, various articles
Primary results, Young Republicans Convention, May 1948
Sample Ballots, Candidate List, 1952
Precincts, Folder I, 1952
Precincts, Folder II, 1952
District Precinct Clerks, Kanawha County
List of Registered Voters Precinct 76, Charleston, probably 1960 campaign
List of Registered Voters Precinct 77, Charleston, probably 1960 campaign
List of Registered Voters Precinct 78, Charleston, probably 1960 campaign
List of Registered Voters Precinct 79, Charleston, probably 1960 campaign
List of Registered Voters Precinct 80, Charleston, probably 1960 campaign
List of Registered Voters Precinct 81, Charleston, probably 1960 campaign
List of Registered Voters Precinct 87, Charleston, probably 1960 campaign
List of Registered Voters Precinct 89, Charleston, probably 1960 campaign
List of Registered Voters Precinct 90, Charleston, probably 1960 campaign
Speeches, press releases on 1952 U. S. Senate campaign against Harley Kilgore (most attack Kilgore for being pro-Communist)
"Revercomb and Neal Can Save West Virginia!" (1952)
1952 announcement of candidacy
Newsletter, Citizens for Eisenhower-Nixon for the District of Columbia, October 28, 1952
Sample Ballot, Republican Primary Election, May 8, 1956
1956 Campaign
Campaign ads, news releases, articles, 1956
Political campaign articles, 1956
Miscellaneous campaign ads, 1956
Tyler County primary election results, 1956
1960 gubernatorial campaign, notices of rallies
Ritchie Gazette, April 14, 1960
Requests for air time, 1960 gubernatorial campaign
Letters and articles, 1960 gubernatorial campaign
Booklet, primary election candidates, May 10, 1960
Harold E. Neely, Summers County endorsement for governor, 1960
News Articles, 1960 gubernatorial campaign
Clippings, 1960 gubernatorial campaign, Folder One
Clippings, 1960 gubernatorial campaign, Folder Two
1960 Kennedy Presidential Campaign, Anti-Kennedy Currency Handout
Announcement of candidacy for re-election to Senate, Report to People of West Virginia, miscellaneous
One box of campaign materials - miscellaneous, including campaign cards, buttons, sample Republican ballots for 1956 primary election, passes to Senate chamber
Certificate, Chapman Revercomb, Delegate at Large to the Republican National Convention, 1972, and name tag forRepublican Governors Association convention at the Greenbrier, 1972

Box 8

Correspondence, 1942
Correspondence, 1943
Correspondence, 1944
Correspondence, 1945
Correspondence, 1946
Correspondence, condolences on death of mother of Chapman Revercomb, 1946
Correspondence, 1947
Correspondence, 1948
Correspondence, campaign contributions, 1948
Correspondence, 1949
Correspondence, January 1950
Correspondence, February 1950
Correspondence, March 1950
Correspondence, April 1950
Correspondence, May 1950
Correspondence, June 1950
Correspondence, July-December 1950
Correspondence, 1951-59
Correspondence, 1960-94
Correspondence, undated
Anne Revercomb
James Revercomb
George H. Revercomb
Paul Revercomb
Edmund Revercomb
William C. Revercomb, Jr.
Mrs. George A. Revercomb (Mother of Chapman)
Notations and schedules
Senate notes
(West Virginia) State GOP Committee
Chapman Revercomb Personal, 1948: Letters Regarding Contributions to 1948 Campaign
Telegrams, congratulations, 1948
Telegrams, congratulations, best wishes, 1956
Telegrams, congratulations from Richard Nixon, US senators and congressmen, 1956
Telegrams, congratulations from West Virginia government officials, 1956
Telegrams, congratulations from media, Chamber of Commerce, businesses, 1956
Telegrams, congratulations from out-of-state friends, 1956
Telegrams, congratulations from West Virginia friends, 1956
Telegrams, congratulations from West Virginia Republican clubs, county chairman, sheriffs, mayors, 1956
Telegrams, miscellaneous
Telegram from President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1956
Telegrams and answers, friends, 1956
Telegrams and answers, Republican Womens Clubs, 1956
Telegrams and answers, US and WV Senate officials, 1956

Box 9

Constituency Letters, Replies, Folders A-Z

Box 10

House and Senate Joint Resolutions Regarding Office of the President and Vice-President
Lester H. Sweeney (court-martial), Folder I (*Original File Marked CLOSED)
Lester H. Sweeney (court-martial), Folders I
European Trip--Committee on Military Affairs (1945)
Draft, Troop Requirements Govern Rate of Overseas Demobilization--Senator's Legislation Drawer
Junior Bar Conference, Annual Meeting, 1960
Programs of the 84th annual meeting of the American Bar Association, 1961
Directory for the Junior Bar Conference of the American Bar Association, 1960-61
Junior Bar Bulletin, Report to the Locals, November 1960
American Bar Association, calculation of billing and attorney's fees
Bar Association of St. Louis, "Law in Your Life," St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1961
Republican Governors' Conference, 1972, White Sulphur Springs
Programs, VA Hospital, Beckley, April 25, 1948, National Commanders Banquet, April 12, 1948
Family Assistance Act, information on communism
Republican publications, 1970
Putnam County Homecoming, September 12, 1948
New Generation, 1969; A Matter of Simple Justice, 1970; Social Security information, 1970
Public Law 404, 78th Congress
Senate papers: Bell System Position, Judiciary Committee, extract from Secretary of State Hull to Mexican ambassador
Senate papers: Voluntary improvement of administrative processes
Senate papers: Countervailing Duties Statute, Investment Guaranties Staff
Senate papers: Address of Commissioner F. W. Ford, radio and television executive, statement of FCC Commissioner Robert E. Lee, 1958-59
Senate Papers: Non-generalization provision, Trade Agreement Act
Harley Martin Kilgore, American Mercury, West Virginian Waterboy, 1952
Glenn C. Roberts, letter to editor regarding John Birch Society, Gazette Mail, 1966
The Alfalfa Club of D. C., 44th Anniversary Dinner, 1957
International Sugar Agreement, October 1, 1953
International Wheat Agreement, 1953
Strategic Trade Control System, 1948-56
Loan Agreement between the Union of South Africa and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, October 1, 1957
Loan Agreement between International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Oesterreichische Investitionskredit Aktiengesellschaft, April 28, 1958
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Loan Regulations No. 4, June 15, 1956
Prospectus, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 1958
Interstate Telephone Trends, 1958
Interstate Telephone Trends, March 1958
Facts about the Bell System in the Economy, May 1959 Stevenson's Red Record
Communism United States Senate, Vote Forms
Envelopes, United States Senate Committee on Public Works
Restriction of War Controls (Judiciary Drawer)
"Three Worlds"
Union Carbon Company, Annual Report, 1928 Harley M. Kilgore
State Summary West Virginia Authorized Projects
General Immigration Bills Pending in Congress Affecting Status of Aliens
Reconstruction of Roofs and Skylights Over the Senate and House Wings of the Capitol and United States Foreign Aid, 1940-52
Eisenhower Day in Wheeling, West Virginia, September 24, 1952
"No Threat To What Industry?"
Invitational Travel Orders for Trip to European and Mediterranean Theaters of Operations
"Building Citizenship"
Pamphlets, Brochures
"Subversives In International Organizations?"
Marshall Plan
Taft-Hartley Act
Congressional Record

Box 11

Miscellaneous Speeches, Folder I
Miscellaneous Speeches, Folder II
Miscellaneous Speeches, Folder III
Miscellaneous Speeches, Folder IV
Campaign Speeches:

Miscellaneous Speeches:
Memorial Day Speech, 1948
Speech To Soldiers
Kanawha Valley Leader, Senate speech, June 10, 1948; Point Pleasant Register, Independence Day speech, July 5, 1948
Undated speech to American Legion
Governor Matthew Neely speech to West Virginia Convention, CIO, 1943
Speech, Lincoln Day Dinner
Campaign Speech, Grafton W. Va.
Jackson's Mill Speech (Farm Bureau), August 12, 1947
Independence Day, 1948, Point Pleasant, W. Va.
Speech--Highway Development
Lincoln Day Speech, 1948
Speech Before Indiana Republican Editorial Association, Indianapolis, February 21, 1948
Speech File, Republican State Convention, Charleston, August 14, 1948
Speech File, Speech Before Republican State Committee Meeting, Charleston, July 10, 1948
Speech Prepared For Delivery Before Young Republican State Convention, Bluefield, June 5, 1948
Lincoln Day Speech, 1947
Memorial Day Speech, 1948
Memorial Day Speech, 1947, Buckhannon
Moundsville Speech, Reciprocal Trade Agreements, June 12, 1948
Remarks at Dedication of Morris Harvey College, September 8, 1947
Polish Day Celebration, July 28, 1948, Kennywood Park, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Speech File--American Legion Convention, Huntington, August 13, 1948
Miscellaneous Campaign Speeches
Speech, Denver, September 30, 1946

Box 12

Speech Material:

Radio Talk to West Virginia No. 1-14, May 1 1947-July 30, 1947
Radio Talk to West Virginia No. 15-29, August 6, 1947-November 12, 1947
Radio Talk to West Virginia No. 30-45, November 19, 1947-March 4, 1948
Radio address, news release, broadcast by Eugene Castle, 1958
Listing of daily and weekly newspapers and radio stations in West Virginia, n.d.
"Radio Talk to West Virginia," 1947. Transcripts of forty-six radio addresses by Senator Chapman Revercomb
Copies of Radio Talks, Radio Talk to West Virginia by Sen. Joe McCarthy
Radio Speeches
Campaign Radio Scripts

Box 13

Obituaries/Tributes, William Chapman Revercomb
Biographies of William Chapman Revercomb
"The Life of William Chapman Revercomb," typescript by Bill Saul, December 12, 1973
Press Releases, August 1952
Press Releases, September 1952
Press Releases, October 1952
Press Releases, Miscellaneous
Presidential Messages to the United States Senate, 1943-47
Ronald Moist Reports
Research Notes
Mileage Ration Card and Coupons, 1945
Atomic Bomb Test, Bikini Atoll, July 1, 1946
Frank Hughes/Genealogy
Personal Items
Miscellaneous Notes
Lincoln Day Dinners
Republican Party in West Virginia, 1946
State GOP Committee
"Here's What a Republican Congress Did For You," 1952
80th Congress, United States Senate Committees
"Republican Principles and Achievements of the 80th Congress" (January 3, 1947 to March 15, 1948)
Republican Accomplishments in 82nd Congress, 1951-52
Joe McCarthy
Inauguration of Governor Howard Gore, 1925
Inauguration of Governor Arch Moore, 1973
Inauguration of President Dwight Eisenhower, 1953
Inauguration of President Richard Nixon, 1969
Inauguration of President Ronald Reagan, 1981
Inauguration of President Ronald Reagan, 1985
Listing of Invitations, April 23-June 28, 1958

Box 14


Anti-Communist Publications: Notebook of typed anti-Communist articles from newspapers, magazines, and periodicals
World War II-Era Publications
The Mayflower's Log
Albert Wahl Hawkes, 1878-1971. Palm Desert California, 1971
The Hoover Institution in 1975. Stanford: Stanford University, 1975
Flower arrangement primer
Social Register, Washington, 1965
The Congressional Club, Yearbook, 1945
Reader's Digest, August 1952
Compilation of the Social Security Laws, 1947
Labor Information Bulletin, June 1948
Daily Worker, October 20, 1952
The Worker, October 19, 1952
One box of cards "Mrs. Chapman Revercomb"
One box of cards Mr. Revercomb West Virginia
One box of cards Chapman Revercomb United States Senator West Virginia

Box 15

American Bar Association 50-Year Certificate
Atlas Land Company Work Papers
Atlas Land Company Maps, Plats, Building Specifications
South Charleston Property, J. King, Shepherd Tract, W. C. Revercomb
B. A. Ford (Farm)
Shenandoah Gas/Martinsburg Gas and Heating
Satterthwait Will Case
Deeds/Legal Papers
United Carbon Company
Chapman Rivercomb, et. al. Well and Acreage in Wood County
Oil and Gas Possibilities on Lands of Mower Lumber Company in Randolph, Pocahontas, and Webster Counties, West Virginia
Shenandoah Gas Company
J. G. Hughes Drug Company, Incorporated, Report For Year Ended September 30, 1950
Estate of William Chapman Revercomb Sr.
Blueprints for Bon Air Addition, Charleston, West Virginia

Box 16

A Miscellaneous
B Miscellaneous
C Miscellaneous
Carr, Reid L., Columbian Carbon Company
D Miscellaneous
E Miscellaneous
Election Statements, General Election November 2, 1948
Exchange of Stock From Common Stock Columbian Carbon Company to Preferred Stock Cities Service Company
F Miscellaneous
G Miscellaneous
H Miscellaneous
Hallanan, Walter S.
I Miscellaneous
J Miscellaneous
K Miscellaneous
Koontz, Hurlbutt, & Revercomb
L Miscellaneous
Legislation Introduced by Senator Revercomb
Letters to State Republican Chairmen
M Miscellaneous
Mc Miscellaneous
N Miscellaneous
O Miscellaneous
P Miscellaneous
Personal Letters
Political Old File*
Politics 1950-54
Price, Leslie D.
R Miscellaneous
S Miscellaneous

Box 17

Sinclair Oil Company/W. Va. Marketing
Sinclair Refining Company
Staff, 1947
T Miscellaneous
Taft-Hartley Act
U Miscellaneous
V Miscellaneous
Van Petten, Albert
Van Petten, O. W.
W Miscellaneous
Winona National Bank
X Miscellaneous
Y Miscellaneous
Z Miscellaneous
Chapman Revercomb, Personal, 1951-52
Chapman Revercomb, Campaign Expenses, 1952
Chapman Revercomb, 1953
Chapman Revercomb, 1954
Chapman Revercomb, Papers Taken From Desk, June 9, 1955

Box 18

Checkbook, Kanawha Valley Bank, 1937-39
Checkbook, Kanawha Valley Bank, 1939-41
Checkbook, Kanawha Valley Bank, 1941-42
Checkbook, Kanawha Valley Bank, 1942-44
Checkbook, Kanawha Valley Bank, 1944-45
Checkbook, Kanawha Valley Bank, 1948-52
Hodges, Revercomb & Michie, Attorneys-At-Law, 1943-46
Miscellaneous Financial, 1947-72

Box 19

Eight checkbooks, 1937-46

Box 20

Scrapbook of Senator Chapman Revercomb of West Virginia, January 1 to July 31, 1947
Scrapbook of Senator Chapman Revercomb of West Virginia, August 1 to December 31, 1947

Box 21

Scrapbook of Senator Chapman Revercomb of West Virginia, Articles by Drew Pearson
Scrapbook of Senator Chapman Revercomb of West Virginia, July 1 to December 31, 1945
Scrapbook of Senator Chapman Revercomb of West Virginia, January 1 to March 31, 1948

Box 22

Four large scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings
NOTE: Bottom scrapbook also contains photographs

Box 23

Two scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings Newspaper clippings Folder of newspaper clippings
"Order of 35th Star Ceremonies Friday," Charleston Gazette, March 28, 1979 (multiple copies)
"Ex-Senator Chapman Revercomb: We're Living Too High," Charleston Daily Mail, February 5, 1975 (multiple copies)
Three folders of miscellaneous newspaper clippings
Newspaper Clippings

Box 24
Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles
2 paper bags of newspaper clippings, one labeled "Repetitious Clippings May June '48," and one labeled "Aug '48."

Box 25

Newspaper articles, 1947
Four Wing News, Island Creek Coal Company, July 10, 1947
Newspaper Clippings, out-of-state, Foreign trade and other issues, January 1947-June 1948 Newspaper clippings, Reciprocal Tract Act and other issues, February 1947 Newspaper clippings, Reciprocal Tract Act and other issues, campaign, February-September 1948
Newspaper clippings, out-of-state campaign, February-September 1948
Clippings, April 1948
Newspaper clippings, West Virginia primary, May 1948
Newspaper clippings, West Virginia issues, May 1948
Newspaper clippings, out-of-state, primary, May 1948
Newspaper clippings, out-of-state, DP and other issues, May 1948
Clippings, May 1948, WV I
Clippings, May 1948, WV II
Clippings, June 1948, WV
Clippings, June 1948, out-of-state I
Clippings, June 1948, out-of-state II
Articles, October 1948
Political articles, October 1948
Articles, West Virginia newspapers, 1948
Clippings, October 1948
Editorials I, 1948
Editorials II, 1948
Articles, Young Republican, 1948
Articles, 1948 campaign, I
Articles, campaign 1948, II
Clippings, September 1948
Newspaper articles, stands on issues, 1948
Obituaries/Social, 1948
Articles, Charleston Daily Mail, 1957; Birmingham Post-Herald, 1958
Clippings, oil imports, military service
Miscellaneous clippings
Sen. John Holmes Overton (Democrat, Louisiana) Obituary
Assorted Articles (Out-of-State)
Waterway Program Cuts
Cold War--Russia
Campaign Articles (Out-of-State)
Public Appearances
Fraternal Organizations
Monongahela River Project
Washington and Lee University--Bicentennial
George E. Sokolsky
Drew Pearson, "The Washington Merry-Go-Round"
Assorted Newspaper Clippings
Jewish Publications
Miscellaneous clippings, 1957
Articles, Republican party
Cecil and Hovah Underwood wedding photograph (clipping)
Letters to the editor, articles
News Clippings

Box 26
George Revercomb

Congratulatory Messages
Newspaper Clippings
Security Bank, Washington, D. C.
Munsey Trust Company
Union Trust Company
Charleston National Bank, Folders I-II
National Bank of Commerce, Folders I-II
First National Exchange
Christmas Cards Received, Folders I-IV
Letters and Cards, Folders I-II
Letters Regarding Engagement
Correspondence from G. Revercomb
Personal Notes
Republican National Convention Telephone Directory, August 1956
Address Book
Virginia Board of Bar Examiners
Research Papers Legal pad with handwritten resume, 1958
Christmas cards
Bank books
Receipt books
Letter regarding stock certificate

Box 27
George Revercomb

Junior Bar Conference (JBC), American Bar Association, Summer 1961, St. Louis
Personal Case Notes
Federal Communications Commission, Folder I
Federal Communications Commission, Folder II
Federal Communications Commission, Folder III
Federal Communications Commission, Folder IV
Federal Communications Commission, Folder V
Federal Communications Commission, Folder VII
Federal Communications Commission, Folder VII
Federal Communications Commission, Folder VIII
Federal Communications Commission, Folder IX
Federal Communications Committee, 1958
Pamphlets, Folders I-III
U. Va. Class of 1955
Legal Notes
Permission Merger Legislation For International Telegraph and Marine Carriers
International Court of Justice--Interhandle Case (Switzerland v. United States of America)
Young Republican Club of Roanoke, Virginia
Correspondence to be Filed
Privy Council Appeal No. 15 of 1952 From the Appeal Court of Hong Kong
Business correspondence, 1958

Box 28
Sara Revercomb

Wedding 8-11-1951, Accepts, Folder I
Wedding 8-11-1951, Accepts, Folder II
Wedding 8-11-1951, Accepts, Folder III
Wedding 8-11-1951, Accepts, Folder IV
Wedding 8-11-1951, Accepts, Folder V
Wedding 8-11-1951, Accepts, Folder VI
Wedding 8-11-1951, Accepts, Folder VII
Wedding 8-11-1951, Accepts, Folder VIII
Wedding 8-11-1951, Accepts, Folder IX
Wedding 8-11-1951, Accepts, Folder X
Wedding 8-11-1951, Accepts, Folder XI
Wedding 8-11-1951, Accepts, Folder XII
Wedding 8-11-1951 Regrets, Folder I
Wedding 8-11-1951 Regrets, Folder II
Wedding 8-11-1951 Regrets, Folder III
Wedding 8-11-1951 Regrets, Folder IV
Wedding 8-11-1951 Regrets, Folder V
Wedding 8-11-1951 Regrets, Folder VI
Wedding 8-11-1951 Regrets, Folder VII
Wedding 8-11-1951 Regrets, Folder VIII
Wedding 8-11-1951 Regrets, Folder IX
Wedding 8-11-1951 Regrets, Folder X
Wedding 8-11-1951 Regrets, Folder XI
Wedding 8-11-1951 Regrets, Folder XII
Wedding 8-11-1951 Regrets, Folder XIII
Wedding 8-11-1951 Regrets, Folder XIV
Wedding 8-11-1951 Regrets, Folder XV
Wedding 8-11-1951 Regrets, Folder XVI
Wedding 8-11-1951 Regrets, Folder XVII
Wedding 8-11-1951 Regrets, Folder XVIII
Wedding 8-11-1951 Regrets, Folder XIX
Wedding 8-11-1951 Regrets, Folder XX
Wedding 8-11-1951 Regrets, Folder XXI
Wedding 8-11-1951 Regrets, Folder XXII
Post-Wedding Letters and Cards, Folder I
Post-Wedding Letters and Cards, Folder II
Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards to Sara Revercomb
Letters to Sara Revercomb
Official Correspondence
Official correspondence, 1969
Letter from White House, 1943
White House admittance cards and invitations, 1944
Official letters and telegrams
Thank you notes, momentos
Congratulatory card and telegrams
Telegram of condolence
Children of Senator and Mrs. Revercomb
Certificate of appreciation from President Richard Nixon, Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women

Box 29
Sara Revercomb

Governor's Commission on the Status of Women in Nevada, 1967-70
Miscellaneous Notes, Pamphlets, Correspondence, Etc.
Women in Public Service, Folders I-II
Miscellaneous Pamphlets, Reports, Etc.
Kanawha County Republican Woman's Club list of members' names, addresses and phone numbers. May 10, 1949
Multi-Cultural Education, compiled and edited by Margaret Cyrus Mills. West Virginia
Department of Education, 1976
US Department of Labor, Women's Bureau, Republican National Committee, 1970
News, United States Department of Labor
President's Advisory Council on the Status of Women, Bills of Special Interest to Women, News Releases, 1970
Daycare, 1965-
Charleston Daily Mail, April 14, 1957
Information, Women's Workers, 1968
New York Times, Sunday, January 30, 1972
American Legion Auxiliary
The Day Care and Child Development Council of America
Pamphlets--United States Department of Labor
Study of Employment of Women in the Federal Government, 1968
Bulletins and brochures

Box 30
Sara Revercomb

West Virginia Council on the Status of Women, 1971
Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women, Folder I
Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women, Folder II
Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women, Folder III
Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women, 1969
Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women, "Women in 1970"
Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women, 1971
Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women, 1973
Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women, 1973
Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women, 1973
Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women, 1975
Correspondence, Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women, Equal Rights Amendment, 1969
Equal Rights Amendment
Women in 1975. Citizens' Advisory Council on the Status of Women, March 1976
Annual report of The Citizens' Advisory Council on the Status of Women, 1975
Various reports and statements relating to activities of the Citizens' Advisory Council on the Status of Women
Envelopes and letterhead paper for Citizens' Advisory Council on the Status of Women
Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women, Report on the Task Force on Family Law and Policy, 1968
Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women, Report of the Task Force on Health and Welfare, 1968
Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women, Report of the Task Force on Labor Standards, 1968
Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women, Report of the Task Force on Social Insurance and Taxes, 1968
Wonderful West Virginia, March 1972
Wonderful West Virginia, April 1972
Hawaiian trip, 1961
Kanawha County Republican Women, 40th anniversary, 1971, Marion County Republican Women, 1958, Dunbar Republican Women
Newspaper articles, "Potential First Ladies of West Virginia," 1960, Edgewood Garden Club
National Federation of Women's Clubs, 1949 Membership Card
Women In America
U. S. Department of Labor
National Woman's Party
American Association of University Women, West Virginia Division
West Virginia Department Of Welfare
National Council of Catholic Women
National Ad Hoc Committee for ERA
Patricia Reilly Hitt, Dept. Of Health, Education, and Welfare
A Report on the 1969 Federal Women's Program Review Seminar
50th Anniversary Women's Bureau (1970)
Day Care For Children in West Virginia (Spring 1963)
Kanawha County Republican Woman's Club
W. Va. Federated Republican Woman's Club Executive Committee
Republican National Committee, Women's Division

Box 31
Sara Revercomb

Various Publications on Women's Issues

Three boxes of photographs
One folder of oversize items

Manuscript Collections

West Virginia Archives and History