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West Virginia State Archives

Manuscript Collections

Collections prefaced by an * have a more detailed collection listing in the State Archives Library.

Abbott, Sgt. Houghton - see World War IMs94-33
Abstract of title. Fred W. Boyce, Charleston, 1926. 1 folderMs2021-026
Account book, Augustus Ball, Madison, 1874. 1 volume.Ms81-32
Account book, Brooke Co. Unidentified doctor, 1833-1842. 1 volume.Ms97-21
Account book, Charles Town, 1821-1831. 1 volume.Ms79-22
Account book, Charleston, 1823. 1 volume.Ms79-23
Account book, Charleston, 1835-1836. 1 volume.Ms79-245
Account book, Charleston, 1876-1880. 3 volumes.Ms79-25
Account book, D. Goode & Son Store, Griffithsville,1942-1943. 1 item. Ms88-95
Account book. Federal funds expended during New Deal, Federal Emergency Relief Act, 1934-1936. 1 volume. Ms2003-010
Account book, Gladesville, Preston Co, 1909-1912. 1 volume.Ms86-67
Account book, Jefferson Co., possibly blacksmith or metal worker, 1826-1868. 1 item.Ms79-63
Account book, Kanawha Co, VA, 1828. 1 volume.Ms79-33
Account book, Kanawha Co, VA, 1830-1840. 1 volume.Ms79-56
Account book, Kanawha Co, VA, postal accounts, 1840. 1 volume.Ms79-29
Account book, Kanawha Co, [West] Virginia, 1840-1889. Includes postal accounts, travel and legislative expenses for 1864-1865. 5 volumes.Ms79-57
Account book, Kanawha County store, 1857 December 1 - 1858 December 31. 1 volume.Ms2016-026
Account book, Kanawha Court House, 1843. 1 volume.Ms79-24
Account book, Kanawha Court House, 1844-1845. 1 volume.Ms79-32
Account book, Kanawha Court House, 1849. 1 volume.Ms79-34
Account book, Kanawha Falls, 1829-1830. 1 volume.Ms79-27
Account book, Kanawha Salines, 1827 June 6. 1 page.Ms79-160
Account book, Kanawha Salines store (photocopy), 1827. 1 item.Ms2001-009
Account book. Legal fees, probably Kanawha County, ca 1875-1878. 1 volume. Ms2003-008
Account book, legislative expenses, 1895. 1 volume.Ms79-59
Account book. Lewisburg and Ronceverte Turnpike construction financial records, ca. 1885-1889. 1 volume. Ms2002-109
Account book, Mason Co, VA, 1818-1819. 1 volume.Ms79-31
Account book, financial documents. J. M. McWhorter, Lewisburg, ca. 1881-1894. 1 volume and 1 folder. Ms2002-108
Account book, New River area, possibly coal company store, ca. 1907. 1 volume.Ms92-98
Account book, no location, 1860-1883. 1 volume.Ms87-141
Account book. Pages from Kanawha Salines account book, 1827 (photocopy). 1 item. Ms2003-058
Account book, Pioneer Coal Company coal & time book,1890-1894. 1 volume.Ms86-118
Account book, Rand and Fitz, Hale House, Charleston, 1879 May - 1882 June. 1 volume.Ms2016-027
Account book. Red House-Winfield ferry landing store, Putnam County, 1860 October-1870 April. 1 volume.Ms96-5
Account book, savings account for Mrs. S. O. Blair, Bank of St. Albans, 1932-1933. 1 item.Ms88-237
Account book, Shepherds Town Academy, 1823 April-1824 October 1 item.Ms79-36
Account book, Stevens Coal Company. Time book of employees at Acme and Keystone mines, Kanawha County, including accounts at company store, March 1897-November 1899. 1 volume.Ms90-85
Account book, tax bills collected by John W. Sentz, Malden District, Kanawha County, 1877-1878. 1 volume.Ms2016-028
Account book, timebook labelled Rail Mill Record, 1938 October 24 - 1940 April 30. 1 volume.Ms2017-003
Account book, Upper Falls of Coal, VA, 1831-1837. 1 volume.Ms79-35
Account book, various counties, 1887. 1 volume.Ms79-30
Account book. Wheeling receipts and letterheads, most addressed to Armstrong Mills, Ohio, glued into earlier account book, 1833-1843, 1872-1875. 1 volume. Ms2003-024
Account book. Wood and Jackson residents, unidentified store, 1885-1890. 1 volume.Ms2003-240
Account books, Barlow-Bonsall Funeral Home, Charleston. 1898-1924. 10 volumes.Ms97-22
Account books, Records of Beham Henline, Orlando, Lewis County and Henline family information, 1891-2006. 2 volumes and 1 folder.Ms2013-073
Account books, Campbells Creek Coal Company store, 1880-1881, 1882-1883, 1940-1941. 3 volumes.Ms86-148
Account books, Charleston Federal Savings and Loan, receipts and journals, 1934-1950. 11 volumes. See archivist for access.Ms89-33
Account books, coal companies, including Fire CreekCollieries, Spruce Bend Coal and Detroit Coal, 1909-1916. 3 volumes.Ms79- 90
Account books, E. W. Waggoner and Son, Freemansburg, Lewis County, also catalogue for Strecker Brothers of Marietta, 1889-1951. 7 volumes.Ms2006- 045
Account books, Evan G. Roberts. Cash book and other volumes, Marshall Co, 1892-1924. 5 volumes.Ms89-47
Account books. Mendelsohn's Quality Shop, Charleston, 1916-1923. 2 volumes. Ms2002-037
Account books. Pauper medical services, 1927-1929, 1932-1934. 2 volumes. Ms2003-009
Account books, Red Sulphur Springs, 1836-61; Hinton store run by Ballard family, 1892-1965. 2 volumes.Ms86-114
Account books. S. B. Lantz, unknown location, 1881-1882, 1908-1909. 3 volumes.Ms98-3
Account books, S. Spencer Moore Company, Charleston,1911-1932. 6 volumes.Ms88-96
Account books. Stevens Coal, Cabin Creek Consolidated Coal, freight books for Steamer Liberty, 1871-1911. 12 volumes.Ms2006-042
Account books, Sunday Creek Coal Company valuations (photocopies), 1910, 1915. 2 volumes.Ms88-98
Account books. Tompkins Family, Burning Springs, 1820-22; Kanawha Salines, 1824-25; Cedar Grove Farm, 1894-97. 3 volumes.Ms2007-018
Account books. Unidentified business, possibly paint or hardware store, 1934-1944. 2 volumes.Ms2003-023
Account book. Unidentified business, Barbour County, 1852-1856. 1 volume.Ms2009-137
Account books. US Circuit and District Courts including witness books, cash books, orders of jurors, 1873-1974. 41 volumes.Ms2006-098
*Account books & ledgers, Putnam County, 1876-1942. 18 volumes.Ms86-72&acc
*Account books, documents. Barbour County store, possibly C. M. Elliot & Company, Meadowville; tax receipts and correspondence, most belonging to E. F. Grant who served as postmaster of Philippi and treasurer of Philippi Independent School District; ca. 1837-1890. 2 volumes and 1 box. Ms2003-011
Account books, letter. Commission book & manufacturing book for food broker Thomas Dabney; photocopy of Mullens Grocery letter discontinuing business; 1925-1953, 1982. 3 items.Ms89-91
Account books, school certificates, deed, Summers County sawmill, Dunbar family, 1890-1931. 8 items.Ms87-167
Adams, David Collection. Letters from William Proctor Smith re: coal lands, 1874; letter from B. B. Harding to J. D. Sweeney to secure recommendation for Harding from Senator J. N. Camden, 1888; annual report of Coal River Collieries, 1925. 6 items.Ms2006- 024
Address to Rosie the Riveters. Remarks of Assistant Defense Attache Lt. Col. Martine Disrckx of the Belgian Embassy at Shepherd University, 2009 November 7. 1 item. Ms2009-149
AeroMech Airlines. Materials of Clarksburg-based airlines, ca. 1982. 1 folder.Ms97-11
African-Americans in Parkersburg. Logan Memorial ME Church 50th anniversary and yearbook (photocopies); A Heritage A History and Account of Former Afro-American (Black) Businesses and Achievements in Parkersburg, WV; 1916-17, 1981. 3 items. Ms2011-024
Airport construction reports. Draft Environmental Impact Statements for Logan County Airport at Ethel and Marshall County Airport near Moundsville, 1971-1972. 2 items. Ms2004-116
Albright, Samuel. Indenture from executor of David Albright's estate, Taylor County to P. G. Sturgis, Preston County, 1858-1859. 2 items.Ms80-236
Alburtis, William A. - see War Records Collection listMs79-20
Alderson family papers. Photocopies, ca. 1700s-1980s. 2 boxes.Ms96-2
*Alderson-Hamilton Collection. Corres, tax receipts, portraits, 1828-1941.Ms83-23
Aleshire, Clifford Collection. World War I materials, ca. 1917-1918. 1 folder. Ms2004-080
Aliff, David D. Collection. Certificates, letters & other materials regarding WWII service & Silver Star, 1942-1945. 12 items.Ms88-102
Allen, Bernard. "People, Places, Rivers, and Experiences: A Guide for Reconstructing Wood County's History," literary mss, 1988. 1 item.Ms88-208
Allen, Bernard. "The Wood County Poor Farm Property: A Brief History 1798-1986," literary mss, 1986. 1 item. Ms91- 55
Allen, Brayton. Bond, 1847 October 8, of Brayton Allen and Charles Allen to James Slayton for the sum of $282.34. 1 item.Ms80-228
Allison, William T. Collection. Correspondence, deeds and other records regarding Allison, Bishop and Careins families, mostly Brooke County, 1830-1934. 1 box.Ms96-1
American Guild of Organists, West Virginia Chapter. Chairman's records, 1980-1984. 2 boxes.Ms97-19
American Legion - see Anderson, Lane S.Ms92- 46
American Legion. Collection of materials, most regarding R. Worth Shumaker of Upshur County, 1940-1945. 1 folder.Ms96-6
American Red Cross, Huntington Chapter. Correspondence, documents, 1918-1922. 1 box.Ms97-20
Ancestor charts. Charts for Nancy Leanore Carney, Hubert Carlin Simms and James William Warren Toney, n.d. 3 items. Ms2009-058
"Ancestors of Robert Hallis Brooks", literary mss, n.d. 1 volume.Ms2009-043
Anderson, Ellen. The Story of Lost River State Park, literary mss, ca. 1970s. 1 item. Ms2003-149
Anderson, Ellen. Literary mss: "The Story of Lost River State Park" and supporting information about Lee Cabin, ca. 1960-2010. 1 volume. Ms2010-059
Anderson, Lane S., American Legion. Transcript of interviews regarding fate of Anderson, Charleston High graduate lost in WWI; history of John Brawley Post 20, American Legion, Charleston; 1919, 1956. 2 items.Ms92-46
Annual Report. First National Bank of South Charleston, 1972. 1 item. Ms2021-054
Ansted. Audit of Town of Ansted (photocopy), 1941 October 26 - 1943 January 15. 1 item.Ms2004-091
Anvil Club of Charleston. Addresses given at club meetings, including Dr. Daniel Barber, Dr. Leonard Riggleman and V. B. Harris, 1943-2001. 1 box. Ms2004-073 and acc
Aplin, William H. Collection. Papers including bank receipts and voters list for Jackson County, ca. 1854-1907. 1 folder. Ms2004-039
Appalachian Research and Defense Fund. Public Interest Reports, catalogue of major cases and publications, ca. 1971-1973. 12 items.Ms2013-107
Appalachian writers. Materials, especially Muriel Dressler, William Plumley, ca. 1977-1980. 1 folder. Ms2003-048
"Archeology and Public Education" by Janice B. Luth and Terry J. Powell, literary mss, 1986. 1 item.Ms89-93
Archeology - see Fayette Co. wall site Ms92-31
Armstrong, William. Letter, Paddytown to Upton Bruce, Cumberland, MD, 1815 January 30. 1 itemMs80-97
Arnett, William Willey Collection. Journals, correspondence and other materials of Methodist Episcopal minister born in Monongalia County, 1815-1859. 2 boxes.Ms2008-039
Arnold family - see Sweet.Ms2000-002
"Arthurdale, WV: Footnote to New Deal History" by Franklin and Betty J. Parker, literary mss, 1991. 1 item .Ms92-15
Arthurdale. Telegram from J. O. Walker to Lois Ford about opening of town and Eleanor Roosevelt attending, 1938 April 22. 1 item. Ms2010-064
"Arthurdale: Why It Failed" by Jerry Wallace, literary mss, 1966. 1 item.Ms2007-023
Ashburn, Flavius Josephus. Diary, 1853-1866.Ms84-170
Ashton family. General information about Ashtons, particularly in West Virginia, n.d. 1 item.Ms93-24
*Asper, Pauline Virginia (Johnston Boswell). Corres,memorabilia, ca. 1955-1979. 1 ft.Ms80-312
Athey, Lou. "Kaymoor: A Coal Community," literary mss,ca. 1986. 1 item. Ms90-93
Atkinson, George Wesley. Depositions, 1889, of witnesses taken before M. F.Snyder, notary public of Doddridge County re: disputed 1st Congressional District election of Atkinson vs. John O. Pendleton. 1 inch.Ms80-253
Atkinson, George. Letter to Rutherford B. Hays, 1877. 1 item. Ms2021-171
"Autobiography of Freeman Collins" (longest-serving inmate at Moundsville Penitentiary), written and illustrated by Les Johnson, edited by William Bryde (photocopies), literary mss, 1995. 1 item. Ms2004-102
Autograph book. Bethlehem Chapter DAR for baby of Turi Pond, 1935 August 13. 1 volume.Ms2017-005
Autograph book. Book of autographs of members of 1891 legislature collected by Thomas Clay Brown, 1891. 1 item.Ms2015-044
Autograph book. Book of verse and notes addressed to Fannie Loudermilk, Lubeck, Wood County; flyer for Ralph Covert Boot and Shoe House, Parkersburg, 1883-1888. 1 volume and 1 item.Ms2015-029
Autograph book. Buna Wright Pleny who attended New River State College, 1930s. 1 item.Ms2019-045
Aviation - see AeroMech AirlinesMs97-11
- see Beckett, MarieMs85-89
- see Civil Air Patrol/CrimMs88-15
- see Lewis, CharlesMs86-104
- see Stark, Hubert & BeaulahMs85-16
- see Stewart, George H.Ms85-120
Ayre, Richard H. Collection. Papers of WWII telecommunications officer and Sunrise Mansion board member, 1920-1946. 1 box.Ms2018-004
Baber, Dr. Bob Henry. "Richwood, West Virginia Development Plan", literary mss, 1992. 1 item. Ms2004-108
Bachelor Benedict Club, Charleston. Background history and early members of black social club founded in 1935, compiled by Phyllis Jarrett, 2002. 1 item. Ms2002-094
Badger, Frank. "Blenko Glass the First Forty Years 1893-1930" (photocopy), literary mss, 1959. 1 item. Ms2004-111
Bahlmann, Captain William F. Correspondence between Ronald Moser and Larry Legge re: Bahlmann, his Southern Cross of Honor and research materials, 2003 July. 1 item.Ms2009-061
Bailey, Ann. Correspondence from Evelyn Sterrett to Virgil A. Lewis relating stories about Ann Bailey told by her grandmother, 1907-08. 2 items.Ms2003-231
Bailey family. Deed and other land documents of Simon P. Bailey and Samuel Bailey of Kanawha County, 1903, 1906. 3 items. Ms2004-040
Bailey, James Collection. Correspondence, forms and other materials of state highway official, 1969-1988. 1 box and 1 oversized folder.Ms2011-010
Bailey, Ken Collection. Correspondence, minutes and other materials regarding West Virginia Historical Society (1974-1980), Valley Emergency Medical Services (1979-1984) and Landmarks Commission of Kanawha County (1982-1986). 3 folders. Ms2004-090
Bailey, Private Shirley Eugene. Correspondence, documents and other materials of soldier killed in Europe during WWII whose remains were returned in 2017, 1944-2017. 17 folders. Ms2019-052
Baines family. Corres. between London, England & Kanawha Courthouse, 1847-1858. 9 items.Ms86-96
*Bakers Association. Records, 1947-1983. 1 ft. (oversized shelved as Y 33-4)Ms85-129
Ball, Augustus. Account book, Madison, 1874. 1 volume.Ms81-32
Ball, M. T., Funeral Home. Record books of M. T. Ball Funeral Home in Williamson, 1922-1992. 15 volumes and 2 boxes.Ms2011-078
B&O Railroad receipts, invitation to Governor Ephraim Morgan's inaugural, 1867- 1921. 17 items. Ms2004-025
Bampfield, John. Correspondence to Samuel Bampfield, 1868 April 23. 1 item. Ms2013-080
Bancroft, George. Letter, New York, to Mrs. Carrie F. Jaynes, St. Albans, re: research on Richard Henry Lee, 1857 April 15. 1 item. Ms80-161
Bank of St. Albans, Correspondence, press releases, by-laws, and statement of principles, 1969-1982. 1 folder. Ms2020-089
Bankruptcy Cases, Clarksburg Division, Act of 1867. Listing of cases, case of Alexander Boteler (photocopies), 1867, n.d. 2 items. Ms98-61
Banks, Linn. Letter, Madison County, VA, to Messers. Blair & Rives, 1838 August 5. 1 item.Ms80-100
Banks, Roberta L. "Prohibition: The Death of John 'Red Eye' Barleycorn in Wheeling, West Virginia", literary mss, 1996. 1 item. Ms2011-018
Baptist Church of Christ, Wood County, VA. Letter, 1842 August, to ministers & messengers composing Parkersburg Assn. 1 item.Ms80-204
Baptist General Association (WV) Church Edifice Board. Minutes, 1896-1916. 1 volume.Ms79-180
Barbe, Waitman. Letters to Barbe from Europe, material regarding his Wirt County home, 1885, 1960s-70s. 6 items.Ms91- 28
Barber, Dr. James David. Literary mss: "Timothy Lawrence Barber," ca. 1994; talk about Timothy Barber given by D. N. Barber to Charleston Anvil Club, 1946. 2 items. Ms2010-056
Barboursville College letterhead. Letter to Governor George W. Atkinson from former college secretary Gordon Mullen (photocopy), 1897 January 8. 1 item.Ms97-6
Barlow-Bonsall Funeral Home - see account booksMs97-22
"Barnes, Minnie Holley" by Sally Sue Witten, literary mss., 1983.Ms86-36
Barnett, Callie Collection. Correspondence, articles about Callie Jackson Barnett, Huntington educator who lived to be 109, 1970s-1981. 3 folders.Ms2007-064
Barns family. Corres. of Ritchie County family during Civil War, including 10th WV Infantry, 1859-1931. 201 items.Ms80-211
Barrackville Mine Disaster Relief Unit. American Red Cross statement of receipts and disbursements, 1925 May 5. 1 item. Ms2003-276
Bartlett Funeral Home. Records related to operation, Spring Hill Cemetery deeds, individual funeral records, financial statements, invoices, Simpson Funeral Home records, Chandler Funeral Home records. 5 boxes, 23 volumes. Ms2020--54
Barton Family Collection. Correspondence, certificates and other materials of family including William A. Barton and his son Robert Jameson Barton who was killed in Vietnam, 1936-1993. 1 box and oversized. Ms2018-007
Bassel family. Account by A. G. Bastable of Stonewall Jackson, n.d. 1 item. Ms2004-112
"The Battle of Droop Mountain November 6, 1863" by Captain E. R. Howery, literary mss, ca. 1930s. 1 item.Ms2009-079
"Bauman, Butcher, Morehead, Reeder, Richards, Treadway Families" by Grace Carson and Shirley Green, literary mss, ca. 2001. 1 item. Ms2011-027
Beattie, Rebecca Collection. Letters, notes and clippings regarding Putney, Ruffner, Stanley & related families, ca. 1829-1960s. 1 box.Ms92-12
Beckett, Marie. Aviation materials, inc. log books, licenses, clippings, etc. 1934-83. 27 items.Ms85-89
Beckley Drug Company. Spirits prescriptions, 1933-1934. 1 folder.Ms2020-095
*Beckley family. Letters of Alfred and Maria, 1795-1845. 19 items.Ms80-132
Bedinger, Henry. Correspondence with Bedinger and Swearingen family members about Jefferson County events, 1781-1848. 27 items.Ms80-208
Belcher, Dana Marie. Letters and documents regarding girl taken by Humane Officer in 1905 (photocopies), 1922-1960. 8 items.Ms98-10
Belgian immigrants. Listing of those who settled in South Charleston including some birth and death dates, ca. 1987. 1 item. Ms2004-024
"Belle". Script, programs and other materials related to "Belle," musical performed by Berkeley County Civic Theatre as collected by producer and stage manager, ca. 1980. 1 box.Ms2006-053
Belle Isle Park. Minute book, Board of Directors,19 October - 6 November 1897. 1 volume.Ms86-22
"Ben Bolt" poem by Thomas Dunn English, n.d. 1 item.Ms80-104
Benedum family. Benedum family Bible records, Michael Benedum's marriage license (photocopies), 1853-1922. 3 items. Beverly Railey Walter, Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, Pittsburgh, PA. Ms2002-093
Bennett & Statts. Ledger, Ripley store, 1855-1871. 1 volume.Ms79-53
Berkeley County, VA. List of taxpayers compiled by Adrian Davenport, 1790. 1 volume.Ms80-271
Berkeley County, VA. List of votes taken at an election held on 1825 April 11. 1 item.Ms80-221
Berry, John J. Bond, 1800 June 16, to John Edwards of Monongalia County for $1866.06. 1 item.Ms80-239
Bethesda Church, Culpepper County, VA. Session book, 1833-1858. 1 volume.Ms80-274
Beverlin-Beverly family. Notes, military records from Mexican War, and other documents regarding family from Doddridge, Tyler and Wetzel counties as well as from Ohio (photocopies), 1819-1997. 1 folder. Ms2004-093
*Bickley, Ancella Collection. Materials relating to African-American history including annual West Virginia Conferences on Black History, 1908-1996. 3 boxes. Ms2003-182
Billheimer, Gordon E. Sr. Papers. Diaries of Montgomery resident Gordon E. Billheimer, 1944-2017. 2 boxes.Ms2008-101 and acc
Billmyer, Charles H. Papers, Taylor County, local news, 1905-1909. 23 items.Ms79-152
Bird, Ann Embleton Collection. World War II letters from Jerry P. Hall, various materials on Charleston and Kanawha Valley, history of Faber family, 1933-1993. 1 box. Ms2010-152
Birth record. Bureau of Census-issued certificate for Anna Mae Hamby, Kanawha County, 1938 May 1. 1 item. Ms2003-160
Bischoff, Sons and Company. Deeds and other documents, 1923-1958. 1 box.Ms2014-022
Bishop, John W. Company. Business forms of milling and feed company in Martinsburg, ca. 1940s-1950s. 17 items.Ms88-129
Bishop, Teddy Collection. Correspondence of Korean War soldier, originals, photocopies, and transcripts, 1951. 2 folders.Ms2020-103
Black, James Coburn, compiler. Numerations (math workbook); records of Hamlin Post Office; Every Man His Own Doctor; (photocopies). 3 items.Ms85-146
Black Lung research materials. Notes, articles and other information compiled for Mine Safety and Health Administration documentary, 1969-2004. 2 folders.Ms2007-066
Black, Vernon Dahmer Collection. Contents of footlocker of WWII pilot killed during war; 1918, 1944-1949. 1 box.Ms92-11
Blackiston, John - see deeds Ms96-3
Blackman family. Letter to David Blackman of Beverly and collection of hair locks of children, 1852-60. 2 items.Ms96-52
"The Blacks in One White Man's Life" and "The Way We Were - West Virginia State College in the 1960s" by Dr. Edwin D. Hoffman, literary mss, n.d. 2 items.Ms2009-071
Blagg, Donald. "Wm. Mercer Owens Dawson", n.d. 1 volume.Ms82-14
Blair family. Marriage certificate & other documents of Samuel Blair, St. Albans, ca. 1897-1917. 3 items.Ms88-237acc
"Blenko Glass the First Forty Years 1893-1930" by Frank W. Badger (photocopy), literary mss, 1959. 1 item. Ms2004-111
Blennerhassett, Mrs. Harman. Unsigned journal entry about her visit and showing of miniature and journals, 1858 September 1. 1 item. Ms80-166
*Blizzard, William Collection. Correspondence, papers of early United Mine Workers organizers and District 17 president, ca. 1910-1963. 16 boxes.Ms97-24
Blue, Elaine Collection. Plays and poetry by Elaine Blue, 1976-2010. 2 boxes.Ms2011-126
Blue, Ken Collection. Correspondence, reference materials and planning documents for WV Black History Conference, copies of papers delivered at conferences, 1979-95. 1 box.Ms2015-066
Blundon & Matthews families. Civil War diary & transcription, letters, school attendance book, clippings (photocopies), 1861-1920. 2 folders. Ms89-84
Boggess, Painter, Garnes families. Family history from Bible (photocopies), 1858-1928. 1 item.Ms2006-007
Bolyard/Summers Family Collection. Personal and family papers of Ira H. Summers and Susan Bolyard Summers, 1905-1985. 1 box.Ms2008-098
Bond. Property of George Barns, Monongalia County (photocopy), 1802. 1 item. Ms89-92
Bone, Dewey. "History of Coal River in the Whitesville Area," literary mss, (photocopy), 1950. 1 item. Ms90-88
"The Book Lovers of Charleston" by Mrs. Edmonia Grider and "A Memoir of the Book Lovers Club..." by Mrs. Ruth Stephenson Norman, literary mss, 1933, 1994. 2 items.Ms2009-072
Boone, Daniel. Indentures (photocopies), 1753-1759. 7 pages. Ms79-201
Boone, Daniel. List of law suits against Daniel Boone in Rowan County, North Carolina, July 1766-1767. 1 item. Ms80-167
Boone, Daniel. Survey in Kanawha County, 1791 June 14. 1 item. Ms86-103
Boone, Nathan. Letter,, St. Charles County, MO, to Jesse Van Bibber, 1831 September 19. 1 item. Ms80-179
Boone, Burdette family materials. Photocopies, n.d. 125 pages. Ms86-115
Boone, Burdette, Seaman and Board families. Family history notes, ca 1708-1980s. 1 folder. Ms2012-024
Booton, Orland H. Corres, 1960. 2 items. Ms80-268
Boreman, Laurane Bullock. Letters to Mr. Hill about Wheeling Convention, 1861 April-May. 2 items. Ms79-137
Bowling and Brewster family. Family history compiled by Sarah Ann Brewster Bowling for her son John Harrison Bowling, McDowell and Greenbrier counties, ca. 1942. 1 item. Ms2004-048
Bowman, Mary K. The Baileys in Wyoming County, WV. [1957]. 1 box. Ms78-37
Bowman, Mary K. Genealogies of Wyoming County families. 1969. 2 items. Ms79-10
*Bowman, Mary K. Guyandotte Baptist Church records. 1967. 1 box. Ms78-36
Bowman, Mary K. History of Rockcastle Baptist Church, ca. 1957. 1 box.Ms78-35
Bowman, Mary K. Methodists of Wyoming County, [W]Va, 1800-1940. 211 pages.Ms80-27
Bowman, Mary K. Records of the Rockcastle Baptist Church at Rockview, Wyoming County, [n.d.]. 1 box. Ms78-39
Bowman, Mary K. School records of Center Township and Clearfork district, Wyoming County, WV, 1870-1880. 32 pages, typescript.Ms79-212
Bradford Family Collection. Correspondence and financial records of the Bradford family of Pocahontas, Randolph, and Barbour counties, including Civil War letters, 1852-1960. 1 box.Ms2015-055
Brady, A. Spates Collection. Correspondence, financial records, reports, publications, account books of Randolph County businessman, ca. 1899-1957. 61 boxes, 42 volumes, 3 oversized folders.Ms2007-081
Branch Mountain Lumber Company. Records of Moorefield business, 1962-1964. 3 inches. Ms79-243
Bradley, Ruby. Photocopies of articles and documents relating to career of Colonel Ruby Bradley, one of the most decorated women in American military history. 1 box.Ms2009-104
*Brawley, Harry. Broadcasting & historical materials, corres, 1876-1991. 14 folders. Ms85-50 and acc
"Breath of Life" literary mss by Pauline Mueller about Southern WV miners and families, 1997. 1 item. Ms97-18
Brecker, Dave. Letters remembering opening and early events at the Cultural Center, 1976, 1979. 3 items. Ms91-71
Brewer, Lewis Sr. Collection. Store Ledgers and family record. 1855-1890. 1 box. Ms2020-062
Brooke County. Deed between Andrew and Jane Smith to Nathaniel Hunter Jr., 1854 May 13. 1 item. Ms2010-061
Brooks & Bingham, General Merchandise, Charleston, Va. Ledgers, 1852-1855. 2 volumes. Ms85-65
Brooks family. See Early & Brooks Families. Ms87-140
Browder, Earl Thomas. The Family of William Alexander Taylor, literary mss (photocopy), n.d. 1 item. Ms2003-328
Brown, Anderson. Prominent black Charleston business leader. Ms88-185
Brown, George. Letter, Hollidays Cove, Brooke County, VA to Thomas Barns, Barn's Mill, Harrison County, VA, re: Methodist Protestant prayer meetings, 1839 February 26. 1 item. Ms80-176
Brown, J. Slidell. Pocket diary and letters of Kingwood resident, 1901-1906. 3 items.Ms2010-060
Brown, James F. III. Papers of various members of the Brown family of Kanawha and Cabell counties of West Virginia, including extensive personal correspondence, business and legal records, 1827-1981. 36 boxes and oversized materials.Ms2016-071
Brown, John. Poem and other items, 1860. 1 folder.Ms2020-101
Brown, Karl. Correspondence, most to family and friends in Cabell and Kanawha counties, 1828-1891. 1 folder.Ms78-29
Brown, William Collection. Letter and cover presenting Civil War Medal, 1867. 1 folder.Ms2020-098
Brown, William T. Letter to Brown inviting him to Semi-Centennial, biographical sketch of member of Wheeling Convention, 1913, n.d. 2 items. Ms98-60
Browning, Rheba and Bill Browning. Correspondence, photographs, diaries and documents relating to career of Naaman Jackson of Logan. 1 box.Ms2006-122
Bryan, George Collection. Correspondence and other materials of mining inspector, 1941-1954. 4 folders.Ms2016-052
Bryan, T. J. Correspondence from Barboursville, 1886. 1 folder, 2 items. Ms2021-017
Buby, Joseph T. Collection. Correspondence written by Joseph T. Buby, certificate, photocopies of military records, and photos, 1954-1962. 2 folders. Ms2021-170
Buchanan family. Land records, Ohio County, 1787-1855. 5 items. Ms79-127
Buchanan, James. Letter, U. S. Legation London, to Jesse I. Bright,1853 November29. 1 item. Ms80-162
Buck, Maud Marie. Genealogical records of the Wright family of WV. [1948?] 1 volume. Ms79-247
Buck, Pearl S. Specifications and plans of Hillsboro birthplace restoration, 1972. Oversized in Ma82. Ms79-176
Buck, Pearl Sydenstricker. "Some passages from The Exile dealing with the WV scene," literary mss, 1944 April 24. 1 item. Ms80-216
Buffalo Creek. Report on Failure of Dam no. 3 on the Middle Fork of Buffalo Creek; overhead projector presentation; After Averfan-Buffalo Creek by Roger K. Seals; articles and clippings, 1972-1973. 1 box.Ms2018-008
"Buffalo Creek" by Margaret Mullen, literary mss, 1984. 1 item.Ms84-187
Buffalo Creek and Gauley Railroad. Materials. Ms83-12acc
Bulla, Patricia. "My Dearest Husband: The Letters of Amacetta Laidley Summers to George W. Summers 1842-1843," literary mss, 1988. 1 item. Ms90-15
Bulltown. Cultural Resources Study of Bulltown, Braxton County, by Barbara Howe, Camille Caruso and Robin Floyd, 1981. 1 item. Ms2000-031
Bulltown. Transcripts & reports regarding Corps of Engineers work at Bulltown, Braxton County, Civil War site, 1979-1982. 7 items. Ms88-97
Bumgardner, Douglas and Rena Collection. Papers of Charleston family including music and Charleston Symphony, Baptist Temple, Kanawha Coin Shop and Kanawha Valley groups and events, 1881-2009. 11 boxes, 19 scrapbooks, and oversized. Ms2019-001
Bumgardner, Stan. " The Veterans Memorial Field House in Huntington, W. Va. A History", literary manuscript, 2012. 1 item. Ms2013-110
Burati, Enes Collection. Materials of Charleston dancer, local dance classes including Arthur Murray, 1955-1961. 1 folder.Ms2019-042
Burdette, Frank Lee. Papers, 1927-1939, including early Cabell County history, Methodism, Revolutionary War, Richards Fort. 22 items. Ms79-203
Burgess family. Notes on George and Samuel Burgess, n.d. 1 item.Ms2012-025
Burnside family - see Clark, Bertha Lewis Ms80-14
Burton, Patricia. Historical affidavits re: Point Pleasant as first battle of Revolutionary War, 1976. 3 inches. Ms79-187
Burton, Patricia Collection. Correspondence with Archives staff re: Battle of Point Pleasant, 1979-1995. 1 box. Ms2021-166
Bush, Marvin B. Collection. Programs, newspapers, tickets and name badges related to Marvin Bush's time in Hawaii, 1943-1944. 6 items. Ms2020-017
Business forms. Ruffner Brothers Grocers and Hanna and Nye Manufacturing Company, 1886. 2 items. Ms90-121
Business ledger. A. W. Campbell, Mingo County hardware store, ca. 1895-1898. 1 volume. Ms2001-012
Buster, Claudius, defendant-appellant. Claudius Buster, appellant vs. Erasmus Stribling, C., appellees; from a decree of the Circuit Court of Augusta; statement for the appellant, ca. 1837. 1 item. Ms80-219
Butcher, Ely. Store account books, Randolph Co?, 1841-1883. 4 volumes. Ms79-42
Byrd, Robert C. Correspondence with Mary M. Jenkins, 1973. 1 folder.Ms2021-112
Byrd, Senator Robert C. Correspondence and other materials regarding Dr. Perry F. Harris Award presented to Byrd as master fiddler, 2007-2008. 1 folder. Ms2016-053
Byrne, Jno. P. Records of the Proceedings of the Court of Enquiry for the 150th regiment commencing in 1846, 1846-1854. 1 volume. Ms79-248
Byrnside family - see Clark, Bertha Lewis Ms80-14
Cabell County. Legal documents involving John Wigner vs. William Hite, Moses and David McCormack, Robert Holderby, 1837, 1857. 3 items. Ms2003-223
Cabell County. Typed transcripts of births, marriages and superior court records, 1809-1866. 2 boxes and 1 volume.Ms2011-014
Caldwell, A. P. Collection. Correspondence and forms for A. P. Caldwell, Oak Hill; ad for Caldwell's Service Station; 1944-1962. 1 folder. Ms2003-187
Caldwell, J. Ed. Letter, Kanawha Court House, to Emma Bigelow, Waltham, Mass, 1860 November 8. 1 item. Ms80-94
Caldwell, Victoria Collection. Genealogy and Fayette County history, ca. 1940-1995. 1 box. Ms2010-153
Calendar of wills in West Virginia #49 Upshire (sic) County by WV Historical Records Survey, 1941 August. 1 item. Ms2013-115
Calvert family -see Sweet. Ms2000-002
Camden, Jonathan Newlon. Letter, Parkersburg, to Septimius Hall, New Martinsville, 1880 June 4. 1 item. Ms80-21
Cameron, Secretary of War Simon to Daniel Lamb. Letter regarding appointment of Lamb to settle claims for loyal citizens, 1861 October 30. 1 item. Ms2004- 117
"Camp Shelby, Mississippi 1917-86" by Wm. Marshal Chaney, literary mss., 1986. 1 item. Ms86-87
Camp Thomas E. Lightfoot. Counselor handbook and other materials re: camp sponsored by Eastern Associated Coal Corp. in Hinton, 1981-1985. 1 folder. Ms2015-042
Camp Washington-Carver Collection. Ms86-60
Campbell, A. Order for leather to Robert Moore, 1823 May 2. 1 item. Ms80-178
Campbell family. Correspondence and legal documents of Monroe County family, 1867-1933. 186 items. Ms79-193
Campbell Family Collection. Correspondence, textbooks and other items of Fayette County family of teachers, 1895-1930. 1 box.Ms2013-084
Campbell, James Collection. Receipts and documents of Wheeling businessman, 1825-1875. 11 items. Ms91-17
Cannelton Coal Company Materials. Lady Dunn Mine Coal Prep Plant Structure, Algoma Steel Brochure and 50th Anniversary Cannelton Coal 1910-1960 booklet, ca. 1960. 3 items. Ms2021-110
Canning, Edward. Letter, from Edward and his wife, Wheeling, to Josiah W. Canning, Gill, Mass, 1838 July 22-23. 1 item.Ms80-95
Canning family. Letter from Edw., W.B., William P., and Mrs. Edward Canning, Wheeling, to Rev. Josiah W. Canning, Gill, Mass, 1839 January 29. 1 item. Ms80-155
Cantrell, Thelma Collection. Family history including Taylor, Humphreys, Hunt, Smarr, Sears & Sampson families, n.d. 9 volumes. Ms92-29
Caperton family. Telegram & toll receipts for Wm. Gaston Caperton (photocopies), 1880-81. 3 items. Ms89-82
Caperton Inaugural Committees. Materials compiled during planning of 1989 and 1993 inaugurals. 1 volume. Ms93-19
Capital movement. Letter regarding movement of capital from Charleston to Wheeling (photocopy), 1875 March 7. 1 item.Ms94-31
Capitol fire. West Virginia Inspection Bureau report, 1921. 1 item. Ms2003-005
Carlile, John Snyder. Corres, Clarksburg, VA with John K. Martin, Richmond, VA, 1851-1855. 9 items.Ms80-96
Carlile, John Snyder. Letter to Granville Parker, 1868 September 23. 1 item.Ms78-44
Carlson, Harry Collection. Reports on Arthurdale, Reedsville, Soviet Union, 1930s. 3 volumes.Ms2011-012
Carnes, Eva Margaret. Revolutionary list, n.d. Typescript, arranged by county. 35 pages. Ms80-28
Carpenter, Bert E. Collection. Correspondence, forms, articles and other materials of WWII service in Navy, 1944-1955. 3 folders.Ms2016-006
Carpenter, Bert Edward Collection. World War II photos, correspondence, and miscellaneous papers; 1962 Nitro High School yearbook; and clippings. 1 box. Ms2020-063
Carpenter, Leslie D. Collection. Miscellaneous materials, primarily Harrison County, including John W. Davis letters, Harry Powers photographs, and The Waldo Hotel documents, and items signed by Governor Henry (Lighthorse Harry) Lee and Thomas McKeand, 1700-2006. 9 boxes, photographs, and maps. Ms2020-081
Carr, Early, Preston, Haden, Buster and Perkins families. Genealogy on African-American families, n.d. 1 box. Ms2016-073
Carr, T. Dewitt Collection. Papers regarding career of naval officer from Huntington, including USS West Virginia, Pres. Coolidge's yacht, ca. 1915-41. 1 box. Ms88-238
Carr, Teresa Collection. Genealogical information for West Virginia families, ca. 1690s-1980s. 5 volumes.Ms95-47
Carr, Twila. "Mine Disasters ... including the Farmington Mine Disaster," literary mss, 1989. 1 item. Ms89-41
Carson, Grace and Shirley Green. "Bauman, Butcher, Morehead, Reeder, Richards, Treadway Families", literary mss, ca. 2001. 1 item. Ms2011-027
*Carte, Carrie Collection. Genealogical materials on Carte, Taylor, Cromwell and other families, ca. 1780-1988. 36 boxes. Ms89-32
Carte, Clarence. Prayer books, address book and other effects of Navy man, ca. 1939-1940s. 1 box.Ms2009-014
Carter, Fannie Cobb. Papers, 1956-1977. 8 inches. Ms79-15
Carter, John J. Diaries of Titusville, PA oilman's travels, 1876-1916. 45 volumes. Ms79-38
Carter Family. Photocopies of wills, land records and other materials, 1736-1872. 1 box. Ms2020-003
Carter/Faulkner Family Collection. Papers relating primarily to Charles James Faulkner family of Martinsburg and Boydville, including War of 1812 and Civil War-era materials, papers relating to Faulkner's service as Minister to France, and family papers, 1812-1949. 1 boxMs2008-100 and acc
Caruso, Camille - see Bulltown. Cultural Resources Ms2000-031
Casdorph, Paul Collection. Correspondence and articles of West Virginia State University history professor, ca. 1961-1988. 2 boxes. Ms2016-076
Casdorph, Paul D. Road to Harpers Ferry: The John Brown Letters 1838-1859, literary mss, ca. 1980s. 1 item. Ms2003-183
Cass, Town of - see Mountain State Logging... Ms83-12acc
Cass, Pocahontas Supply Company. Documents regarding town and company donated to Cass Scenic Railroad State Park by Westvaco, 1900-1942. Includes letter from Wright Cycle Company regarding purchase of spruce for "constructing flying machines." 15 items.Ms2009-140
Castanoli, Alder. Papers of engineer Alder Castanoli of Huntington, 1911-1977. 1 box. Ms2007-001
*Casteel, Dana Brackenridge. Papers of James Clark and other ancestors of Casteel, Harrison and Ohio counties, 1841-1951. 47 items. Ms80-261
Casteel, Dana Collection. Materials concerning life of Grafton native who later served as chairman of zoology department at University of Texas, 1912-1958. 1 folder. Ms2003-299
Catlett, Alexander, Jr. Deposition in case vs. Benjamin Davis and Thomas Ware, 1819 August 24, taken in Cabell County, VA. 1 item. Ms80-241
Cavin, Fred W. Collection. WWI corres., letters from J.J. Cavin, other documents, 1917-21. 27 items. Ms86-53
Cemeteries, West Virginia. Artificial collection of cemetery listings.Ms2006-052
Census. Index to 1850 census (master copy), 2003. 1 folder. Ms2013-109
Centennial materials - see Eberly, William Myron Ms85-129
Centerbranch Baptist Church. Minute book, 1818 September 25. (photocopy) 1 item. Ms80-303
Central City (Huntington). Deeds, tax tickets, sewer and paving certificates, 1884-1934. 3 folders. Ms98-15
Central West Virginia court records. Case files, land grants, mostly Upshur and Randolph counties, 1789-1954. 2 boxes and 1 folder.Ms2006-101
Certificate of Election. West Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture, John W. Smith, 1929. 1 oversized folder.Ms2021-108
Certificate of Inspection. Steamboat "Winfield Scott", Wheeling, 1849. 1 item.Ms85-151
Chaney, Henry. Ms2004-074
Chaney, Wm. Marshal. "Camp Shelby Mississippi 1917-86". Literary mss, 1986. 1 item. Ms86-87
Chapline, W.A. Corres. re: Civil War pension, 1864-1925. 25 items. Ms84-189
Chapman, Berlin B. Corres. with Dr. W. W. Trent, and other materials re: education in WV, ca. 1924-1986; article about WWII Germany; 21 items. Ms86-32
Chapman, Berlin B. "Education in Central WV, 1910-1975." Literary mss. 1 item.Ms79-13
Chapman, Homer, Collection. Correspondence of Davis and Mossman families, Cabell and Wayne counties, 1880-1892. 1 box. Ms2015-045
Charleston Area League of Women Voters. see League of Women Voters of the Charleston Area.
Charleston black history. Funeral programs and obituaries, ca. 1971-1993. 1 box. Ms2002-119
Charleston Community Chest. Biennial report, 1931 January-June. 1 item. Ms82-153
Charleston Community Music Association Collection. Papers, programs, publicity materials, scrapbooks, and photographs of the Charleston Community Music Association, 1933-2015. 6 boxes, 1 folder, 11 bound volumes. Ms2015-060
"Charleston High School, A History of" by Andy Richardson. Research paper. 1 item.Ms84-243
Charleston High School. Courses & grades, 1889-1918; list of graduates 1879-1923; exam questions, 1893-97; alumni association minutes, 1899-1910; Bookstrap, March 1910; dedication program, September 1926. 8 items. Ms86-116
Charleston Schools Collection. Programs, invitations, and name cards primarily relating to Charleston High School graduation, 1920.Ms2021-118
Charleston, VA. Alex. W. Quarrier, treasurer of the corporation of Charleston in account trustees, 1825-1827. 1 item. Ms80-282
Chernoff, Howard L. "Anybody here from WV". 1944. Literary mss. 1 item. Ms80-258
Chesapeake & Ohio locomotive specifications, n.d, (photocopies). 8 items.Ms84-185
Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Company. Corres. about mine wars, 1921-1922. n.d. Ms78-42
*Chilton, Joseph E. [Ruffner-Chilton Papers, 1865-1940]. 2 ft. Ms81-1
"Christmas in the Coal Fields" by Audella Grubb Evans, literary mss, n.d. 1 item.Ms2009-032
Christopher, David Alfred. "The Making of Modern Morgantown 1885-1921" master's thesis, WVU, 1921. 1 item. Ms98-11
Christopher, Mary Behner Collection. Diaries, corres, account books & other materials about her work at "The Shack," Scotts Run, Monongalia County, 1928-88. 2 boxes. Ms89-1
Church Women United Collection. Minutes, booklets and other materials, 1945-2007. 2 boxes.Ms2015-061
Churches - see appendix at end of listing   
Churchill, Sir Winston. Correspondence regarding resolution resolution sponsored by Delegate Joel F. Bedell, Jr., to make Churchill honorary West Virginian, 1963 March-1965 April. 1 folder. Ms94-22
Churchill, Winston. Letter, March 1963. 2 items. Ms82-29
Cilley, Morgan. Papers, 1932-1944. 20 items. Ms80-321
Citizens Advisory Committee, Charleston. Minutes, corres. appraisals for extending streets; report of Local Board #5; 1938-42, 1947. 1 folder. Ms88-23
Citizens Conference on Administration of Justice in WV. Charleston, Steering Committee, records, 1967-68. 80 items. Ms76-2
City of Parkersburg. Municipal records, account books and other materials including taxes, elections, streets, sanitary board, 1830s-1975. 48 boxes and 141 volumes. Ms2006-108
Civil Air Patrol Collection of Lt. Col. Omar Crim. Log books, orders & assorted materials re: Crim's long career in aviation, ca. 1925-86. 3 boxes. Ms88-15
*Civil War Collection, 1859-1911. [artificial] 1 ft. Ms79-18
Civil War. Correspondence of Colonel Joseph Snider, 7th WV Infantry and 4th WV Cavalry to his daughter Mary Edith, 1862-1864. 9 items. Ms99-001
Civil War. Diary and partial transcription of J.B. Willoughby, member of Ohio unit stationed in West Virginia; short biographical sketches and photographs of Union generals (photocopies), 1862-1865. 4 items. Ms94-46
Civil War. Discharge, oath and widow's pension application for Hanson Imer, Company E, 1st WV Infantry and Company I, 2nd WV Veteran Infantry (photocopies); delayed birth certificate for George Abner Hicks; 1864-1893. 1 folder. Ms2003-272
Civil War. Letter describing Battle of Cheat Mountain by William G. Graham, 1st TN Infantry, 1864 September 20. 1 item. Ms2008-074
Civil War. Letters and diaries of Junius Marion Jones, 2nd VA Vol. Cav, pension application,(photocopies), 1860-1893. 3 folders. Ms90-48
Civil War monument at Gettysburg centennial of West Virginia monument dedication, 1998-1999. 1 folder. Ms2004-027
Civil War. Muster book, Company G, 10th Regiment Virginia Volunteers, 1862-1864. 1 volume. Ms2003-007
Civil War. Notes and rosters of Civil War soldiers from McDowell County (transcribed), 1861-1865. 1 folder. Ms2004-050
*Civil War pension files. Artificial collection arranged by regiment, ca. 1880s-1900. 3 boxes.Ms2003-301
Civil War Reports. Papers of Capt. John Clinton Roberts, Co. B, 12th WV Inf, 1863-1865. 1 box. Ms88-22
Civil War. Statement of service for Private William H. Lynn (22nd VA Infantry, 59th VA Infantry and 26th Battalion VA Infantry) and Private Thomas E. Lynn (26th Battalion VA Infantry), 1946. 1 item. Ms2003-273
Civil War. U. S. military telegram and envelope to E. B. Fleming, CSA $10 currency; article about Fleming cousin Harvey Smith as prisoner at Andersonville; 1863, n.d. 3 items. Ms2004-069
Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. Daily book of Ralph Matz, Co. 1522, Clifftop, 1935. 1 item.Ms85-17acc
Civilian Conservation Corps. Diaries, publications, ca. 1931-1942. 5 boxes.Ms85-17
Civilian Conservation Corps, World War II. Remembrances of Rondall Snodgrass of CCC Company 2599 Kanawha State Forest and WWII experiences in Pacific Theater (photocopies), 1938-1945. 2 items. Ms2004-136
Claire, George C. "Colored man in Kanawha Salines." Literary mss about Uncle Jeff Bell, former slave in Malden, n.d. 3 pp. Ms80-87
Clark, Bertha Lewis. A brief sketch of the pioneer McCutchans of Augusta County, VA, and pioneer Samuel McCutchan's family, n.d. 1 item (15 leaves). Ms80-15
Clark, Bertha Lewis. Burnside-Byrnside family of Augusta County, VA & Monroe County, WV, 1947. 1 item.Ms80-14
Clark, Bertha Lewis. The Clark family of Augusta County, VA & Monroe County, WV, n.d. 1 item (84 leaves).Ms80-16
Clark, Bertha Lewis. The Handley family of Monroe County, WV, n.d. 1 item (23 leaves).Ms80-17
Clark, Bertha Lewis. The Peters family of Monroe County, WV, n.d. 1 item. Ms80-299
Clark, John F. Civil War in Fayette County, n.d. 5 folders. Ms2018-072
Clarke, William Harry Clarke. Correspondence between Clarke, a chaplain during World War II, and his wife Ruth, 1935-1946. 3 boxes. Ms2021-207
Clay, Henry. Correspondence, 1831, 1844. 2 items. Ms80-159
Clendenin, George. Papers about land surveys in Greenbrier County, 1786-1788. 3 items. Ms79-161
Clendenin, Robert. Pension files, 1764-1806. (photocopies of originals in VA State Library). 22 items. Ms79-200
Clifford family. Early history of family, photo of John Robert Clifford (photocopies), n.d., 2004. 2 items. Ms2004-104
Climate records - see River Rainfall Ms88-8
- see Ruffner, David Ms85-64
- see U.S. National Climatic Center Ms78-4
Climate records. Weather observations of Levi S. Inskeep, Romney, (photocopies), 1849-1850. 12 items. oversized (oversized shelved as Z 11-11). Ms88-171
Clinton, Dewitt (Estate). Title abstract for Kanawha County resident, 1795-1865. 1 item. Ms79-163
Coal companies corporation books. Semet-Solvay Company 1895-1904 and Big Sandy Coal and Coke Company, 1900-1905. 2 volumes.Ms98-6
Coal forms. Account of Steve Nash with Hitchman Coal and Coke, UMW transfer card (photocopies), 1906-1912. 2 items. Ms2003-257
Coal history. Letters discussing Mine Wars period, objections to UMWA organizing at Semet-Solvay mines, 1924, 1986. 1 folder. Ms2004-140
Coal Life Project. Ledgers, etc., 1880-1925. Ms82-115
Coal mine equipment. Proposal from Jeffrey Manufacturing Co., Columbus OH for "Shortwall" machine to Elkhorn & Shelby Creek Coal Co, KY, 1914. 1 item. Ms86-121
Coal Miners Research Association. Minutes, conferences, 1978-1981. 1 folder. Ms2011-008
Coal mining. Interview transcripts and unpublished manuscript on Raleigh County miners, 1972-1973. 2 folders. Ms2004-072
Cobb family. History of Kanawha County family, including letters from William Robert Cobb, 13th WV Infantry Company E during Civil War (photocopies), 1862-1865, 1878, 1950, undated. Note: need permission of owner to reproduce. 1 folder. Ms2002-117
Coburn Family. Correspondence between Preston County and Iowa, 1851-1875. 1 folder.Ms2020-099
Cochran, Bonita L. Collection. Correspondence and family history information, primarily Dinwiddie, Duffield, Green and Henry families, ca. 1770s-1980s. 1 box.Ms2011-079
Cochran, Wes Collection. Miscellaneous genealogical notes, n.d. 6 folders.Ms2009-018
Cochran, Wes Collection. Family histories, obituaries, mainly from East Liverpool, OH area, n.d. 15 folders and 2 volumes.Ms2009-018acc
Coghill family - see Ruffner, Edmunds. Ms86-105
Cole, John L. "On Fitzwaters," notes on Fitzwater family, mostly Isaac in Indian struggles and exploring Kanawha/Fayette/Nicholas area, n.d. 1 item. Ms80-25
Cole, Merle T. "Sixty Years of Service: The West Virginia State Police 1919-79," literary mss, 1979. 1 item. Ms88-53
Coleman, George Collection. Account book and papers of Jefferson County resident, 1830-1865. 1 volume and 1 folder. Ms2004-142
*Coleman, Nelson B. Papers relating to steamboat, insurance interests of Malden resident, 1809-1890. 420 items. Ms79-8
"Colored Man in Kanawha Salines" - see Claire, George Ms80-87
Cometti, Elizabeth. Concerning the First Survey of the Northern Neck, n.d. literary mss. 1 item. Ms80-304
Community Service Roundtable of Huntington. Newsletters, membership lists and other documents, 1977-1995. 2 boxes. Ms2009-016
Compton family. Letters to Roane County residents, 1848-1889. 16 items. Ms79-142
Compton and Sergent families. Letters and other notes removed from inside cover of music book, ca. 1848-1929. 6 items. Ms2010-067
Comstock, Jim. Letter to subscribers of West Virginia Hillbilly signed by Comstock, 1971 September 2. 1 item.Ms2009-062
Confederate States of America. Conscript Dept, VA, 10th Dist. exemption & substitution records, 1862-1864. Most pertain to Capt. William N. Nelson. 3 inches. Ms79-239
Confederate Veterans. Minute book of Camp Allen Woods, Summers County (photocopy), 1907-23. 1 item. Ms91-2
"Confederate Veterans from Charlestown". n.d. Literary mss. 1 item. Ms80-308
Confederate Veterans. Listing of Confederate veterans from West Virginia residing in Oklahoma, 1913. 1 item. Ms2003-006
Conley, Phil Collection. Correspondence, writings, photos and other materials relating to Conley, noted West Virginia author, 1922-1960. 1 box. Ms2004-095
Conley, Thompson, Lambert & Shepherd Collection. Title records, 1934-1980. 135 ft. (oversized materials shelved as drawer Z 17-11 and Z 17-18)Ms84-177
Conner, Ellis families. Genealogy of Luella Conner Copeland, focusing on Conner and Ellis lines in Greenbrier and Monroe County (carbons), n.d. 1 item. Ms94-54
Conrad, Benjamin C. Diary, 1862. 1 volume. Ms82-113
Conrad, Charles & Gordon Cooper. NASA Corres, 1965. Ms82-35
Contic Family Collection. Correspondence between World War II soldier Phillip Edward Contic, Jr. and Mary Etta Evans Contic of Kingwood, 1940-1945. 2 boxes.Ms2009-013
Contract between A. M. Philips and David Roberts for the construction of a boiler, 1834. 1 folder.Ms2020-102
*Cooey-Bentz Furniture Company Collection. Account information, reports and other information on Wheeling store, 1893-1964. 2 boxes and 10 volumes. Ms2003-179
Cook, Betty Collection. Kanawha School records, family history material, some Roy Bird Cook items, 1912-1979. 1 box.Ms2007-052
Cook, Cuppy, Kennedy, & Parker genealogical notes, n.d. 4 volumes. Ms86-222
"The Cook House ... A Manual for the Interpretation of the Nineteenth Century Home of Tillinghast Almy and Betsey Cook, Parkersburg" by Dolores Atchison Fleming, literary mss, 1984. 1 item.Ms89-27
*Cook-Hull Collection. Papers include Tompkins family business interests, salt, store, Cedar Grove Coal, 1810-1899. 5 feet. Ms76-12
Cook, J.B. Papers, 1867-1868. 4 items.Ms80-154
Cook, Lee Carol Collection. Color photocopies of documents and photos regarding Morris, Johnson, Gilkerson and Rayford families, Rev. Joseph Morris, African-American paper The Enterprise published in Clarksburg, materials from Institute area, ca. 1860-1965. 1 folder. Ms2004-096
Cook, Lee Carol Collection. Color photocopies of materials regarding black history, Rayford family, Garnet High, family photos, ca. 1900-1950. 2 folders.Ms2004-096acc
*Cook, Roy Bird Collection. Materials regarding Cook's receipt of Remington Medal, materials regarding pharmaceutical groups, speeches, awards, 1940s-1950s. 1 box.Ms2003-306
Cooley, Elizabeth Morrow. Daybook from trading post near Lewisburg, Greenbrier County, VA, 1771-1772. typescript copy. 1 item (10 leaves). Ms80-33
Cooper, Dr. Everett Roy. Patient books, ledger, letterhead, "Memoirs of a Country Doctor" by Willa Jane Massey, 1912-1960. 11 items. (oversized shelved as Z 12-8) Ms86-85
Cooper, Lillian. Notes about life of rabbi's wife who was involved for many years at B'nai Jacob and taught at George Washington High School, 1979. 1 item.Ms2013-078
Cooperative Transit Co. of Wheeling. Minutes, incorporation documents, publications, stock certificates, 1932-1951. 3 folders.Ms87-48
Copenhaver Park, Charleston interstate construction. Correspondence, clippings and other materials, 1960s. 2 boxes.Ms2000-027
Copeland, Luella Conner. Family history of Copeland, mostly Monroe, Greenbrier and Kanawha counties including Conner, Ellis, Hanger, Reader, Rader families (photocopies), n.d. 1 item.Ms2009-065
Cornwell, John J. Correspondence with W.J. Heatherman, 1918-1920. 2 items. Ms83-15
Cork, Jacob. Bound clippings and materials relating to West Virginia government, 1884-1887. 7 books.Ms2009-135
Corley family. Descendants of Richard and Efferilla Corley, n.d. 2 volumes. Ms2010-030
Cornwell, John J. Speech at ForeFathers Day Dinner in New York City, 1932 December 22; undated clipping about possible "White House for Cornwell" movement. 2 items. Ms98-65
Correspondence, Regarding the capture of the Confederate flag at the Battle of Phillipi by Union veteran D. F. McKinley, 1911. 1 folder.Ms2020-096
Corricks Ford Civil War Project. Notes and correspondence, 1999-2002. 1 folder. Ms2011-009
Costa, Jim Collection. Correspondence, E. Rooke and Company, Kanawha Salines, to J. W. Jones and W. W. Jones; letter from Pvt. Carl Gwinn, Co. B, 108th to M. N. Gwinn from Luxembourg (photocopies), 1873-1880, 1919. 1 folder.Ms2009-080
Coughlin, John A. Documents re: WWII service with 532nd Engineer and Shore Regiment, 1942-1945. 1 box. Ms89-45
Counties, townships, and precincts of WV, ca. 1871-1895. Listing includes Summers but not Mingo. 1 item. Ms80-194
Couplin, David. Deed, Monroe County, 1831 March 19. 1 item. Ms80-245
Court Records, Central West Virginia. Court records for Harrison, Lewis, Randolph and Upshur counties, 1789-1954. 2 boxes and oversized. Ms2006-101
Cox, William R. Estate settlement, Kanawha County, 1843-1853. 3 items. Ms80-230
Craddock, Ira Collection. Pay stubs from Koppers Coal Company, 1939-1941. 1 folder. Ms2019-048
Cragg, Alliston Collection. Letters and manuscripts of economist & author, 1937-1967. 2 boxes. Ms89-072
Craik family. Deeds and letters (copies), 1834-1857. 3 items. Ms89-40
Crane and related families, Preston County. Correspondence, legal documents, receipts, songbooks, and other materials, ca. 1848-1906. 1 box. Ms2002-029
Creigh family - see Paul, Bonna Kelly Ms91-67
*Cresap Society Collection. Photocopies of family materials, 1776-1964. 4 folders. Ms87-193
Criner family records, 1842-1910, compiled by Sigsbee Lee Bowers Foster, 1944. 1 item (3 leaves). Ms80-24
Crislip family - see McCoy, Kelly, Crislip... Ms90-13
Crittenton, Florence Home. Correspondence and other historical materials regarding Wheeling home, 1895-1995. 7 boxes. Ms96-54
Cross family. History of family of Lucius Cross Sr and Thirza Stanley Cross, ca. 1802-1992. 1 box and 1 volume.Ms2009-142 and acc
CTE Updates. Manufacturing in the Mountain State, 2013. 1 item.Ms2013-116
Cunningham, Abishi C. Collection. Deeds and other documents related to the law practice of Abishi C. Cunningham, an African American attorney in McDowell County, ca. 1927-1998. 5 boxes.Ms2014-016
Cuppy family - see Cook, Cuppy Ms86-222
*Dabney family. Papers re: Dinwiddie County family, estate settlement of John Dabney, 1722-1820. 18 items. Ms80-222
Dahmer, Howard Lowell. Death record & airman's handbook for Air Force corporal; WWI paybook of brother Arthur, 1918, 1952. 3 items. Ms92-13
*Dandridge, Danske Bedinger. Letters, poems, 1887-1901. 20 items. Ms80-133
Daoust, Marcia. Papers relating to the Huntington Area League of Women Voters and UNICEF Committee of Greater Huntington, 1973-1993. 2 boxes.Ms2011-077
Daoust, Marcia Peterson Collection. Correspondence and other materials related to various Huntington programs for the homeless and other services, 1970-1998. 1 box.Ms2016-035
Davis and Elkins College. Information about incorporation of the college, 1909-1985. 1 folder. Ms2004-110
Davies, William E. Collection. Correspondence, manuscripts and other materials related to caves and writing of Caverns of West Virginia and the Ad Hoc Commission on the Buffalo Creek Disaster, 1940s-1970s. 2 boxes. Ms2014-018
Davis, Anna. Plaintiff complaint, 1825 July 31, of Bowers Davis, executor of Robert Davis, deceased, Monongalia County 1 item. Ms80-234
Davis, H.A. & Tyreeca Davis. "The Violets of WV", 1949, literary mss. 1 volume. Ms80-297
Davis, J. Hornor II and III. West Virginia State Legislature materials. 5 boxes.Ms2006-103
Davis, Jefferson. Letters, 1876 April 15, 1889 June 11. 2 items. Ms87-166
Davis, Rebecca Harding. Letter, Philadelphia, 1869 May 3. 1 item. Ms80-163
Davis family. Letters between John J. Davis, R. C. Davis and John W. Davis, 1873-1911. 9 items.Ms96-7
Davis Family Collection. Financial records, correspondence, maps, blueprints, notes and photographs relating to Davis family businesses. 20 boxes and 18 volumes.Ms2011-006
Davison, William. Scrapbook of secession materials, 1860. 1 volume. Ms80-275
Dawson, Noah. Last Will and Testament of Kanawha County resident, 1915. 1 item. Ms2021-176
"Dawson, Wm. Mercer Owens", by Donald Blagg. Literary mss, n.d. 1 volume. Ms82-14
Day, W.H. Letter from former captain in 11th WV Inf., Mexico, Andrain County, MO to General Isaac Duval, 1869 November 22. 1 item. Ms80-101
Daybook. C. Vaughn, Mountain Cove, Fayette County, 1857-1872. 1 volume. Ms96-10
Daybook, Lewisburg - see Cooley, Elizabeth Ms80-33
Daybook. Mathews, Sampson & George Store, Greenbrier County (photocopy), 1771-1782. 1 item. Ms88-113acc
Daybook, Mathews Trading Post, Greenbrier County, 1771-1773 (photocopies). 1 item. Ms88-113acc
Daybook. Newton, Jasper Wayman, Marshall County, 1837-1838. 1 item.Ms2009-002
Daybook, no location, 1855-1858. 1 volume. Ms79-52
Daybook. Purgitsville, Hampshire County general store account, 1892-1893. 1 volume. Ms2002-110
Daybook, Randolph County, 1850-1852. 1 volume. Ms79-223
Daybook. W. H. Steward, Sistersville, 1896-1897. 1 volume.Ms2009-083
Daybook, store at Upper Forks of Coal, 1851-1853. 1 volume. Ms80-273
Deed. S. C. Montgomery and Emma to M. H. Blake, Fayette County, 1940. 1 item. Ms2021-180
Deed of trust. Elizabeth Edwards, Henry Goy, William Elliott to James Patton, 1754-1784. 1 folder. Ms2021-022
Deeds. Hampshire and Mineral counties involving John T. Blackiston, 1854-1873. 3 items. Ms96-3
Deeds, account books, coal lands diagram. Putnam & Kanawha counties, many re: D.T. Johnson and Clyde Coal Co, 1858-1947. 6 items. Ms89-37
Deeds, stock certificates. Deeds of Brooke County property to John Lewis, 1837-1858; stock for Mingo Bridge and Ferry Company to John Walsh, 1917. Ms91-16
Deem, Michael Collection. Letter presenting Civil War Medal, 1867. 1 folder.Ms2020-097
deGruyter, Julius Collection. Drafts and proofs for several of his books, inc. unpublished 3rd vol. Kanawha Spectator; football program. 1940-1970s. 2 boxes. Ms88-222
DeHass, Dr. Wills. "Mound Builders", literary mss. (photocopy), n.d. 1 volume. Ms86-57
DeHass, Dr. Wills - see Lewis, Virgil Ms80-203
Delphian Society - see Minute books Ms89-78
*Democratic Executive Committee, Martinsburg. Records, 1956-1972. 1 box. (oversized piece shelved as Z 12-2) Ms80-312
*Democratic Women's Club, Martinsburg. See above. Ms80-312
Demon, Sarah. Letter, Charlestown, to Hanna Grey, Alexandria, VA, 1829 February 9. 1 item. Ms80-102
Dempsey, William. Papers for Greenbrier and Fayette counties, 1859-1883. 5 items. Ms79-154
Depke, Herb W. "Virgil's Great Grandpa: Unraveling an Obsession" on Lewis family history, literary mss, 2004. 1 volume and 3 cds. Ms2004-143
"Derrick" by Bob Teasdale and Marieda Derrick Edens, literary mss, 1987. 1 volume. Ms89-36
Deval family collection. Genealogy, 1899-1901. 2 folders. Ms83-26
Devann, R. P. Papers of mayor of Charleston, 1931-1945. 1 box. Ms2006-090
DeVaughn, Earl. "Twenty-Four Years of Army Life," literary mss, 1931 April. 1 item. Ms94-20
"Development of Church Pioneering in the Upper Ohio Valley" by Samuel Charles Jones, Marshall County Historical Society, literary mss, n.d. 1 item.Ms2009-102
Dewey, Samuel W. Letter, Washington, to I. Hiny(?)regarding Randolph County lands, 1855 December 11. 1 item. Ms80-134
Dexter, Samuel Jr. Letter, 1796 February 10, to Judge Sumner re: land purchase on Big Sandy River. 1 item. Ms86-6
Diary. Diary of Aunt Jane Bennett, Harrison County, extracted by Clark Spriggs, 1860-1865. 1 item.Ms2009-026
Diary. Journal of William Thomas Lockridge during Gold Rush (father of Elizabeth Jane Lockridge Marshall) (photocopy and transcript), 1847-1849. 1 item. Ms2003-188
Diary. Accounts of Mabel E. Baldwin Love, Grafton, 1909-1913. 1 volume.Ms2016-009
Diary. W. T. Price, Pocahontas County (photocopy), ca. 1854-1864. 3 volumes. Ms91-24
Diary. Personal log of US Navy 3rd class George A. Wehrle, USS Tuscaloosa, (photocopy), 1944 June 5-August 13. 1 item. Ms92-27
Diaz, Jose de la Cruz Porfirio. Letter, Mexico, to S.B. Elkins, Washington, 1896 May 19. 1 item. Ms80-160
Dickson family. Guide to Virginia Tech's collection of Greenbrier County family (1769-1924), 1989. 1 item.Ms90-91
Dille, C.B. WV Laws of Interest to Women and Children, literary mss, 1914. 1 inch. Ms79-186
Diplomas. Virginia Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind awarded to Emily & Agnes Franklin, Kanawha County, 1845 June 27. 2 items. Ms92-109
Discharge. World War I discharge for Barney J. Topoleski, Co. B, 137 Engineers (photocopy), 1919 July 22. 3 pp. Ms2011-019
Diss Debar, Joseph Hubert. Correspondence and stories including account of Parkersburg murderer John Schaefer (Joseph Eisele), 1863-1893. 1 box. (Sketches removed to Ph collection.) Ms79-191
Dixon, Robert. Article of agreement between Dixon, Ritchie County, and James Gibbs, Monongalia County, 1849. 1 item. Ms80-235
"Doctors Who Practiced in Mason County, West Virginia Prior to 1950" by Lilly Faye Staats Lanham, literary mss, 1990. 1 item. Ms94-58
Doddridge, Phillip. Letter of US Representative, Washington, to the mayor of Georgetown, D.C., 1832 July 6. 1 item. Ms80-164
Doe Gully Morgan County Land Records. Deeds, surveys, slave bill of sale and other documents, 1841-1903. 1 box.Ms2005-007
Doerr, Betty Jo (Lilly) Collection. Research materials on Meador, Meadow and Lilly families, n.d. 2 boxes. Ms2021-206
Dolan Hotel. Guest register and index of Orlando, Lewis County hotel (photocopy), 1919-1930. 1 volume and 1 folder. Ms2009-046
Dorsey, Daisy Chapman. Papers and photographs relating to Chapman family history, Dorsey Tours, and materials relating to her work with West Virginia Junior Academy of Science, 1920-1961. 2 boxes. Ms2008-090
Doss, Paula Collection. Mining information data on auger mining with drawing; Powellton Coal organization chart; coal production chart; visit Lorado tipple with chart showing coal cleaning process, undated. 4 items. Ms2021-163
Dotson Family Collection. Account book, receipts, miscellaneous items 1867-1907. 1 box. Ms2008-032
Douglas, Reuben. Teacher's monthly summary report for Elk District, Harrison County, 1885 November 18. 1 item.Ms79-204
Dowd family. Account of "Prison Life in the War" by John B. Dowd (photocopy); autograph book of Cora Dowd; correspondence from U. S. Military History Institute re: donation of Dowd papers; information, transcripts of letters published in newspapers during Civil War, obituary. ca. 1850-1923, 1980s. 3 items and 1 folder.Ms2009-066 and acc
Drummond, J. Letters, 1863 Jan-Sept, to Jeremiah Conley describing regiment, possibly 7th Infantry in eastern panhandle and Shenandoah Valley. 3 items.Ms79-147
Dubois, Delafield. Letters from Wayne Co to George F. King, Tiffany & Co, NY, 1885 September 8-22. 4 items. Ms80-89
Dudding Deed Collection. Two deeds, 1834-1835, Kanawha County. 1 folder.Ms2009-011
Dudor Family Collection. Naturalization records, deeds, WWII papers of Stephen Kniska and other documents of Dudor and related families, 1892-1961. 1 box. Ms2016-074
Duffield, Virginia. "Notes on West Virginia History", literary mss, 1942. 1 item.Ms2009-074
Duffy Methodist Church (Lewis County, WV). Deed to WV State Parks, 1968 December 12. 1 item. Ms79-205
Dungan, Ellis Collection. Correspondence, speeches, research materials, photographs and other materials of West Virginia filmmaker who specialized in India and other Near and Far Eastern subjects, 1919-98. 6 boxes. Ms2003-181
Dyer, Dr. Newman H. Collection. Speeches, correspondence, and documents relating to career of long-time State Director of Health, 1926-1977. 1 box.Ms2021-188
Eakle, Roy Pershing Collection. Eakle family materials, Union Carbide materials, and photos, 1920-1989. 9 folders. Ms2021-114
Earl, Rev. Jesse A. "Great Preachers Series", United Methodist Church, photocopies. 350 items. Ms84-179
Early & Brooks Families. Corres, financial records, clippings, ca. 1894-1960. 11 folders. Ms87-140
"Early churches of Wood County" by Inez Roberts Sheppard, Mary Dudley, Howard S. Carpenter and Caroline Shrewsbury, literary manuscript, ca. 1907. 1 folder. Ms2013-113
"Early Fairfax land grants and leases along the South Branch of the Potomac, 1776" by Charles Morrison, literary mss, n.d. 1 item. Ms79-158
Eastern Regional Coal Archives. Annual report, copies of scope and content notes, Bramwell Aristocrat, listing of Tom Felts papers, 1981-1988. 4 folders. Ms87-38
*Eberly, William Myron Collection. Bakers Assoc., WV Centennial materials, 1893-1983. 2 feet. [oversized materials shelved as Y 33-4] Ms85-129
Eden Baptist Church, Griffithsville, WV. Church book, 1849, photocopy. Ms80-313
Edens, Marieda Derrick (author) - see "Derrick" Ms89-36
Edmunds family - see Ruffner, Edmunds ... Ms86-105
Edmunds, Paul. World War I service record of Charleston resident, 1917. 1 folder. Ms2015-032
Edmundson, Henry Alonzo. Letter, Washington, to Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy re: appointment of Joseph Anderson to U.S. Naval Academy, 1861 March 18. 1 item. Ms80-103
Education - see Chapman, Berlin B. Ms86-32
- see Charleston High School Ms86-116
- see Kanawha County schools Ms86-75 oversized
Edwards, William A. and Louise J. Collection. Manuscript "Civilians Life" by Louise J. Edwards, World War II ration book, and tokens, 1941-1945. 1 folder.Ms2020-104
*Edwards, William Henry. Entomological papers, 1858-1905. 2 feet. Ms79-2
Eisele, Joseph - see Diss Debar Ms79-191
Electoral Vote of West Virginia, 1932. 1 folder. Ms2021-019
Electro Metallurgical - see Journal Ms91-68
Elk Machine Co. Time books of Charleston business 1935 December-1942 August 5 volumes. Ms89-74
Elk River Bridge. Drawings & specs, ca. 1875-1925, copies. Ms85-44
Elk River Coal & Lumber Co., Buffalo Creek & Gauley RR, Assn. of American RR. Corres, reports, Dundon, ca. 1902-1940. 1 box. Ms83-12acc
Elk River Coal and Lumber Company. Letters from general superintendent about labor issues, Widen (photocopies), 1933 October 23-1934 March 21. 6 items.Ms2007-063
Ellis family - see Conner, Ellis families Ms94-54
Ellison, John. Revolutionary War penison application (transcription), Monroe County, 1834-1835. 4 pp. Ms2002-034
Ely, William. Title abstract for lands in Randolph and Pocahontas counties, n.d. 8 pages. Ms90-3
Ely-Thomas Lumber Co. History and lists of some workers at Werth, Nicholas County, n.d. 1 item.Ms2009-069
English, Thomas Dunn. Poem "Ben Bolt",n.d.. 1 item. Ms80-104
Enlistment papers, Melvy R. Miller, West Virginia National Guard, 1906. 1 item. Ms2021-027
Erskine & Caruthers. Daybook, Salt Sulphur Springs, 1821-1825. 1 volume. Ms79-45
Erwin, Casey. "Our Daddy is a Coal Miner" (photocopy), literary mss, 2007. 1 item.Ms2009-022
Estate Appraisement. Charles City County Courthouse, found during General George McClellan's Peninsula Campaign, 1679. 1 item (oversized, shelved in Processing Drawer 61). Ms2020-105
Estep, Lola. Poem for Cultural Center Christmas Tree, 1983. 1 item. Ms84-201
Estep Collection. Material related to Estep Studio and Greenbrier County business, schools, and organizations, 1958-1982. 1 box, 1 oversized folder. Ms2019-078
Evans, Audella Grubb. "Christmas in the Coal Fields", literary mss, n.d. 1 item.Ms2009-032
Evans family - see Morris, Earle Ms80-188
Evans, James. Letter from Barbour Co to Capt. Francis Marion Smith at Smithton (now Smithburg), 1894 October 25. 1 item. Ms78-10
Evans, John. Letter, 1789 April 15, Monongalia County, to Gov. Beverley Randolph & council about Indians, appointment as Monongalia County militia officer by Gov Henry Lee. 1 item. Ms80-264
Evans, Mary A. May Collection. Materials relating to May family, Barboursville, Morris Harvey College, and Allegheny Lodge, 1928-1991. 1 box. Ms2020-185
*Fairfax land papers, 1729-1763.(artificial collection pertaining to Northern Neck lands). 15 items. Ms79-3
Fairfax lands. Research tips by Charles C. Hall and copies of maps showing boundaries, 1990s. 2 items. Ms2003-013
Fairfax lands - see Morrison, Charles Ms79-158
Fairmont. Financial reports and funding requests, 1984-1985. 1 volume. Ms2015-026
Family histories. Printout of "Joel Hager's Southern West Virginia Research" including Cooke, Griffith, Bailey, Walker, Bragg, Tolliver, Brown, Browning, Brooks and Stewart families, n.d. 1 item.Ms2009-073
The Family of William Alexander Taylor by Earl Thomas Browder, literary mss, (photocopy), n.d. 1 item. Ms2003-328
Farnsworth family. Correspondence, account books, Bible of family, mostly in Upshur, Lewis and Gilmer counties, with Mose, James and Daniel D. T. Farnsworth as primary correspondents, 1818-1974. 5 boxes.Ms2005-041
"Father's Troubles" by Carter Taylor Seaton (draft copy), literary mss, 2003. 1 item. Ms2004-071
Faulkner, Charles J. Cash book, Martinsburg lawyer and U.S. Congressman, 1848-1860. 1 volume. Ms79-65
Faulkner family - see Virginia Historical Society Ms92-14
Fayette Coal and Coke. Correspondence to company and superintendent N. M. Jenkins, Stone Cliff, 1882. 1 folder and 1 disk of scans. Ms2013-072
Fayette County wall site (Indian site). Notes and correspondence (photocopies), ca. 1953-1983. 1 folder. Ms92-31
Fayetteville cemetery. Research on Fleshman cemetery, Confederate graves, 2004-2005. 1 volume.Ms2009-116
Fayetteville Circuit Methodist Episcopal Church, South, church register, 1858-1893. 1 volume.Ms2017-004
"Fayetteville in the Civil War" by B. Bibb, literary mss, n.d. 4 pages. Ms80-306
Fee books, possibly Kanawha County, 1802-1824. 2 volumes. Ms79-41
Fellure, Jack. Presidential campaign materials, 2012. 1 folder.Ms2021-056
*Ferguson, James H. (Judge). Papers, including legal, business correspondence, South-West Virginia Improvement Co, State House Co, C&O RR, 1860-1900. 7 boxes. [oversized materials shelved as Y 27-14] Ms78-8
Ferrel, George. General store daybook & medical account records, Johnstown, Berkeley County, 1858-1880. 1 volume. Ms79-67
Ferrell, Harrison H. Papers of West Virginia State College music, foreign language teacher, dean, 1922-1978. 5 inches. Ms79-222
Ferris, Thomas Collection. Assorted military publications, brochure about Wheeling Corrugating Company going to war, ca. 1943-1971. 13 items. Ms92-40
Fesenmaier, Steve Collection. Materials about Ken Hechler, WV films and authors, 1933-2009. 1 box and 1 oversized folder. Ms2009-153
Financial statement. Bill of Sheriff William Fisher of Hardy County for jury expenses in Charles Harris murder trial, 1868. 1 item. Ms89-38
Firny, D.T. Letter, [1891] to William Jones regarding diseases. 1 item. Ms80-266
First Baptist Church, Charleston Collection. Minute books, membership rolls, publications and other materials of black congregation (photocopies), 1873-1999. 2 boxes. Ms2002-120
First Christian Church of Charleston. 1 box, 1 volume. Ms2020-057
First United Methodist Church, Huntington. Biographies of ministers by Rev. J. A. Earl, 1970. 1 item. Ms2010-058
Fisher, Henry J. Letter, 1833 December 31, Point Pleasant, Mason County regarding case of Owens vs. Henderson. 1 item. Ms80-205
Fitzwater family - see Cole, John L. Ms80-25
Fleming, Dan B. Jr. Collection. Materials compiled during research and publication of Ask What You Can Do For Your Country The Memory and Legacy of John F. Kennedy, 1960-2010. 2 boxes. Ms2016-034
Fleming, Dolores Atchison. "The Cook House ... A Manual for the Interpretation of the Nineteenth Century Home of Tillinghast Almy and Betsey Cook, Parkersburg," literary mss, 1984. 1 item. Ms89-27
Fleshman family - see Paul, Bonna Kelly Ms91-67
Fleshman, John. Greenbrier County land grant from Gov. Cabell of VA. 1 item. Ms84-208
Flick, William H. Papers of legislator who authored Flick Amendment, also includes Little Kanawha Navigation Company, 1882-1889. 10 items. Ms80-257
Flood of 1985 - see 1985 Ms86-62
Floods, Macomber family. Account of 1888 flood of Cheat River with Macomber family members (photocopies), ca. 1900-60. 1 item. Ms2003-196
Florian, Robert. Research papers on Senator Jennings Randolph, manuscript. 1 box. Ms2008-087
Floyd, Robin - see Bulltown Cultural Resources Ms2000-031
Flynn, Franklin Collection. Correspondence and forms, many of Z. D. Ramsdell, 5th Virginia Infantry, 1861-1864. 6 items.Ms2009-096
"For the Indiana company". n.d. literary mss. Incomplete report of damages suffered by traders during Pontiac's War and treaty concessions by Indians. 1 item. Ms80-196
Forbs, Hart H. Correspondence & legal papers, Kanawha County, 1831-1895. 25 items. Ms79-196
Forks of Cheat Baptist Church. Copy of transcription of Minute Book 1 1775-1800, transcribed in 1912. 1 folder. Ms2013-114
Fort Scammon archaeological excavations. Literary mss by David N. Fuerst, 1986, 1988. 2 items. Ms91-57
Foster, Dr. Charles H. Correspondence between Foster and Boyd B. Stutler on George Luther Stearns, John Brown and other common research interests, 1960. 8 items.Ms2009-064
Fouke, Isaac Collection. Commentaries, speeches, essays & other writings, 1820-1882. 2 volumes. Ms79-6
Foulke Meadow River Land records, 1789-1963. 5 boxes. Ms84-169
Four-H - see Kurtz, Kenneth Ms79-62
Fox, General Charles R. Collection. Personnel file, journals and other materials of pilot who served in World War II with Chennault's Flying Tigers and as West Virginia Adjutant General 1946-1957; 1936-1973. 1 box. Ms96-53
Fox family. Josiah Fox lineage (photocopies), n.d. 1 folder. Ms92-102
Frankel Foundation Collection. Minutes, correspondence and conference materials, 1989-1994. 2 boxes. Ms2015-062
Frankenberger family. Deeds, Temple Israel materials and other documents of Moses Frankenberger family (photocopies), 1860-1973. 1 box. Ms2006-121acc
Franz/Smootz family. Family papers, 1862-1924. 1 box.Ms2006-102
Fravel family. Civil War discharge for John W. Fravel, Company C, 3rd WV Cavalry; employment agreement hiring William Fravel as farm laborer; 1865 June 30, 1892 March 7. 2 items. Ms96-35
Frazier, Caroline Hall Collection. Family history, corres ca. 1851-1967. (primarily Putnam Co). 2 boxes. Ms84-210
Frazier family. Land grant for Mason County, commission in Virginia Militia for Allen Frazier, 1843, 1859. 2 items. Ms90-96
Frederick County, VA. Survey record, 1762-1764. 1 volume. Ms79-172
Fredericks, Walter Collection. WOBU Radio material, early Charleston station, 1928-1932. 1 box. Ms88-111
Free Negro Records. Kanawha, Mason & Monroe counties (photocopies), 1802-1863. 1 folder. [shelved as Z 23-3] Ms88-216 oversized
The Freeburner Recreation Issue, 1924 (coal mining community). 1 folder (damaged). Ms2021-173
Freeman, Douglas Southall. "Stonewall Jackson's valley campaign". 1944 literary mss., chapters 24-30, appendix 4. 1 item. Ms80-259
Freer, Romeo H. Letter, 1877 March 5, Charleston, WV to R[utherford] B. Hayes, [Washington]. 1 item. Ms80-135
French, Delbert Ray Collection. Funeral cards, and documents relating to the Du Pont Belle Works, 1928-2021. 2 boxes and oversized.Ms2021-294
French and Indian War, Washington's lands, related topics, compiled by Clarence Griffin and wife (photocopies), n.d. 1 folder.Ms2008-005
French Gratitude Train Collection, 1949 February 1 foot. Ms79-87
Friend family. Corres, 1830-1850. 3 folders. Ms85-15
Frothingham Family Collection. Miscellaneous items, 1923-1959. 1 box.Ms2021-208
Fuerst, David N. Fort Scammon archaeological excavations. 1986, 1988 literary mss. 2 items. Ms91-57
Galperin, Si Collection. Materials relating to legislative service, including effort to pass strip mine legislation. 2 boxes, 6 scrapbooks, 1 oversized folder. Ms2006-016
Garcelon Family Collection. Papers related to Garcelon family of Charleston. 1 box. Ms2020-055
Gardner, C.K. Letter, Post Office Dept, Washington, to John McArgle, Fishing Creek, Tyler County, about establishing post office, 1829 September 1. 1 item. Ms80-185
Garrison, Memphis Tennessee Collection. Clippings, correspondence, and programs, 1939-1970. 1 box.Ms2019-055
Gassaway High School. Records, 1912-1932. 2 volumes. Ms2016-031
Gater-Gather family materials. Facsimiles of land grants & bills of sale in VA & MD, 1636, 1664. 3 items. (shelved as Z 12-7) Ms86-89 oversized
Gates family. World War I Christmas card from F. S. Gates to George Arthur Gates of Charleston, 1918 November. 1 item. Ms2002-100
Gates, LeRoy L. Journal of federal treasury agent who investigated illegal alcohol activities, 1929-1931. 1 volume. Ms98-7
"A Gathering of the Clan" by Carl E. Steele, Jr., literary mss, 1995. 1 volume.Ms2009-004
Geary Family. Letter written by John Geary about life and work in Kanawha Salines, 1835 January 18. 1 item.Ms2006-089
"Genealogies of the Kimble and Alt families" by H. A. Alt, 1937, retyped by Clara Mae Alt Ross, 2006. 1 item.Ms2007-022
Genealogy and the Law. Handouts from lecture of Scott Johnson, 2012. 1 folder.Ms2013-108
*Geological records of VA & WV, 1839-1873. Includes extracts from William B. Rogers...Geological Survey of Virginia, various reports on coal, salt, iron, and gas. 4 volumes. Ms79-132
Gilmer County, WV. Justice of the Peace Court (Hays) Justice docket records, 1885-1897. 4 volumes. Ms80-34
*Gilmore, Elizabeth Collection. Correspondence and other materials regarding West Virginia State College, CORE and Civil Rights, Camp Washington-Carver and other black community activities, 1940s-1980s. 1 box. Ms2003-083
Gilmore, Elizabeth Collection. Articles, correspondence and other materials re: Elizabeth Harden Gilmore, and Harden and Harden Funeral Home, 1974-2003. 1 box.Ms2003-083 acc
Glass correspondence. Letters between Faye Simkin and glass blower Boyd Welch, and other collectors, 1963-1977. 8 items. Ms2004-046
Glass cutters - see Minute Book, Libbey-Owens-Ford Ms92-107
Glass makers - see Morrison, Robert R. Coll. Ms83-6
*Glassworkers Union. Records and correspondence of Libbey-Owens-Ford Local #30 in Charleston, 1939-1981. 4 boxes. Ms2003-002
Glen Jean/McKell Collection. Records of town of Glen Jean, and letter book of Thomas Nichol, 1897-1915. 2 books and 1 folder. Ms2006-093
"The Glenwood/Quarrier Estate ..." by Morgan Peyton, literary mss, 1982. 1 item. Ms90-95
Gluck, Cook, Creel, Smith families. Autobiography of Joseph C. Gluck, 10th WV Infantry; letter from George R. Creel, 36th Virginia Infantry to Miss Maria Cook of Parkersburg during Civil War; family history of John W. Smith; (all typescript copies), 1863-1923. 3 items. Ms2003-133
Gluck, Joseph. Transcript of autobiography of member of Company G, 10th WV Infantry, early boyhood in Gilmer County, later life as storekeeper, family history, (photocopies) 1923. 1 item. Ms95-45
Goddard, Charles. Letter to Dr. Roy Bird Cook, removed from The Goddard Family, 1935 November 21. 1 item.Ms2012-020
Goff family. Documents, correspondence, Bibles, Civil War documents of Goffs and related Beavers families, mostly Preston County, 1784-1980. 3 boxes.Ms2005-042
Goff, Guy Despard. Address, on the occasion of the dedication of the WV State Capitol, 1932 June 20. Typescript. 1 item. Ms80-105
Golden Horseshoe Alumni Association Collection. Correspondence, forms, programs and other materials, 1929-2016. 1 box.Ms2017-021
Gollehon, Marie Deck. Family history materials on Deck/Dick/Dyke and related families, 1760s-1993. 5 boxes.Ms2006- 010
Goodwin, Claude Elbert Collection. Documents and photos of naval officer and attorney, 1940-1990. 12 folders and 5 prints. Ms2019-054
Goodwin, Judith McWhorter. "He-Mene Ka-Wan The Old Wolf Lucullus Virgil McWhorter" (unpublished), literary mss, n.d. 1 item. Ms2004-113
Goodwin, Senator Carte. Correspondence, schedules and other papers of U. S Senator after Byrd's death, 2010 July 20-November 8. 4 boxes (note: 2 closed to researchers). Ms2011-001
Goshorn family. Genealogical notes, correspondence, deeds and other items of Charleston area family, Sons of the American Revolution,ca. 1750-1993. 4 boxes. Ms93-48 and acc
Gottshall, Charles H. Letter from member Co. K, 4th Ohio Inf, near Brandy Station, 1863 January 16. 1 item. Ms78-9
Grafton, WV, National Cemetery. Correspondence re: establishment of cemetery, 1867-1870. 3 in. Ms79-249
Grafton National Cemetery. Reinterment of Civil War dead, most from West Virginia locations (photocopy), 1867-1868. 1 volume; second copy of typed record of burials, not quite the same of handwritten ledger copies, n.d. 1 item. Ms2002-090 and acc
Graham, Louis Y. Estate. Well records, Clendenin, Kanawha County, 1912-1935. 5 volumes. Ms79-151
Grand Army of the Republic. Records, 1884-1920. 5 in. Ms80-7
Grand Army of the Republic. Speech by William Shankland Meek on awarding of silver spoon to son Thomas Sheridan Meek, 1877 March 2. 1 item. Ms98-2
Grange - see WV State Grange Ms85-150
Grant, U.S. - see pardon Ms88-174 oversized
Gray, Earl. Family history of Earl "Catfish" Gray, 2009. 1 item and 1 CD. Ms2009-154
Gray, John D. Randolph County land grant from Gov. Smith of VA, 1847. 1 item. Ms84-186
Green, Samuel Slaughter. Papers, 1898-1912. 2 items. Ms80-294
Greenbottom, General Albert Galletin Jenkins. Correspondence, articles and other materials on Greenbottom area and Jenkins family, photocopies of service record of Jonathan Dennison, Company D, 91st Ohio, n.d. 1 folder. Ms2004-101
Greenbrier County. Facsimile of petition for creation of county, 1777. 2 items. (oversized shelved as Z11-12) Ms88-172
Greenbrier County. Land documents including land grant to James McMillion from Governor Pleasants, 1787-1877. 4 items. Ms2011-033
Greenbrier County, VA. Circuit Court. Notice of motion, 1845 August 28, to Alexander W. Arbuckle, Henry ________, and William Cary. 1 item. Ms80-223
*Greenlee, Arthur B. Collection. Correspondence between World War I soldier, his family and friends in Mason and Raleigh counties, 1918-1936. 1 box. Ms2003-098
Greenlee Family Collection. Papers of family of Jacob Andrew "Jake" Greenlee, 1908-2008. 1 box. Ms2015-068
Greenwood Coal Company. Payroll examination report and store accounts; Norfolk and Western Railway Company coal car distribution and rating bulletin, 1950-51, 1964.Ms2013-076
Greer & Laing. Records, Wheeling hardware business, 1871-1885. 84 items. Ms79-206
Greer, Mike. Papers of former member of House of Delegates and Public Service Commission, and faculty member of Salem College, 1964-1989. 12 boxes. Ms2009-133
Grey, Zane. Autographed letter sending copy of Betty Zane to Chicago Historical Society, 1925 May 13. 1 item. Ms2015-031
Grider, Mrs. Emonia. "The Book Lovers of Charleston" and "A Memoir of the Book Lovers Club..." by Mrs. Ruth Stephenson Norman, literary mss, 1933, 1994. 2 items.Ms2009-072
Griffey, William. Complaint, 1872 November, against William Costolo for trespassing in Monongalia County. 1 item. Ms80-233
Griffith, Luther Joe Collection. Civil War correspondence, original, photocopy, and transcripts; Civil War Medal presented to Fretwell G. Hensley; and book. 1 box. Ms2020-059
Griffith, Thomas - see Kanawha County Ms92-10
Grimes family - see Kincaid, Maude Ms79-233
Grove, George W. S. Jr. Collection. Correspondence and other documents of Romney native, WWII soldier and Charleston attorney, 1920s-1950s. 2 boxes. Ms2016-077
Groves Collection. Personal correspondence, circa 1919-1969. Ms81-28
Guthrie family - see Honaker-Guthrie family Ms92-28
Guthrie, James H. Records of member of WV Air National Guard and history of various Charleston units, 1941-1994. 8 folders. Ms2013-082
Guyan Post Office. Registers of registered mail, misc. bulletins & forms used by Effie Morgan, 1904-1949. 4 volumes & 1 folder. Ms86-117
Hacala, Father Joseph. Note found in book Dream of the Mountain Struggle, n.d. 1 item.Ms2013-081
Haden, Judge Charles H. II. Speeches, opinions, and other materials relating to Charles H. Haden, II, House of Delegates, West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, and United States District Court. Three boxes, three scrapbooks, one oversized folder and one box photographs.Ms2009-042 and acc
Hainer, Frederick. Bond, 1812 January 14, of Frederick Hainer & Isaac Barker for the marriage of Hainer & Susan Barker, Kanawha County. 1 item. Ms80-243
*Hale, John Peter. Papers, 1840-1902. 3 in. Ms79-170
*Hale, John Peter Collection. Land records, other papers dealing with business interests including coal, salt, Jedidiah Hotchkiss, ca. 1784-1910. 1 box. Ms97-30
Hall, Bernard Collection. Correspondence and other documents of WWII soldier and later medical claims with VA and Social Security, 1921-1978. 5 folders.Ms2018-013
Hall family history. Notes on Hall family sent by Granville D. Hall to Virgil A. Lewis, 1907. 1 item.Ms2009-077
Hall, Fred. Letters regarding his role in Mine Wars, postcard from AEF (photocopies), 1918-1922. 5 items. Ms98-9
Hall, Granville Davisson. Letter, 1909 April 1, Glencoe, IL to Col. Jere. Miller, Wheeling, regarding private ownership by Miller of statehood convention materials. 1 item. Ms80-269
Hall, Sylvanus W. Letter, 1863 November 9, Wheeling, to Brig. Gen. B.F. Kelley removing Lewisburg Court records to Charleston. 1 item. Ms80-265
Hamill, Maurice Collection. Papers of Hamill, engineer and State Road Commissioner, ca. 1930-1988. 1 box. Ms89-106
Hamilton family. Genealogical papers, n.d. 1 item. Ms80-295
Hamilton family. Correspondence, photographs, badges and plaque, 1968-2003. 2 boxes. Ms2017-017acc
Hamilton, Fleming, Parrish families. Genealogical notes on Marion County families, n.d. 4 folders. Ms2015-024
Hamilton National Genealogical Society Collection. Membership files, publications, family trees and other information on Hamilton and related families, 1979-2005. 21 boxes Ms2014-011
Hamilton, William. Field notes of the Staunton & Parkersburg Turnpike, ca. 1824-1840. 1 volume.Ms78-3
"Hamlet". Essay by unidentified author about special tax to support state educational institutions in competing for Tax Commission prize, 1914. 1 item. Ms79-145
Hamlin Post Office. Records, 1857-1861 (photocopies). 1 item. Ms85-146
Hampshire County. Documents, 1772-1847. 13 folders. Ms2020-071
Hampshire County. Land book, 1892. 1 volume. Ms80-281
Hampshire County. Land grants, to Simon Taylor and descendants of Susan Ann Taylor and Edward Washington, including 2 signed by Lord Fairfax, 1749-1846. 6 items. Ms2001-010
Hampshire County. Leases and deeds between Solomon Welton and Abel Randall, Fairfax grant to John Reed (photocopies), 1753-1772. 1 folder. Ms2004-103
Hanaway, Wm. A. Y. Letter, 1805 February 17, to Sam Hanaway, Clarksburg, VA. 1 item. Ms82-25
Handley family - see Clark, Bertha Lewis Ms80-17
Hanna and Nye Manufacturing - see Business forms Ms90-121
Hanna, Mark Club. Letter, 1897 February 12, Huntington to Gov. Atkinson. 1 item. Ms82-95
Hannis, (H.S.) & Company. Records of Martinsburg distilling company, 1868. 3 in. Ms79-177
Harden and Harden Funeral Home Collection. Records of African-American funeral home in Charleston, 1922-1995. 3 boxes and 22 volumes. Ms2014-015
*Hare Plumbing Collection. Account books, correspondence, and other materials regarding Wheeling business, Master Plumbers Association, and wartime issues, 1866-1969. 6 boxes and 58 volumes. Ms2003-290
Harless Family Histories, 1984. 1 folder. Ms2021-018
Harman, C. N. (Bud). Correspondence and other materials of C. N. Harman of Taylor County, who served in the House of Delegates and State Senate, 1972-1990. 2 boxes and oversized photographs.Ms2009-095
Harper, Dr. R. Eugene Collection. Correspondence, notes and other information including Kanawha County, Nitro, WV Historical Society, WV Historical Association, Task Force for Historic Preservation, ca. 1900-1990. 1 box. Ms2004-083
Harper, Robert Eugene. "Nitro, West Virginia A World War I Industrial New Town" (thesis), 1986. 1 item. Ms2011-026
Harpers Ferry armory - see Wickman, Marine Ms79-195
Harpers Ferry armory. Manuscript by James Worsham about armory and interchangeable parts, 1996. 1 item. Ms2000-023
Harpold, Mrs. Henry. Letters of Lowther Harpold family, Jackson County, 1852-1880. 29 items. Ms79-208
Harris, Virgil L. Rutherford family history and related families Kuhl, Shales, Phillips, Harris, 1978. 1 item. Ms80-32
Harrison, Heather D. Collection. World War II correspondence primarily of James F. Spencer of Charleston, 1943-49. 1 box.Ms2019-089
Harrison, Thomas. Deposition about discovery of "Falls of Potowmack" sworn before William Byrd, 1737 June 17. 1 item.Ms80-187
Harrison County, VA Circuit Court. Indictment [ca.1856] against Horace Greeley and the New York Tribune relating to the Tribune's alleged incitement of negroes to rebel and make insurrection. 1 item. Ms80-224
Harrison County Schools. Teachers monthly summary, Elk District, 1885 November 18. 1 item. Ms79-204
Harsh-Conkle Collection. Letters, legal documents, receipts and other materials of Ohio (now Marshall) County family, 1790s-1942. 2 boxes. Sherle E. Harsh, Wheeling. Ms2002-065
Hatfield, C. Donald Collection. Articles, correspondence, and other materials documenting the career of noted author and newspaper editor, publisher, and executive, 1948-2003. 4 boxes and oversized materials.Ms2020-049
Hatfield, Mrs. Harold E. Collection. Genealogy notes including Burdette, Kyger/Geiger, Hopkins, Ingraham, Nixon, Beeler, Henckel, Bauer, Dentzer, Wagner, McMurray, Gorrell, Pitts and Ward families, n.d. 2 folders.Ms2009-019
Hatfield, Henry. Letter from his daughter Hazel to Gov. Moore describing his work as coalfield doctor before becoming governor, 1988. 2 items. Ms88-101
Hatfield family. Family history notes, clippings, funeral notices and publications on family, play at Grandview, 1898-1970s. 4 folders. Ms2011-034
Hawks Nest Tunnel Case. Documents regarding Lewis Scott vs. Rinehart and Dennis Company, and Dora Jones vs. Rinehart and Dennis Company (photocopies), 1933-35. 2 folders. Ms2003-075acc
Hawks Nest Tunnel Case. Testimony and court documents for Raymond Johnson vs. Rinehart and Dennis and Donald J. Shay vs. Rinehart and Dennis (photocopies), 1932-1936. 2 folders. Ms2003-075
Hawk's Nest Tunnel Collection. Photocopies of records re: tunnel construction, mortality & accident data, 1927-1946. 3 folders. Ms88-233
Hayden, Jacob. "New Days: Journal of a Trip Across Ms79-92
Hayden, Mordicai. Conductor system for electric railways; specification, 1893 January 24, patent. 1 item. Ms80-217
Heckard, M. Partial letter, Pomeroy, OH to Michael Legrist, VA, [?] March [?] 1 item. Ms80-107
Hedges, Reuben Foreman. Diary, trip from West Liberty through Maryland, 1826-1827. 1 item. Ms80-148
*Hedrick, Higginbotham, Harrison, Pontsler, Henry families. Letters, deeds and other documents relating to families, some in Putnam County, including Civil War records of Jonathan Higginbotham, Company D, 7th Cavalry; 1865-1982. 1 box. Ms2003-141
Heflin, Harry B. and Dora Morgan Collection. Correspondence, invitations and other documents of Glenville State and West Virginia University president and first lady, 1917-2016. 4 boxes and 3 scrapbooks.Ms2017-018
Helvey, Frank W. Jr. Collection. Legal papers and political campaign materials, 1960-1994. 1 box and four folders oversized. Ms2021-167
"He-Mene Ka-Wan The Old Wolf Lucullus Virgil McWhorter" by Judith McWhorter Goodwin (unpublished), literary mss, n.d. 1 item. Ms2004-113
Henderson family. Papers of Henderson, Massey & Wilson families, ca. 1811-1889. 1 box. Ms78-6
Henderson, Edna and Harry. Papers of Edna Henderson, dollmaker, and correspondence between Edna and Harry Henderson. 1 box.Ms2010-001
Henderson, I.H. Letter, Willow Island, to H. J. Samuels re: St. Marys Court of Enquiry, 1862 June 19. 1 item. Ms80-136
Hennen Family. Papers of Hennen, Stenger and Azure families from Morgantown, 1900-1980. 2 boxes, scrapbook, and oversize items. Ms91-34
Hensley, Lt. Gene Collection. Log books, documents and other assorted items regarding Montgomery resident and WWII pilot, 1930-1946. 1 box. Ms91-32
Hereford, Dr. Marmion Rush Collection. Journals and records of Nicholas County physician, 1852-1890. 8 volumes and 1 folder. Ms2003-012
Herscher Family Collection. Correspondence, much of it between John William Herscher and wife Lilian Paulsen Herscher, 1906-1950s. 1 box.Ms2008-086
Heritage Trunk. Materials, 1978-1980. 1 folder. Ms81-13
Herndon, James. World War II materials including mess card, roster, and pay record, ca. 1943-1946. 7 items. Ms2004-078
Herndon, Judith A. Papers of Judith A. Herndon of Wheeling, who served in House of Delegates and State Senate. 1941-1996. 19 boxes. Ms2009-150
Herscher Family Collection. Correspondence, 1906-1932. 1 box. Ms2008-086
Hess, Louis. Patents and incorporation materials for Hess Dustless Mining Machine Company of Ansted, Fayette County (photocopies), 1911-1930. 16 items. Ms2004- 047
"Hey Doc!" by D. Bonta Hiscoe, literary mss., photocopy, ca. 1986. (restricted access - see archivist) Ms86-102
Higginbotham, Wilma. Miscellaneous papers. 1 box. 1923-1986.Ms2009-094
Higginbotham-Sheridan Collection. Deeds, mostly Putnam Development Corporation to members of Higginbotham family, 1920-1929. 7 items.Ms2016-051
Hildebrand, Norma Collection. St. Albans High School and Kanawha College materials, 1938. 1 folder.Ms2020-100
Hill family. Ledger book of Bruno Caleb Hill; paper on families of Island Creek area, Lincoln County, by Ruford Burton Hill, 1901-1914, 1980. 2 items. Ms2009-081
Hill, Fenton Collection. Pay stubs, certificates and other materials of Valley Camp Coal Company employee, 1942-1976. 1 box. Ms2011-011
Hill, Nelson. Letter to and from Hill, candidate for Kanawha County prosecuting attorney, 1876, 1882. 2 items. Ms95-35
Hill, Squire Nelson. Account book, Upper Falls of Coal, WV, 1885. 1 volume. Ms79-26
Hinkle family. English essays of Eloise Hinkle; Christmas cards sent to Ote and Edna Hinkle of Webster Springs, 1943, 1948. 1 volume and 17 items.Ms2010-070
Hiscoe, D. Bonta. "Hey Doc!" literary mss, photocopy, ca. 1986. 1 item. (restricted access - see archivist) Ms86-102
Hiscoe family, Coal Mountain. Correspondence, medical records, diaries of coal camp doctor and wife (originals and photocopies), 1949-1950. 1 box.Ms86- 102acc
Historical American Engineering Record. Significant Historic Engineering & Industrial Developments in the Mountain State. 2 volumes. Ms80-276
Historical Records Survey, WV. Church of the Brethren; a listing by county, 1800-1915,[1940]. 1 item. Ms80-31
Historical Records Survey, WV. List of WV churches, by county, ca. 1940. 1 item (29 leaves). Ms80-30
Historical Records Survey, WV. Survey records of private & public manuscript collections in WV, 1936-1941. 5 ft. Ms79-211
*Historical Records Survey, WV. Free School of Monroe County typed copies of records, including Acts of VA Assembly, 1796-1863, prepared by the WPA, 1930s. 1 box. Ms78-34
"History of Charleston High School" by Andy Richardson, 1975, research paper. 1 item. Ms84-243
"History of Coal River in the Whitesville Area" by Dewey J. Bone, literary mss (photocopy), 1950. 1 item. Ms90-88
History of Logan County by Henry Clay Ragland, literary mss, n.d. 1 item. Ms2003-056
"History of the Chemical Industry in Nitro, WV 1917-1960" by William D. Wintz, literary mss, 2003. 1 item. Ms2004-038
"History of the Construction of the South Side Bridge, Charleston, WV" by Ray C. Parks and Herman O. Fast, n.d. 1 item. Ms79-227
History of the West Virginia Athletic Union Basketball Tournament Package compiled by Dr. Bob Barrett (photocopies), n.d. 1 folder.Ms2010-148
Hite, Jost - see Laidley, William Sidney Ms79-17
Hodges, Otmer F. Jr. Collection. Correspondence, Certificates re: military service and death, 19th Infantry Regimental yearbook, 1949-2011. 12 items. Ms2021-187
Hoe, R. and Company. Letters from various West Virginia businesses regarding purchasing of saws and printing presses, 1873 February 16 - 1878 July 29. 8 items. Ms94-55
Hoffman, Dr. Edwin D. "The Way We Were - West Virginia State College in the 1960s" and "The Blacks in One White Man's Life" by Dr. Hoffman, literary mss, n.d. 2 items. Ms2009-071
Hogg, John Paul Collection. Land grants, deeds, Ohio and Brooke counties, and ration book (oversized), 1787-1942. 6 items. Ms2011-013
Holcomb, Thomas S. Jr. Transcript of diary of WWII sailor aboard USS Barton (DD722), 1943-1946. 1 item.Ms2010-105
Holliday, Robert K. Papers of Robert K. Holliday of Fayette County, who was a newspaper publisher and served in the House of Delegates and State Senate. 1924-2008. 12 boxes, photographs and oversized materials. Ms2009-092
Holly River Company. Correpondence and stock certificates for company purchased by Edgar C. Kincaid, 1893-1901. 1 folder.Ms2018-015
Holsberry, John L., Jr. Miscellaneous materials, 1937-1979. 1 box. Ms2009-088
Holt, Governor Homer A. Correspondence, articles, speeches and other information about Governor Holt, his family and his later life (most photocopies), 1923-1996. 1 box. Ms2002-026
Holt, Rush. Article run against Holt during 1944 campaign for governor linking him to Nazis, ca. 1944. 1 item. Ms2010-068
Home Economics in Business. Records of West Virginia chapter including minutes, membership, reports to national group and newsletters, 1970-1995. 4 folders. Ms2011-007
"Hometown, West Virginia Rainelle" by Danny McMillion. Literary manuscript and reference materials on Rainelle and Meadow River Lumber history, ca. 1991. 1 folder. Ms2003-041
Honaker-Guthrie family. Genealogical notes, n.d. 1 volume. Ms92-28
Hopemont Hospital. Letter of regret from E. F. Morgan unable to attend dedication, 1929 September 25. 1 item.Ms2006-027
Hoskins, Herman and Louise Collection. Letters, most from Ensign and later Lieutenant Herman Hoskins to wife Louise and daughters Becky and Kay, assorted other family and friends, 1940-1945. 1 box.Ms2012-028
Hotel McCreery Collection. Account books, letter books, receipts and other materials regarding James McCreery and hotel in Hinton, Summers County, ca. 1871-1957. 5 boxes and 36 volumes. Ms2002-103
Hotel registers, Ripley. McGuire house (1901-1903) and Hotel Hassler (1921-1929). 2 volumes. Ms2019-085
House, John. "Mine Own People" (photocopy), literary mss, 1903. 1 volume.Ms2009-005
Howard and associated family materials. Civil War oath, deeds, tax receipts, grade cards and other assorted materials, ca. 1865-1948. 1 envelope. Ms90-114
Howe, Barbara - see Bulltown Cultural Resources Ms2000-031
Howell, James M. Letter, Farm, WV to Col. Flintlock Perry, Charleston, regarding Howell's service in 36th VA Inf, 1895 April 8. 1 item. Ms80-137
Howery, Captain E. R. "The Battle of Droop Mountain November 6, 1863", literary mss, ca. 1930s. 1 item. Ms2009-079
Huddleston family. Genealogy and other materials, ca. 1800-1990s. 1 box. Ms96-63
Hudnall, Jesse Collection. Papers of mine foreman Jesse Hudnall. 1 box.Ms2008-001
Hudnall, Jesse Collection. Personnel card, UMWA Local 404 bylaws, Mammoth Accident & Co-Operative Association bylaws, Warner Collieries safety rules. 1922-1930. 4 items.Ms2008-001acc
Hudnall, Rebecca Collection. Charleston area materials including Kennedy campaign, Catholic churches, Womens' clubs, politics and other assorted materials, 1942-1998. 1 box. Ms2016-032
Huger, Frank. Letter, Harpers Ferry, to Col (?), 1852 February 17. 1 item.Ms80-108
Hughart family. Materials relating to Dr. James Hughart and Dr. John Ewing Hughart including register of births, Fayette County? 1889-1948. 2 folders.Ms2006- 026
Hughes, Dr. Alfred. Letters, most written by Hughes while in prison at Camp Chase, OH to wife in Wheeling (photocopies), 1862 June 7 - November 12. 1 box.Ms2006- 073
Hughes family - see Morris, Earle Ms80-270
Hukill family. Genealogy of James Hukill son of William, ca. 1775-1990s. 4 volumes. Ms95-46
Humphreys family - see Cantrell Collection Ms92-29
Humphreys, Milton W. Letters from Washington College to brother R.H. Humphreys in Braxton County, including news of Robert E. Lee's death, 1869-1871. 5 items. Ms79-136
Hunt family - see Cantrell Collection Ms92-29
Hunter, Katherine M. Papers, n.d., photocopies. 11 volumes. Ms84-158
Huntington Hospital. Centennial Planning Committee materials, 1998-1999. 1 folder. Ms2021-055
Huntington Public Library Collection. Reports, advisory committee notes, forms and other materials, 1951-1959. 4 folders.Ms2005-004acc
Huse, Seth Collection. Huse Family, Civil War, 1822-1970. 1 box. Ms2019-012
Hutchinson, John Quincy Collection. Papers of State Senator John Q. Hutchinson and family. 2 boxes and oversized materials.Ms2008-091
Hutsell, Virginia Collection. 5 folders.Ms2020-091
Hutton family. Genealogy sheets, obituaries, and other information, n.d. 2 folders. Ms2013-103
Hyde, Dr. Richard. "A History of General Agriculture in the Schools of West Virginia", n.d. Ms78-40
Inaugural, Governor Caperton - see Caperton Ms93-19
Incorporation books. Chelyan Supply Company and Chelyan Lumber Company, 1945- 1946. 2 volumes. Ms2004-021
Independent Order of Odd Fellows - see minute books Ms90-89
Indian sites - see Fayette County wall site Ms92-31
Indian Warpaths in Raleigh County and When the Spanish Influenza Hit Raleigh County, both by Jim Wood, (literary manuscripts) n.d. 2 items.Ms2006-074
Indian wars - see Lewis, Virgil Anson Ms79-16
"The Industries of Wheeling", 1879, photocopy. 1 item. Ms84-175
International Organization of Good Templars (IOGT), Harpers Ferry Lodge No. 1. Records of proceedings, 1886-1888. 1 book.Ms2006-043
International Women's Year. Papers of West Virginia IWY organization. 1975-1985. 7 boxes. Ms2009-151
"Interstate compact for the supervision of Parolees and Probationers, June 6, 1934". U.S. Congress. 1 item. Ms82-18
Invoice Book, B. H. French. 1 item.Ms2009-136
Ireland, Virginia H. Letter included in copy of her Words Don't Work at This Altitude, n.d. 1 itemMs2013-122
Jackfert, Edward Collection. Listing of World War II publications housed at Brooke County Public Library, n.d. 1 folder.Ms2006-071
Jackson, Andrew. Letter to Lt. John Jay Jackson about testimony in court-martial, 1821 September 1 item. Ms79-199
Jackson, Caroline Downey Collection. Marriage announcement, letters commencement program for Parkersburg High, most dealing with Bessie Curry Jackson, wife of Wm. Wirt Jackson; resolution upon death of General John J. Jackson; wedding invitation for Kate Jackson to James Moffett; 1877-1919. 1 folder. Ms92-97&acc
Jackson, Cummins E., Defendant. Papers in case vs. Henry Jackson, Lewis County, 1839 January 12 - March 12. 2 items.Ms80-242
Jackson, George & Elizabeth C. Genealogical notes, n.d. 2 items. Ms84-183
Jackson, George A. Civil War pension claim papers filed by Weston area claims agent, 1864-1869. 25 items. Ms79-251
Jackson, John George. Letters to Secretary of Navy regarding Naval Academy appointments, 1810 January 12, n.d. 2 items.Ms80-109
Jackson, John Jay. Letters, 1869-1887. 3 items. Ms80-110
Jackson, Thomas Jonathan. Letter to J. M. Bennett offering him position on Jackson's staff, 1862 February 28. 1 item. Ms79-144
Jackson, Mrs. Thomas Jonathan. Loch Tay, Scotland. 1 item. Ms80-156
Jackson's Mill - see Kurtz, Kenneth S. Ms79-62
Jarvis, Anna. Correspondence between Jarvis and Julia Bennington, ca. 1908-45. 18 items. Ms94-25
Jefferson County, VA. Poll book, 1812 April 27, for the purpose of electing two fit persons to represent Jefferson County in the next General Assembly. 1 volume. Ms80-283
Jefferson County, VA School Dist. 13 (Rippon). Teacher`s roll book by Adelaide Osborne [Adeline Osburn], 1858. 1 volume. Ms80-195
Jenkinjones Reunion. Welcome packets, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016. 6 folders.Ms2017-025
Jenkins family. Manuscript of Susan Holderby Jenkins about her father Albert G. Jenkins and her family (photocopy), n.d. 1 item. Ms2002-123
Jesus, Peterr. "Omission and Misinformation: the Peters Sisters and Anne Spenser," literary mss, 1987. 1 item. Ms89-83
"John Brown Photo Chronology 1846-1859" by Jean Libby, literary mss, 2003. 1 item.Ms2009-115
John Rogers and Company. Letters and documents regarding Morgantown business, 1818-1852. 17 items.Ms2005-010
Johnson, Abraham. Papers of Justice of the Peace & high sheriff of Hampshire Co (later Mineral), 1778-1848. 1360 items.Ms79-4
Johnson, Les. "Autobiography of Freeman Collins" (longest-serving inmate at Moundsville Penitentiary) (photocopies), literary mss, 1995. 1 item. Ms2004- 102
Johnson, Gregory B. Collection. Reports, correspondence regarding construction of Hawk's Nest Tunnel, 1930-1936. 1 box. Ms2008-092
Johnson, Minnie Collection. Diary and log of automobile trip to western United States in 1929 and correspondence to parents in Lewisburg while teaching in New Mexico during World War II, 1911-1945. 2 boxes. Ms2021-106
Johnson, Valentine. Genealogy of the Valentine Johnson & William Robinson family, ca. 1888. 1 item.Ms80-90
Johnson, Virginia Collection. Correspondence, certificates, information on state treasurer William S. Johnson's family, 1911-1975. 17 items.Ms2008-030
Johnson, William S. Collection. Assorted printed campaign materials for state treasurer, letter from Andrew Summers Rowan (subject of "Message to Garcia"), grade promotion card for Erma Young (later Mrs. W.S. Johnson) from Kanawha County schools, 1896, ca. 1916-1932. 11 items. Ms94-16acc
Johnston, Ross. Papers about West Virginia during American Revolution, 1930s-1940. 2 in.Ms79-174
Johnston's Fork Church. Register of members, 1802. 1 item. Ms80-186
Jolliff property. Description and photos of A. B. Jolliff building, Railroad Street, Mannington, 1926. 1 folder. Ms2003-173
Jones, Edith Collection. Correspondence and other materials of Marshall and Alleghany Collegiate Institute student, 1897-1952. 1 box.Ms2015-064
Jones, James A. Diaries kept by Ward, Kanawha County resident, 1878-1930. 3 volumes. Ms79-43
Jones, John. Revolutionary War pension affidavit of Kanawha County resident, 1833. 1 item. Ms78-45
Jones, Samuel Charles. "Development of Church Pioneering in the Upper Ohio Valley", literary mss, n.d. 1 item. Ms2009-102
Jones, William M. Car-coupling; patent, specs, 1893 December 5. 1 item. Ms80-215
Jones-Imboden Raid. Talk by Ken Corvell to Monongalia Historical Society on Morgantown raid, 2001 March 23. 1 item. Ms2009-070
Journal. Ledger entries probably by John D. Keeney and John Angus McIntosh, poetry and lock of hair by Salinda Jane McIntosh Harpold, later owned by Emma Harpold Smith, 1851-1854, n.d. 1 volume. Ms2015-033
Journal. Notes of Mattie C. Long, midwife, including family history, births, other notes (photocopies), 1896-1940. 1 item. Ms2003-174
Journal of Rev. Cyprian Gehrling, OFM Cap. Journal of early Capuchin priest during establishment of St. Ladislaus Church (now St. Anthony) in Charleston (photocopy), 1907-1919. 1 item.Ms2009-024
Journal. Plant diary of W.W. Jennings, Electro Metallurgical Company, Kanawha Works, Glen Ferris, 1919 March 1 - 1921 June 15. 1 volume. Ms91-68
Journals. Journals of Oscar Rogers of Ridgeville, 1911-26; math workbook of Nathanial Rogers(his father), ca. 1864. 6 volumes. Ms85-190
Jude family. Letters between Ed Jude and John L. Lewis, Virginia Chambers (first female Mingo County sheriff) and uncle Ed Jude (photocopies), 1952-1963. 3 items. Ms2003-340
Justice of the Peace Dockets. Poca District, Kanawha County, 1889-1941. 6 volumes. Ms89-35
Kanawha and Hacking Coal and Coke Company. Vouchers, accounts payable, 1944- 1945. 2 boxes. Ms2004-075
Kanawha & Ohio Coal Company. Receipt book, Coalburgh, WV, 1874 Mar-June. 1 volume. Ms79-51
Kanawha and Pocahontas Railroad Company. Report of the Board of Directors (photocopies), 1899 January 9- 1910 October 10. 1 item. Ms94-6
Kanawha Banking and Trust. Letter to stockholders from W. N. Shearer, Jr. regarding bank's 75th anniversary book, 1976 August 18. 1 item. Ms2013-121
Kanawha Board. Minute book of board reestablished to issue bonds & collect rolls for Kanawha River improvements, 1880 Aug-1883 February 2 volumes. Ms79-60
Kanawha Coal Operators Association. Records, 1905-1984. 46 boxes. (processing not finished) Ms2006-046
Kanawha County - see Payne, Guy Ms80-201
Kanawha County, VA. Book for a precinct election held held at the house of John Jones 1835 April 1 to choose delegate to represent county in the next General Assembly of VA. 1 item. Ms80-202
Kanawha County, VA. Cholera deaths, Elk River to Malden, 1850 May-September 1 item. Ms80-172
Kanawha County, VA. Tax receipt & corres, 1862-1879. (photocopies). 4 items. Ms80-320
Kanawha County, VA Circuit Court. Notice of motion, 1820 June 8, to Robert Hamilton, David Ruffner, Mathias Vanbibber, and Samuel Hutchinson. 1 item. Ms80-226
Kanawha County, VA Circuit Court. Pleas in case of Jesse M. Spinks vs. Henry S. French, 1838 June 2. 1 item. Ms80-227
Kanawha County, VA Circuit Court. Summons, 1857 October 1, to sheriff of Kanawha County to summon Andrew F. Donnally & others to appear before the Kanawha County Circuit Court. 1 item. Ms80-250
Kanawha County Civil Court. Dockets, 1925-1927. 2 volumes. Ms84-180
Kanawha County. Correspondence and records including Lewis Summers, Samuel Dryden, and Lawrence Washington (photocopies and transcriptions), 1812-1826. 1 volume. Ms2004-026
Kanawha County Court. Argument docket, 1842-1847. 1 volume. Ms79-86
Kanawha County. Deed between Frank Woodman and John W. Wilson, 1880 December 2. 1 item. Ms2009-160
Kanawha County. Deed between Frank Woodman and John W. Wilson (photocopies), 1882 December 2. 1 item. Ms2009-098
Kanawha County documents, most relating to Thomas Griffith, including naturalization papers, mine certificates, land records, 1886-1925. 1 folder. Ms92-10
Kanawha County Historical Society - see WV Historical... Ms79-71
Kanawha County Justice of the Peace - see Justice Ms89-35
Kanawha County lands. Description for 5840 acres for Joseph Kerr, Thomas Scott and Anezah Davison (photocopy), 1818 August 28. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ms2007-025
Kanawha County. Marriages compiled by Julia Morris Wintz, 1933. 1 volume. Ms2009-027
Kanawha County schools - teachers daily register for Hernshaw, Red & Butler schools, 1906-1908. 25 items. (shelved as Z 12-6) Ms86-75 oversized
Kanawha County, VA Sheriff's Office. Tax book of John Welch, county tax collector, 1830. 1 volume. Ms79-90
Kanawha County. Summons, Archibald Collins to answer complaint of Barnabas Truman, 1854. 1 item. Ms2003-225
Kanawha County, WV Superintendent of Free Schools. Form 12, 1883 October 1, to the Auditor ... to pay to the order of John T. Hubbard apportioned monies of the state school fund. 1 item. Ms80-248
Kanawha Industrial Relations Association. Arbitration Cases, 1938-1999. 127 boxes.Ms2006-041
*Kanawha Lyceum. Minute book, 1841 October 26-1852 December 20. 1 volume. Ms79-72
Kanawha Players Collection. Records, other materials of State Theater of West Virginia, ca. 1920s-1990s. 5 boxes. Ms95-44
Kanawha Public Health Nursing Assoc. Reports, 1921-1926. 1 folder. Ms86-5
Kanawha Riflemen - see VA Militia Ms79-149
Kanawha Riflemen. Charter, 1960 October 13, photocopy 1 item. (shelved as Z 17-1) Ms85-48
Kanawha Riflemen. Muster roll, Company I, 1861 Aug; unit history, 1859-1861. 2 items. Ms76-13
"Kanawha River" Poem by unknown author, Leon, Mason County, 1878. 1 item. Ms80-91
Kanawha Salines - see Malden Ms90-90
Kanawha Salines. Account book excerpts, 1850-1851, photocopies. 1 folder. Ms85-64
Kanawha Salt Company. Account book, 1820-1842. 1 volume. Ms79-61
Kanawha Salt Company. Charter, 1817 November 10, typescript. 1 item. Ms80-19
Kanawha Salt Company. Charter (salt agreement), 1817 November 10, original. 1 item. Ms82-10
Kanawha United Presbyterian Church. History of Charleston congregation (photocopies), 1816-1943. 1 box.Ms2008-037
Kanawha Valley. Journal about Kanawha Valley, especially railroad entries (photocopies), 1742-1954. 1 item. Ms94-21
Kanawha Valley Bank/One Valley Bank Collection. Minute books, newsletters, annual reports, forms, transcripts and drafts of history of bank, 1867-2000. 13 boxes and 32 volumes.Ms2013-101
Kanawha Valley Genealogical Society. Certificate of Incorporation (photocopy), 1981 September 15. 1 item. Ms91-1
"Kaymoor: A Coal Community" by Lou Athey, literary mss. ca. 1986. 1 item. Ms90-93
Keatley, John E. "Notes on Fort Roberedeau & Potter's Fort in Center Co," literary mss on 18th century forts, 1894. 1 item. Ms79-143
Kee Family Materials. Photocopies of materials related to the Kee Family, 1934-1975. 1 box. Ms2021-107
Keely Family Collection. Correspondence of family, mostly George and Louisa Keely, who moved from Maine to Kanawha County, also 13th Maine Infantry, 1848-1956. 2 boxes.Ms2017-038
Keeney, Roscoe Collection. Materials on Keeney, Morris, Paxton and related families, n.d. 3 boxes.Ms2007-080
Kelley, I.G. "The Catawba Trail", 1899 January 31, literary mss. 1 item. Ms80-255
Kelley's Creek and Northwestern Railroad and Kelley's Creek Barge Line. Report, 1944 July 12- October 1. 1 volume. Ms2003-053
Kelly Axe Manufacturing Company. Correspondence and other materials regarding Charleston business, ca. 1927-86. 1 envelope. Ms94-4
Kelly, Ed. "Life of a Coal Miner" (photocopy), literary mss, 1977. 1 item.Ms2009-021
Kelly family - see McCoy, Kelly, Crislip Ms90-13
Kelly family - see Paul, Bonna Kelly Ms91-67
Kendall, Norman Festus. History of the Mannington District, Marion County, WV, ca. 1952. 1 volume. Ms78-43
Kenly, William L. Correspondence from engineer with Ritchie Mineral Resin & Oil Co, many to Colonel J. A. Tompkins, 1866-1869. 1 volume. Ms79-37
*Kenna, Senator John Edward Collection. Papers, ca. 1865-1890. 15 boxes. Ms82-2
Kenna, John. Letters, 1878-1879 to John P. Anderson, photocopies, 2 items. Ms80-320
Kennedy family - see Cook, Cuppy. Ms86-222
Kennedy family, coal mining. Correspondence, articles and other information regarding strikes, labor relations, D. C. and Harry Kennedy, ca. 1900-1950. 2 boxes. Ms2004-032
Kennedy, John F. Letter on Kennedy for President letterhead to John E. Faulconer, Hinton Daily News, 1960 May 31. 1 item. (photocopy)Ms2009-143
Kenney Pharmacy. Deeds, legal documents, ledgers, prescription binder, ca. 1895-1935. 3 volumes & 1 folder. Ms87-142
Kessell, Samuel D. Collection. Materials related to Kessell family including correspondence and awards, 1940-2010. 1 box. Ms2021-107
Kessel family. Correspondence, receipts and other documents of Hardy County family, ca. 1890s-1920s. 4 folders. Ms2020-082
Kidwell, Zedekiah. Letters about Democratic Convention in Martinsburg, recommendations to Governor Wise, 1857 March 12-May 19. 2 items. Ms80-111
*Kilgore, Senator Harley Collection. Correspondence, publications and other materials, many relating to death of Senator Kilgore's mother, 1949 presidential inaugural, West Virginia Society of District of Columbia, 1912-1956. 1 box. Ms2003-295
Kimball family - see Rector, Enoch Ms79-173
*Kimball, Walter S. Collection. Correspondence and other materials, much relating to Republican party, attorney Walter Sugden of Sistersville, Progressive Party materials, Masonic materials, 1880-1944. 1 box. Ms2003-152
Kincaid family. Receipts and other financial documents of Dr. A. C. Kincaid of Braxton County and his son Robert A. Kincaid, a Nicholas County attorney, ca. 1850-1890s. 1 box. Ms2003-022
Kincaid family - see Kincaid, Maude Ms79-233
Kincaid, Maude. Genealogical research papers on the Yoakum, Van Bibber, Grimes & Kincaid families, ca. 1979. 3 in. Ms79-233
Kingwood Post Office. Letter from W. G. Brown to Kingwood postmaster to transmit "extra balance" to postmaster at Concord (photocopy), 1847 November 24. 1 item. Ms2002-122
Kinney, William. Medical papers of visits to Kinney in Harrison County jail, 1883. 2 items. Ms80-247
Kirchner Candies. Account book, receipts, etc., ca. 1945-1955. 1 volume & 1 folder. Ms85-122
Kiser family. Letters of Hardy County family, many during Civil War and copies of Confederate service records for Daniel, Harrison and Harvey Kiser (photocopies), 1861-1891. 1 folder. Ms98-8
Knights of Pythias. Bylaws of various lodges around state, 1896-1913. 26 items. Ms89-73
Knights of Pythias, Lodge #100, Rainelle. Papers, 1914-1972. 6 boxes. (Oversized shelved as drawer Z21-1) Ms80-324
*Knotts Papers. Account books, deed, letter, 1855-1915. 11 volumes & 2 folders. Ms85-10
Krider family. Letters and transcriptions from Monongalia County resident to family while in California during Gold Rush (photocopies), 1853. 1 folder. Ms2003-322
Kuhl family - see Harris, Virgil Ms80-32
Kurtz, Kenneth S. Abstract of the "Arnold farm", Lewis County, prepared for the WV Board of Control, 1933 June 5. 1 item. Ms79-62
Lafayette, Marie Joseph Paul Roch Yves Gilbert de Motier, Marquis de. Letter, Washington, to Ludwell Lee, 1825 August 29. 1 item. Ms80-183
Laidley Family. Correspondence, journals and family history research of William Sydney Laidley, 1864-1926. 6 boxes and 1 volume. Ms2002-028
Laidley, William Sidney. "Jost Hite of the Shenandoah Valley & Descendents," literary mss, 1899. 1 item. Ms79-17
Laidley, William Sidney. "West Virginia Hills", literary mss, n.d. 1 item. Ms80-93
Lake Superior Coal Company Collection. Maps, parts lists, Superior, McDowell County. 1949- 1986. 1 box.Ms2007-054 and acc
*Lamb, Daniel. Correspondence between Granville Hall & Gertrude Lamb re: D. Lamb & his historical commentary, 1901-1924. 27 items. Ms80-138
Lamb, Daniel. Historical Commentary, 1863-70, literary mss. 2 volumes. Ms80-278
Lambert, Fred B. "Henry J. Samuels," literary mss, 1904. 1 item. Ms79-207
Land deed, Gov. Cabell of VA to John Fleshman, Greenbrier County, 1807. 1 item. Ms84-208
Land deed, Wm. Penn of PA to John Passons & Abraham Kooper(?), 9 September 1681. 1 item. Ms85-191
Land grant, Gov. Smith of VA to John D. Gray, Randolph County, 1847. 1 item. Ms84-186
Land grant and supporting documents for disputed Monongalia County land in boundary dispute with PA, 1796-1813. 4 items. (oversized shelved as Z 12-13) Ms88-154
Land grant, cemetery, Methodist materials. Grant to Joseph Carpenter, Harrison County, 1798; sketch of Cook Cemetery, Wood County, 1916; Methodist programs, 1967-1974. 5 items. Ms97-13
*Land grant collection, artificial, 1675-1867. 1 box. Ms80-284
Land grant, deeds. Grant by Gov. James Wood to Margaret Kitchen, Greenbrier County, 1779; deeds to Huddleston family, Fayette County, 1883-85. 4 items. Ms88-127
Land grant to Richard Stephens, James Citty [sic], 1623. 1 item. Ms80-285
Land grant, Patrick Henry to Alex. Clagg, Monongalia County, 1785. 1 item. Ms80-286
Land grants. Definitions and article about history of Virginia Land Office (photocopies), n.d. 1 item. Ms2009-063
Land grants, stock certificate, program. Grant for 50 acres in Harrison County to George Davis signed by Governor David Campbell, 1837; program for ball at The Greenbrier, 1869; stock certificate for Continental Divide Gold and Silver Mining Company, 1905. 3 items. Ms2003-132
*Land papers, Fairfax Collection - see Fairfax Lands Ms79-3
Land records, Lincoln and Kanawha Counties. Grants and deeds of Priestly/Pauley lands, 1783-1900. 8 items. Ms2002-128
*Land records, South Branch Valley Collection, 1729-1889. 290 items. Ms79-198
Land records, Staats Collection, Jackson, Mason, Kanawha & Monongalia counties, WV & Gallia County, Ohio, 1784-1865. 67 items. Ms79-197
Land warrants, Randolph County. Governor Lee of Virginia to James Little, 29 June 1793 (copied 1810); Governor Page of Virginia to Jacob Kettel, 10 November 1804. 2 items. Ms85-192
Landes, Gene Boyd Collection. Union Carbide materials, 1929-1954. 15 items.Ms2021-109
Lanham, Lilly Faye Staats. "Doctors Who Practiced in Mason County, West Virginia Prior to 1950," literary mss, 1990. 1 item. Ms94-58
Lantz, Lewis Edwin. Business, financial and legislative papers of L. E. Lantz, Wetzel County. 13 boxes. Ms2006-100
Larner, John W. Collection. Information and notes on his research into West Virginia Penitentiary art, 1866-2004. 1 folder.Ms2009-044
Laska, P.J. "The UMWA in the New River Field," rough draft, 1978, photocopy. 1 item. Ms85-40
Laurie, Clayton D. Report of an incident during the "mine war" in Logan County, ca. 1920, literary mss, n.d. 1 item. Ms88-214
Lawrence, Ronald and Sybil Ryan Collection. World War II correspondence and Charleston area materials, 1912-1962. 1 box and photographs. Ms2021-203
Lawrence, W. T. "Rupert family and Dr. Cyrus Alexander Rupert of Greenbrier County, ca. 1810-1891, literary mss, n.d. 1 item. Ms97-23
Lawson family. Typed genealogy of Mary Jane Trust and James Harrison Lawson, 1987. 1 item. Ms89-94
Lawson, Robert W. Collection. Diaries, telegrams and other materials, 1936-1961. 2 boxes. Ms2010-028
League of Women Voters of the Charleston Area. 4 boxes, photographs. Ms2008-096
League of Women Voters of West Virginia. Correspondence, other files, 1943-2017. 7 boxes.Ms2018-002
League of Women Voters of Wood County. 5 boxes, 5 scrapbooks, and photographs. Ms2021-347
Lease, Jacob. Bond, 1824 April 10, of Jacob Lease & Samuel L. Moore to Eli S. Hoult (Holt?) for $56.00 in Monongalia County 1 item. Ms80-232
Ledger, Hampshire County store, possibly Hollenbeck family, 1856-1903. 1 volume. Ms79-40
Ledger, J. T. Boyd's General Store, Rock Cave, 1907. 1 volume. Ms2019-005
Ledger, Lawrence Chester Stern, 1906-07. 1 volume. Ms84-216
Ledger book. Albert Gallatin Jenkins, 1863. 1 volume. Ms2020-046
Ledger book. Leidecker Tool Company. 1 volume. Ms2020-060
Ledger books. First State Bank, 1905-1922. 6 volumes. Ms2020-045
Ledger books. Pocahontas Coal Company Cash Payment, Indian Ridge Coal and Coke Co, 1909-1915. 2 volumes.Ms2020-048
Ledger books. R. M. F. Hull, Hull and Company of Parkersburg, 1886-1895. 2 volumes. Ms2020-044
Lee, George H. Circuit Court docket for VA Supreme Court judge, 1855-1861. 1 volume. Ms79-80
Lee, Robert Edward. Letter, Rockbridge Baths to Messes. Peyton, White Sulphur Springs, 1869 July 21. 1 item. Ms80-165
Lee, Robert Edward. Letter, 1865, to J.C. Breckenridge. 1 item. Ms82-30
Legal records and briefs. Bound records of cases from Spilman, Thomas, Battle and Klostermeyer, with annotations and inserts, 1872-1967. 162 volumes. Ms2011-127
Lemen, George M. Account books, Bunker Hill, Mill Creek, Berkeley County, 1858-1886. 5 volumes. Ms79-50
Lemen, Willoughby. Ledger & diary of Shepherdstown resident, 1822-1876. 2 volumes.Ms79-47
Leonard, Louise Collection. Political papers of Louise Leonard who served in State Senate from Harpers Ferry and ran for US Senate, 1952-1988Ms2013-029
Letter. Allie C. Prichard of Charleston to "cousin Grace" with family news, 1895 March 20. 1 item. Ms2009-007
Letter. Lillian Cox accepting instructor of music position at West Liberty, 1871 October 2. 1 item. Ms2010-065
Letter describing trip to West Virginia. Letter and sketches of 16 year old Richard Smith's visit to Huntington, 1942. 1 item. Ms2003-194
Letters. Assorted letters, some from army wife in Hawaii to family in West Virginia, 1879-1949. 1 folder. Ms91-52
Levi, Mordicai. Patent for pavement for streets, history of first brick street in Charleston, 1889 April 23. 2 items. Ms80-214
Lewis, Charles. Aviation materials, including camouflage notebook, WWII. 1 item. Ms86-104
Lewis family. Correspondence and land documents, many involving James A. Lewis, Kanawha County, ca. 1842-67. 11 items. Ms90-4
*Lewis family. Papers, 1804-1834. 18 items. Ms80-279
Lewis Family Collection. Correspondence of state senator Joseph S. Lewis and family, 1906-1929. 1 box.Ms2008-023
Lewis Family Collection. Ms2014-013
Lewis, Father Clifford and Dr. Maurice Brooks. Correspondence with Cabell-Wayne Historical Society and Brooke County history, 1960s-1970s. 2 folders. Ms94-23
Lewis, Hughart and Related Families. Family history notes, lists (photocopies), 1864-1979. 1 folder.Ms2008-004
Lewis, James. "Washington", mss written in praise of George Washington, n.d. 1 item. Ms80-153
Lewis, James V. Bill of sale, 1856 November 16, of slave to Guy P. Mathews. 3 items. Ms80-23
Lewis, John B. Marriage bonds, 1839 January 11. 1 item. Ms80-291
Lewis, Joseph S. Collection. Correspondence and other materials of family members, 1913-1969. 2 boxes. Ms2011-002
Lewis, Virgil Anson. Letters concerning Indian wars in western VA, 1779-1795. inc. typescript copies of letters of Thomas Jefferson, Benj. Harrison, Patrick Henry, Edmund Randolph, Beverley Randolph, Henry Lee & Robert Brooks. 3 inches. Ms79-16
Lewis, Virgil Anson. Letters from Lewis to Ella Erwin, 1876-1877. 2 items. Ms89-24
Lewis, Virgil Anson. Notes on Dr. Wills de Hass, 1910. 1 item. Ms80-203
Lewisburg Elementary School. Remarks, minutes, photos and other materials regarding replacing school, 2000-2006. 1 volume. Ms2010-032
Libby, Jean. "John Brown Photo Chronology 1846-1859", literary mss, 2003. 1 item. Ms2009-115
Lick Creek Baptist Church, Green Sulphur Springs. Minute books, membership and other records (photocopies), ca. 1848-1990. 2 boxes. Ms95-1
"Life in Western Virginia During the American Revolution" by Betty Parker, literary mss, 1971. 1 item. Ms2009-020
"Life of a Coal Miner" by Ed Kelly (photocopy), literary mss, 1977. 1 item. Ms2009-021
"Life of Ila M. Connard Hartley, originally from Ward," by Albert and Joan McGovern, literary mss, 2007. 1 item.Ms2007-073
Light, William F. Letter from unknown person in Fulton County, PA to Light of Great Capon Depot, Morgan County, 1851 June 23. 1 item.Ms2012-023
Lightburn, General Joseph A. J. Articles and other information about his actions in the Kanawha Valley during the Civil War (photocopies), 1865-1994. 1 folder. Ms94-2
*Lilly family. Correspondence and notes regarding southern West Virginia family, compiled by Robert G. Lilly, 1776-1999. 2 boxes. Ms2003-001
Lincoln, Abraham. Assorted materials, 1863-1901. 3 items. Ms87-173
Lincoln, Abraham. Facsimile of 21 November 1864 letter to Mrs. Bixby. 2 items. [oversized materials shelved as drawer Z 12-12] Ms78-11 oversized
Lincoln County. Birth records compiled by Dr. Hanson (photocopies), 1921-1965. 1 box. Note: restricted access. Ms2003-057
"Lincoln Walks At Midnight". Papers & clippings re: funding for statue on Capitol grounds, 1970-74. 1 folder. Ms85-135
Lincoln Walks at Midnight. Research material and clippings on statue on capitol grounds (photocopies), 1966-1974. 1 folder. Ms2004-049
Lindbergh, Charles. Unpublished manuscript by Tom James on 75th anniversary of Lindbergh's visit to West Virginia's northern panhandle, 2002 July 29. 1 item and 1 computer disk. Ms2002-045
Lindsay, Page Crawford Collection. Williams family documents, inc. original Hampshire County deed, other photocopies, 1762-1952. 1 folder. Ms89-105
List of Confederate Veterans from Charlestown, n.d. 1 item. Ms80-308
Literary manuscript. "Ancestors of Robert Hallis Brooks", n.d. 1 volume.Ms2009-043
Literary manuscript. Autobiography of Freeman Collins written by John Conrad Smith and illustrated by Leo Johnson, 1994. 1 item.Ms2004-102acc
Literary manuscript. "The Battle of Droop Mountain November 6, 1863" by Captain E. R. Howery, ca. 1930s. 1 item.Ms2009-079
Literary manuscript. "The Blacks in One White Man's Life" and "The Way We Were - West Virginia State College in the 1960s" by Dr. Edwin D. Hoffman, n.d. 2 items.Ms2009-071
Literary manuscript. "The Book Lovers of Charleston" by Mrs. Edmonia Grider and "A Memoir of the Book Lovers Club..." by Mrs. Ruth Stephenson Norman, 1933, 1994. 2 items.Ms2009-072
Literary manuscript. "The Boys'll Listen to Me" The Labor Career of William Blizzard by Shae Ronald Davidson, master's thesis, Marshall, 1998. 1 volume. Ms2016-024
Literary manuscript. "The Burning of Elmira" regarding Civil War and Siers family of Braxton County, 2001. 1 item. Ms2015-040
Literary manuscript. Charles Ellet Jr. and the Wheeling Suspension Bridge by E. L. Kemp, n.d. 1 item.Ms2016-049
Literary manuscript. "Christmas in the Coal Fields" by Audella Grubb Evans, n.d. 1 item.Ms2009-032
Literary manuscript. Civil War Enlistments and Service in Southern West Virginia by Richard Alan Hines, master's thesis, American Public University System, Charles Town, 2015. 1 item.Ms2016-023
Literary manuscript. The Craik-Patton House Guide resource on house and family, no author listed, n.d. 1 item.Ms2008-003
Literary manuscript. Donel C. Kinnard Memorial State Veterans Cemetery, Researched and compiled, 2021. 1 item. Ms2021-174
Literary manuscript. "Early Churches of Wood County" by Inez Roberts Sheppard, Mary Dudley, Howard S. Carpenter and Caroline Shrewsbury, ca. 1907. 1 folder. Ms2013-113
Literary manuscript. Factors That Determined West Virginia Statehood by John Kasich, research paper delivered at Graduate Conference on Southern History, 2001. 1 item.Ms2005-006
Literary manuscript. Faith Builders by Maggie Powers about St. Anthony's Parish (formerly St. Ladislaus) in Charleston, 2015. 1 folder Ms2018-014
Literary manuscript. The First White Child of Kanawha by Mrs. J. O. Kiser, regent, John Young Chapter WVDAR (photocopy from NSDAR Library), 1949. 1 item. Ms2002-047
Literary manuscript. Good Old Boys: Bars in Beckley, West Virginia and Their Patrons by Paul J. Nyden, 1979. 1 item.Ms2017-007
Literary manuscript. History of the Department of Mathematics by Elizabeth Hines Czombo, ca. 1975. 1 folder. Ms2021-020
Literary manuscript. History of the Evans-Dille-Saab House [Morgantown] by Mary Williams, 1983. 1 item. Ms2002-111
Literary manuscript. History of St. James Mission for Colored People 1896-1950 and St. James Episcopal Organized Mission 1950-1981, Charleston, by Lillian Laurnetta Davis, historian, ca. 1981. 2 volumes. Ms2002-106
Literary manuscript. "Home in the McDowell County Coalfields: the African-American Population of Keystone, West Virginia," by Larry Scott Deaner, 2004 June. 1 folder. Ms2015-041
Literary manuscript. "'If the Men Don't Fight, the Women Will': Women and Gender Roles in the West Virginia Mine Wars" by Connor Kenaston, 2014. 1 volume. Ms2015-028
Literary manuscript. In the Service of Their Country by Benjamin Woodard re: WWI Cabell County casualties, 2018. 1 folder. Ms2018-016
Literary manuscript. The Life of Charlie Harrison: His Account of the Hatfield-McCoy Feud, 1959. 1 folder.Ms2020-093
Literary manuscript. Listing of McMillan nurses, 1910-1959. 1 item.Ms2019-050
Literary manuscript. Listing of West Virginia architects compiled by Rodney Collins, n.d. 1 item.Ms2005-017
Literary manuscript. Major James W. Sweeney, 36th Virginia Cavalry Battalion (CSA) by Paul Burig, 2001 April. 1 item. Ms2016-057
Literary manuscript. "Marions of Kanawha County" compiled by Myra Dolan, 1997. 1 item. Ms2002-088
Literary manuscript. "Mountain High, Valley Low" by Caroline Chaney, 1971. 1 folder. Ms2015-036
Literary manuscript. Mr. Randolph: The Gentleman from West Virginia by Robert B. Florian, n.d. 1 volume.Ms2019-047
Literary manuscript. "Newlyn-West Virginia, USA," by Christopher Wallis, 2021. 1 item. Ms2021-179
Literary manuscript. The Past Revisited by Thomas Stafford about Grafton, 1984. 1 item. Ms2008-002
Literary manuscript. "Porch Swings and Summer Scenes," by Peggy Hefner Harvey, undated. 1 item. Ms2021-117
Literary manuscript. Recollections of Donald Orr Blagg of early life in Mason and Kanawha counties (photocopy), 1975. 1 item.Ms2005-033
Literary manuscript. Research materials, interviews, correspondence and other materials compiled in creating Above the Smoke: A Family Album of Pocahontas County Fire Towers by LeAnna Alderman and Eleanor Mahoney, ca. 2000-2006. 1 box. Ms2014-012
Literary manuscript. "Some Memories of Living in Henry W. Va. (1917-1924)" by Carl (Geroski) Jurie, ca. 2002. 1 item. Ms2002-092
Literary manuscript. "A Study of Rhetorical Methods in Three Selected Speeches of Henry Ruffner" by Betty Calhoun Fisher, 1969. 1 item. Ms2015-043
Literary manuscript. "The 20" Line," James R. Nuzum, Construction of the twenty-inch line by Columbia Gas, James R. Nuzum, 1970. 1 item. Ms2021-116
Literary manuscript. Typed copies of various manuscripts, many by Phil Conley and Boyd Stutler, including West Virginia in the Civil War, Mr. West Virginia, Alcibiades, West Virginia Government, 1960s-70s. 8 items. Ms2002-063
Literary manuscript. Unattributed manuscript regarding early West Virginia history, n.d. 1 item. Ms2003-091
Literary manuscript. "The Veterans Memorial Field House in Huntington, W. Va.: A History" by Stan Bumgardner, 2012. 1 item. Ms2013-110
Literary manuscript. "West Virginia Independence Hall: From Custom House to Statehood Shrine" by R. Y. Spence, 1986. 1 volume. Ms2015-027
Literary manuscript. The West Virginia Lobotomy Project (1952-1955): How the Mountain State Became the Proving for One of Psychiatry's Most Notorious Procedures by James L. Spencer, 2015. 1 item. Ms2019-049
Literary manuscript. The West Virginia Review by Eleanor Bird Cook, 1931. 1 item. Ms2016-055
Literary manuscript. West Virginia's Mounties by Merle T. Cole, 2015. 1 item. Ms2016-054
Literary manuscript. Woman Suffrage in West Virginia 1900-1920 by Dr. Harriet B. Jones, 1920. 1 item. Ms2019-044
Literary manuscript, documents. An Historic Sketch, 1800-1900 of Christ Episcopal Church in Wellsburg, WV by Rev. Frederick G. Weber, and military documents of Captain Oliver Brown (copies and transcripts), 1776-2015. 1 folder.Ms2021-025
Littleton, Town of. Records of Wetzel County town, 1907-2004. 5 boxes, 28 volumes. Ms2008-025
Lively, Christopher, Civil War Letters Collection. Letters written by Christopher Lively, 22nd Virginia Infantry, to his wife Matilda Margaret (Mag) Lively in Centerville (present-day Greenville) in Monroe County, 1864-1865. 18 items.Ms2021-292
Lively family. Papers of Monroe County family, 1842-1928. 74 items. Ms80-262
Livisay, Tanner J. Collection. Letters to WV Extension Service agent (photocopies), 1942-1973. 1 folder. Ms97-5
Livisay, Tanner J. Collection. Papers of Tanner J. Livisay, home demonstration agent and later state extension specialist with the Extension Service, 1927-1991. 12 boxes.Ms2018-001
Loar Family Collection. Correspondence, business papers, financial and legal papers of Wayne County family, 1830-1939. 1 box.Ms2013-097
Logan Coal Operators Association. Files and publications, including files of Melvin Triolo, 1905-1989. 117 boxes.Ms90-82
Logan County coal mine survey notes kept by N. L. Sefton, ca. 1916-17. 21 volumes. Ms2014-014
London, Mayor (White). Affidavit, 1767 July 13, sworn by Edward Brace Terrill before the Lord Mayor of London concerning the collection of an award by Terrill & William Burr. 1 item. Ms80-209
Long, Fred & Steve Trail. "Appendices to The Pence Spring A Prehistory and History," literary mss, 1983. 1 item. Ms88-11
Long, John B. "Personal Observations relating to Development of a Mining Machinery Industry in W.Va. and to the W.Va. Coal Mining Industry Itself 1945-1970," literary mss, 1979. 1 item. Ms91-54
Looney/Ramey families. Family group sheets, Bible entries of Roane County families (photocopies), n.d. 1 folder. Ms2002-124
Lorentz, Pare Collection. Documents re: military career in WWII Air Transport Command (photocopies); letters regarding career, donations to State Archives; 1943-1945, 1990. 1 folder. Ms90-23
Lost River State Park Collection. CCC newsletters of Camp #1524; photocopy of brochure for Lee White Sulphur Springs, 1897, 1938-1940. 6 items. Ms88-91
Loudon Heights Garden Club Collection. Correspondence, directories, minutes, and other materials, 1929-2011. 3 boxes, 4 volumes, and oversized. Ms2015-054
Lovejoy, Betty Collection. Correspondence and materials regarding Lincoln and Logan County history, Chuck Yeager, related families, covered bridges, trial of Richard Adkins for murder of Asa Spears, 1856-1992. 1 box, 1 folder. Ms2003-222 and acc
*Lovell, Joseph. Letters, Charleston to James Bream, Richmond, about salt industry, 1814-1817. 3 items. Ms80-139
Loving, John and Marvine. Biographical information, n.d. 1 item.Ms2010-057
Lowen/Khourie Family Collection. Diplomas, certificates, and photographs, Fred Khourie and Edna Lowen. 1 box.Ms2018-077
Lowery family - see Paul, Bonna Kelly Ms91-67
Loyd, James E. Cashbook, Charleston, 1877. 1 volume. Ms79-156
Loyd, James E. Daybook #2 & receipts, Charleston, 1876-1877. 1 volume. Ms79-157
Loyd, Nimrod Wesley. Letter in German, 1856; diary account by Sgt. in Company F, 10th WV Infantry about last Union campaign and Lee's surrender, 1865. 2 items. Ms98-14
Lucas & Shepherd families. Papers, Jefferson County, ca. 1780-1900. 1 ft. Ms79-171
Lucas, Harrison. Certificate of "free birth", given by Andrew Turner, Fauquier County, 1835 May 6. 1 item. Ms80-184
Lucas, R. Rion. Account book, 1871, Jefferson County 1 volume. Ms79-64
Luce, S.A. Letter, Martinsburg, to Governor A. I. Boreman re: case of Adam Bolts, 1868 August 5. 1 item. Ms76-8
Luth, Janice B. & Terry J. Powell. "Archeology and Public Education," literary mss, 1986. 1 item. Ms89-93
Lutwich family. Handdrawn birth certificate for Henry Lutwich, Rockingham County, 1822 August 22. 1 item.Ms2007-020
Lutz, Paul Franklin. "William Casey Marland Governor of West Virginia 1953-1957" (Ph.D. dissertation for WVU), (photocopy), literary manuscript, 1977. 1 item.Ms2012-018
Lynch, Hugh, defendant-appellee. Robert Skeen, and others, appellants, vs. Lynch, and others, appellees; from a decree of the circuit court of Alleghany; statement for the appellee, ca. 1836. 1 item. Ms80-218
McComas, Judge. Daybook, 1852, Kanawha County. 1 volume. Ms85-65
McComic, Luther. Petition from the citizens of Zanesville, OH, for the pardon of Luther McComic to Gov. Henry Mason Mathews, including ms note by Rutherford B. Hayes, 1876 July 22. 1 item. Ms76-6
*MacCorkle, William Alexander. Papers including Capitol Building Commission, family history, 1903-1930. 119 items. Ms80-260
McCoy, Kelly, Crislip families. Genealogical notes and clippings, ca. 1900-70. 2 folders. Ms90-13
*McCulloch Family. Correspondence, Mason and Putnam counties, Kanawha River and DAR information about McCulloch family members, 1769-1978. 10 boxes. Ms98-86
McCurdy, James. Letter, Sacramento City, CA to John W. McCurdy, Charleston, VA, 1849 September 10. 1 item. Ms80-112
McCutchan family - see Clark, Bertha Lewis Ms80-15
McCutcheon Family Collection. McCutcheon family documents. 7 folders. Ms2021-169
McDaniel, Patrick. Account book, 1857-1858. 1 item. Ms79-48
McDaniel, Thelma and Frank. Funeral programs from Charleston and Huntington African-Americans, 1967-2017. 1 box. Ms2020-001
McDaniel, William and Elizabeth Stewart McDaniel Collection. Materials regarding McDaniel and Stewart families, Civil War, ca. 1861-1924. 1 box. Ms95-36
McDonald, Fred. "The Stationmaster's Christmas story" regarding Margaret Jenkins of Greenbottom (photocopy), literary mss, ca. 1970s. Ms2004-115
McDowell County land records. Copies of survey information of Mose Cartwright, Virginia Pocahontas Land Company, 1857-1918. Note - maps transferred to map collection. 1 box. Ms2003-102
McDowell family history. Transcriptions of letters between N. B. McDowell and various people including Lyda Jane Hunt, 1925-1957. 1 folder. Ms2005-005
McFarland family - see Welch-McFarland Ms79-188
McGovern, Albert and Joan. "Life of Ila M. Connard Hartley, originally from Ward," literary mss, 2007. 1 item.Ms2007-073
McGraw, Don Collection. Memorial addresses, Hite family genealogy and Huntington area materials, 1876-2002. 2 boxes.Ms2016-008
McHenry, Pearl. Letter to Delegate Floyd Yoho of Marshall County, 1943. 1 item.Ms2021-177
McIntosh, Fauri. "Poor House Nan", 1893, poem. 1 item. Ms80-114
McKell - see Glen Jean/McKell CollectionMs2006-093
McKinney family. Pythian Mutual Investment Association stock certificates and deeds (photocopies), 1906-1918. 7 items. Ms98-59
McLean, Lois Collection. Manuscript drafts, correspondence and other materials relating to Mary Harris Mother Jones, 1859-1994. 11 boxes. Ms2013-030
McLellon, Joseph L. Letter to Kitty Shaw, 1877 October 15. 1 item. Ms86-94
McPherson, Joel. Letters about state remittance for physician's services to Greenbrier County Jail, 1868. 2 items. Ms80-130
McQuade, Marian. Miscellaneous clippings, photographs and other materials, founder of National Grandparents Day. 1 box.Ms2011-098
McVeigh, Donald Rusk. Correspondence, 1950. 3 items.Ms2021-053
McWain, Arnold families. Certificate for L. McWain as engineer for C&O Railway; Bible records for McWain family; birth record for Herbert Livingston Arnold; George Washington High commencement program; 1905-1968. 4 items. Ms2015-038
Machir, James - see Mangrum, Charles Ms79-209
*Machir, Violette Collection. Mason County and family history materials including Battle of Point Pleasant, Silver Bridge collapse, ca. 1774-1989. 2 boxes. Ms2003-105
"The Making of Modern Morgantown 1885-1921" by David Alfred Christopher, master's thesis, WVU, 1921. 1 item. Ms98-11
Malden/Kanawha Salines. Reference materials and other materials compiled for National Register nomination (photocopies), 1970-1979. 1 folder.Ms90-90
Mangrum, Charles L. Papers re: James Machir & Job Welton families, Hardy County, 1820-1860. 5 items.Ms79-209
Marcum, Steven Lawrence Collection. Union Carbide Newsletters featuring Steven Marcum, booklet "Carbiders Remembering Carbide," and photo of St. Albans football, 1961-2000. 3 folders.Ms2021-115
Marino, Rose. "The Story of a Hospital: Welch Emergency," literary mss, ca. 1979. 1 item. Ms89-109
Marks family, Dunbar. Clippings and other materials on Marks family and Dunbar area (photocopies), 1978-2003. 1 folder. Ms2004-120
Marriage bond, Kanawha County. Permission for Nancy Jones to marry Job Huddlestun, 1802 November 18. 1 item. Ms85-148
Marriage register. Listing of marriages performed by William A. Moore, mostly Clay & Braxton counties, 1866-1901. 1 item. Ms87-89acc
Marshall, George William. Arithmetic copy book & contemporary material, Berkeley County, 1857-1860. 1 volume. Ms80-272
Marshall College - see Wellman, Clyde Ms80-149
Marshall Papers. Printed finding aid to John Marshall Papers at Bethany College, graduate of the college and long-time trustee, 1998. 1 item. Ms2002- 116
Marsteller, Rev. John A.T. Ledger of funerals, weddings, etc., 1890-1948. Ms82-325
Martens, Robert. Records of Martens & Sons, Architects, 1921-1967. 2 volumes. Ms78-15
Martin, Abraham. Letter, Ohio County,1796 November 25. 1 item. Ms80-238
Martin family. FDR letter thanking Ella Martin for NRA quilt, 1934; certificate from LBJ honoring Garland Martin, ca. 1965. 2 items. Ms88-93
Martinsburg Public Library Assoc. Annual report, 1899. Ms82-152
Mason County genealogy. Research notes, letters and documents (photocopies), n.d. 1 folder. Ms90-84
Mason family - see Ruffner, Edmunds (oversized materials shelved as drawer Z 12-9) Ms86-105
Mason, John L. "A Reminiscence West Columbia of a Half Century Ago Contrasted with the West Columbia of Today", literary mss, 1909. 1 item. Ms2009-023
Mason, William David Collection. World War II correspondence and land surveys in Kanawha County, 1888-1990. 3 boxes. Ms2021-293
Mason School of Music. Correspondence, programs and other materials about Charleston music school and founder W. S. Mason, 1890s-1970s. 8 folders. Ms2009-012
Massey family - see Henderson family Ms78-6
Massey, Willa Jane. "Memoirs of a Country Doctor", n.d. 1 item. Ms86-85
Mastin, William. Ledger, Jefferson & Berkeley County, VA, 1816-1830. 1 volume. Ms79-69
"Matewan" screenplay by John Sayles (photocopy), literary mss, 1983. 1 item. Ms88-52
*Mathews, William B. Collection. Corres, printed materials, 1901-1943. 4 boxes. Ms85-72
Maxwell, Charles Joseph, comp. "Poems of Hu Maxwell" 1948 December. 1 volume. Ms81-14
Maxwell, Lewis. Letters, 1828-1832. 3 items. Ms80-115
*Maxwell-Bonnifield Papers. Family correspondence, wills, diaries, deeds and other papers, originals and complete typescript set, and index. Correspondents include Rufus, Claude, Edwin and Hu Maxwell. 1840-1932. 5 linear feet. Ms79-11
Meador, Edwin S. Collection. Bank books and documents for G.W. & I.D. Imboden, Wm. Tyree & A.J. Taylor from Ansted-Hawks Nest-Charleston, 1871-1922. 9 items. Ms90-114acc
Meador, Thomas. Genealogy, 1938 (photocopy); map. Ms81-39
*Meadow River Lumber Company. Records, 1906-1970. 4 feet. Ms79-252
Meadows, Francis B. Correspondence, memorabilia of army corporal killed in Egypt in 1945, 1922-1951. 1 box. Ms2009-015
Mealy, Joette Bennington Collection. Family and Civil War materials regarding Bennington and Reddehase families, ca. 1840s-1960s. 1 box. Ms91-33
Mellace, Bob Collection. Materials of reporter including Sprouse v. Clay Communications lawsuit, U.S. Senate report on wiretapping and other materials, 1962-1980. 1 box.Ms2019-084
"A Memoir of the Book Lovers Club..." by Mrs. Ruth Stephenson Norman and "The Book Lovers of Charleston" by Mrs. Edmonia Grider, literary mss, 1933, 1994. 2 items. Ms2009-072
"Memoirs of a Country Doctor" by Willa Jane Massey. n.d. 1 item. Ms86-85
Methodist History, history of Halleck School (Monongalia County); letter from Boyd Stutler to Major Thornton Perry; 1892-1957. 4 items. Ms2009-101
Metz, Opal Genevieve Collection, Autograph book, Walker School, Clarksburg, 1931-1933. 1 folder.Ms2020-094
Mexican War Collection. Artificial collection, including copies of orders of 1st Regiment Virginia Volunteers, 1847-1848. 3 in. Ms79-21
Michael family. Obituaries, letters exchanged by Ada Michael and Governor-elect Henry D. Hatfield (photocopies), 1912, 1926. 6 items. Ms2003-332
Military records. Service file of Colonel Thomas Fred Bailey, WWII-Korea-National Guard, 1940-1979 (photocopies). 1 folder. Ms2001-011
Miller, Delegate Margaret (Peggy) Collection. Materials including creation of Board of Investments, Treasurer A. James Manchin impeachment, Workers Comp legislation, ca. 1984- 1990. 1 box.Ms2006-013
Miller, Solomon. Papers of Shepherdstown weaver and Jacob Reynolds, ca. 1821-1861. 2 folders. Ms80-117
Millspaugh, A.W. Letter, Richmond, VA, to Thomas F. Venable, Farmville, VA, 1850 July 23. 1 item. Ms80-118
Mine disaster. Oglebay-Norton's Burton Mine, Richwood Sewell Coal Company, Nicholas County information, 1958 October 28. 1 volume. Ms2010-063
"Mine Disasters...including the Farmington Mine Disaster" by Twila Carr, literary mss, 1989. 1 item. Ms89-41
"Mine Own People" by John House (photocopy), literary mss, 1903. 1 volume. Ms2009-005
Mine war - see Laurie, Clayton D. Ms88-214
Minister's record. List of marriages performed, churches, sermons given by unid. minister, 1897-1952. 1 volume. Ms2001-007
Minsker family. Correspondence between brothers Solomon and John Minsker describing life in Charleston, 1861-1862. 3 items. Ms2004-109
Minster/Daniels Collection. Materials related to Minster and Daniels family, West Virginia University, and Beckley, 1929-1994. 1 box.Ms2021-104
Minute book. Belle Isle Park Board of Directors, 1897 October-November. 1 volume. Ms86-22
Minute book. Council minutes for Town of Upper Hinton/Avis, Summers County, 1890-1908, 1916. 1 volume. Ms2003-101
Minute book, Directors of Kanawha Board of James River and Kanawha Company, 1858. 1 volume. Ms79-58
Minute book. Kanawha City/St. Albans, 1868-1886. 1 volume. Ms2003-342
Minute book. Kentucky and West Virginia Coal and Mining Company, 1900-1936. 1 volume. Ms2020-002
Minute book. Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass cutters Union (photocopy), 1926 December 15-1938 December 20. 1 volume. Ms92-107
Minute book. Minutes & membership of Kappa Delta Chapter of Delphian Society, 1944-1947. 1 volume. Ms89-78
Minute book. Secretary's minute book for Fairview Grange Hall #200, Mason County, 1875-1880. 1 volume. Ms2002-035
Minute book. Tynes Chapel, AME Church, Anawalt, including membership lists, weddings, etc. ca. 1934-1960. 1 volume. Ms2001-014
Minute books. Bank of Gauley minute books of shareholders and board of directors, letterhead, 1905-1927. 3 items. Ms91-47
Minute books, lodge Bible. Hinton and Alderson Independent Order of Odd Fellows lodges, 1895-1950. 6 volumes. Ms90-89
Mitchell family. Receipts and other documents of Lewis County family (photocopies), 1827-1856. 1 folder. Ms2004-114
Modern Woodmen of the World, Charleston Camp 5719. Minutes, accounts, 1913- 1918. 1 volume.Ms2006-028
Mohler, Daniel Collection. Correspondence, World War I records, West Virginia University materials, cards, Fishburn Military School and other materials including oversized, ca. 1900-1930. 1 box. Ms2004-076
Moir, Marion Collection. Materials regarding FMC, Westvaco, South Charleston and various event programs, 1926-1991. Ms2019-083
*Monongalia County. Deeds, grants, indentures and other legal documents, mostly Moore and Tennant families, 1817-1859. 1 folder. Ms2003-305
Monongalia County deeds. Deeds for property in Monongalia and Wetzel involving Hurley, Layton, Wilson, Shockley, Mapel, Barrickman and Fleming, 1804-1888. 4 items. Ms2001-008
Monroe County, VA. Tax book, 1846-1848. 1 volume. Ms82-323
*Monroe County schools - see Historical Records Survey Ms78-34
Montgomery, J. W. Collection. Montgomery family and business papers. 1 box.Ms2008-088
Moody, Edsel Hoover Collection. Plats (copies) relating to transfer of CCC Camp Stonewall Jackson SCS-12 camp site property, 1992. 3 items. Ms2021-172
Moore, Arch A. Jr. Collection. Materials related to his career and the Moore family, 1907-1989. 1 box and 1 oversized folder.Ms2020-182
Moore family. Photocopies of letters of Judson and Wise Moore to their parents during WWI; photocopies of letters of nephews Joseph Moore and Fay Rogers; photocopy of 1914 postcard to Judson Moore; photocopies of letters from Ralph Marks to sister during WWII; 1914- 1919, 1945. 1 box. Ms2002-007
Moore, Harold Collection. Correspondence and WV State Guard materials, 1912-1983. 1 box.Ms2007-079
Moore, Harry L. Papers of Elk Oil and Development Company investor and Franklin County, OH deputy, 1878-1922. 44 items. Ms80-256
Moore, T. L. "Solid Rocket Development at Allegany Ballistics Lab", literary manuscript, 1999. 1 folder. Ms2013-077
Moredock, G.W. Untitled poem commemorating the 1838 burning of HMS Sir Robert Peel on Lake Erie. 1888. 1 item. Ms80-151
*Morgan, Charles S. Papers, 1822-1859. 1330 items. Ms79-1
Morgan, Gail. Correspondence, certificates and other materials regarding career of U.S. Naval Academy graduate from Porters Falls, Wetzel County, 1912-1968. 1 box. Ms93-47
Morgan, John G. Collection. Papers of John G. Morgan, longtime Charleston Gazette writer and author, 1939-1982. 5 boxes.Ms2014-009
Morgan, John G. Collection. Articles, research materials, correspondence and other items of Charleston Gazette reporter, 1939-1982. 3 boxes. Ms2014-009acc
Morgan, Morgan. Deposition, 1730 October 15, taken before Morgan Morgan in Orange County, VA. 1 item. Ms80-280
Morgan, Rebecca Putney Collection. Materials regarding Putney, Littlepage families, Campbells Creek Coal, World War I, World War II selective service, 1873-1976. 2 boxes.Ms95-19
Morgan, William Stephen. Letter, Washington, DC to Mahlon Dickerson re: appointment of Mr. Grantland to U.S. Naval Academy, 1837 October 15. 1 item. Ms80-98
Morris, Earle H. [Clayton, the Virginia-West Virginia Virginia extension of an incomplete family lineage out of New Jersey. 1961]. Genealogical research. 1 item. Ms80-189
Morris, Earle H. Evans family genealogical research papers, including Monongalia, Preston and Taylor counties, 1728-1850. 1 item. Ms80-188
Morris, Earle H. Hughes/Hughs/Hewes family genealogy, ca. 1949. 400 items. Ms80-270
Morris, John Townsend Stepp Collection. Family history of Morris and related families including Wintz, Pryor, Miller, Stepp, Anderson, Cottrell, and Townsend, n.d. 1 box. Ms2003-294
Morrison, Charles. "Early Fairfax land grants and leases along the South Branch of the Potomac, 1776." literary mss. 1 item. Ms79-158
Morrison, L. C. Collection. Account books for Milton physician, 1904-1934. 7 items. Ms2006-011
Morrison, Robert R. Collection. Corres, etc. re: Seneca Glass Company, Morgantown; American Flint Glass makers Union membership papers, 1924-1945. Ms83-6
Morton, Quin III Collection. Correspondence and documents regarding Morton family coal operations including Ames Coal & Mining Co, Buchanan County Coal Co, Wood Coal Co, Winifrede Collieries; ca. 1941-1986. 1 box. Ms92-30
Moser, Amos, Enoch, Job. Papers, mostly tax receipts for Pendleton County, 1869-1903. 109 items.Ms80-206
"Mother Angel" script for play about Mother Jones by G. Musinsky, literary mss, n.d. 1 item. Ms2009-113
Mother Jones. Script for television movie The Legend of Mother Jones by Theodore Eiland, n.d. 1 item.Ms2013-123
"Mound Builders" by Dr. Wills DeHass, n.d. (photocopy) Ms86-57
Mounds. Journal account of discovery of mounds, presumably by Colonel P. W. Norris, ca. 1880s. 1 folder. Ms2003-172
Mount Olive Church, Barbour County. Minute book (photocopy), ca. 1839-1869. 1 item. Ms98-5
Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Mt. Lookout, Nicholas County Records, 1907-1961. 5 inches. Ms79-229
Mt. Tabor Baptist Church, Lewisburg. Minute books and member rosters (photocopies), 1887- 1957. 2 volumes. Ms2003-169
Mountain Heritage School. Receipts for Monroe County program that taught traditional crafts, music, etc., 1978-1981. 1 folder. Ms2003-267
Mountain, Ritchie County. Letters and clippings documenting name change of Mole Hill to Mountain (photocopies), 1949. 1 folder. Ms96-36
Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association. Artificial collection. See also references to Buffalo Creek and Gauley Railroad, Cass, and Elk River Coal and Lumber in this guide.Ms83-12acc
Mozier, Jeanne. James Rumsey Research Catalogue, photocopy, 1986. 1 item. Ms87-39
Mueller, Pauline. "Breath of Life" literary mss about Southern WV miners and families, 1997. 1 item. Ms97-18
Mullins, Glenna Collection. Correspondence and papers of Charleston resident who served in Women's Army Auxiliary Corps in WWII, 1927-1952. 2 boxes.Ms2013-098
Murray, David Collection. Correspondence, receipts and other documents about Murray, his family and boating businessman, 1838-1910. 9 folders. Ms91-9
Musinsky, G. "Mother Angel" script for play about Mother Jones, literary mss, n.d. 1 item. Ms2009-113
Mutual Improvement Club of Ronceverte. Programs, minute books, calendars, scrapbooks and other materials relating to organization, 1893-2003. 6 boxes.Ms2011-097
"My Dearest Husband: The Letters of Amacetta Laidley Summers to George W. Summers 1842-1843" by Patricia Clark Bulla, literary mss, 1988. 1 item. Ms90-15
Nadenbousch, John Q. A. - see Virginia Historical Soc. Ms92-14
Nadenbousch, Phillip. Diary, Berkeley County, 1852-1858. 1 item. Ms81-25
Nash, J.W. Letter, Lewis Creek, to J. D. Lewis re: salt manufacturing, 1849 March 14. 1 item. Ms80-119
National Lead Company Collection. Rules, contracts, and other publications, 1937-1996. 35 items. Ms2016-007
Naturalization record. Isaac Line, Morgan County Circuit Court, 1896. 1 item. Ms91-23
Naturalization records - see Archives CollectionAr 1878&acc
Naylor Family Collection. Correspondence of the family of Walter L. Naylor, mostly his wife Elfa and children Merle, Carl, and Rex, 1869-1997. 6 boxes.Ms2017-039
"Neal, Susan Witten 1888-1961" by Sally Sue Witten, literary mss, 1983. 1 item. Ms86-36
*Neal, Ray A. Collection. Correspondence and other materials regarding WWII service as Army Air Corps mechanic, 1942-1946. 2 boxes. Ms2003-045
Neavill, Joseph, surveyor. Complete survey of Pattersons Creek manor for Lord Fairfax, 1761-1772. 1 item. Ms80-246
Neff Family Collection. Correspondence, miscellaneous materials including Morgantown, Buckhannon, 1857-1977. 1 box.Ms2006-086
Nelson, Oscar. Reprint of article from West Virginia Review about industrialist in carbon black field (photocopy), 1933. 1 item. Ms2004-010
Nelson, Capt. Wm. N. - see Confederate States Ms79-239
*Nesbitt family collection. Correspondence including J. Edgar Hoover and Herbert Hoover, letter carried by Lindbergh in 1928; Civil War materials including letter from prisoner of war, deeds; 1863-1957. 1 folder. Ms2003-139
*New River Company Collection. Minute books, account books, and other materials pertaining to New River Company, White Oak Fuel Company and subsidiaries, 1899-1995. 13 boxes and oversized drawings. Ms2003-180
New River Company Camps Materials. Song Book, "Totem Pole" Newsletter, and photos. 1935-1946. 3 folders.Ms2021-111
Newcomb Family Collection. Civil War era materials, articles related to Cabell County. 1 box.Ms2020-070
Nicholas County. Indenture of orphan Lucinda Caldwell to William Caldwell; land grant to John Corrin signed by Virginia governor John Rutherfoord, 1836, 1841. 2 items. Ms2004-106
1985, Flood of. Reflections on the flood. 1 item. Ms86-62
Nitro. Deeds between Charleston Industrial Corporation and the Kanawha and Michigan Railway or New York Central Railroad, 1924-1925. 1 folder. Ms2015-025
Nitro. Letter to M. A. Bender regarding election benchmark, 1935 May 4. 1 item. Ms2013-112
Nitro. Letters written by Mrs. Henrietta Diamond to her brother describing life in Nitro and written on Explosives Plant C stationary (photocopies), 1918-1919. 2 items. Ms90-56
"Nitro, West Virginia A World War I Industrial New Town" by Robert Eugene Harper (thesis), 1986. 1 item. Ms2011-026
"Nitro - A World War I Powder Town" by A. Parker Terhune, literary mss, ca. 1970s. 1 item. Ms92-8
Norman family. Information on Mrs. John Norman and her work on WKAZ radio; curriculum vitae and bibliography of her son, Dr. John C. Norman; 1938-2008. 2 items and 2 CDs. Ms2009-155
Norman Family Collection. Correspondence, papers and other items of architect John C. Norman, Ruth S. Norman, and Dr. John C. Norman, Jr., 1915-1989. 18 boxes and oversized. Ms2014-073
Norman, Dr. John C. Correspondence, publications, papers, and other items of Dr. John C. Norman, Jr., 1955-2011. 10 boxes and oversized. Ms2014-074
Norman, Mrs. Ruth Stephenson. "A Memoir of the Book Lovers Club..." by Mrs. Ruth Stephenson Norman and "The Book Lovers of Charleston" by Mrs. Edmonia Grider, literary mss, 1933, 1994. 2 items. Ms2009-072
Norona, Delf Collection. Items written and signed by Delf Norona, ca. 1963. 3 items. Ms2021-178
*North, John A. Letters from Lewisburg Court of Appeals clerk, 1832-1855. 27 items. Ms80-131
Note. To Cousin Maggy from Lizzy Hiteley, n.d. 1 item. Ms86-202
Notes on James Rumsey and Robert Fulton written on House of Delegates letterhead, literary mss, n.d. 1 item. Ms2009-103
"Notes on West Virginia History" by Virginia Duffield, literary mss, 1942. 1 item. Ms2009-074
Nourse, James. Letter, 1775 May 10, to Sarah Fouare Nourse about trip to "Kentucke." 1 item. Ms79-153
*Nowlan, Hume Collection. Correspondence, other papers including diary of voyage to South America, Summers County history, The Cedars, 1925-1988. 1 box. Ms2003-221
Noyes, Isaac. Articles of agreement, 1848 October 14, with Bradford Noyes to partition land in Kanawha County held in common. 1 item.Ms80-229
Nutter, T. Receipt to W. J. Christopher for purchase of "Thomas WV History Progress and Development" by Nutter on Thomas Graded and High Schools letterhead, 1906 October 20. 1 item. Ms2009-076
Nyden, Paul J. Collection. Papers of award-winning investigative reporter, 1912-2016. 26 boxes, oversized and photographs.Ms2021-001
Nye, George Collection. West Virginia Liquor Sales Permit, Postcards to Nye, Photo of Dr. George Nye, 1889-1940s. 3 items.Ms2021-181
Nyers, Amelia. Correspondence and other research material of poet and dancer born in Benwood (photocopies), 1941-81. 1 folder. Ms2009-075
Oak Grove Cemetery Collection. Ledger books with burial locations and miscellaneous materials, 1937-2011. 8 volumes and 1 box.Ms2019-002
Odd Fellows. Incorporation papers, Acts of Legislature and history of Odd Fellows home, Elkins, 1907-1980. 1 folder.Ms2010-011
Ohio County Public Library. Board of Trustees minutes, building program, 1967-1972. 1 volume.Ms86-127
Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Compact. Certified copies of enactment, 1948 June 30, by Indiana, WV, Ohio, New York, Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, VA. 1 volume. Ms76-11
Oil and Gas park. History of local industry and proposal for park near Volcano, 1972. 1 item.Ms2013-074
Old Kanawha Baptist Church Collection. Minute books, membership registers & other assorted items tracing history of Pratt church, 1796-1976. 2 boxes. Ms89-34
"Omission and Misinformation: the Peters Sisters and Anne Spenser" by Peterr Jesus, literary mss, 1987. 1 item.Ms89-83
106th Station Hospital. Annual reports, correspondence and other materials relating to World War II medical unit from West Virginia, 1942-1973. 2 boxes. Ms2007-004
"Our Daddy is a Coal Miner" by Casey Erwin (photocopy), literary mss, 2007. 1 item. Ms2009-022
Page and related families. Typed notes compiled by John Wesley Page, n.d. 2 boxes. Ms97-1
Palen, John F. Collection. World War II Honorable discharge for John F. Palen, Company B 275th Infantry Regiment, October 17, 1945. 1 folder.Ms2020-092
Palmer Shoe Store. Documents, ads & other materials of Charleston shoe store (photocopies), 1895-1989. 1 folder.Ms89-96
Papers, n.d., Latin. 8 items.Ms80-199
Pardon, for Jacob C. Clark by President Grant, 1872. 1 item. (oversized shelved as Z 11-14) Ms88-174 oversized
Paris, Auguste Jean Jr. Collection. Correspondence, legal documents, patents and other papers of inventor of Nitrolater, 1907-1954. 2 boxes. Ms2004-082
Parker, Betty. "Life in Western Virginia During the American Revolution", literary mss, 1971. 1 item. Ms2009-020
Parker, Franklin & Betty J. "Arthurdale, WV: Footnote to New Deal History," literary mss, 1991. 1 item.Ms92-15
*Parker, Granville. Speeches on subjects before Constitutional Convention, 1861-1863. 7 items. Ms79-224
Parker, Richard. Commission as judge of the VA circuit court, 1851 January 16. 1 item. Ms80-296
Parker family - see Cook, Cuppy ... Ms86-222
Parkersburg, City of. Record books and records of the City of Parkersburg, 1830-1960. 48 boxes and 141 volumes Ms2006-108
Parkersburg Lodge No. 7 IOOF. Deed to John Neff and J. S. Harper for cemetery plot in IOOF cemetery, 1912 December 27. 1 item.Ms2012-022
Parkersburg, VA Baptist Church of Christ. Letter, 1842 August, to ministers & messengers. 1 item. Ms80-204
Parks and recreation statistics. Tables showing private recreational areas in state, 1970s. 1 volume. Ms89-43
Parks, Ray C. & Herman O. Fast. "History of the construction of South Side Bridge, Charleston, WV", n.d. 1 item. Ms79-227
Parmer, David Collection. Burnsville and Burnsville High School materials, 1869-1985. 10 boxes.Ms2015-058
Patent. Benjamin R. Murphy of Parkersburg improvements in loom for weaving blinds (photocopy), 1872. 1 folder.Ms2010-062>
Patent record. Combination Aeroplane and Boat by Archie E. Durham, 1929. 1 folder and 6 drawings. Ms91-18
Patriquin, Alice C. Letters, most to her from around country (photocopies), ca. 1899-1918. 1 box. Ms78-5
Patterson, Robert family. Wedding annoucement, genealogy chart and copies of clippings found in A Record of the Families of Robert Patterson [Patterson Family Record], ca. 1900-1910. 1 folder.Ms2016-056
Patton family. Correspondence, deed and map, most correspondence between WVU student John Patton and father in Washington, 1829-1880. 1 folder. Ms2011-032
Paul, Bonna Kelly Collection. Family histories of Creigh, Kelly, Lowery, Fleshman and related families; original letters, including Civil War; journals of Howard Fleshman of Blue Sulphur; ca. 1840s-1950s. 1 box. Ms91-67
*Pauley, Michael Collection. Correspondence, National Register nominations, West Virginia writers and other research materials, 1970s-1990s. 3 boxes. Ms2003-020
Paxton, Cephus Shelburn Collection. Documents, funeral books, first aid training and other materials of Shrewsbury resident, 1894-1965. 4 folders and 5 prints. Ms2019-053
Payne, Barrett G. Papers, including R. Humphreys, Ellen Martin, Matt Payne, mostly Albemarle County, 1854-1901. 121 items.Ms80-200
Payne family. Letter from Barrett Payne to Mattie Humphreys, Albemarle County, 1858 August 18. 1 item.Ms2007-065
Payne, Guy, collector. Collection of wills, land grants and indentures, Kanawha County, 1775-1878. 16 items.Ms80-201
Payne, James T. Deed, 1901 March 23. 1 item. Ms80-293
Payne, William. Diaries, 1836-1842. 7 volumes. Ms79-194
Payne, William. Correspondence with Barrett Payne and Thomas Clark including commission as colonel in TN Militia, 1801-1811. 3 items. Ms80-210
"Peach limb faith in Back Creek Valley, Berkeley Co, WV", no author, n.d. 1 item. Ms80-113
Pearsell, John. Papers, mostly financial and tax receipts, Hampshire County, ca. 1760-1825. 125 items. Ms79-146
*Pease, Louise McNeill Collection. Correspondence, poems, papers, 1931-1984, of West Virginia poet laureate. 2 boxes.Ms84-247
Peck family. History of family by Dolly Peck Mason, 1985. 1 folder. Ms2013-079
Peck, Philip W. Diary of Hardy County teacher and Presbyterian church clerk, 1826-1837. 2 volumes. Ms79-14
"Pence Spring A Prehistory and History appendices" by Fred Long and Steve Trail, 1983. 1 item. Ms88-11
Penitentiary. Account of visit to Moundsville prison in 1898 (photocopy), ca. 1900. 1 item. Ms2003-134
Pennsylvania deed - see land deed, PA Ms85-191
Pension files of Jessica Lynch's ancestors. Records for Joseph P. Lynch and Francis M. Lynch, 7th WV Infantry; information about Moses Williamson from Revolutionary War (photocopies), 1877-1930. 1 folder. Ms2004-139
"People, Places, Rivers, and Experiences: A Guide for Reconstructing Wood County's History" by Dr. Bernard Allen, 1988. 1 item. Ms88-208
Perry, Thornton T. Letter and photo to Perry from British friend Elsie Barker, 1977. 2 items.Ms2007-074
Perry, Thornton Tayloe Collection. Grant and Jefferson County records, including voter lists, tax records, 1873-94. 4 boxes. Ms94-1acc
Perry family - see Virginia Historical Society Ms92-14
"Personal Observations relating to Development of a Mining Machinery Industry in W.Va. and to the W.Va. Coal Mining Industry Itself 1945-1970" by John B. Long, 1979. 1 item. Ms91-54
Peterkin, George W. Papers, 1860-1870. 80 items. Ms84-182
Peters family - see Clark, Bertha Lewis Ms80-299
Peterson, Roland H. Collection. Correspondence of Roland H. Peterson, who worked at Union Carbide and brother Russell H. Peterson, who was killed during World War II. Also includes materials relating to St. Albans, women's organizations and other topics. 8 boxes.Ms2009-008
Petitions. Call for 1903 Legislature to outlaw alcoholic beverages from Mercer, Mason, Cabell, & Kanawha counties, ca. 1903. 4 items. Ms85-149
Peyton, Henry. Letter, Cabell County, to Richard Literal, Botetourt County, VA, re: Peyton's Revolutionary War service, 1858 September 15. 1 item. Ms80-177
Peyton, Morgan. "The Glenwood/Quarrier Estate...," literary mss, 1982. 1 item. Ms90-95
Phillips family - see Harris, Virgil Ms80-32
Piercy, Jim Collection. Letters, programs and other materials of Lewisburg High and WV Institute of Technology student, 1941-1957. 1 box. Ms2019-013
Pierpoint/Pierpont Family. Correspondence and other materials regarding family, research for book and family reunions, late 1700s-1989. 6 boxes.Ms2015-065
Pierpont, Francis. Account book, Marion County, 1832. 1 volume. Ms79-28
Pierson, Roy and Patricia Collection. Correspondence and statement, Roy H. Pierson, 1950-1951. 4 items. Ms2021-016
Pine Family Collection. Postcards, ration books and other materials of Hezekiah H and Mary Lou Pine who operated general store and post office in Scott Depot, 1887-1945. 1 box. Ms2013-085
Pine, James K. Papers re: oil leases, Harrison & Doddridge counties, 1919-1923. 1 folder. Ms85-39
Place names in West Virginia compiled by Mary M. Jenkins, n.d.. 1 volume. Ms2009-028
Pleasants, James (Gov. VA, 1822-1825). Letter, Richmond, VA to Gov. of Tenn. re: apprehending fugitives Samuel & Thomas Caldwell, 1825 February 8. 1 item. Ms80-99
Plumley, Wm. & Sarah W. Account books, 1896-1919. 8 items. Ms84-181
Pocahontas Fuel Company. Timecards and timebook, 1949-1952.Ms2021-057
Pocatalico Baptist Association. Minutes, 1868. 1 item. Ms82-77
Poem. "West Virginia Fall" by Garry D. Powell, n.d. 1 item. Ms2002-077
Poem. Over the Hill to the Poorhouse by Will Carleton (typescript) and information on Jackson County Poor Farm, 1870s. 1 item. Inez Buckalew Bailey. Ms2003-170
Poem. "Rafting on the Guyandotte" by Thomas Dunn English, published in Appleton's Journal (photocopy), 1872/01/06. 1 item.Ms2010-033
Poem. "West Virginia Story" by Roy Lee Harmon, 1966. 1 item. Ms2011-017
Poem. Work by Goldie Honeycutt honoring veterans, 2013. 1 item.Ms2017-006
Poem, letter. Poem, Pratt-on-Kanawha; letter to Mrs. Frazer from graphologist Louise Rice, 1922, 1931. 2 items. Ms2003-161
Poems. Crossing Chelyan Bridge by Taun Relihan, 1996. 1 item. Ms2009-029
Poems. "Look Up America" and "This I Believe" by Bernard W. Fury of Parkersburg, 1968 June. 2 items. Ms2011-029
Poems. Various poems by Melba Dungey removed from book Circle of Love by Melba Dungey, 1979. 1 folder. Ms2015-039
Poetry. Fun in Rhyme by Old Bill Renick, n.d. 1 folder. Ms2019-046
Poetry - see appendix at end   
Poffenbarger family. Correspondence and addresses of Livia Simpson Poffenbarger and Judge George Poffenbarger, much of it regarding his possible 1921 appointment to 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, manuscipts by Livia Simpson Poffenbarger, genealogy, and article with photos, 1894-1935. 1 box.Ms2009-084 and acc
*Poffenbarger, Livia Simpson. Genealogical & historical papers of Mason County. 2 feet. Ms80-287
Poffenbarger, Livia Simpson Collection. Correspondence, articles, research materials on Battle of Point Pleasant, Poffenbarger family, 1774-1951. 3 boxes. Ms2016-025
Poindexter, B.W. Charleston, VA announcement of his running for VA Assembly, 1824 January 10. 1 item. Ms80-171
Point Pleasant. Information on Mansion House, Battle of Point Pleasant by Virgil Lewis, transcript of Ladies' Point Pleasant Monumental Association; 1860, n.d. 3 items. Ms2011-030
Point Pleasant, family history. Account of Battle of Point Pleasant, family history sheets for Anderson, Davidson and Keller familes, undated, 1936. 1 folder. Ms2013-075
Point Pleasant Lyceum. Bylaws, n.d. 2 pp. Ms80-35
Polsley family. Corres, papers, 1860-90. Ms82-274
Posey, Charles D. Poem, "The Beautiful Elk", 1850. Ms82-143
Postal records. Report of mails from Cannelton, 1866 April-June. 3 items. (oversized shelved as Z 11-13) Ms88-173 oversized
Powell, Dreama. Genealogy material, Selby family and related families, n.d. 2 boxes. Ms2018-071
Powell, Drema Collection. Documents related to the Powell and related families and military career of Kenneth Powell, 1876 to 1955. 1 box, 1 oversized folder. Ms2021-044
Powell, Evan. Letters to Major Thomas Broun re: extract from W. C. Hunter diary about Washington lands on Kanawha River ca. 1790. 1895. 2 items. Ms80-92
Powell, Terry J. - see Luth, Janice B. Ms89-93
Prager, John Collection. Transcripts of letters to Prager's family, many from Wheeling or as member of Co. I, 1st WV Infantry, 1857-1864. 1 volume. Ms96-37
Preble, Jack. "Sinks of Gandy". 1930, 1940, literary mss. 2 items. Ms85-66
Preece, Bonnie Beatrice Browning. Recollections of early life in Putnam County; writings on coal camps, correspondence of son-in-law John Stanley on mining, 1913-1998. 1 folder. Ms2009-003
Preliminary estimates of value of real estate & improvements, Capitol site, n.d. 9 items. (Oversized shelved as Y 33-2) Ms85-79
Presbyterian Church, Martinsburg. Subscription lists, 1868-1882. 2 items. Ms82-79
Prescott, Worrall D. Genealogical notes on the Reed family, 1954-1963.2 volumes. Ms79-12
Press release. Congressman Bob Wise schedule for day he announced campaign for governor, 1999 May 3. 1 item. Ms2009-034
Preston County. Short student essay by William Collier on county, two copies of teacher's certificate for M. S. Bryte, 1872. 3 items. Ms2013-111
Preston Funeral Home Collection. Records of Preston Funeral Home, African-American business located in Charleston, 1941-1975. 3 boxes.Ms2009-017
Preston-Reynolds-Carr family. Outline and family history notes for exhibit "Visions of the Past" held at Cultural Center, photocopies, 2000. 1 folder. Ms2003-038
*Price, Frances Collection. Correspondence and other materials on South Charleston, politics, state history and related families, 1840s-1987. 1 box. Ms2003-151
Price, Samuel Worth Jr. "A Stalwart Conservative in the Senate: William Chapman Revercomb," literary mss, 1978. 1 item. Ms91-56
Prickett family. Papers, Marion County, including militia at Prickett's Fort, 1772-1785. 7 items. Ms79-179
Prillerman, Byrd. Corres, diary, publications, 1896-1912, photocopies. 13 items. Ms84-178
Prince Family Collection. Materials regarding Frances Louise Prince, and Prince family of Beckley, 1930-1955. 1 box.Ms2016-033
Program for the dedication of a memorial window to Royal Flying Corps members in Westminster Abbey, 1922 May 26. 1 item. Ms80-150
"Prohibition: The Death of John 'Red Eye' Barleycorn in Wheeling, West Virginia" by Roberta L. Banks, literary mss, 1996. 1 item. Ms2011-018
"A Prospectus on the WV Extension Program" by Dana B. Reynolds, 1918-1933 (in White House Conference on Youth and Children Collection). 1 item. Ms79-218
Public Health legislation. Materials leading to introduction of SB 186 during 1995 session, 1994-1995. 1 box. Ms98-1
Pugh, Cornelius Martin. Documents regarding service in U.S. Navy, 1939-1956. 1 folder. Ms2003-099
Putnam County. Historical information, photos and clippings compiled by Charles Ray Harper, n.d. 1 folder. Ms2004-141
Putney family - see Beattie Collection Ms92-12
Putney, R. Garland. Journal kept by Kanawha Salines resident, including copy of David Ruffner's 1832 weather observations, poetry, sermons, ca. 1856-1865. 1 volume. Ms98-4
Quarrier, Alexander C. Legal papers, Kanawha County, 1871. 1871. 3 items. Ms80-231
Quarrier, Alexander W. Petition from citizens of Wheeling & Ohio County to John J. Jacobs, Governor of West Virginia, for Quarrier's pardon, ca. 1871-1877. 1 item. Ms76-7
Quarrier family - see "The Glenwood/Quarrier ..." Ms90-95
Rader, Anthony. Diary of Nicholas County doctor and delegate to first WV Legislature (transcribed), 1864. 1 volume. Ms90-14
Radford, Augustus Chatman. Scrapbook pages, correspondence and photos of World War II member of 405th Quartermaster Battalion, 80th Division (photocopies), 1940s. 1 folder. Ms2004-098
Radio - see Fredericks, Walter Ms88-111
Ragland, Henry Clay. History of Logan County, literary mss, n.d. 1 item. Ms2003-056
Railroad histories. Brief sketches of Dry Fork, Babcock Boom and Lumber and Beaver Creek Railroads (photocopies), ca. 1963. 3 items. Ms2002-046
Railroad materials. Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad and some Baltimore and Ohio Railroad materials including daily operations reports, switch lists, train orders, messages, baggage stubs and other miscellaneous, 1940s-1990s. 14 boxes. Ms2002- 104
Raines family. Deeds, discharges and pension information (photocopies), 1856-1908. 9 items. Ms90-94
Raleigh County. Request for payment from assessor John B. Turner to state auditor, 1868 August 26. 1 item.Ms2013-119
Raleigh County. Voter registration list (photocopy), 1930. 1 item. Ms91-35
Raleigh County. Voter's books, 1850s; birth records recorded by Dr. U. G. Cook, 1931-1933. 14 items. Ms90-87
Raleigh County deeds. Deeds from H. A. Stansbury to H. H. Grant, 1942-1945. 5 items. Ms2005-008
Rand, Charles. Reminiscences of man commissioned to gather wildlife specimens for State Museum (photocopies), 1914, 1926. 2 items.Ms90-86
Rand/Bailey murder, Elijah Lovejoy Society. State Police investigation report (photocopy) and articles about unsolved Beckley murder; articles about Robert Tabscott founding Elijah Lovejoy Society (photocopies); 1947-1997. 2 folders.Ms98-64
Randall Collection. Correspondence, clippings, and other documents including career of James Randall as St. Albans mayor and Barbara Randall's run for Kanawha County school board; 1950s-1981. 2 boxes. Ms2002-118
Randolph County, VA. Land warrants: Gov. Lee to James Little, 29 June 1793 (copied 1810); Gov. Page to Jacob Kettel, 10 November 1804. 2 items.Ms85-192
Randolph, Jennings Collection. Papers of congressman and U. S. Senator including speeches, clippings, constituent correspondence, legislation, projects, Congressional Record and other materials, 1929-1987 (bulk 1959-1984). 946 boxes.Ms2017-016
Randolph, Mary Sturm and O. Carl Collection. Address of senior class of 1918 president on patriotism, probably Salem High, 1918. 1 item.Ms2013-126
Ray/Willey families. Letter from Mary A. Ray Byrne to nephew William P. Willey giving him Patrick and Mary Ray Bible, 1906 November 6. 2 items. Removed from Sc81-35. Ms2015-030
Rayford, Josephine Morris. Obituaries, memorial programs and thank-you notes relating to the deaths of African-Americans in West Virginia, primarily in the Charleston area. 1 box.Ms2006-103
*Reasoner, Mathew C. Reasoner family papers, n.d. 5 feet. Ms79-215
Receipt. Brooke County taxes for widow of John Swearingan, 1836. 1 item. Ms92-106
Receipt. Printing 9th District court cases Chevalier vs. Levassor & Cain vs. Lee, 1855 December 11. 1 item.Ms85-152
Receipts. Juror receipt for Thomas H. Finnell and witness receipt for William Loughery from the Harrison County Circuit Court, 1867-1868. 2 items.Ms94-29
Receipts, business forms. John W. Bailey Co, Martinsburg, 1950s. 7 items. Ms88-129
Recht decision. Court case and clippings regarding school funding formulas, 1975-1983. 1 volume. Ms2002-075
Record of Confederate prisoners confined at Point Pleasant, 1862-1863. 1 volume. Ms79-240
Records of colonial militia to World War I, ca. 1936, typescript carbon. 1 item. Ms80-22
Records of Kanawha River steamboats. Artificial collection, many for shipments from Gallipolis to the Kanawha Valley, 1856-1864. 40 items.Ms79-91
Rector, Enoch. Papers including Rector and Kimball families, Rector College in Taylor County, 1823-1869. 3 inches.Ms79-173
Rector family - see Rector, Enoch Ms79-173
"'Red Ribble', Photographic Historian" by Patricia G. Woodrum, 1988. 1 item. Ms89-26
Reed, Charles Collection. Letters from Alexander Messer to daughter Haney Prater from Kentucky prison, serving life sentence for Hatfield-McCoy activities, 1901-1906. 10 items. Ms2012-011
Reed family - see Prescott, Worrall D. Ms79-12
Reed, James F. Discharge papers from service in the Virginia state militia, 1859 December 17,. 1 item. Ms80-267
*Reed-Putney families. Papers, ca. 1875-1908. 3 in. Ms79-130
Reed-Putney families - see Ruffner-Chilton papers Ms81-1
Reeder, B. Letter, Shinnston VA to Mrs. Sarah C. Reeder, Marthaville, MO, 1838 June 17. 1 item.Ms80-88
Register of deaths of cholera from the mouth of the Elk River to the Upper Salt Works [Malden], Kanawha County, 1850 May-September 1 item. Ms80-172
Register of Free Negroes - see Free Negro RecordsMs88-216, oversized Z23-3
Rehearsal Instructions. The Shawnee Trail play, 1923. 1 item.Ms2021-021
Reinternment of Captain Philip Pindall. Copy of reinterment form for Captain Pindall, Monongalia County, to West Virginia National Cemetery at Pruntytown, 1998. 1 item. Ms2002-091
"Remembrances of Shinnston Tornado (some graphic descriptions), literary mss, 2006. 1 item.Ms2007-024
"A Reminiscence West Columbia of a Half Century Ago Contrasted with the West Columbia of Today" by John L. Mason, literary mss, 1909. 1 item. Ms2009-023
Report of an incident during the "mine war" in Logan County by Clayton D. Laurie, n.d. 1 item. Ms88-214
Report. "Putnam County Historical and Architectural Survey Phase II for the Putnam County Landmarks Commission" by Paul D. Marshall and Associates, 1984-1985. 1 folder. Ms2015-035
Republican party. Form letter from Henry D. Hatfield appealing for support for local candidates; letter from Oshel Parsons of WV State Bar explaining 1916 Republican electors; 1912, 1960. 1 folder. Ms2011-021
Revercomb, Chapman Collection. Correspondence, files and other materials of U.S. Senator (1943-49 and 1956-59), his wife Sara and son George, 1935-1985. 32 boxes. Ms2002-054
Revercomb, William Chapman - see "A Stalwart Conservative..." Ms91-56
Revolutionary War list - see Carnes, Eva Margaret Ms80-28
Revolutionary War pension claims, 1820-1843. 30 items. Ms84-190
Reynolds, Dana D. Correspondence and other materials of agriculturalist and extension agent, 1907-1976. 1 box. Ms93-6
Reynolds, Dana D. - see "Prospectus on ..." Ms79-218
Reynolds, Ellicott, defendant. Record of Ellicott Reynolds vs. McFarland Shrewsbury et al, 1845. (also called Salt Case). 1 volume. Ms79-85
Reynolds, Jacob - see Miller, Solomon Ms80-117
*Rice, Dr. Otis Collection. Correspondence, notes and other materials of 1st state historian laureate and West Virginia Tech professor, including work on Sheltering Arms Hospital, banking, Kanawha County, Lewisburg, M. E. Church, Eli Thayer, Greenbrier County, West Virginia Historical Society and other subjects, 1835-2003. 8 boxes. Ms2003-324
Richardson, Andy. "History of Charleston High School", 1975, research paper. 1 item. Ms84-243
Richardson, James E., Family History Collection. Genealogical materials relating to Lilly, Farley, Harvey, Basham, Meadows/Meador and other families. 27 boxes.Ms2009-134
"Richwood, West Virginia Development Plan" prepared by Dr. Bob Henry Baber, literary mss, 1992. 1 item. Ms2004-108
Rife, Jacob Marvin. Correspondence of Captain in 7th Cavalry and 18th Ohio Regiment, 1860-1865. 2 boxes. Ms78-2
Riffe - see Smith-Riffe collection Ms80-9
Riggs family - see Washington and Riggs... Ms89-39
Riley postcards. Postcards with messages of WV & KY, 1913-1943. 22 items. Ms87-31 and acc
River rainfall station reports. Forms providing climate and river information, ca. 1891-1987. 12 boxes. Ms88-8
Rivise, Mike J. Patent collection, 1876-1910. 6 items. Ms80-213
Road to Harpers Ferry: The John Brown Letters 1838-1859 by Paul D. Casdorph, literary mss, ca. 1980s. 1 item. Ms2003-183
Roane County Court. Justice's docket, 1881-1901. 3 volumes. Ms79-79
Roberts Family Collection. World War I material related to Fred Roberts military service. 8 folders.Ms2020-079
Robinson, David. Letters re: donation of his travel journal through LA territory to Thomas Jefferson (typescript), 1805. 2 items. Ms80-129
Robinson family - see Johnson, Valentine Ms80-90
Robinson, M.P. "WV commands in armies of the CSA", ca. 1937, literary mss. 1 item. Ms80-305
Robinson, Neil Collection. Correspondence and reports regarding coal properties, 1900-1950. 1 box. Ms2021-209
Robinson, Virginia. Poems brought by young black girl to WPA office, ca. 1930. 1 volume. Ms79-133
Robinson, William Burton Collection. Correspondence of Korean War soldier and family and friends, 1951-1957. 1 box. Ms2018-006
Robinson, William family. Part of Genealogy of the Valentine Johnson & Wm. Robinson family. Ms80-90
Robson, Viola B. Correspondence and papers of Viola B. Robson, a Gold Star Mother, who traveled on a Pilgrimage of War Mothers and Widows to France in 1933. 1876-1943. 1 box. Ms2009-152
Rocky Mount Baptist Church records. Minute books, membership lists and other information on Summers County congregation, 1870-1919. 2 volumes. Ms2002-036
*Rogers Drugstore. Charleston local history, ca. 1803-1915. Ms85-15
Rogers, Henry. Letter, Charleston, to Alva Hansford re: cholera pill, 1833 July 20. 1 item. Ms80-106
Rogers, Oscar. Journals, 1911-26 for Ridgeville area. Also math notebook of his father Nathaniel Rogers, ca. 1864. 6 items. Ms85-190
Rohrbaugh family - see Rorabaugh, James D. Ms79-235
Rollins, Sergeant 1st Class Fay G. Diary of World War I member of 307th Tank Corps, 1918- 1919. 2 items. Ms2003-168
Romney, Civil War. Information regarding Civil War sites in and near Romney, many on state land, n.d. 1 folder. Ms92-108
Ronceverte Mutual Improvement Club - see Mutual Improvement Club of RonceverteMs2011-097
Roosevelt, Franklin D. - see Martin Ms88-93
Rorabaugh, James D. "John R. Rohrbach (Rohrbaugh), 1728-1821; Descendents & marriage connection", ca. 1965, literary mss. 10 inches. Ms79-235
Rosier, Joseph. Correspondence and documents of U.S. Senator, 1942-1943. 5 items. Ms91-46
Ross, William. Power of attorney, 1819 April 8, to Adam Myers, Berkeley County, VA. 1 item. Ms80-220
Rucker Family. Civil War recollections and discharge of George Rucker, Co. E, 13th WV Infantry; deeds for Kanawha County property, 1910-40; journal of deaths on Wills Creek, Kanawha County, ca. 1848-1919; pamphlet about pension benefits, 1899. 10 items. Ms94-45
Rucker family. Notes and information compiled for Civil War medal claim for Henry Rucker, member of 45th Infantry (Colored) (photocopies), n.d. 1 item. Ms2009-099
Ruffner Brothers - see business forms Ms90-121
*Ruffner-Chilton Papers. Ms81-1
Ruffner, David. Weather information, 1832-34, photocopies. 2 folders. Ms85-64
Ruffner, Donnally Co - see Coleman, Nelson Ms79-8
Ruffner, Edmunds, Coghill, Mason family materials, photocopies, 1770-1986. 6 items. (oversized materials shelved as drawer Z 12-9) Ms86-105
Ruffner family - see Beattie Collection Ms92-12
Ruffner, Joseph. Land records, receipts, letters (photocopies), 1793-1803. 9 items. Ms98-13
*Ruffner, Lewis. Correspondence of Malden businessman, 1851-1891. 45 items. Ms80-212
Ruffner Memorial Park. Deeds, court cases and other documents pertaining to Charleston park (transcripts, photocopies), 1831-1950. 1 folder. Ms2009-067
Ruffner, W.H. Letter, Six, VA to William S. Laidley, ca. 1901-1905 May 12. 1 item. Ms76-1
Rumberg and Price families. Deeds, Bible records, World War I discharge, most Raleigh County (photocopies), 1870s-1941. 1 folder. Ms2003-154
Rumsey, James. Photocopies of English patents for steam and water power devices, 1788-92. 4 items. (oversized shelved as Y 33-13) Ms88-14 oversized
Rumsey, James. Research catalogue by Jeanne Mozier, 1986. 1 item. Ms87-39
"Rupert family and Dr. Cyrus Alexander Rupert of Greenbrier Co, ca. 1810-91" literary mss by W. T. Lawrence, n.d. 1 item. Ms97-23
Russell, A.B. Letter, Selma, MD to Benjamin ?, Geneva NY re: Harpers Ferry armory, 1845 May 20. 1 item. Ms80-120
Rutherford family - see Harris, Virgil L. Ms80-32
St. Marks Episcopal Church. Early history and lists of baptisms, marriages and deaths in St. Albans church (photocopies), 1808-1906. 2 volumes. Ms2009-045
Salem IOOF Cemetery. WV Cemetery survey form, Find a Grave listings for Harrison County cemetery, 2018. 2 folders.Ms2019-043
Salisbury family. Deeds, leases, business records relating to Clay and Kanawha counties. 1 box.Ms2006-014
Salt - see appendix at end   
Salt manufacturing companies, coal companies, & miscellaneous companies, 1846-1890. 1 volume. Ms80-288
Sampson family - see Cantrell Collection Ms92-29
Samuels, Henry J. Biography by Fred B. Lambert, 1904. 1 item. Ms79-207
Satterfield family. Tax receipts, Marion County, 1852-1862. 3 items. Ms79-140
Savage, Judge D. Jackson Collection. Correspondence with Kanawha County judge, 1940-1942. 1 box. Ms2019-081
Savage, William Allen. Diary, storekeeper at Strange Creek, Braxton County and workers hours and wages (photocopies and transcription), 1874 October 1-1875 January 1. 1 item. Ms98-12
Sawyers, Sampson. Letter, Dunlaps Creek, Botetourt County to Mrs. Miriam Robinson, Peters Creek, 1808 August 16,. 1 item. Ms80-175
Sayles, John. Screenplay of Matewan (photocopy),1983. 1 item. Ms88-52
Sayre, Ralph A. Research material used in book Some Branches of the Workman Tree, 1979. 2 ft. Ms81-16
Schaarman family. German letters between Germany and Harpers Ferry, 1848-1860.11 items. Ms80-128
Schaefer, John - see Diss Debar Ms79-191
School materials, misc. Grade cards, other materials from Weston schools; Spanish-American War reunion in Weston; store receipts for Parsons-Souders, Clarksburg; ca. 1910-1925. 21 items. Ms92-41
Schutte Family Collection. Papers of Schutte and Davis families of Lewis and Harrison counties, compiled by Nell Davis Schutte Feeney, ca. 1750s-1970s. 2 folders. Ms2013-105
Scott, Senator Nathan Bay. Bible and miscellaneous documents, n.d. 1 folder. Ms2005-009
Scott, Thomas. Letter, Brandenville, Preston County to I.C. McGrew. 1869 February 23. 1 item. Ms80-140
Sears family - see Cantrell Collection Ms92-29
Seaton, Carter Taylor. "Father's Troubles" (draft copy), literary mss, 2003. 1 item. Ms2004-071
Secession convention. Letter from James C. McGrew to Virgil Lewis describing Feb-April 1861 secession convention in Richmond, 1904 July 23. 1 item. Ms2011-031
See, Margielea Stonestreet Collection. Assorted writings and materials of poet born in Grant County who attended West Virginia School for the Blind and New River College (now West Virginia Tech), ca. 1920-1980s. 3 boxes. Ms92-19
Sehon, John L. Letter, Clarksburg, to Michael Sechrist, Mason County, 1815 August 8. 1 item. Ms80-170
Selders, Valentine. Original and transcript of memoirs of Preston County resident and hunter, 1849-1917. 4 items. Ms96-9
"Semonia; of the subjects of human knowledge", literary mss; also funeral oration for unknown man, n.d. 2 items. Ms80-198
Sencio, William J. Collection. Spanish-American War-era letter from Howard M. McConnaughy, 1st Regiment West Virginia Volunteers, Kanawha City, May 12, 1898. 1 item.Ms2008-102
Shafer Family by Janet Burns Shafer, literary mss, ca. 1991. 1 item. Ms2003-217
Shafer, Janet Burns. Shafer Family, literary mss, ca. 1991. 1 item. Ms2003-217
Shaffer family. Information on Abraham and Jacob Shaffer by Delphia Kessel, including Civil War service, n.d. 1 item. Ms2002-048
Shaffer, Kathryn Home Extension Service Collection. Materials written and compiled by Kanawha County agent, 1916-1996. 1 box.Ms2006-054
Shales family - see Harris, Virgil Ms80-32
Shanholzer Collection. Forms, teachers' certificates, cards and other materials, 1892-1976. 1 box.Ms2016-015
Shanholzer Family Collection. Correspondence from Camp Lee during WWI, various booklets, pamphlets, cards, bonds and account books, 1844-1942. 1 box. Ms2019-088
Shanklin, Alexander & James Shanklin. Ledger, Greenbrier and Monroe counties, 1799-1814. 1 volume. Ms79-44
Shannondale and Beyond Collection. Minutes, directories, photographs, and other documents relating to Citizens of Shannondale, Shannondale Woman's Club, and other organizations in Shannondale Springs, Jefferson County, 1957-2011. 3 boxes and 5 boxes of photographs.Ms2018-081
Shannondale Springs. Correspondence, notes, booklets and other items (photocopies), ca. 1845-1954. 1 box. Ms2001-015
Sharp, Arco and Hazel Collection. Civil War pension records, receipts, tax tickets and other documents of Noah W. Dawson, L. A. Jones, R. C. Dawson and James A. Blackshire, Kanawha County, 1864-1883. 8 folders. Ms2016-005
Shaw, Otis. Letter, to brother & sister, 1868 January 1. 1 item. Ms80-141
Shaw, Stephen Chester. "Sketches of North-Western Virginia...Pioneers of Wood County," typescript copy, 1930. 2 volumes. Ms79-9
Shaw, Vesta. Financial and insurance papers, 1930-1983. 1 boxMs2018-074
Shawkey, Dr. Arthur Collection. Correspondence, funeral book and other materials relating to Charleston pediatrician and family, 1936-1970. 1 folder. Ms2004- 036
Shepherd family - see Lucas and Shepherd family Ms79-171
Shepherds Town Academy. Account book, 1823 April-1824 October. 1 volume. Ms79-36
Sherick, J.F. Letter, 1862 to Jacob Durstine, photocopy. 1 item. Ms80-320
Shields, Westfall families. Materials relating to Lawrence Shields family of Marion County, Westfall family of Kanawha County, 1918-1990s. 1 folder. Ms2003-232
Shonk Land Company. History, ca. 1985. 2 items. Ms85-56
Shuck family. Papers, Fayette County, 1888-1919. 3 items. Ms79-150
Shumaker, R. Worth - see American Legion Ms96-6
Shurtleff, Oliver. "Know WV Better" series of radio addresses. Fairmont State Teachers College, ca. 1935. 12 items. Ms80-193
Silcott Collection. Correspondence to Mrs. George W. Silcott and obituary for the Honorable George W. Silcott, 1903. 1 folder.Ms2020-090
Siltix Mine. Notes on official hearing, explosion disaster of New River Company mine, Mount Hope, July 28, 1966. 1 item.Ms2021-051
Silver, Gray. Agreement & basis of settlement between Democrats & Republicans of the WV Legislature, 1911. 1 item. Ms80-121
Silverstein, Phil Collection. Recollections of member of 5th Div. and activities in WWII including Battle of the Bulge, 1943-2005. 1 box.Ms2015-067
Simon Borg & Company, NY. Debt settlement materials, investment circulars, 1893-1920. 1 box. Ms82-16
Simpson, John S. Collection. Letters to Peerless Bread from Simpson on Hotel Huntington, Hotel Gore (Clarksburg), Holley Hotel (Charleston) and Commercial Hotel (Williamson) letterheads, 1925-1933. 6 items.Ms2013-117
"Sinks of Gandy" by Jack Preble, 1930, 1940, literary mss. 2 items. Ms85-66
Sinnett Collection. Papers of Abel Propst Sinnett (1816-ca.1900), surveyor, magistrate and notary public in Kanawha County, ca. 1782-1924. 7 boxes [125 maps transferred to map collection]. Ms2002-050
Sinnett, Abel Probst Collection. Field notebooks, 1840, 1847, 1884. 3 Items. Ms2002-050acc
"Sixty Years of Service: The West Virginia State Police 1919-79 by Merle T. Cole (photocopy), 1979. 1 item. Ms88-53
Skaggs Family. Materials of Dr. Henry C. Skaggs, Montgomery, 1857, 1930s-1976. 2 boxes. Ms2019-090
Skidmore, Ray - see World War I Ms94-48
Skinner, Rose families. Letter from D. H. Rose to Daniel Skinner from California; card and note from "Mark" to friend about trip to Pike's Peak (photocopies), 1858. 2 items. Ms2003-156
Skuce, Thomas W. Correspondence, minutes and other materials regarding career of early forester, 1903-1945. 2 boxes. Ms93-17
Slab Fork Coal Company. Materials relating to the Slab Fork Coal Company, Gaston Coal Company, Beaver Coal Corporation, Glade Springs Land Company, New River Coal Company, and Scotia Coal and Coke Company. 2 boxes and thirty volumes.Ms2006-107
Slack family, Charleston schools and teachers, and Bristol High, 1885-1946. 1 folder.Ms2013-120
Slack, Greenbury. Letters and account books, 1866 February 16 - 1868 September 27. 10 items. Ms80-122
Slack, Hedgeman. Papers, diary, 1872-1878. 6 items. Ms79-97
Slack, Congressman John M. Jr. Collection. Papers, 1959-1980. 10 boxes.Ms2007-059
Slaughter, John Robert Jr. and Marjorie Josephine Collection. Certificates and military papers, 1918-1998. 1 box and oversized.Ms2021-165
Slave materials. Bills of sale, deeds, etc. 1814-1861. 4 items. Ms85-147
Slaymaker, S. E. Collection. Correspondence, receipts and other materials of lumber broker in New York who worked with mills in Cass and other locations, ca. 1911-26. 14 boxes. Ms2014-010
Smarr family - see Cantrell Collection Ms92-29
Smith, Benjamin H. Letter to William H. Cabell, Richmond, re: court case Rector vs. Jacob Uhl, 1844 January 1. 1 item. Ms80-174
Smith, Bill. Correspondence, newspaper articles, West Virginia University basketball and football guides, scrapbooks, photographs and other materials of Charleston Daily Mail sports editor. Circa 1950-2010. 3 boxes, 2 scrapbooks, 1 box photographs and oversized.Ms2010-035
Smith, Carolyn Thompson. Account books, Meadow River Lumber Company, and reports on conditions of Greenbrier County banks. 1925-1971. 1 box. Ms2009-089
Smith, David Collection. Documents relating to the Fire Creek Coal and Coke Company, 1854-1995. 2 boxes. Ms2020-053
Smith, Hobart L. Collection. World War I correspondence, photos, postcards, related to Smith's service. 1 box.Ms2020-080
Smith, Joe L. Correspondence, photographs, and materials of mayor and congressman, the father of Governor Hulett C. Smith, 1909-1979. 3 boxes and scrapbooks, oversized and photographs. Ms2006-104
Smith, Mark Collection. Documents from Hampshire County re: estate of Joel Ellis, broadside from General Benjamin Kelley "To the People of Hampshire County and Upper Potomac", 1811, 1841-48, 1861. 9 items. Ms2015-001
Smith, (W.H.) Hardware Company, Parkersburg. Advertising papers, 1907. 3 items. Ms80-26
Smith Family Collection. Deeds, property documents (photocopies), tax receipts, and map Roane County, 1862-1965. 4 folders.Ms2021-058
Smith-Giltinan Collection. Records of Eskew, Smith and Cannon, a wholesale business in Charleston, and personal papers of the interconnected Appleton, Smith, and Giltinan families, ca. 1840-2012. 21 boxes, 5 folders, 37 volumes, and 47 reels of home movies. Ms2015-059
*Smith-Riffe Collection. See separate notebook guide Ms80-9
Smithfield, Charlestown & Harpers Ferry Turnpike. Receipt, 1838 January 9, of Francis Gundner. 1 item. Ms80-254
Smoot family. Reunion programs and materials, history of family name, memorial program of Revella Demoris Smoot Holmes (some photocopies), 1974-2004. 2 folders. Ms2004-097
Smootz family - see Franz/Smootz CollectionMs2006-102
Smusz, Stanley Collection. Correspondence and documents of Joe and Stanley Smusz during WWII, 1916-1945. 2 boxes.Ms2016-075
Snider family. Correspondence, military records, 1860-1866. 1 folder. Ms84-184
Snider, Joseph. Correspondence of Colonel Joseph Snider, 7th WV Infantry and 4th WV Cavalry to his daughter Mary Edith, 1862-1864. 9 items. Ms99-001
Snowshoe Institute. Operating files of group that sponsored cultural and artistic event series at Snowshoe Mountain Resort, 2000-2005. 3 boxes. Ms2009-141
Snyder family. Family tree of P. M. and Lana Walker Snyder, n.d. 1 item. Ms2015-037
Snyder, Adam. An address the annual exhibition of Mossy Creek Academy, Highland Co, 1854. 1 item. Ms79-250
Snyder-Brawley families. Correspondence between I. A. Welch and Emeline Brawley Snyder, ca. 1888-1900. 1 folder. Ms2011-01
Socialist Party - see Wheeling Socialist Party Ms2007-006
Society of the Blue & Gray. Records, mostly Jackson County area, 1906-1925. 3 in. Ms80-6
"Solid Rocket Development at Allegany Ballistics Lab" by T. L. Moore, literary manuscript, 1999. 1 folder. Ms2013-077
"Some Experiences of Country Attorney During More Than Fifty Years" by Daniel James French Strother (photocopy), literary mss, ca. 1930s. 1 item. Ms2009-082
Sons of Veterans, Camp J. A. J. Lightburn Camp, Weston, ca. 1905-1912. 2 boxes. Ms2004-023
South Branch Valley Collection of land records, 1729-1889. 290 items. Ms79-198
South Side Bridge, history of construction by Parks. Ms79-227
South Side Bridge, history of construction by WPA. Ms82-329
Southern Coal Producers Association. Correspondence, wage negotiation papers, financial records, and other documents of the Southern Coal Producers Association and associated companies, ca. 1904-1985. 66 boxes, 2 folders, 5 volumes.Ms2014-021
Southwood family. Legal documents regarding property in Berkeley and Jefferson counties belonging to Edward and Ruhama Southwood, ca. 1845-71. 7 items. Ms93-9
Spainhour, David L. AFL materials and timebook for Libbey Owens machinist, 1903-1906. 1 folder. Ms2009-078
Spanish-American War. Discharge of William B. Petitt, Company B, 2nd Regiment, WV Volunteers, 1899 April 10. 1 item.Ms2010-017
Spanish-American War. Mustering out rolls, Co. L, 2nd Regt. WV Inf. Vol., 1898-1899. 1 volume. Ms86-7
Spanish-American War. Notes and lists of members of First West Virginia Regiment, 1898-1899. 1 volume.Ms2010-031
Spence family. Genealogy and notes about family in Putnam and surrounding counties, 1800s-1980s. 1 folder. Ms2013-104
Spence, Walter David Collection. Papers and financial items, Summers County, ca. 1890-1969. 200 items. Ms79-190
Spencer, Elijah. Decree & order to sell slaves, 1830 September term of the Wood County court. 1 item. Ms80-237
Spinks, Jabez. Letter to the Court of Appeals, 1838 July 20. 1 item. Ms80-142
Spring Mills Grist Mill, Berkeley County Cash book, 1878-1884. 1 volume. Ms79-54
Spotswood, George. Letters from Spotswood of Charleston to James Madison (transcripts), 1831, 1834. 2 items. Ms2009-060
St. Clair, Lucy Lee Kuykendall Collection. Family history materials on assorted Hardy County and eastern panhandle families including Westfall, Hopkins, and others (photocopies), ca. 1930s-1970s. Ms2002-061
Staats, Harold, collector. Land records of Jackson, Kanawha, Mason and Monongalia counties and Gallia County, Ohio, 1784-1865. 67 items. Ms79-197
Stacy, Dixie Collection. Civil War papers of George Joachim and family papers, 1824-1960. 1 box. Ms2008-095
Stacy, Ted Collection. Papers and documents of Ted Stacy, who served in the West Virginia House of Delegates and State Senate, 1940-1985. 2 boxes and 1 box photos. Ms2010-071
Stafford, Patricia Lynne Collection. Stafford, Vickers, Hamrick and related families, from Giles and Cabell counties, 1852-1953. 1 box and 1 oversized folder.Ms2013-083
"A Stalwart Conservative in the Senate: William Chapman Revercomb" by Samuel Worth Price, Jr., 1978. 1 item.Ms91-56
*Stampless covers & letters, 1820-1857. 21 items. Ms85-45
Stanley family - see Beattie Collection Ms92-12
Stanton family history. Notes and other materials compiled by Michael Traubert, ca. 2000. 1 folder. Ms2009-068
*Stark, Hubert & Beaulah. Aviation materials, 1932-1962. 3 boxes. [oversized shelved as Y 33-6] Ms85-16
Starke family. Letters, deeds, account book and other materials of Charleston area family, 1836-1916. 2 folders. Ms96-38
State Fair of West Virginia. Notes on history, materials in State Fair Archives, 2001. 3 items. Ms2002-008
State House Company. Records, 1869-1885. 1 volume. Ms80-290
*Statehood papers, 1863, artificial collection. 3 in.Ms79-244
"The Stationmaster's Christmas story" by Fred McDonald regarding Margaret Jenkins of Greenbottom (photocopy), literary mss, ca. 1970s. Ms2004-115
Staunton and Parkersburg Turnpike - see HamiltonMs78-3
Staunton, Frances. Correspondence and other materials relating to Staunton family of Charleston, 1904-1959. 1 box. Ms93-13
Steamboat account books, ca. 1850-1869. 4 volumes.Ms79-39
Steamboat certificate of inspection. "Winfield Scott", Wheeling, 1849. 1 item. Ms85-151
Steamboat receipts - see Coleman, NelsonMs79-8
Steamboats - see Murray, DavidMs91-9
Steamboats - see Records of...Ms79-91
Steamboats - see Ruffner-Chilton Ms81-1
Steamboats - see Burford Collection in Special Collections   
Steber, Eleanor Collection. Manuscript about Steber, programs and clippings, 1910-2010. 1 box.Ms2019-014
Steckel Family Collection. 1911-1969. Papers of Miles Albert Steckel and Elizabeth Jane Steckel. 1 box and 1 oversized folder.Ms2008-097
Steele, Berthal William Collection. Booklets, certificates, and pay envelopes relating to mining career of Berthal William Steele, 1922-1962. 1 box. Ms2021-164
Steele, Carl E. Jr. "A Gathering of the Clan", literary mss, 1995. 1 volume. Ms2009-004
Sterrett family. Correspondence, etc., 1865-1970. 4 boxes.Ms81-30
Stevens Coal Company. Time and payroll books, steamer freight books, 1894-1977. 12 books. Ms2006-042
Stevens Grass Funeral Home Collection. Ambulance records (copy), 1967-1968. 1 folder.Ms2021-024
Stevenson, William E. Letter, Harrisburg, PA to Albert Hinkley, 1857 February 25. 1 item. Ms80-143
Stewart, George H. Collection. Aviation materials inc. Civil Air Patrol materials, 1940-1944. 47 items.Ms85-120
"Story of a Hospital: Welch Emergency" by Rose Marino (photocopy), ca. 1979. 1 item. Ms89-109
The Story of Lost River State Park by Ellen Anderson, literary mss, ca. 1970s. 1 item. Ms2003-149
"The Story of Lost River State Park" by Ellen Anderson, literary mss, and supporting information about Lee Cabin, ca. 1960-2010. 1 volume. Ms2010-059
Strickland, Joseph Collection. Materials compiled for his 50 states book, 1960-1970. 1 box.Ms2006-002
Strother, Daniel James French. "Some Experiences of Country Attorney During More Than Fifty Years"(photocopy), literary mss, ca. 1930s. 1 item. Ms2009-082
Strother, David Hunter. Papers, account book, and sketches, 1868-1888. 5 in. Ms79-7
Stuckey, Hamilton Collection. Documents regarding Hampshire County resident, 1867-1912. 1 folder.Ms92-17
Stump, George. Will (typescript) of Hardy County resident, 1805 April 8. 1 item. Ms91-3
*Stutler, Boyd Blynn. Collection of papers of John Brown & Civil War, American Legion, etc, ca. 1800-1970. 57 linear feet.Ms78-1
Summers County. Deed for land for Methodist Episcopal Church near Talcott (photocopies), 1876 March 11. 1 item. Ms2003-171
Summers County. Receipts and documents regarding Campbell, Flanagan and Murrell families (photocopies), 1884-1909. 5 items. Ms2009-158
*Summers County, Trail family history. Various materials regarding Hinton area history; pilot training books for Don Trail; account books for L. O. H. Nickell; 1898-1965. 1 box. Ms2003-046
Summers County Health Department. Correspondence and other materials regarding efforts to secure foreign aid to supplement budget, 1990. 1 box.Ms93-5
Summers County, proclamation. Letter from James Sims to Senator Stephen B. Elkins about Hinton postmaster appointment; proclamation of Governor Cornwell calling special session of February 1920; letter from state senator Cecil Highland about funding capitol building; 1897-1927. 3 items. Ms2009-156
Summers family - see "My Dearest Husband..." Ms90-15
Summers, James C. Information on Civil War Medal of Honor winner, n.d. 1 folder. Ms2011-022
Summers, Lewis. The common-place book for the pocket, (legal notes), Kanawha County, n.d. 1 volume. Ms80-277
*Summers, Lewis. Papers, 1817-1842. 14 items. Ms80-145
Sunday Creek Coal Company. Insurance surveys of mining facilities & store buildings, (photocopies), 1910. 1 volume.Ms88-98acc
Sunday Creek Coal Company - see Account books Ms88-98
Supple family. Correspondence to sisters Cora and Ora Supple and account books, found in Mason County home, including World War I correspondence; 1911-1920. 3 folders.Ms2002-049
Supple family. Letters from J. S. Supple (prison guard) to parents, letter to Nannie Supple from cousin in Missouri, 1889-95. 3 items. Ms90-120
Sutherland, Howard K. Papers, 1909-24. 13 boxes.Ms83-2
Suttle family. Family papers, 1907-1961. 1 box. Ms2006-091
Sutton, Felix & Naomi. Corres, 1863-64. 3 items. Ms87-37
Swann, John. "Prison life at Fort Delaware 1864-65." Literary mss. 3 in. Ms79-237
Swann, Thomas B. Loyalty oath, 1865; letter from U.S. Grant re: railroad, 1881. 2 items. Ms79-141
Swearington, James Strode. Letters referring to military career, correspondence with Henry Bedinger of Berkeley County (typescript copies), 1803-1834, 1896. 1 folder. Ms2003-130
Sweeney, Thomas Bell Jr. Collection. Correspondence with politicians nationwide,1939-1971. 27 items.Ms2021-182
Sweet, Arnold, Calvert families. Notes compiled by Susan Sweet Gilkeson, 1943. 2 items. Ms2000-002
Sydenstricker, Michael. Partial letter discussing reconciling North and South, n.d. 1 item. Ms80-144
Talbott Collection. Funeral books, poems, 1926-1948. 1 folder.Ms2003- 047acc
Talbott, John W. Account book, Mill Creek, Berkeley County, 1848-1882. 1 volume. Ms79-66
Tarkany, Mike Collection. Documents and snapshots of Hungarian immigrant who died while in West Virginia National Guard, 1906-1914. 1 folder. Ms2004-137
Tavenner, James. Letters, land papers, business records and general notes of Wood County resident, 1866-1943. 85 items. Ms80-190
Taylor family - see Cantrell Collection Ms92-29
Taylor, Amanda. Family papers, 1936-1944. 1 folder. Ms2006-092
Taylor, Hugh Paul. Historical writings [Indian Wars] ... to which is added an article written by Charles A. Stuart, 1829. 1 volume. Ms79-246
Taylor, J. Alfred Collection. Papers of Fayette County newspaper publisher and politician who served in WV House, US House, Fayette County School Board, 1897-2007. 1 box. Ms2018-005
Taylor, Mary Ann "Polly" Price. Notes by Carrie Carte trying to prove Cherokee ancestry of Taylor, n.d. 1 item. Ms2009-114
Taylor, Robert. Letter, Orange, 1817 January 7. 1 item. Ms80-182
Taylor Family Collection. Correspondence to and from John, Kennon and Nancy Taylor, World War II soldiers, Huntington, 1937-1971. 2 boxes. Ms2008-026
Teacher's Chapter, Business and Professional People's Alliance for Better Textbooks. Public announcement of founding session, fall 1974; testimony of Karl C. Priest as group representative, December 12, 1974. 1 folder. Ms2009-025
Teachers daily register for Hernshaw, Red & Butler schools, Kanawha County, 1906-1908. 25 items. (Oversized shelved as Z 12-6) Ms86-75 oversized
Teasdale, Bob & Marieda Derrick Edens. "Derrick", literary mss, 1987. 1 item. Ms89-36
Teays Valley Baptist Association. Minutes, 1858. 1 item. Ms82-76
Temperance Society of Kanawha County Records, 1839-1841. 1 volume. Ms79-89
Templeton, Lt. Charles F. Commission, holiday menu for WWI soldier, originally in WV National Guard and later 3rd Batt, 26th Inf., ca. 1917-19. 2 items. Ms92-42
Terhune, A. Parker. "Nitro - A World War I Powder Town," literary mss, ca. 1970s. 1 item. Ms92-8
Terrie, Philip Gibson. Collection of World War II letters from Philip G. Terrie of Charleston to his mother, 1942-1945. 71 items.Ms2007- 003
Terrill, Edward Brace. Affidavit, 1767 July 13. 1 item. Ms80-209
Tharp, James William. Daybook, Martinsburg, [W]Va, 1859-1893. 1 volume. Ms79-68
Thomas, Clint. Letters, articles and other information on Negro Leagues baseball player and later State Senate employee, 1970s-1980s. 2 folders. Ms2012-027
Thomas family, Thomas Coal Company. Assorted documents (photocopies), 1911-1989. 1 folder. Ms91-19
Thomas, Jack Walton. Papers, including Antler Coal & Coke Co, 1896-1924. 3 in. Ms79-192
Thomas, Jean Collection. Genealogy and research materials, much of it Blizzard family and mine wars, 1720s-2003. 6 boxes. Ms2010-154
Thomas Hospital. Ledger book of admissions, 1898-1900. 1 item.Ms2021-105
Thompson, C.L. "The Battle of Scary & Some Incidents of It", 1917, literary mss. 1 item. Ms80-307
Thompson, Nathaniel W. Indenture, 1815 April 6, deeding land in Kanawha County to Goodrich Slaughter. 1 item. Ms80-263
Thompson, Philip Rootes. Letter, Coalsmouth [Coal Bridge?] VA to Allan Lathan, Chillicothe, OH, 1833 March 22. 1 item. Ms80-123
Thorn Lumber Company, Martinsburg. Correspondence and company history, n.d. 2 items.Ms2010-034
Thorton, George - see US War Dept. Ms80-168
Throckmorton family. Papers, 1819-1894. 3 items. Ms80-207
Timmons, Sarah F. Smith Collection. Materials about Northfork Negro High School, life of Northfork resident, 1935-1994. 1 box.Ms2019-004
"Timothy Lawrence Barber" by Dr. James David Barber, literary mss, ca. 1994; talk about Timothy Barber given by D. N. Barber to Charleston Anvil Club, 1946. 2 items.Ms2010-056
Todd, William Lawrence. Letter from St. Albans solder describing WWII and D-Day, 1945 July 5. 1 item. Ms2013-106
Toler family. Notes on Toler and related families (photocopies), n.d. 1 folder. Ms2003-323
Tompkins Family Collection. Correspondence, financial records and papers of Roger Tompkins, Sr., Cedar Grove businessman, his wife Pauline Tompkins, a teacher in the Kanawha County school system, and son Roger Tompkins, who served as president of the student body at West Virginia University, was a Rhodes Scholar, served in the West Virginia House of Delegates, and as Attorney General of West Virginia. 10 boxes, oversized, and 2 boxes of photographs.Ms2009-126
Tompkins, William. Tavern, farm, - see Cook-Hull Ms76-12
Town of Leon. Minutes, ordinances, other documents, 1872-1981. 1 box.Ms2005-023
Trail, Steve - see Long, Fred Ms88-11
Treasury warrant. 2000 acres to John Hawkins, #16047, 1783 May 8. 1 item. Ms2004-070
Trent, William W. Collection. Correspondence, papers of state superintendent of schools. 18 boxes. Ms2006-040
Trigaux, George Collection. Materials re: Lincoln Junior High and Stonewall Jackson High, 1941-1943. 1 box.Ms2016-081
Trimble, George C. Collection. Correspondence, cards and other materials of Major, 11th WV Infantry and postwar military, 1861-ca. 2000. 1 box. Ms2016-017
Trimble, H.J. Corres, Ellenboro, Ritchie County, VA to Allan Lathan, Chillicothe, OH, 1833 March 22. 1 item. Ms80-173
Triolo, Melvin - see Logan Coal Operators Ms90-82
Tuckwiller, Lowell Collection. Correspondence and letterhead regarding circuses, 1969-1978. 1 folder. Ms2004-105
Tulloss, Thomas Carroll Collection. Literary Manuscript, Et Ego in Arcadia: The Fiction of John Peale Bishop. 1980. 2 folders, 1 item.Ms2021-052
Turner, Carson W. Collection. Correspondence, documents and other materials regarding World War II service and time as prisoner of war in Germany, 1940s-2011. 1 box.Ms2016-013
Turner, Floyd Clinton Collection. Corres. on Cabin Creek Flood, 1916. Ms83-10
"Twenty-Four Years of Army Life by Earl DeVaughn, 1931 April. 1 item. Ms94-20
Tygart Valley Collection. Weaving experiences, scrapbook on nursery school, photocopies, 1930s. 2 items. Ms87-139
Tyler, John E. "Voting Decision on a Referendum Election: A Local Election Study", literary mss, 1977. 1 item. Ms2004-033
Typographical Union Local 79, Wheeling. Chapel dues, minute books & membership roster, 1906-1971. 7 volumes. Ms86-184
"The UMWA in the New River Field" by P.J. Laska, rough draft, 1978, photocopy. 1 item. Ms85-40
Underwood, Cecil. Re-Election, 2000. 2 boxes.Ms2021-189
Underwood, Cecil H. Genealogy materials compiled for Civil War medal claim, n.d. 1 volume. Ms2016-048
Underwood Inaugural Committee. Minutes, other materials, including physical arrangements committee, 1996 December-1997 January. 2 folders. Ms97-44
Union Carbide Collection. Histories and other materials collected for company centennial, ca. 1890s-1999. 3 boxes. Ms2002-064
Union Muster Rolls, WV Regiments, 1860-1865. 15 items. Ms84-188 moved to Ar
*United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Local 939. Correspondence, financial records and other materials, 1917-54. 2 boxes. Ms2003-219
United Confederate Veterans. Record of dues, burials and minute books, 1889-1923. 3 volumes and 3 sets photocopies.. Ms2002-024
*United Confederate Veterans, WV Division. Records of Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee camps, 1893-1915. 5 in.Ms80-8
United Confederate Veterans. Constitution and bylaws, Camp Garnett, Huntington, n.d. 1 item. Ms80-8acc
United Daughters of the Confederacy. Correspondence with Mrs. Jane Price Dice of Lewisburg concerning UDC in World War I; Price family correspondence; ca. 1884, ca. 1918-1926. 1 box. Ms2002-107
*United Daughters of the Confederacy, WV Division. Records, 1899-1919. 7 in. Ms79-19
United Mine Workers of America. Election Committee Manual, Election Committee Student Manual, 1980s. 2 volumes.Ms2017-008
United Spanish War Veterans. Minutes from second annual encampment and map, 1925. 1folder.Ms2021-168
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Log books for Ohio River Locks 14-15, 1960-1964. 10 volumes. Ms79-185
U.S. Bureau of Mines. Certificate of First-aid training for Arthur S. Porter, Mount Gay, 1925 April 4. 1 item. Ms78-50
U.S. Census Office. Enumeration schedules for the 10th Census Books of WV, 1880. 14 volumes. [moved to books - 321 U58] Ms79-213
U.S. Centennial Celebration, Philadelphia. Register of West Virginians at the WV Headquarters, 1876. 1 volume. Ms79-84
U.S. Circuit and District Courts. Cash, witness, fee and jurors books, 1873-1974. 43 items.Ms2006-098
U.S. District Attorney, Clarksburg. Letter re: distiller James Powelson, 1872 October 7. 1 item. Ms80-124
U.S. District Court. District attorney's dockets for Charleston 1877-1886 & Parkersburg 1884-1885. 2 volumes. Ms79-77
U.S. District Court. Trial dockets for Charleston 1882-1885 and Clarksburg, 1884-1885. 3 volumes. Ms79-78
U.S. District Court of VA West of the Mountains. Order book, 1819-1856. 1 volume. Ms79-82
U.S. Federal Power Commission. Order granting license for modified Blue Ridge project, 1974 (photocopy). 1 volume. Ms85-88
U.S. Historic American Engineering Record. Significant historic engineering & industrial developments on the Mountain State, 1972. 2 volumes. Ms80-276
U.S. National Climatic Center. WV meteorological records, including Beckley, Charleston, Elkins, Huntington and Logan, 1922-1988. 91 volumes. Ms78-4
U.S. Post Office, Tyler Co - see Gardner Ms80-185
U.S. Post Office, Guyan. See Guyan Ms86-117
U.S. Post Office, Hamlin. See Hamlin Ms85-146
U.S. Post Office, Ox Bow, Ritchie County Postmaster's account book, 1887-1892. 1 volume. Ms79-49
*U.S. Postal Service. Bicentennial histories of some WV post offices, 1977. 10 in. Ms79-181
U.S. Quartermaster General. Records for construction at Harpers Ferry, 1800. 13 items. Ms80-157
U.S.S. Kanawha Collection. Materials regarding ship's reunion in Charleston, poems written by survivor of sinking (photocopies); ca. 1943-92. 2 folders. Ms92-32
U.S.S. West Virginia - see Carr, Dewitt Ms88-238
U.S.S. West Virginia. Documents and other materials about Pat Roney's service, shipboard poetry, 1927-1948. 3 items. Ms94-9
U.S. Treasury Department. Handwritten copies of letters regarding Wheeling Custom House, 1862. 2 items. Ms90-92
U.S. War Department. Notification of the appointment of George A. Thornton as a cadet at West Point, signed by Jefferson Davis, 1856 March 20. 1 item. Ms80-168
Upper Ohio Valley Collection Finding Aids. Listing of collections housed at Bethany College, 1993. 1 folder. Ms2003-193
Upshur County. Various court forms, documents regarding cases, general receivers reports, 1870s-1954. 1 folder. Ms2003-230
Valentine(?) poem to Hester G. Miller, 1846. 1 item. Ms80-116
Van Bibber, Andrew D. Copy book, 1820-51. 1 volume. Ms79-55
*Van Bibber, Mathias. Papers, Kanawha & Nicholas counties, 1799-1844. 53 items. Ms80-152
Vanbibber family - see Kincaid, Maude Ms79-233
Vanbibber/Vanbebber family. Material on Peter Vanbebber Sr. & descendants, 1989. 1 folder. Ms79-233acc
Van Meter family. Family history, 1785-1910. 5 items. Ms80-125
Van Meter, Rebecca. Transcript of diary #4 of Old Fields, Hardy County resident, 1855 July 31 - 1865 April 22. 1 item. Ms2011-025
Vance, Harry W. Ancient landmarks, French Creek Homecoming souvenir, 1916. 1 item. Ms79-134
Vandal family. Letters from Abraham & Mary Vandal, 1816, 1819, Giles County, VA. 4 pp. Ms85-67
Vaughn, Florien Collection. Correspondence & medical records of Dr. Vaughn's career in southern WV, 1901-1975. 1 box. Ms88-122 and acc
Veazey, Oscar A. Collection. Letters and scrapbooks, most letters from his wife in Dego, Kanawha County, ca. 1885-1900. 2 volumes and 1 box. Ms2003-047
Veterans. Scroll with names of West Virginia women veterans from Tyler, Roane, Ritchie, Calhoun, Wood, Pleasants, Wirt and Jackson counties, ca. 1995. 1 item. Ms2003-054
"The Veterans Memorial Field House in Huntington, W. Va. A History" by Stan Bumgardner, literary manuscript, 2012. 1 item. Ms2013-110
Vickers, Simeon Edward and Bertha Smoot Vickers. Correspondence and papers of Vickers and Smoot families, Lincoln County. 1861-1957. 2 boxes and oversized materials.Ms2009-091
Vil(l)ain, Folio and related families. Correspondence, naturalization, school, birth, death marriage and other materials of Belgian immigrants, 1900-1989. 1 box.Ms2016-030
"Virgil's Great Grandpa: Unraveling an Obsession" by Herb W. Depke on Lewis family history, literary mss, 2004. 1 volume and 3 cds. Ms2004-143
*Virginia Court of Appeals, Lewisburg. Records, 1776-1921. 12 ft. Ms79-83
Virginia Court of Appeals, Lewisburg. Bond of John A. North, Robert F. Dennis and Allen T. Caperton re: North's duties as clerk and librarian of court, 1852 July 10. 1 item. Ms2003-280
Virginia Court of Appeals, Lewisburg. Trial docket records of circuit courts, 1850-1860. 1 volume. Ms79-81
Virginia Debt. Letter from J. M. Mason to J. F. Cork (typescript), 1885 November 3. 1 item. Ms2003-159
Virginia General Assembly. Form outlining printing of reports to General Assembly, 1856. 1 item. (oversized shelved as Z 11-10) Ms88-169 oversized
Virginia General Assembly. Petition, ca. 1860, to the General Assembly of VA for appropriations for a bridge on the turnpike from Glenville, Gilmer County, to Bulltown, Braxton County. 1 item. Ms80-251
Virginia Governor, 1784-1786 (Henry). Land grant, 1785. 1 item. Ms80-286
Virginia Governor, 1822-1825 (Pleasants). Letter, 1825 February 8, Richmond to Governor of TN. 1 item.Ms80-99
Virginia Governor, 1868-1869 (Wells). Warrant, 1869 August 14, for John Appell, a fugitive charged in Jefferson County with horse-stealing. 1 item.Ms80-252
Virginia Governors - see Lewis, Virgil Ms79-16
Virginia Historical Society. Finding aids to manuscript collections of T.T. Perry, Faulkner family, John Quincy Adams Nadenbousch, Wilson family, n.d. 4 items. Ms92-14
Virginia Infantry. Capt. James Morgan's company muster roll, 1812. 1 item. (shelved as Ma 51-6) Ms79-20
Virginia Infantry, 31st Regiment. Records, 1861-1865. 3 in. Ms79-238
Virginia Militia. Kanawha Riflemen pledge record, 1858. 1 item. Ms79-149
Virginia Militia. Capt. David Van Meter's company muster roll, Norfolk, VA, 1814. 1 item. Ms79-20
Virginia Militia. Capt. John Whitzell's company muster roll, 1778. 1 item. Ms79-20
Virginia Militia. 2nd Battalion, 76th Virginia Militia officers' commissions, 1814 August 17. 1 item.Ms79-93
Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. Appointment, 1857 October 15, of Johnson Reynold to position of clerk at court held at Lewisburg. 1 item. Ms80-244
Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals docket - see Lee, George Ms79-80
"Voting Decision on a Referendum Election: A Local Election Study" by John E. Tyler, literary mss, 1977. 1 item. Ms2004-033
Wade/Lorentz Collection. Writings of Reverend T. S. Wade on Methodist history; Lorentz, Wade, McTaggert and related families, ca. 1800-1970. 2 boxes. Ms2002-062
Wage book, receipts. Wage book, possibly for glass plant & receipts of J.C. Barth, 1915-1944. 5 items. Ms89-95
Waggener family. Business ledgers, Mason Co materials, 1825-1866. 14 items. Ms82-13
Waggoner, E. W. and Son. Account books, Freemansburg. 8 items.Ms2006-045
Wallace, Jerry. "Arthurdale: Why It Failed," literary mss, 1966. 1 item.Ms2007-023
Wallace-Mathews Collection. Correspondence, clippings, school materials, civic organization materials, gas industry materials, and scrapbooks all relating to the Wallace and Mathews families of Charleston, 1784-2002. 12 boxes, 1 oversized folderMs2021-291
*War Records Collection. Artificial collection, 3 in. Ms79-20
War records - see Record of colonial militia Ms80-22
Ward Engineering Works, Charleston. Drawings and specifications, 1915-1930. 5 in. (oversized in Ma 148-2) Ms79-175
Ward, George (Commissioner of Banking, 1934-1940). Speeches, 1945-1961. Ms82-8
Ward materials. Correspondence, deeds, leases and other materials re: Ward family, lands in Kanawha County including coal, oil and gas leases, 1825-1917 (bulk 1903-1917). 1 box. Ms2011-015
Ware, Clyde. Scripts for various television shows written by Ware, including "Gunsmoke," "Rawhide," "The High Chaparral" and others, signed by author, 1963-1975. 14 items. Ms90-97
*Wars Records Collection, 1777-1898. Ms79-20
Washington and Riggs Families. Family information & history (photocopies), 1970s-1980s. 1 folder. Ms89-39
Washington, Booker T., salt. Materials regarding life, death, dedication of statue to Washington at Tuskegee; memorial of Kanawha County citizens regarding cash and bank problems; catalogue of officers and students at Washington College (photocopies); 1834, 1847, 1915-1922. 1 folder. Ms2003-052
Washington, Eugene Hezekiah Collection. Materials on Black high schools and alumni organizations in West Virginia, sports programs, and miscellaneous documents, 1950-2017. 5 boxes, oversized, and photographs.Ms2021-233
Washington, George. Letters, 1771, 1799. 2 items. Ms79-135
Washington, George. Tribute mss by James Lewis, n.d. 1 item. Ms80-154
Washington, George. Will & Testament, Schedule & Notes, 1790, photocopies. 1 item. Ms85-57
Washington-Coleman Funeral Home. Agreement of incorporation for Montgomery funeral home, 1945 July 2. 1 item. Ms2016-050
Watson, Panza Collection. Ledger books, various coal and coke companies including Briar Hill, Ninopa and Monongah #3, 1892-1902. 8 volumes.Ms2020-047
Watson Town,[W] VA, Board of Trustees. Records, (Capon Springs, Hampshire Co), 1849-1905. 2 volumes. Ms79-75
Watts, Lewis F. Papers of Captain, Co. F, 22nd VA Infantry, 1856-1867. 21 items. Ms79-210
Waugh, Lee Edward and Nancy Collection. Correspondence and records of Mingo and Fayette man who was killed in WWII, 1942-1944. 1 box.Ms2016-014
Waugh, Roy Collection. Correspondence, speeches and diaries of Upshur County resident, circuit judge, US Attorney for the Northern District and congressional candidate, ca. 1909-1940. 1 box. Ms2004-044
"The Way We Were - West Virginia State College in the 1960s" by Dr. Edwin D. Hoffman and "The Blacks in One White Man's Life" by Dr. Hoffman, literary mss, n.d. 2 items. Ms2009-071
WCTU, DAR. County histories of local WCTU chapters; list of DAR markers placed by Colonel Morgan Morgan chapter; 1900-1949. 1 box.Ms2008-040
Weather records - see climate records   
- see River Rainfall Ms88-8
- see Ruffner, David Ms85-64
- see U.S. National Climatic... Ms78-4
Webb, Colonel Paul L. Collection. Correspondence between Army officer, wife and others in Vietnam, 1955-1980. 1 box and 1 box films. Ms2019-082
*Weberwood Development Company. Records of South Charleston development, 1924-1994. 3 boxes. Ms2003-289
Webster County records. Births recorded by Dr. J. B. Dodrill at Webster Springs & Cowen, 1909-1944. 1 volume. Ms89-42
Wehrle family. Deeds for Kanawha County lands, 1861-1916. 1 folder. Ms91-69
Welch, John. Letter, Philadelphia, to Mrs. Julia Welch, Kanawha C.H., VA, 1844 September 5. 1 item. Ms80-180
Welch-McFarland family. Papers, Kanawha and Greenbrier counties, 1832-1901. 5 in. Ms79-188
Wellman, Clyd A. History of Marshall College, 1908. 1 item. Ms80-149
Wells family. School papers and other notes from Margaret Wells, Weston, ca. 1910- 1920. 1 folder.Ms2006-019
Wells, H.H. (VA Governor, 1868-1869). Warrant, 1869 August 14, for John Appell... 1 item. Ms80-252
Welsh, Alexander. Petition, n.d., to John Mays, justice of the peace, Greenbrier County, for release from prison. 1 item. Ms80-240
Welton, Job - see Mangrum, Charles Ms79-209
Wereth 11. S. Res. 99 Recognizing the 11 African American soldiers murdered at Wereth, Belgium, in 1944, 2017. 1 item.Ms2020-088
Werner, Ira Collection. Spanish-American War papers and other materials, 1899-1985. 1 box.Ms2021-028
West Columbia Mining & Manufacturing Company. Records of Mason County company, 1852-1855. 24 items. Ms79-202
West Milford Baptist Church. Church minutes and membership rosters (original volumes and photocopies), 1832-1974. 5 volumes and 5 folders.Ms2005- 015
West Virginia Academy of Science. Proceedings, 1944-2006. 2 boxes.Ms2008-033
West Virginia Agriculture and Forestry Hall of Fame. Correspondence, memos, nominations, meeting minutes and brochures, 1975-1998. 2 boxes. Ms2019-087
West Virginia Asylum for Incurables. Report of location, 1897 November 10. 1 item. Ms80-249
West Virginia Baptist Association. Minute books 5-7, 1848-1850. Ms82-75
West Virginia Centennial. Letter and documents regarding Centennial beauty queens, 1963. 1 folder. Ms90-119
West Virginia Civil War Regimental Historical Memoranda, n.d. typescript copies. 5 in. Ms79-242
West Virginia Conservation Education Council. Minutes, 1958-1961. 1 folder.Ms2010-066
West Virginia Creative Arts Festival. Bylaws, minutes, programs, 1955-1968. 1 box. Ms86-219
West Virginia Creative Arts Festival. Bylaws, minutes, programs, 1955-1968. 1 box. Ms86-219
West Virginia Education Association Collection. Correspondence, historical articles, ca. 1930s-1970s. 1 box.Ms87-151
West Virginia Education Association, Rumsey B. Marston Collection. Correspondence and clippings of former Cabell County superintendent and secretary of WVEA, 1935-1942. 1 folder. Ms94-19
West Virginia Electric Company. Day book, Martinsburg, 1896-1897. 1 volume. Ms79-46
West Virginia Extension Service - see Livisay, Tanner J. Ms97-5
West Virginia Federation of Democratic Women. Programs, clippings and other materials, many collected by Beatrice Burns Harvey, the first president, 1961-2000. 1 box.Ms2006-015
West Virginia Forest Festival. Correspondence and other items regarding Princess Winifred Woods, 1932. 13 items. Ms91-66
"West Virginia Hills" by William Sidney Laidley, literary mss, n.d. 1 item. Ms80-93
West Virginia Historical & Antiquarian Society. Records, 1886-1893. Includes records of Kanawha County historical society. 3 in. Ms79-71
West Virginia Historical Society. Annual meeting information, membership lists and other materials, 1926-1973. 3 folders. Ms2009-148
West Virginia Historical Society. Correspondence from Tim Armstead to Fredrick Armstrong, 1991. 1 folder.Ms2021-113
West Virginia History Film Project. Project files and notes, 1990s. 6 boxes. Ms2002-089
West Virginia Home Economics Association. Minutes, correspondence and other materials of statewide organization, 1936-1995. 4 boxes. Ms96-55
West Virginia Independence Hall. Correspondence and records regarding building and Foundation, 1969-1980. 4 boxes.Ms89-46
West Virginia Industries Development Corporation. Project Proposal: Pleasant Point Resort, Pt. Pleasant, 1962. 1 item. Ms78-47
West Virginia Kids County Data Book 1994 County Profiles of Children Well-Being, 1994. 1 item. Ms2021-175
West Virginia Labor History Association. Papers relating to labor history in West Virginia. 5 boxes.Ms2006-001
West Virginia Laws of Interest to Women and Children by C. B. Dille, literary mss, 1914. 1 inch. Ms79-186
West Virginia Legislature. Agreement and basis of settlement between Democrats and Republicans in 1911 session. 1 item. Ms80-121
West Virginia Legislature. Resolution seeking federal relief for Civil War damages, 1866 January 24. 1 item.Ms80-292
West Virginia Library Association. Executive Board handbook, minutes, financial information, 1994-1997. 2 folders.Ms2006-075
West Virginia Masonic Heritage Day. Materials regarding event and George Wesley Atkinson, former governor and Grand Master of Masons in West Virginia, 1993 August 21. 1 folder. Ms94-18
*West Virginia Medical Society. Records, 1932-1980. 4 boxes. Ms83-4
*West Virginia Nurses Association. Records, 1907-1977. 20 ft. Ms79-220
West Virginia Nurses Association. Membership Directories, District 8 Board of Directors Minutes, Financial Statements, Constitution and By-Laws, and yearbooks, 1950-1998. 1 box. Ms79-220acc
West Virginia Partners of the Americas Collection. Trip reports & other materials re: its activities with WV sister state in Brazil, 1967-1988. 1 box. Ms88-232
West Virginia Penitentiary. Account of September 1898 visit from Wheeling, written in 1899. 1 item. Ms2004-107
West Virginia Peoples Election Reform Coalition. Data and reports on elected officials and campaign donations, 1996-2003. 1 box. Ms2004-022
West Virginia Post Offices. Forms detailing changes in post offices including establishment and dissolution, name and location changes, 1930-70. 1 box. Ms2003-195
*West Virginia Public Health Hall of Fame Collection. Biographical sketches of prominent health workers, 1980s-1991. 1 box. Ms91-72
West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company. Financial records of lumber company in Cass, 1923- 1944. 1 box. Ms2007-005
West Virginia Records, Assorted. Miscellaneous VA/WV records and correspondence, 1818-1898. 1 box. Ms2018-073
West Virginia Regimental Histories. Ms79-242
West Virginia Relief Administration. Project registers, account books, local cash journals, payrolls & time sheets for projects in Upshur, Doddridge & Tucker counties, 1934-1936. 9 volumes & 1 box. Ms88-2
West Virginia Society for the Blind and Severely Disabled. Annual reports 15th-20th, 23rd-27th, 29th; 1968 Yearbook of the WV Federation of the Blind, 1960-1975. 13 items. Ms2013-102
*West Virginia Society of National Society of US Daughters of of 1812. Papers, proceedings, research, 1760-1972. 2 boxes. Ms86-93
West Virginia Square and Round Dance Federation. History, some correspondence, 1987. 1 volume. Ms2012-019
West Virginia State Grange. Copy of 1941 speech & bulletin; 1954 correspondence; song sheet. 1 folder. Ms85-150
West Virginia Tax Commission. "Hamlet". Essay by unidentified author about special tax to support state educational institutions in competition for Tax Commission prize, 1914. 1 item. Ms79-145
West Virginia Transportation Company Collection. Incorporation information, stock certificates and correspondence about company, 1926-1997. 10 items. Ms2016-004
Westfall Genealogy. (see card catalogue for index). 1982-1988. 24 volumes. Ms87-169
Westfall Genealogy. Family information, taken from Gustave Anjou's Ulster County NY Wills, 1980s. 16 volumes. Ms89-90
Weston State Hospital Collection. Articles, materials, and photographs regarding Weston State Hospital. 1 box.Ms2008-085
Wetzel County deeds - see Monongalia County Ms2001-008
Wetzel, Lewis. Letters to Mrs. Roy Bird Cook and Kyle McCormick about Wetzel, 1953, 1960. 2 items.Ms2013-068
Whaley, Kellian Van Rensalear. Letters from various correspondents, 1863-1879. 37 items. Ms80-126
Wheat, Harry G. Diary, 1907. 1 volume. Ms81-34
Wheeler, Billy Edd. Autographed letter regarding recent projects, 2008 February 3. 1 item. Ms2015-034
Wheeling. Artificial collection including Chester and William Hubbard, statehood, Civil War, 1810-1914. 1 box.Ms2006-044
Wheeling Bicentennial Committee files. Minutes, publications, etc, 1969. 1 box. Ms86-127
Wheeling Custom House - see U.S. Treasury Dept. Ms90-92
"Wheeling in by-gone days; a hundred years & more ago." ca. 1911, literary mss. 1 item. Ms80-197
Wheeling National Heritage Area Corporation. Letter discussing cultural survey report, 1994 August 30. 1 item. Ms2013-118
Wheeling personal property tax book, 1860. 1 volume. Ms87-200
Wheeling Socialist Party. Account books, membership books and other documents, 1904-1918. 1 box.Ms2007-006
*Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation. Annual reports, board of directors meeting minutes, deeds, contracts, labor agreements, and other records, 1847-2012. 185 boxes, drawings, maps, and audiovisual materials. Ms2018-024
When the Spanish Influenza Hit Raleigh County and Indian Warpaths in Raleigh County, both by Jim Wood, (literary manuscripts) n.d. 2 items.Ms2006-074
White, ___, Lord Mayor of London. Affidavit, 1767 July 13, sworn by Edward Brace Terrill before the Lord Mayor of London concerning the collection of an award by Terrill & William Burr. 1 item. Ms80-209
White, Bennet Collection. Diary and letters regarding Morgantown area, 1886-1901. 1 box. Ms96-39
White family. Deeds, agreements and other documents of Lewis County family, 1818-1929. 2 folders. Ms2017-009
White House Conference on Youth and Children. Records includes mss "A Prospectus on the WV Extension Program" by Dana B. Reynolds, 1918-1933, 1960. 6 in. Ms79-218
White House Tavern - see Cook-Hull Ms76-12
*White, Malcolm Collection. Military manuals and materials relating to Desert Storm, 1987- 1990. 1 box. Ms2003-104
Whittaker, William. Diary of early Kanawha County saltmaker discussing travels abroad, 1795-1846. 1 volume. Ms79-5
Whittico, James M. Collection. Information on Williamson native and prominent black physician who was president of the National Medical Association (photocopies), ca. 1940s-1990s. 1 folder. Ms2002-121
Wickman, Marine T. Papers of Harpers Ferry armory gunsmith, 1811-1832. 25 items. Ms79-195
Wildwood-Beckley Family Collection. Correspondence and other materials regarding the Beckley family, Raleigh County Historical Society, and Wildwood, 1807-1998. 4 boxes and oversized. Ms2020-036
Willey, Waitman Thomas. Deeds, surveys and other information regarding his home and lands in Monongalia County, appointment to WVU Board of Regents by Governor Jackson; 1836-1971. 16 items. Ms93-2
Willey, Waitman Thomas. Letter, Senate Chamber to John S. Barnes, Barn's Mills, Monongalia County, 1840 January 17. 1 item. Ms80-181
"William Casey Marland Governor of West Virginia 1953-1957" by Paul Franklin Lutz (Ph.D. dissertation for WVU), (photocopy), literary manuscript, 1977. 1 item.Ms2012-018
Williams, Doc and Chickie Collection. Material related to the lives and careers of Doc and Chickie Williams, WWVA Jamboree, and related performers, 1936-2020. 24 boxes and oversized materials. Ms2021-367
*Williams, E. Virginia Collection. Correspondence and other materials regarding O. F. Williams family and daughter Virginia, who taught at Morris Harvey College for 42 years, ca. 1857-1985. 2 boxes. Ms2003-019
Williams, Elisha. Records of Nicholas County court case against John Morris, 1842-1849. 2 items. Ms79-162
Williams family - see Lindsay Ms89-105
Williams, Larry. Reminiscences of his life and ancestors, 2003. 1 item. Ms2009-159
Williams, Lee R. and Mable Collection. Land grant, deeds, tax receipts for Williams Dodrill families of Webster County, 1867-1912. 1 folder. Ms2021-023
Williams, Mary L. Papers relating to the Charleston Branch of the NAACP, 1943-1982. 1 box.Ms2009-009
Williams, Robert G. Papers of long-time director of Charleston High School band. 1935-1979. 2 boxes.Ms2009-138
Williamson, George F. Family Collection. Early land records and other documents from Logan County and Mingo County, West Virginia, and Pike County, Kentucky, 1822-2018. 4 boxes and oversized.Ms2021-202
Willis Branch mss. Photocopies of history of Willis Branch mine during Paint Creek strike, 1921, 1973. 2 items. Ms87-134
Wilson, Elizabeth Ruffner. Diary of life and events in Charleston, 1874-1876; 1890-1892. 1 item. Ms80-191
Wilson family - see Henderson family Ms78-6
- see Virginia Historical Society Ms92-14
Wilson, Franklin. Letters of Presbyterian minister, 1838-1855. 2 items. Ms79-148
*Wilson, Victor Collection. Correspondence and other materials regarding General Albert Gallatin Jenkins and family, Jenkins home at Greenbottom (photocopies), ca. 1850s-1990s. 1 box. Ms2003-106
Wilson, William Christian. Letters between Wilson and his sons, many written from Kanawha County, 1836-1847. 20 items. Ms91-36
Wilson, William Lyne. Letter, Washington DC to William M. Foulke, Piedmont, 1892 March 3. 1 item. Ms80-146
"The Wilsons in Augusta, Rockbridge, & Botetourt Counties", 1960-1965. 216 leaves. Ms81-19
Wiltshire, Mary. Estate settlement in Jefferson County, 1864-1872. 3 items. Ms80-225
Winfield. Town charter (photocopy), 1889 September 24. 1 item.Ms2013-071
Winkler, George L. and Mary Boster Beard Collection. Materials of Huntington native killed in WWII, 1928-2011. 2 boxes. Ms2019-086
Wintz, William. "History of the Chemical Industry in Nitro, WV 1917-1960", literary mss, 2003. 1 item. Ms2004-038
*Wintz, William D. Collection. Materials on Nitro and Kanawha Valley history including Washington's sword, William Dusenberry diaries (photocopies), 1807-1985. 1 box. Ms2013-028
Wireman, Claude Eugene. Information on 47th Infantry including unit newsletters (photocopies), 1943-44, 1980s. 1 folder. Ms2009-157
Wise, Bob. Congressional Papers, 1982-2000. 9 boxes.Ms2008-093
Wise, Henry. Correspondence to E.W.M. McComas, 1855. 2 items. Ms80-158
Witten, Sally Sue. Literary mss: "Susan Witten Neal 1888-1961" & "Minnie Holley Barnes" (photocopies) 1983. 2 items. Ms86-36
WOBU Radio - see Fredericks Ms88-111
Woman's Club of Charles Town. Minute books, 1921-1932. 2 volumes. Ms2009-100
*Woman's Club of Martinsburg. Papers, 1956-1972, Ms80-312
Woman's Kanawha Literary Club. Yearbooks, minutes, scrapbooks, and other material of organization, 1897-2013. 10 boxes and oversized material.Ms2017-019
Woman's Improvement League Collection. Junior Improvement League materials (photocopies), 1988 Anniversary program. 1966, 1988. 3 items. Ms88-94
Wood, Anna Collection. Correspondence and other material of Bluefield resident and daughter of Chattaroy Coal Company Hatfield General Manager - includes booklet for treatment at Battle Creek Sanitarium, 1926-1934. 1 folder.Ms2007-021
Wood, Arthur. Family papers, 1870-1960. 2 boxes. Ms2006-099
"The Wood County Poor Farm Property: A Brief History 1798-1986" by Bernard L. Allen, 1986. 1 item. Ms91-55
Wood, Jim. "Indian Warpaths in Raleigh County" and "When the Spanish Influenza Hit Raleigh County," literary manuscripts, n.d. 2 items.Ms2006-074
Wood, John Henry. Diary of 1st Lt, 10th WV Inf, 1865 January-August (photocopy). 1 item. Ms80-20
*Wood, Warren. Collection re: Blennerhassett and Washington lands, 1863-1926. 13 items. Ms80-147
Wood, Warren. Correspondence re: Burr and Blennerhassett books, 1901. 2 items. Ms80-169
Wood, Warren. "The Deserted Isle", literary mss about Blennerhassett Island, n.d. 1 item. Ms80-192
Woodbridge, Dudley. Bond, Washington County, to Benjamin Ives Gilman, Washington Co & territory of the US north-west of the Ohio, 1798 July 7. 1 item. Ms80-127
Woodman Family Collection. Diaries of Charleston businessman, letter copy books for Mountain Lake Land Company, 1895 October - 1918. 1 box.Ms2008-036
Woodrum, Patricia G. "'Red' Ribble, Photographic Historian", literary mss, 1988. 1 item. Ms89-26
Woods, J. Hopkins, collector. Autograph album containing signatures of members of the WV Constitutional Convention of 1872. 1 volume. Ms80-289
Woomer, Warren Collection. Union Carbide materials, 1952-2006. 2 boxes and 1 oversized folder.Ms2017-020
Workbook. Mathematics workbook, 1836. 1 volume.Ms2016-058
Workman family - see Sayre, Ralph A. Ms81-16
Workman Family Collection. Correspondence among family members including William H. Workman, Company B, 7th WV Cavalry to cousin in Boone County (photocopies), 1863-1876. 1 folder. Ms2004-099
Works Progress Administration. Calendar of the Arthur I. Boreman Letters in the State Department of Archives and History, 1939 January. 1 volume. Ms2016-021
Works Progress Administration. Calender of the William E. Stevenson Letters in the State Department of Archives and History, 1939 March. 1 volume. Ms2016-022
Works Progress Administration. Correspondence regarding documentation project on New Deal, including list of federally funded projects from 1938, 1983. 1 folder. Ms2002-079
Works Projects Administration. Correspondence of state administrator Joseph N. Alderson, 1940 July1-1941 May 16; travel file; case file on dismissal of administrative assistant Homer Hanna, ca. 1935-1941. 3 folders. Ms94-7
Works Progress Administration. Digest of Public Welfare Provisions under the Laws of the State of West Virginia, 1935 December 1. 1 volume. Ms2016-018
Works Progress Administration. Notebooks of county records, n.d. 13 boxes. Transfer from Library. Ms2012-047
*Works Progress Administration. Transcripts of privately owned manuscript collections of WV, 1940, typescript carbon copies. 5 in. Ms79-228
Works Progress Administration. "History of the Construction of the South Side Bridge", 1936-1937. 1 item. Ms82-329
Works Projects Administration. Calendar of the Francis Harrison Pierpont Letters and Papers in West Virginia Depositories, 1940 October. 1 volume. Ms2016-020
Works Projects Administration. Calendar of the J. J. Jacobs Letters in West Virginia Depositories, 1940 July. 1 volume. Ms2016-019
World War I. Letter from Private Wm. L. Martin in France to mother Belle Winals in Rainelle, 1919 January 23. 1 item. Ms2012-026
World War I. Materials regarding Sergeant Houghton Robson Abbott, 1917-1918. 7 items. Ms94-33
World War I. Telegram, letter announcing death of Ray Skidmore in France, 1918 September 26-December 25. 2 items. Ms94-48
World War II casualty information including prisoners and wounded, ca. 1944. 1 folder. Ms2010-069
World War II correspondence. Letters between Charles Hartley, State 4-H Club leader and former campers serving in military (photocopies), 1942-1945. 10 items. Ms2002-095
World War II. Experiences of Paul McGinnis of Wheeling, who survived sinking of USS Indianapolis and snapshot, 1944. 1 folder. Ms2004-138
World War II. Letters, memos relating to foreign diplomats held at Greenbrier and FBI materials relating to their exchange (photocopies), 1941-1942. 1 folder. Ms2009-006
World War II. Letters of Ira Haught. Letters from Haught to wife Lorene Fish Haught of Sistersville, 1943-45. 2 boxes (246 items).Ms2016-003
World War II. Ration Book One cover, promissory note of George Robert Hosey, 1940-1943. 3 items. Ms97-10
World War II. Special Orders #335 assigning army medical administrative staff to duty stations at Camp Barkeley, TX, 1942 December 16. 1 item. Ms2016-010
World War II. Teletype announcing German surrender from Eisenhower's office in Paris to War Department, 1945 May 7. 1 item. Ms96-8
World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago. WV exhibition records, 1893. 5 items. Ms79-138
World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago. Register, WV Building, 1893. 1 volume. Ms79-76
World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago. Inventory of that portion of WV mining exhibit at the World's Fair, 1893. 1 item. Ms79-139
Worsham, James. Manuscript about Harpers Ferry armory and interchangeable parts, 1996. 1 item.Ms2000-023
Wright family - see Buck, Maud Marie Ms79-247
Wright, Harriette. Papers of Harriette Wright of Bluefield, including materials on community activities and organizations, 1924-2007. 2 boxes.Ms2009-139
Wyoming County, WV. Docket books, personal property lists, justices' criminal & civil dockets, court execution records, etc, 1850-1961. 39 items. Ms84-157
Wyoming County. Witness expense receipt for Richard Smith in case of Elisha Bowlin, 1867 August 1 item. Ms2003-224
Yahrling family, Civil War. Correspondence between Wheeling family and Fred Yahrling, 6th WV Infantry, ca. 1861-1874. 68 items.Ms2004-037
Yoakum family - see Kincaid, Maude Ms79-233
"You Can Still Just Call Me Jack" by Jasper H. Young, literary mss, n.d. 1 item. Ms2011-023
Young, Adolphus Collection. Materials on African-American history and McDowell County history (photocopies), 1980s-2004. 1 box. Ms2004-100
Young, Guy Bell Collection. Materials of Spanish-American War veteran, United Spanish War veterans, 1899-1962. 2 boxes and oversized. Ms2019-091
Young, Henry Collection. Information on Young and related families, n.d. 4 boxes.Ms2012-037
Young, James Julian. WWII materials, ca. 1941-1949. 24 items. (oversized shelved as drawer Z 17-8)Ms85-37
Young, Jasper H. "You Can Still Just Call Me Jack", literary mss, n.d. 1 item. Ms2011-023
YWCA. Letter from Mrs. Harriet R. Chamberlin to William B. Mathews describing various centers operated by YWCA in state, 1922 January 23. 1 item. Ms2012-021
*YWCA of Charleston Collection. Records, etc, 1912-1981. 23 boxes. Ms86-38
Zimmerman, Marcellus W. The Old Lewisburg Academy. transcript from Greenbrier Independent, 1882-1885. 1 item. Ms78-38

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