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Lowen/Khourie Family Collection

1. Elementary School Grade Card, Fred Khourie, Cairo, Illinois, 1920
2. Soldier's Individual Pay Record Book, F. N. Khourie
3. Newspaper Article, Includes information on Fred N. Khourie
4. Photograph Holder, The Diamond Department Store
5. Fred Khourie, Composition Book and Miscellaneous Papers Written in Arabic
6. Membership Certificate, National Junior Honor Society, Roosevelt Junior High School, Yvonne Khourie, 1961
7. Pictorial Review, 332 Air Service Group, North Africa, Sicily, Italy, France
8. Photograph, National Honor Society, Roosevelt Junior High School (includes Yvonne Khourie) Back Row: ___, Becky Cochenhour, ___, ___, ___, ___, ___
4th Row: Don Winter, Dennis Shrader, Mark Pullen, ___, Martha Anderson, Jane Wilson, Maureen McDaniel, Cathy Wilson
3rd Row: ___, Nancy Shawkey, ___, Kay Nobel, Yvonne Khourie, Becky Ware, ___, ___
2nd Row: Triana Rapking, Sharon Freedman, Patricia Stafford, Diane Michael, Eileen Sheff, Judy Cavacini, ___
1st Row: Christine Rapking, Karen Ford, Brenda Hardiman, Christa Millhouse, ___, Karen Pressman, Elizabeth Sneddon, Norman Boling, ___
9. Photograph and Articles, Murder of Isaac (Mike) Lowen, Montgomery, 1908
10. Photograph, Grade One, Kanawha Elementary School, 1953-1954
Top Row: Mrs. Garity, Don Winter, ___, David Ong, Nancy Shawkey, Parker White, ___, ___, Sharon Freedman
Row 2: Leslie "Pete" Hoffman, Laura Caplin, ___, ___, Katie Weekman, ___
Row 3: ___, Gary Green, ___, Greg Campbell, ___, ___, Jean Tierney, ___, Yvonne Khourie
Row 4: Joe Zane, Mary Ann Raines, ___, Mary Margaret Frazier, ___, Annette Vallian?, Karen Ford, ___
11. Photographs (two copies), Fred Khourie in Army uniform, ca. 1940s
12. Photograph, Louis Lowen and Marguerite Lowen, Mound Tavern (South Charleston?), May 8, 1940
Junior High School Diploma, Edna G. Lowen, 1931
Certificate of Improvement, Palmer Method of Business Writing, Edna Lowen, 1928
Promotion Certificate, Edna Lowen, Primary Department, First Presbyterian Church Sunday School, Charleston, 1921
Promotion Certificate, Edna Lowen, Intermediate Department, First Presbyterian Church Sunday School, Charleston, 1930
Graduation Diploma, Edna Genevieve Lowen, Charleston High School, 1934
Junior High School Diploma, Marguerite Lowen, 1929
Graduation Diploma, Marguerite Lowen, Charleston High School, 1932

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