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Warren Woomer Collection

Box 1

1:1 Carbiders Remembering Carbide, 2000
1:2 Union Carbide, Institute Plant, Employees Open House, May 16 and 23, 1970
1:3 Union Carbide, Institute Plant, "Working for a Cleaner Environment Through Science and Engineering," 1970
1:4 Technical Information, Sevin Carbaryl Insecticide...For Abundant Food and Fiber, 1976
1:5 "A Brief History of Chemistry in the Kanawha Valley," Franklin Johnston, Kanawha Valley Section, American Chemical Society, October 1977
1:6 Union Carbide, Simply Great Chemistry
1:7 West Virginia: The Profit Center for Plastics Processors
1:8 Rhone Poulenc
1:9 Rhone Poulenc, Institute Plant
1:10 Rhone Poulenc, Institute Plant, Be Our Partner For Progress...
1:11 The Chemical Attraction: A Study of the Chemical Industry's Impact on the Kanawha Valley Economy
1:12 Chemical Week, March 27, 1996
1:13 Bayer Crop Science
1:14 Butadiene and Styrene for Buna S Synthetic Rubber from Grain Alcohol
1:15 Union Carbide, Manual of Hazards to Health from Chemicals, 1965
1:16 West Virginia Edge, West Virginia Invented the Chemical Industry, Now We're Reinventing It
1:17 Chemlines, Spring/Summer 2004
1:18 Union Carbide, Institute Plant, Reactive Chemicals, Basic Training Manual
1:19 Speech, "The Single Road to Security and Abundance," by William C. Foster, President of the Manufacturing Chemists Association
1:20 History of Union Carbide Corporation's Coal Hydrogenation and Related Coal Projects, 1935-1961, compiled and edited by John J. Potter, Jr., October 1995
1:21 Article, "Revisiting the First Cracker, in West Virginia, as Shale Rekindles Interest, Chemical Week
1:22 South Charleston Plant History
1:23 Program, "Building 2000: From Innovation to Education," Kanawha Valley Community and Technical College
1:24 Union Carbide, Chemical Engineering Achievement Award Dinner, Coal Hydrogenation, December 2, 1953
1:25 Booklet, Dow Chemical Company, South Charleston Technology Park
1:26 Press Releases, Coal Hydrogenation

Box 2

2:1 Photographs, Coal Hydrogenation
2:2 Booklet, Engineering Guide for Heat Transfer Fluids
2:3 Booklet, Dissolving the Myths about EGBE and Health: A Review of the Uses and Health Effects of Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether
2:4 Booklet, Polox, Water-Soluble Resins
2:5 Booklet, UCAR Esters for Coatings Applications
2:6 Booklet, Cellosize Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC)
2:7 Booklet, Carbowax Polyethylene Glycols
2:8 Booklet, Acrylate Esters, A Guide to Safety and Handling
2:9 Booklet, Alkyl Alkanolamines
2:10 Booklet, Triethylene Glycol
2:11 Booklet, Fluids and Lubricants
2:12 Booklet, Ethylene Glycol
2:13 Booklet, Diethylene Glycol
2:14 Booklet, Ethylene Oxide
2:15 Booklet, Tetraethylene Glycol
2:16 Coal Hydrogenation
2:17 Speech, Highlights of the Chemical Industry in the Kanawha Valley, W. F. Dobbs
2: 18 "History of Vinyls and Plasticizers in Union Carbide," by Max Sutherland, January 1996
2:19 Union Carbide Corporation History Excerpts, Petrochemical Development Related to POLYOX and PVA, by Warren Woomer, September 17, 1996
2: 20 "The Growth and Decline of the Magic Valley," by Warren Woomer, April 25, 2006
2: 21 "Welcome to West Virginia," presentation by Warren Woomer
2:22 Thank You Letters, Warren Woomer, for Tours of Rhone Poulenc


"The Exciting Universe of Union Carbide," 1960
Saturday Evening Post, July 12, 1952, features article, "Look What They're Doing With Coal!," Quick, West Virginia

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