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Lucy Lee Kuykendall St. Clair Collection

Box 1

Folder 1
Renick Family: Includes handwritten notes; photocopies of typescript materials.

Folder 2
McNeill Family: Includes handwritten notes, typescript transcription of reminiscences by Mary Hale McNeill Kuykendall; copies from published sources.

Folder 3
Casey Family; Depuy Family: Includes handwritten notes and charts; transcriptions of interviews and letters regarding Peter and Mary Magdeline (Depew) Casey of South Branch.

Folder 4
Williams Family; Van Meter Family: Includes handwritten notes; charts, transcription of James Williams bible; letters; typescript of Pickaway County, Ohio related material; typescript copy of The Van Meteren Family of Holland and America, by Amelia Clay Lewis Van Meter Rogers.

Folder 5
Bogard Family: Petty Family: Includes handwritten notes; also fragmentary notes for Depuy and Heath families.

Folder 6
Gilkeson Family: Includes handwritten charts; typescript Gilkeson and Shepherd materials; handwritten notes.

Box 2

Folder 7
Vance Family: Includes handwritten notes; photocopies of Chapter 1, The Family of and The Descendants of Robert McGovney Vance 1821-1903 by Dean F. Vance; photocopies of Chapter 3, Vances in Early America, by Alice Graham.

Folder 8
The Minisink Settlements: an investigation in a prehistoric and early historic site in Sussex County, New Jersey, by Herbert C. Kraft. Complete copy of report submitted to National Park Service 1977. Place of residence of Jacob Van Kuykendall during the 1720's.

Folder 9
Pugh Family; Glass Family; Gamble Family; Cherry Family: Includes handwritten notes.

Folder 10
Abernathy Family; Hopkins Family; Gibson Family: Includes handwritten notes; correspondence.

Folder 11
Bell Family; Sherrard Family: Includes handwritten notes; typed transcriptions.

Folder 12
Calvin Family; Decker Family: Includes handwritten and typescript notes.

Folder 13
Charts: Hardy County Relationships - Particularly the Family of Vincent Williams; Hardy County Relationships - Particularly the Family of McNeills; Hardy County Relationships - Particularly the Family of Solomon Van Meter; all 1935 by R. B. Woodworth. Also a hand drawn chart with many families.

Folder 14
Cool Family; Westfall Family; Tack Family: Includes handwritten notes; family group sheets.

Folder 15
Westfall Family: Harness Family: Includes handwritten notes on Kuykendall family; photocopies of Westfall research which includes Harness family.

Folder 16
Mixed Records: Includes handwritten notes and photocopies covering several families.

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