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Wheeling Socialist Party Collection

Photocopies of Wheeling Socialist materials
Pamphlet, "A Socialist Education Program with a Topical Analysis of Henderson's 'The Case For Socialism,'" by Dr. Robert T. Kerlin, Ph. D. Yale, Keyser, West Virginia, n.d.
Minute Book, 1910-1911
Cash Account Book, 1910-1912/Membership Journal, 1911-1912
Cash Account Book, 1912-1918/Membership Journal, 1912-1918
Account Book, 1904-1910
Account Book, 1911-1917
Account Book, 1910, 1911, 1918
Receipts and Expenses Book, 1911-1912

"What Socialism Will Really Mean To You," by Lawrence Benjamin. Published by The Socialist Party of the United States of America, 549 Randolph Street, Chicago, Illinois. (2 copies)

Expenses for Eugene Debs Meeting, September 8, 1904
Socialist Ticket of Workingmen, circa 1910 (slate includes Valentine Reuther as candidate for House of Delegates)
Charges against Abe Rapport for conduct unbecoming a Socialist

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