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Dudor Family Collection

Box 1

Certificate of Naturalization, John Dudor
Certificate of Naturalization, Jozeph Kniska/Anna Kniska/Stefan Kniska
Marriage License, John Dudor and Mary Kulchar, 1925
Marriage Certificate, Stephan Kniska and Irene Widmar, 1956
Birth Certificate, Irene Widmar, 1924
Frank Thomas Smith documents
Deeds and Real Estate Sale Contract, John and Mary Dudor
United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) pension documents, John Dudor
Downtown Wheeling Associates, 1961 Mother of the Year, Mary Dudor
Biographies, WWVA performers
World War II military papers, Stephan Kniska
Death Certificate, Stephan Kniska, 1975
Baptism document, Maria Gaspar, 1892
Poster, Mrs. John Dudor, 1961 Downtown Wheeling Associates Mother of the Year

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