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Lilly Reunion information

McGuffin family history

Clan Gregor information

Lillie/Lilly family information

Jim Richardson correspondence, Lilly family

Robert Lilly, Sr. records from France

Damon Lilly indenture, Oct 22, 1776

David H. Lilly correspondence, William S. Lilly, Sr.

William S. Lilly, Sr. and Margaret Shumate family info

Robert Greenlee Lilly, SAR application

Robert Lilly, Sr. various family info

Green Lee Lilly and Mary E. Criser family info

William S. Lilly, Jr. family info

R. Greenlee Lilly Ancestor Chart, Mecklenburg, NC Genealogical Society

Miscellaneous Lilly, McGuffin, Greenlee family info

History of Lilly family, Sweden to France 1291 - 1898, Gustave Anjou

Lilly Coat of Arms

Info from Virginia Lilly on Lewis family

Lilly, Meadows, Whitaker family info

Mecklenburg Genealogical Society photos

Dinwiddie County Geography Supplement

David Hiram Lilly family info

Deeds, Tollison, William Lilly Sr. and William Lilly Jr.

The Lilly Family (Southern branch) Hatcher's Book

Greenlee history 11/21/99

Robert Lilly, Sr. Romingy, France, SAR Application, Book on Edmund Lilly 1772-1832

An Historical Genealogy of the Basham, Ellison, Hatcher, Lilly, Meadows, Pack, Walker, and Other families, Compiled by Charles Sisas Hatcher

Robert Lilly, Jr. family info

William S. Lilly, Jr. (Shoemaker Bill) family info

Criser family info

Article, Another Version of Lilly History - 2

Our Heritage, The Lilly Family, Volume 4, 1980

Lilly Family, Gustave Anjoy, 1291-1898

Miscellaneous Lilly family info, History of Summers County

Miscellaneous - Holland, Hughart - Warm Sulphur Springs VA July 4, 1893 menu, 400th anniv.

William Lilly Sr. Family Info

National Society Sons Of The American Revolution Membership

Green Lee Lilly And Mamie Criser Lilly Family Information

Civil War

Campbell Family History Descendants Of Thomas Campbell Sr. 1715-1973


Genealogy Lesson Jane Hill

Miscellaneous Household Information


Library of Congress - Reading Rooms Division brochure

Lilly Historical & Genealogical Society - Official publications, Aug 1982; Nov 1982; Nov 1984

Miscellaneous genealogical research - Whitaker family; Lewis family; Elizabeth Walker; Holyfield Virginia Whitaker Simmons Lilly

Robert Greenlee school records

Book, The Shumate family

Booklet, Coat of Arms, Guy Erastus Lilly, History 1696-1982

Folder, Crisers

Folder, Robert Greenlee, Sr.

Folder, David Lilly

Folder, Jack Lilly

Folder of blue notebook with computerized family history back to Sweden, 1790

Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 8/17/1930, Lilly family reunion, Vol III Lilly family history

Robert Lilly Sr. duplicates except family Bible of William S. Lilly, Jr.

Extra copies of Lilly family information

Lilly family collection - rolled sheets

Indenture, 1817, Thomas and Edmond Lilly from Robert Lilly, Sr and Fanny Lilly

Deed book L. page 493, Summers Co., WV Margaret Lilly sale to James Cox, 1891

Deed book 1, page 377, Mercer Co., WV Robert Lilly Sr. highest bidder, 17000 acres 1842

Deed book 5, page 172, Mercer Co. WV William Sr. giving land to William Lilly Jr. 1859

Lilly Coat of Arms

Deed book 3, page 630, Mercer Co., WV William Sr. giving land to Tolison Lilly

Deed book 4, page 545, Mercer Co., WV Robert Lilly to James Lilly

Map, Old Lutheran Cemetery, Salisbury, NC

Deed book 3, P 596,597, Mercer Co., WV Margaret Shumate to William Lilly, Jr. 1853

Deed book 3, page 374, Mercer Co., WV Robert Lilly to James Lilly 1846

Deed book 4, page 543, Mercer Co., WV Robert Lilly Jr bought land from daughters 1857 (7 copies)

Deed book Robert Lilly Sr. to William Lilly and wife Fanny

Indenture, Robert Lilly Sr. and Fanny to live with William Lilly for remainder of life, 50 acres

Indenture, Robert Lilly Sr. and Fanny, stock and furniture to William for helping parents 2/28/1817

Manuscript Collections

West Virginia Archives and History