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This collection consists of copies of Civil War pension files, primarily of West Virginia soldiers, used by Linda Fluharty Cunningham, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in research of her Civil War books on the deaths of Union soldiers of West Virginia in the Civil War and West Virginia Union soldiers involved in the Sultana maritime disaster on April 27, 1865. In addition to the pension records many of the files have supplemental information such as genealogical notes, pictures, etc. The files for the soldiers involved in the Sultana disaster have Sultana in brackets following their entry.

Donated by Linda Fluharty Cunningham

Box 1

1st West Virginia Infantry (three months)
John H. Howard, Company H

1st West Virginia Infantry
Richard Ball, Company G (also 147th Battalion V. R. C.)
Martin T. Burch, Company D
David Fluharty, Company H
Henry C. Foster, Companies A and K [Sultana]
Simon Hartzell, Company D
William H. Holliday, Wagon Master, Field and Staff
Alexander Manners, Company K [Sultana]
James McHenry, Company M (2nd West Virginia Veteran Volunteers, Company D)
George C. Mendel, Company K
Theopolis Richardson, Company A [Sultana]
Josiah Sims, Company D (also served 15th West Virginia Infantry, Company H)
Silas Simms, Company D
Samuel Springer, Company H (also served 3rd West Virginia Cavalry, Company A)
Benjamin F. Worls (Worral), Company F
Milton Worral, Company F
Samuel D. Worral, Company F

2nd West Virginia Infantry
James McIntosh, Company G/West Virginia Light Artillery
David Springer, Company F

5th West Virginia Infantry
Hugh Bowen, Company D
John W. Steel[e], Company C [Sultana]

6th West Virginia Infantry
Peyton Carson, Company F
John W. McGill, Company E
Elijah Smith, Company G (genealogical information only)
Skelton Sandiford, Company L

7th West Virginia Infantry
Francis W. H. Baldwin, Company B
John J. Elliott, Company A
William Jackson, Company B

9th West Virginia Infantry
James Buckbee, Company K [Sultana]
Robert E. Neal, Company H
Newton G. Sims, Company B
Aaron Thompson, Company A (musician)

10th West Virginia Infantry
John D. Weihert, Company F [Sultana]

11th West Virginia Infantry
John P. Boggs, Company A
John D. Collins, Company C
Jenkins Miller, Company H

12th West Virginia Infantry
Leander Allen, Company B
Samuel Allen, Company B
Oscar Allison, Company A
William G. Allison, Company I
Joshua Allman, Company B
Henry Anshutz, Company B
William Argo, Company A
Jesse Bane, Company C
James M. Blair, Company B
Thomas Burch (Birch), Company A
Thomas Burke, Company D
John A. Chrismond, Company A
James H. Coe, Company A
William Coffielt, Company B
Oliver Criswell, Company A
William H. Criswell, Company B
John Daken, Company C
James Durrah, Company A
Isaac Fish, Company C
John M. Flanigan, Company A
David B. Fleming, Company D
Joshua N. Fortney, Company G
William Gamble, Company A
George Gossett, Company A
William Gunn, Company C
William R. Hanna, Company D
John W. Harbinson, Company B
John J. Jones, Company A
James M. Keller, Company D
Ira Kidder, Company B

Box 2

12th West Virginia Infantry (continued)
James B. Kiger, Company D
William Kiger, Company
Joseph Leach (Leech), Company A
Thomas W. Marple, Company C
James Marquess, Company H
Luquilla Marquess, Company H
Robert McCammon, Company D
Thomas H. Means, Company H
James N. Miller, Company A
Morgan H. Miller, Company I
Josephus Morris, Company F
William Moslander, Company A
James Padgett, Company D
Thomas G. Riggs, Company B
Jacob Roberts, Company B
William L. Roberts, Company A
Stephen S. Sears, Company K
Martin Sims, Company A
John Stamm, Company D
Benjamin F. Standiford, Company C
William S. Standiford, Company B
George Teagarden, Company A

13th West Virginia Infantry
John L. Bench, Company H
James A. Yates, Company C

14th West Virginia Infantry
Isaac F. Beach, Company K
James S. Fluharty, Company H

15th West Virginia Infantry
William A. Deiters, Company H
Alexander M. Henderson, Company F
David Jenkins, Company K
John Jennings, Company C (service record and article)

17th West Virginia Infantry
John J. Standiford, Company A
George W. Wotring, Company I

1st West Virginia Cavalry
Parker Ackley, Company B
Robert Allison, Company B
Henry Anisansel, Field and Staff
Morrison Applegate, Company B
Samuel Barnett, Company B
Michael Barrett, Company L
Joseph Beaver, Company A
William H. Bell, Company B
Hugh P. Boone, Company B
Edgidias Bucher, Company A
Patrick Cain, Company C
Jefferson Call, Company B
David Parkhurst Chase, Company B
Joshua Coulter, Company H
Christopher C. Crepps, Company F
Michael Crites, Company L
William Cruddas, Company B
David Curry, Company B
Franklin Doak, Company B
Patrick Farley, Company K (1)
Patrick Farley, Company K (2)
Samuel Grim, Company B
Robert Hanson, Company D
Jacob Hare, Company A/G (articles-no pension)
James R. Harris, Company K
Fielding Hart, Company B
Isaiah Hill, Company C
James L. Jennings, Company C
Patrick V. Justus, Company B/G
Isaiah Kerr/Karr, Company B
George H. Klinefelter, Company B
Lewis Lennox, Company B
Julius Lesage, Company G
Scott Liston, Company B
William Lopp, Company I
William McCoy, Company C
Thomas McGlumphy, Company B
Samuel Merrifield, Company A/G
John Messenger, Company B
John A. Michael, Company E
Chance Minor, Company B
Andrew Murdy, Company B
Clinton Potter, Company B
Jacob Powers, Company B
Nathaniel P. Richmond, Field and Staff
Jerimiah Riggs, Company B
Martin Riley, Company B
Charles Ruble, Company G [Sultana]
Daniel Sallars, Company I
Dennis Sanders, Company B
William Seaburn, Company B
Stephen Stickle, Company B
John Stollar, Company B
John R. Wilt, Company C
Daniel A. Wood, Company K (Medal of Honor)
Alexander Wybley, Company B
John Yoders, Company B
Daniel Younkers, Company B

Box 3

2nd West Virginia Cavalry
Michael Barrett, Company G
Joseph Beach, Company K
Lazarus Ehman, Company C
Freeman T. Scott, Company F
Thomas Sharp, Company F [Sultana]
Joseph Trax, Company B

3rd West Virginia Cavalry
William Thompson, Company D
Daniel Wilfong, Company I

4th West Virginia Cavalry
George Birch, Company A/1st West Virginia Light Artillery, Battery H
Francis Boardman, Company D
William H. Cox, Company A/1st West Virginia Light Artillery, Battery H
Taylor Woodyard, Company F [Sultana]

6th West Virginia Cavalry
John F. Basnett, Company K
Patrick Lawless, Company B
James H. Lyons, Company B [Sultana]
Seth D. L. Stafford, Company C [Sultana]
John Welch, Company K [Sultana]

1st West Virginia Light Artillery
Edward H. Dixon, Battery D
Peter W. Gundling, Battery A
William H. Haller, Battery D
Jacob Honecker, Battery D
George C. Loy, Battery D [Sultana]
James McKendry, Battery G [Sultana]
Curran Mendel, Battery D
George E. Pillsbury, Battery D
James Melvin Richards, Battery D
George D. Smith, Battery D [Sultana]
Isaac B. Steelman, Battery D
Allen R. Stephens, Battery D [Sultana]
James M. Wheat, Battery D

William Bull, Loudon Rangers, Company A [Sultana]
John Kraft, Independent Exempts, Company A
James M. Ewing, Assistant Adjutant General, 1878
Jacob Conrad Smith, 133rd West Virginia Militia, Company C
Erastus Kidder, 148th Ohio Infantry, Company G
James Ackley, 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry
John S. Ackley, 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company C

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