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Goshorn Collection

Box 1:

1. First immigrant - Johan Georg Ganshorn (Goshorn)
2. Origin of Goshorn name
3. German ancestors of original immigrant and his wife
4. Goshorn coat of arms
5. Pennsylvania land records - families of first immigrant
6. Origins of Goshorn Historical Association
7. Ralph Goshorn - President, Goshorn Historical Association
8. Pennsylvania war records for Goshorns - War of 1812
9. Additional notes for manuscript
10. Jacob of the four brothers
11. John H. Goshorn and sister Mrs. Marie Goshorn Blough - descendants of Jacob's son George
12. George T. Goshorn, Piedmont
13. Mrs. Lena Benham Keller
14. Alfred and Gustava Goshorn - descendants of Jacob's son Samuel
15. Jones family, Pittsburgh, PA - descendants of Jacob's daughter Mary
16. Rev. Chalmers H. Goshorn - line of descent
17. Rev. Chalmers H. Goshorn - correspondence, Osceola Mills, PA
18. Dr. H. R. (Herbert Renner) Goshorn
19. U. S. Grant Goshorn, Blairs Mills, PA (Huntington County)
20. Mrs. J. C. Shearer - of Jacob's line
21. Lineage of Jacob
22. Nicholas of the four brothers
23. H. Rook Goshorn, attorney at law, Philadelphia, PA
24. Harry R. Goshorn, Philadelphia, PA (father of H. Rook Goshorn)

Box 2:

25. Gilbert of the four brothers
26. Leonard of the four brothers
27. Rachael Stillwell Goshorn, wife of Leonard
28. Descendants of Leonard's son William
29. Descendants of Leonard's son John
30. Farrier line - descendants of Leonard's son George
31. Descendants of Leonard's son George
32. Descendants of Leonard's son David
33. Descendants of Leonard's son Jacob
34. Descendants of Leonard's son Nicholas
35. George Alban Snyder - descendants of Leonard's son George
36. Charles Philip Snyder - descendants of Leonard's son George, son of George Alban Snyder
37. Mrs. John F. McMillan - descendants of Leonard's son John
38. Mrs. R. V. Hazelwood - descendants of Leonard's son David
39. General Alfred T. Goshorn - son of Leonard's son Nicholas
40. Donald Goshorn - descendants of Leonard
41. William G. Caldwell
42. Mrs. H. T. (Eleanor) Cunningham
43. Clarence B. Goshorn
44. Mrs. Jane Goshorn Shanklin - descendent of Leonard
45. Dr. Roy W. Goshorn
46. Kennedy line
47. Miscellaneous correspondence
48. Elizabeth Goshorn - daughter of Frederick Walter Goshorn
49. David Bowen - grandson of Frederick Walter Goshorn
50. Honaker genealogy - Frederick Walter Goshorn's wife and family
51. Gilbert S. Goshorn, West Palm Beach, FL

Box 3:

52. News clippings about Goshorns
53. Pennsylvania German Society
54. Frederick W. Goshorn's genealogy (excluding Goshorn line)
55. Frederick Walter Goshorn's SAR correspondence file
56. Frederick Walter Goshorn - assets of estate and funeral book
57. Birdie Honaker estate
58. Skees estate
59. Laurence Carr estate
60. Carper vs. Goshorn partition
61. Goshorn-Chappell farm partition
62. Fred W. Goshorn vs. W. G. MacCorkle
63. Deeds to Fred W. Goshorn for Carr, E. H. Goshorn, Kennedy and Goshorn-Chappell farm lots
64. Deeds entered into by Fred W. Goshorn
65. Leases entered into by Fred W. Goshorn
66. Commercial property owned by Fred W. Goshorn
67. United Carbon
68. Elizabeth G. Bower property
69. Route 64
70. Estate of Edward H. Goshorn
71. Miscellaneous legal documents

Box 4:

72. Notes for book by Fredrick W. Goshorn
73. Accretion - Goshorns in America
74. Accretion - original deeds and receipts
75. Accretion - miscellaneous publications
76. Accretion - SAR materials
77. Accretion - scrapbook of obituary and wedding notices

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