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Lewis Family Collection

West Virginia University residence Halls, 1953-1954
Nellis Motor Sales, 1951-1953
Statement with letterhead, Cook's Floral, Whitesville
Echoes of The West Virginia Mountain Project, December 1951
Recipes, WCHS Phone Exchange, 1962-1963
Marshall College, admissions
Boy Scouts of America, Logan, 1953-1953
The Eagle's Nest, A Story About the Civil Air Patrol Cadets, 1951
Sherman High School, 1954
Bluestone Reservoir Survey
Sunday School attendance diploma, Nellis Sunday School, Mrs. O. Lewis, 1951
Newsletter, The Bulletin Board, United States Naval Reserve Training Center, South Charleston, 1953-1954
Correspondence from West Virginia communities (Marie, Costa, Peterstown, Indian Mills, Charleston) to Mrs. O. C. Lewis, 1954

Manuscript Collections

West Virginia Archives and History