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Skaggs Family Collection

Box 1

1. Photo, Dr. Henry C. Skaggs (cover of Montgomery Herald, January 13, 1944)
2. Photo, Dr. Henry C. Skaggs
3. Photo, Home of parents of Dr. Henry C. Skaggs, Deepwater (4)
4. Photo, Home of Dr. Henry C. Skaggs, 603 Third Avenue, Montgomery (4)
5. Photo, Flood, Kanawha River (3)
6. Photo, Ice Skating on Kanawha River, Montgomery, 1930s? (3)
7. Photo, Henry Lazaroff, Men's Clothing Store, Montgomery (2)
8. Photo, Gore Hospital, Hopemont
9. Photo, Eva Sophia Watterson Updike Skaggs
10. Program/Photograph, 1st Reunion, Montgomery High School Class of 1940, Hawks Nest Country Club, June 27, 1987
11. Program, Montgomery Methodist Church, 50th Jubilee Year, 1926-1976
12. Diploma, Joseph Thomas Skaggs, Montgomery High School, 1940
13. Clipping, "Montgomery Doctor Dies" (Dr. Raymond A. Updike)
14. Photocopy, Photograph, Henry C. Skaggs, Robert C. Skaggs, Dr. Henry C. Skaggs, Dr. Joseph T. Skaggs
15. Drawing, Old Main, West Virginia Institute of Technology, Montgomery, James Swann, 1971
16. Report Card/Photographs/Letter, Dr. Joseph T. Skaggs
17. Foreword, Montgomery High School Year Book (1940)

Box 2

A Dictionary of Medical Science, 1857, used by Dr. Henry Skaggs, father of Dr. Joseph T. Skaggs

Transferred to Yearbook Collection

Yearbook, Chien Gris, Montgomery High School, 1940

Transferred to Newspaper Collection

The Book Strap, 1964-1965 (bound)
The Book Strap, 1965-1966 (bound)
Montgomery Herald, January 13, 1944
Montgomery Siren, Montgomery High School, May 23, 1940

Transferred to Library Collection

Window to the Past, Part III, McKendree Miners Hospital, by Melody Bragg

Manuscript Collections

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