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Homer Chapman Collection

Correspondence, to America Davis, from Huntington
Correspondence, to Meg Mossman, from Kerr, Ohio, 1892
Correspondence, from J. W. Mossman, Pine Grove, Ohio, 1892
Correspondence, from Cynthia Eplin, Dale, Kentucky, 1880-1881
Correspondence, from F. Dell Davis, Huntington
Correspondence, to Meck Davis, from Huntington, 1882
Correspondence, from Flora Davis, Huntington, 1880-1887
Correspondence, America Davis to Meck Davis, Bowen, Wayne County
Correspondence, from America Davis, Bowen, Wayne County
Correspondence, from Paulina F. Davis, Huntington
Correspondence, from C. S. Weller, Huntington
Correspondence, from Charles H. Davis, 1882
Unidentified Correspondence
Miscellaneous Documents
Panoramic Photograph, Miners, West Virginia Coal & Coke Corporation, Day Shift, Earling, September 8, 1939

Manuscript Collections

West Virginia Archives and History