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Logan Coal Operators Association Collection

Box 1

Amherst correspondence, 1922-1989

Box 2

Amherst correspondence, 1945-1969, arbitration 1982-1983

Box 3

Amherst arbitration cont. 1981-1983

Box 4

Amherst arbitration cont. 1981-1982

Box 5

Amherst arbitration cont. 1972-1974

Box 6

Amherst arbitration cont. 1967-1972

Box 7

Amherst arbitration cont. 1968; Belva Coal records 1977-1981

Box 8

Belva Coal arbitration

Box 9

Boone Coal Company records

Box 10

Boone Coal Company cont.; inactive coal companies

Box 11

Buffalo Mining, Elkay & Snap Creek Mining records

Box 12

Elkay & Snap Creek Mining cont.; Dehue Coal

Box 13

Gilbert Imported Hard Wood; Guyan Eagle; Island Creek Coal

Box 14

Island Creek Coal cont.; National Coal Mining

Box 15

Metco Mining; Princess Coal

Box 16

Powellton Coal

Box 17

Powellton Coal cont.; RRF; Caroline; Chafin; Crystal; Alma

Box 18

Crystal Block; Royal Coal; Sycamore United Pocahontas; S&J Mining

Box 19

Rawl Sales & Processing; RV&B Mining; Pond Creek; PM Charles; Rocky Hollow

Box 20

Wheeling-Pittsburgh; Omar Mining

Box 21

Omar Mining cont.; Youngstown Mine; Buckeye; Olga

Box 22

Inactive coal companies

Box 23

Financial statements active coal companies 1944-1983

Box 24

1 Chessie System Rating Bulletins, November 1981-January 1986
2 Chessie System Rating Bulletins, January 10, 1980-November 9, 1981
3 Chessie System Rating Bulletins, February 10, 1977-January 9, 1980
4 Chessie System Rating Bulletins, November 10, 1975-January 10, 1977
5 Chessie System Rating Bulletins, September 10, 1974-November 10, 1975
6 Chessie System Rating Bulletins, December 10, 1973-September 10, 1974
7 Chessie System Rating Bulletins, March 10, 1973-December 10, 1973
8 Chessie System Rating Bulletins, May 10, 1972-March 10, 1973
9 Chessie System Rating Bulletins, February 10, 1971-February 10, 1973
10 Chessie System Rating Bulletins, January 10, 1968-February 10, 1971
11 Chessie System Rating Bulletins, July 10, 1965-January 10, 1968
12 Chessie System Rating Bulletins, December 10, 1962-July 10, 1965
13 Chessie System Rating Bulletins, January 10, 1961-December 10, 1962
14 Chesapeake and Ohio Location Maps and Production Charts, January 1980-January 1987
15 Chesapeake and Ohio Location Maps and Production Charts, January 1970-January 1979
16 Chesapeake and Ohio Location Maps and Production Charts, January 1961-January 1969

Box 25

1 C&O Railroad correspondence (including letters regarding discontinuance of passenger service between Logan and Huntington), 1943-59

2 C&O Railroad correspondence (including Logan County production reports; 1960 C&O annual report)

3 C&O Railroad weekly reports of coal car loading at mines, 1975-77

4 Norfolk and Southern car distribution reports, 1984-88

5 West Virginia Coal Association (WVCA), circular letters and memos (including 1969 letter from LCOA regarding use of food stamps during strikes)

6 Miscellaneous correspondence regarding CSX, 1974-89

7 Miscellaneous correspondence to and from WVCA (including status report on industry pollutant abatement program at coal preparation plants; safety rules and regulations regarding surface mining), 1967

8 Miscellaneous correspondence to and from WVCA (including draft amendment to surface mining law; copy of "Proposed Revisions to West Virginia underground mining laws and surface mining

9 Miscellaneous correspondence to and from WVCA (including 1965 regulations on discharge of waste into lakes and streams; information on electric generating plant; administrative regulations regarding Department of Mines, 1964), 1965

10 Miscellaneous correspondence of WVCA (including new by-laws, 1964; 1965 mine inspection report book; 1963 Safety Rules and Regulations Governing Surface Mining, West Virginia; report of daily solid waste put in Guyandotte River by coal companies; 1954 report of coal used in state buildings; chart converting equivalent tons of coal to gas as used by public agencies, 1963; memos regarding 1945 strike), 1945-64

11 Miscellaneous correspondence, WVCA (1961 amendments to West Virginia mine safety law; copy of HB 135 regarding definition and limitation of courts in issuing injunctions regarding labor disputes; SB 105 regarding fire bosses; 1951 WVCA speech opposed to water pollution bill; draft of proposed amendments to water pollution bill

12 Miscellaneous correspondence of WVCA (including Association news bulletins; "Comparison of present water resources and pollution law and bills..." considered by 1963 legislature), 1963-65

13 WVCA legislative bulletins, 1963

14 WVCA legislative bulletins, 1962 (dealing mostly with legislative issues)

15 WVCA legislative bulletins, 1961

16 WVCA legislative bulletins, 1960

17 WVCA legislative bulletins, 1957-59

18 WVCA legislative bulletins, 1952-56

19 WVCA legislative bulletins, 1950-51

Box 26

1 WVCA Digest, December 19, 1988-July 1, 1988

2 WVCA Digest, January 14, 1983-December 4, 1984

3 WVCA Digest, October 23, 1981-December 23, 1982

4 WVCA Digest, February 25, 1977-Winter 1979-80

5 WVCA Digest and Coal Scoop, January 2, 1976-February 18, 1977 6 WVCA, Coal Scoop, 1975

7 WVCA, Coal Scoop, April 11, 1974-January 24, 1974

8 WVCA, Coal Scoop, March 29, 1974-January 12, 1973

9 WVCA, Coal Scoop, November 24, 1971-December 28, 1972

10 WVCA, Coal Scoop, December 16, 1970-August 6, 1971

11 WVCA, correspondence, 1976-90. Includes copy of Association resolution to eliminate state duplication of safety standards and inspections, documents regarding President's Commission on Coal)

12 WVCA, miscellaneous correspondence, 1974-77. Includes summary of Association committees, commentary on MSHA's proposed miners' certification, qualification, and training program)

13 WVCA, memos, 1975. Includes criteria for health and safety training program for underground miners and course breakdown, WVCA publication, Coal: The 500 Year Career

14 WVCA, memos, 1973-74. Includes memos on assessment of coal property in West Virginia, on SB 503 miner training and certification bill, letters regarding ABC televisions broadcast of "West Virginia: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Coal."

15 WVCA, memos, 1970. Includes memos on food stamp applications, some WVCA Coal Scoop, West Virginia Institute of Technology outline of efforts to recruit students to study mining.

16 WVCA, memos, December 23, 1970-May 16, 1972. Includes memos regarding revisions to Articles of Association of the WVCA, mine safety regulations.

17 WVCA, correspondence, 1968. Includes circular letters from WVCA regarding political issues, the Appalachian Development Highway System in West Virginia.

Box 27

Bituminous Coal Operators' Association (BCOA) records and correspondence, including District 31 umpire decisions

Box 28

BCOA records

Box 29

BCOA records, memos

Box 30

BCOA memos, continued

Box 31

BCOA memos, continued

Box 32

BCOA memos, continued

Box 33

BCOA memos, continued

Box 34

1973-1974 arbitration and joint board cases, BCOA Labor Relations Committee, Kanawha Coal Operators Association

Box 35

Kanawha Coal Operators Association, continued; Northern West Virginia Smokeless Coal Association; Southern Virginia

Box 36

National Coal Association

Box 37

National Coal Association, continued

Box 38

Southern Coal Producers Association

Box 39

Southern Coal Producers Association, continued; West Virginia Coal Association beginning

Box 40

LCOA annual meeting reports 1968-1983

Box 41

LCOA check vouchers 1973-1975; 1983-1985

Box 42

LCOA check vouchers 1975-1979

Box 43

LCOA check vouchers and receipts 1980-1982; LCOA memos 1964-1967

Box 44

LCOA memos 1968-1975

Box 45

LCOA memos 1975-1985

Box 46

N&W Railroad files and car loading reports

Box 47

N&W car loading reports continued

Box 48

LCOA misc. correspondence 1923-46

Box 49

LCOA misc. correspondence 1923-46

Box 50

LCOA misc. correspondence 1923-46

Box 51

LCOA misc. correspondence 1923-46

Box 52

LCOA misc. correspondence 1923-46

Box 53

LCOA misc. correspondence 1923-46

Box 54

LCOA misc. correspondence 1923-46

Box 55

1 Memos and circular letters, WVCA, 1945-49

2 Memos and circular letters, WVCA, 1943-45

3 Memos and circular letters, WVCA, 1941-43

4 Documents regarding intrastate shipping rates, 1932

5 Documents regarding Operators Association of Williamson field, 1921-1948, including Senate investigation of 1922 strike

6 Winding Gulf Operators Association, documents, 1923-39, including rate schedules, 1924 and 1941; charts of Winding Gulf production, 1907-1930s; 1935, 1937, 1939 production reports, Smokeless Coal Fields

7 Logan County Coal Operators Association documents, circa 1927, including correspondence of Senators Neely and Goff regarding West Virginia opposition to Cyrus Woods's appointment to ICC; copy of Senate hearings on Woods's appointment and statement of A. M. Belcher of West Virginia

8 Miscellaneous maps, including world, roads, mine locations in West Virginia, booklet on Port of Norfolk, booklet "Natural Resources," American Gas and Electric Company, circa 1930

9 Documents relating to regulation of coal car distribution, including ICC rulings, circa 1922

Box 56

LCOA miscellaneous correspondence A-K

Box 57

LCOA miscellaneous correspondence L-Z

Box 58

Miscellaneous books, injunctions and coal negotiation files

Box 59

Coal wage negotiations and contract interpretations

Box 60

1 Grievances and arbitration by UMWA and or members against various bituminous coal operators, 1966-73, including Island Creek, Amherst, Consol, Slab Fork, all regarding holiday pay

2 Grievances, etc., 1968-71, regarding "refusing to carry out instructions"

3 Grievances, etc., 1968-71, regarding rates of pay

4 Grievances, etc., 1968-73, regarding reporting pay

5 Grievances, etc., 1969-72, regarding safety violations

6 Grievances, etc., 1968-73, regarding shift rotation

7 Grievances, etc., 1968-72, regarding graduated vacation pay

8 Grievances, etc., 1965 and 1970, regarding silicosis

9 UMW-BCOA proposal for grievance and arbitration procedures, 1973

10 Grievances and arbitration, 1969-70, regarding equal turn

11 Grievances and arbitration, 1969-73, regarding fighting on job

12 Grievances and arbitration, 1963-74, regarding discharges

13 Grievances and arbitration, 1970-71, regarding working out o

f job classes 14 Letters and memos regarding auto-deduction of UMW membership dues from wages, 1975

15 Grievances and arbitration, 1969, regarding jurisdiction of UMW locals

16 Grievances and arbitration, 1969-73, regarding job and pay classifications

17 Island Creek memo, 1975, regarding cost of living adjustment

18 Grievances and arbitration, 1969-73, regarding overtime pay

19 Personal and sick leave policy for American Electric Power, 1975

20 Grievances and arbitration, 1968, regarding sick and personal leave policies

21 Grievances and arbitration, 1965-71, regarding picketing

22 Grievances and arbitration, 1970-71, regarding portal issues

23 Grievances and arbitration, 1969-70, regarding job qualifications

24 Documents regarding supervisors' rates of pay, circa 1975, including job descriptions of supervisory work and salary surveys

25 Grievances and arbitration, circa 1970, regarding seniority and job classification

26 Grievances and arbitration, 1970, regarding lampsmen

27 "Guidelines for movement of equipment," n.d., issued by Coal Mine Health and Safety Board of West Virginia

28 Grievances and arbitration, 1968-197_, regarding "Interfering with management of mines"

29 Grievances and arbitration, 1965-71, regarding "irregular work"

30 "IRS ruling on Relationship of 1950 and 1974 Pension Plans to UMWA Welfare and Retirement Fund," 1974

31 Grievances and arbitration, 1970-74, regarding job bidding violations

32 Grievances and arbitration, 1969-73, regarding "job posting"

33 Grievances and arbitration, 1970, regarding sales of house coal to employees, retired employees and widows of same

Box 61

Wage negotiations and contract interpretations

Box 62

Wage commission records

Box 63

LCOA various coal company records

Box 64

West Virginia Coal Facts 1974-1989, arbitration decisions AEP, Cannelton Industries, Hobet Mining, US Steel Mining, Westmoreland Coal, Kanawha Industrial Relations Association, various coal industry publications

Box 65

Misc. files, Department of the Interior circulars, BCOA Task Force 1970-71, newspaper clippings, Stephen Blaydes' thesis on Mingo County mine wars

Box 66

1 Correspondence, primarily regarding Triolo appointment as secretary-treasurer of LCOA

2 Logan Catholic Men's Club correspondence, circa 1955

3 Newspapers, regarding UMW debates with mayor of Welch, 1963

4 Triolo, American Express, national, 1958

5 Triolo expenses, regarding Moose activities, circa 1959

6 Triolo expenses, regarding LCOA activities, travel, circa 1962

7 Miscellaneous files, including US Steel v. UMW civil suit, 1970; mine safety publications; UMW v. Truax-Traer Coal and other UMW suits; UMW Health and Welfare Fund; newspaper articles on Jablonski; report on rates changes of Appalachian Electric Power for Kanawha Coal Operators Association

8 Miscellaneous personal correspondence, circa 1980

9 Miscellaneous business correspondence, circa 1970, including memo regarding Boyle- Yablonski election, Coal Industry Advisory Committee; series of grievances regarding Christmas pay at miscellaneous mines; miscellaneous grievances; Logan County school system information; suits against various coal companies; suit against Oakey Hager; blank Department of Mines, West Virginia, 1964 Inspection Report book

10 Miscellaneous correspondence, circa 1980, including letter regarding Union picketing; religious correspondence; John Belota letter; letter from Larry Evans regarding Blair Mountain; Byrd letter regarding Jimmy Carter coal regulation; letter to George Dials for speaking arrangement

Box 67

Buffalo Creek newspaper clippings, transcript of Blair Mountain documentary, district agreements, Island Creek Coal Company information and misc. records

Box 68

Newspaper clippings UMWA 1971-72, BCOA memos - safety, national coal policy conference, UMWA 1973, BCOA regular meeting reports, Tony Boyle and Yablonski murders

Box 69

1 Correspondence and documents regarding Italian immigration to United States, circa 1940

2 Correspondence regarding immigration from Italy, circa 1947

3 Newspapers and two letters regarding UMW investigation in Logan County coal companies contract violations, 1950-51

4 Copy of letter, Representative John Kee, 1946, regarding anti-strike legislation

5 Ad from newspaper, 1955, regarding increase in gross sales tax

6 Letter regarding immigration from Italy, circa 1948

7 Logan Community Council report, 1953-54, and list of members

8 Correspondence and testimony regarding Triolo, move on construction workers, circa 1955 and rights for closed shop and UMW representatives license; construction on Logan High School

9 Letter regarding Logan schools, 1950

10 Miscellaneous correspondence, including 1950 Logan County Board of Education reports; 1953 Board of Education planning committee

11 Correspondence with Representative Robert Mollohan, circa 1955

12 Mining equipment valuation, Logan County, 1954

13 Correspondence regarding town of Mitchell Heights, 1953

14 Miscellaneous correspondence, circa 1940, including correspondence from West Virginia Industrial Union Council and WPA locals; Triolo's military deferment forms; letter from Logan Branch NAACP to UMW, 1951; transcript of radio speech regarding national election, 1956, to "vote democratic;" copy of Senate Bill 3383 regarding interstate commerce in coal; copy of Logan County coal production records from 1904-50

15 Letters to newspapers, circa 1950; copy of microfilm article regarding UMWA meeting fight at Whitesville (possibly racially motivated), circa 1941

16 Newspaper clippings and miscellaneous, including 1939 program of West Virginia Industrial Union Council; clippings regarding Progressive Mine Workers of America meeting in Charleston; others regarding AFL/CIO/PMW/UMW issues; copy of Justice, "an independent paper of labor for labor by labor," n.d., may have been published in Logan, circa 1935

17 Letters to Red Cross and Lung Association, regarding UMW contributions, 1955

18 Letters to Governor Okey Patteson regarding union representation on Draft Board, 1950; Virginia insurance information

19 Correspondence, circa 1950, including coal company housing and rent fees; handbook for Rent Advisory Boards, 1951; rent collection schedules for several coal companies; certificate from Truman (not original signature) acknowledging volunteer effort in Office of Price Administration-Rent Advisory Board

20 Correspondence regarding Logan County Public Recreation and Playground Board, circa 1955 and development of Middleburg Island

21 Copies of Triolo speeches and related correspondence, circa 1954

22 Sermon by Reverend Claude Collins, 1950

23 Speech by J. Buhl Shahan, 1948, candidate for United States Senate, response to Taft- Hartley in favor of UMW

24 Scripts for "Labor Says Yes" radio shows, promotion for Savings Bonds, 1950

25 Correspondence with Congressman Harley Staggers on Taft-Hartley Act and miscellaneous, 1953

26 Correspondence regarding Appalachian Coal Industry, 1955; "Message to the Miners of West Virginia" by Governor Homer Holt, n.d., (anti-Hitler and anti-communist)

27 Local 9986 v. Guyan Eagle Coal, 1955

28 Letters of congratulations to Judge Joe Thomas, 1951

29 Correspondence, mostly personal, including letter from Guyan Eagle Coal regarding blood donation; letter from John L. Lewis regarding Labor Day

30 Letter of congratulations regarding Triolo appointment as UMW field representative, 1950

31 Christmas Seal drive and UMW, circa 1954

32 Miscellaneous UMW correspondence, circa 1950, including cleaning plant pay schedule for West Virginia Coal and Coke, and others; pencil written grievance letter; grievance letter to John L. Lewis from miner at Guyan Eagle Coal; eviction letter, 1955

33 Correspondence regarding Vocational Rehabilitation, 1949

34 Telegrams to Representative Charles Williams from West Virginia businesses, circa 1955

35 Correspondence with Ray Watts, 1953

36 Bulletins, fliers and other correspondence, United States Bureau of Mines, including Department of Interior request for draft deferments for miners; copy of letter from Harold Ickes to John L. Lewis, 1944; "patriotic duty" bulletins; letter from Harold Ickes to John L. Lewis regarding nationalization of mines

37 Correspondence between Millard Cassidy and William Blizzard, circa 1935

38 Stockholders information on radio station WVOW

Box 70

1 Letters of support from Logan Democratic Committee and others in support of Vera Hamb as mine inspector, 1954

2 Miscellaneous correpondence to Triolo, circa 1955

3 Triolo and S. W. Va. Handsomest Man Contest, letters and clippings, 1954

4 UMW Hospitals in West Virginia. 1953 program for groundbreaking of Man Hospital; Beckley groundbreaking, 1953; reports of UMW retirement funds, 1951-54

5 Miscellaneous bulletins, circular letters, news clippings on Appalachian Regional Hospital, Man, 1967-69

6 Circular letters, memos, minutes, financial reports, Appalachian Regional Hospital, Man, 1964-66

7 Correspondence, including Senators Harley Kilgore and Matthew Neely, circa 1950

8 UMW District 17, miscellaneous correspondence, circa 1948; Triolo dues card, 1941

9 Triolo correspondence regarding appointment to National Labor Conference and his request to be commissioner of Workmen's Compensation Fund, 1955

10 Miscellaneous correspondence, pamphlets, and other ephemera regarding UMWA; 1933 issue of "Labor Action;"newspaper account of Don Chafin's death; 1955 UMW Health and Welfare Fund manual; 1947 newspaper accounts of wildcat strike; issues of "Vital Speeches"

11 Copy of 1941 senate investigation in coal strikes and effect on national defense

12 Miscellaneous correspondence with Senators Harley Kilgore and Matthew Neely

13 Letters to Charles Payne, vice president, UMW District 17, 1948

14 Correspondence to Representative Harley Staggers regarding natural gas bill, 1955

15 Road Commission correspondence regarding Rich Creek bridge need

16 Triolo's membership dues payment, 1955

17 Miscellaneous correspondence and clippings, including clippings reporting Triolo's departure from UMW; grievances against Broad Ford Coal; Cinderella Coal; other miscellaneous grievances; list of coal mines and owners in Williamson field, circa 1955

18 Correspondence with Hollis Townsend, including litigation by mineworkers, primarily for wages and work stoppages, circa 1950-55

19 Triolo correspondence, including letters of resignation from UMW and letters to and from John L. Lewis regarding same, circa 1955

20 UMW correspondence, including 1955 daily log by Triolo; 1942 letter from C. B. Campbell to Millard Cassidy, circa 1950

21 Xerox copies of Triolo's resignation letters and pension inquiries, circa 1955

22 Copies of UMW Health and Welfare Fund reports, 1952-53

23 Correspondence from James Whalen, mine inspector, 1949-54

24 Miscellaneous black and white photos, circa 1955

25 UMW correspondence, including district dues records, affiliated non-mining unions, circa 1950

Box 71

Melvin Triolo miscellaneous correspondence, UMWA correspondence

Box 72

Melvin Triolo correspondence, miscellaneous files, union books

Box 73

Melvin Triolo income tax records, travel expenses, file on R. Cadeway

Box 74

1 Miscellaneous correspondence and ephemera, including LCOA correspondence, N. W. Va. Coal Association; Letter, Senator Robert Byrd; some political correspondence; telegram to Mayor Daley, circa 1968

2 Personal desk calendar, 1968

3 Photo, Triolo Senator Morton of Kentucky and John Cochran of Consol; ephemera; personal correspondence; newspaper clippings; copies of financial report of Logan Broadcasting Corporation; photo, Logan coal operators; political correspondence, circa 1968

4 Logan County Ambulance Association, national, 1979-89

5 Logan County Ambulance Service, 1970-74; contracts with coal company and ambulance service

6 Employment applications, circa 1980

7 Washington Post, 1965 article on acid mine water

8 Applications for employment, secretarial, LCOA, circa 1970-79, and employee arbitration cases

9 Arbitration and employment cases, LCOA, 1979

10 Appalachian Water and Sewer Development Association: "Capabilities of the Water Quality Laboratory to Participate in Environmental Impact and Monitoring Studies"

11 William Jacobs v. William Abraham, et. al., regarding election canvass and removal proceedings expenses, 1970

12 Newspaper accounts of R. D. Bailey Dam construction and opening

13 George Lester Ball, et. al. v. Eastern Coal Corporation and the UMWA, 1967

14 Personnel file for Sharon Baily

15 Browning Building Company, regarding office rental increase

16 Black Lung regulations, 1973; press release, "Red China Oil Scheme," 1973

17 Information on calculating machine

18 Correspondence regarding West Virginia tax assessment, Chamber of Commerce, 1956- 57

19 West Virginia Centennial Commission, newspaper

20 Correspondence and bulletins on chest diseases of bituminous miners, 1962-63

21 Commerce Clearing House, Incorporated, regarding labor law publications, 1964-89

22 Workman's compensation application forms

Box 75

1 Triolo, Miscellaneous correspondence, including letter from Alan Mollohan regarding term paper on UMW; letter from his father regarding same

2 Triolo, miscellaneous correspondence, including letters from Walter Thurmond, 1965

3 Triolo, miscellaneous documents, including photograph of Democratic Committee with Governor Hulett Smith, 1965; 1964 guide to Disneyland

4 Triolo, Miscellaneous documents, including letter from G. Caperton, Jr. to elect Hulett Smith, circa 1964; letter to Arnold Banya describing basketball photograph in Box 76, Folder 5

5 Triolo, miscellaneous documents, including UMW District 50 newsletter regarding death of Tom Kennedy; biography of Walter Thurmond and other materials relating to history of West Virginia mining, circa 1963

6 Triolo, miscellaneous documents, including printed copy of Kennedy inaugural address and eulogies; "West Virginia Memories of President Kennedy," by Ken Hechler; "Last Full Measure;" Hillbilly regarding death of Kennedy, circa 1963

7 Triolo, miscellaneous documents, circa 1961, including Kennedy inaugural items and 1968 Robert F. Kennedy newspaper

8 Triolo, miscellaneous documents, including Kennedy letter regarding Triolo's help in West Virginia campaign; Moose-related materials

9 Triolo, correspondence with National Labor Relations Board, circa 1960

10 Triolo, miscellaneous correspondence, circa 1958

11 Triolo, miscellaneous correspondence, including telegram to John L. Lewis regarding death of sister and response card, circa 1962

Box 76

1 News clippings regarding UMW, BOAC, LCOA, 1977

2 News clippings regarding UMW, 1978

3 Triolo, miscellaneous personal items, circa 1970

4 Triolo, miscellaneous personal items, circa 1970

5 Triolo, miscellaneous personal items, including photo of Triolo, circa 1970

6 Triolo, miscellaneous personal items, circa 1970

7 Triolo, miscellaneous personal items, including letter from Arch Alexander regarding opposition to Williams Mine Safety Bill, photos of Nick Camacia, Ray Salvati, circa 1970

8 Triolo, miscellaneous personal items, circa 1969

Box 77

1 Triolo, personal correspondence, 1978

2 Triolo, personal correspondence, including letters regarding UMWA Health and Welfare Fund; copy of communique from Central Command, People's Forces, New World Liberation Front (sabotage); desk calendars, 1978

3 Triolo, business and personal correspondence, including UMWA retirement fund; Logan Broadcasting Corporation; letter regarding Brotherton interview; Columbia Gas curtailment; Mexican interests in West Virginia coal leases, 1977

4 Triolo, business and personal correspondence, including article in Potomac - "King Coal's Klondike," n.d.

5 Triolo, business and personal correspondence, including anti West Virginia Labor- Management Council letter; Gazette article on Logan County coal boom, 1975

6 Triolo, business and personal correspondence, including letters regarding black lung, news clipping on coal nationalization by Triolo

Box 78

1 Triolo, miscellaneous correspondence, including LCOA stickers, UMWA membership records for Triolo, 1958-77, with letter threatening suit to acquire back dues with interest

2 Wage agreement books, 1939, 1939, 1941, 1950, 1968, 1971, 1978, 1981, 1984, 1988; Logan Coal Operators' bank books, 1920-29 and 1934-51

3 News clippings regarding Roman Catholic church, circa 1980

4 Sexual harassment regarding Roman Catholic church, 1983

5 Judgement in Missouri court case between parishioners and priests

6 Legal actions taken by Triolo against bishop of Charleston, 1980

7 Correspondence and materials relating to Mt. Carmel Church and lawsuit, circa 1980

8 Documents relating to Mt. Carmel and lawsuit

9 Documents relating to Mt. Carmel and lawsuit

10 Files regarding Church of God v. California, 1979

Box 79

Melvin Triolo personal correspondence 1982-1983

Box 80

1 Booklets, West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival, 1983, 1984

2 Documents regarding NORAD visit, 1981

3 Documents regarding International Mining and Reclamation Conference, including papers on coal exports, shipping, 1980

4 Materials regarding trip to Australia, including booklets on Australian coal, Utah Development Company, 1977

5 Materials regarding Mining and Reclamation Conference, Rio de Janeiro, 1985

6 Triolo, log of trip to Italy, 1973

7 Triolo, miscellaneous personal correspondence, 1989

8 Triolo, miscellaneous personal correspondence, circa 1988

9 Triolo, miscellaneous personal correspondence, including letters on Triolo labor library; miscellaneous Mining Association correspondence, 1987

10 Triolo, miscellaneous personal correspondence, including letter to Jack Anderson regarding UMW and communists; letter regarding Steve Galati and UMW; other correspondence regarding Triolo book, 1986

11 Triolo, miscellaneous personal correspondence, including letter to Peabody regarding Rich Trumka; Fredrick Armstrong's letters regarding collection, 1985

12 Triolo, miscellaneous personal correspondence, 1984

Box 81

Newspaper clippings 1972-1976 miscellaneous

Box 82

1 News clippings regarding coal, 1976-78

2 News clippings regarding coal, 1978-79

3 News clippings regarding coal, August-September 1978

4 News clippings regarding strike, July 30-August 1, 1978

5 News clippings, January-November 1978

6 News clippings, January-November 1977

7 News clippings regarding right to strike, 1977

8 News clippings, June-September 1977

Box 83

Southern Appalachian Wage Conference 1943

Box 84

UMWA District 17 records and correspondence, Bituminous Coal Wage Agreement

Box 85

1 ABC TV, 1973 documentary, "West Virginia: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Coal;" letters of rebuttal; letters to FCC regarding same (Buffalo Creek and other impoundments)

2 American Electric Power Service Corporation, 1976 survey of management employee compensation; newsletter, American Coal Foundation, Volume 1, Number 1, 1985

3 Arbitrators' resumes and list of chosen lawyers for mediation/conciliation, BCOA - UMWA, District 17, 1979

4 Information on Manpower program, 1968

5 ICC Docket Number 12530, Assigned Cars for Bituminous Coal Mines, 1975

6 Transcript and mini-cassette tape, radio show, "At Issue," on labor law, WSAZ-TV 3, February 24, 1985

7 Western Union mailgram, 1978 Board of Inquiry to Labor Management dispute between BCOA and UMWA

8 Berger Association, feasibility study proposal for coal co-op, 1977

9 Letter to Senator William Brotherton regarding allegations made about decline of West Virginia mining; employee death analysis and strike data attached

10 Senator Robert C. Byrd, correspondence, including Bork nomination, Compac restrictions, clean coal technology, mountain bumps, opposition to acid rain legislation, Coal Distribution and Utilization Act, Power Plant Fuels Act, 1980-89

11 Senator Robert C. Byrd, correspondence, including Mitchell Heights flood, Bureau of Mines, news clipping regarding Byrd's membership in KKK, blockage of TVA expansion, 1962- 78

12 Cannelton Industries, correspondence (1977-85) and Salary and Benefit Surveys, 1977

13 Gaston Caperton, inaugural invitation, 1989

14 Carbon Fuel circular, Labor Relations Exchange Forum

15 "Face the Nation," CBS, 1978, transcription of November 5, 1978 George Meany

interview on wage and price control; transcript of Admiral Hyman Rickover interview, September 3, 1978; transcript of interview with Jay Rockefeller, February 19, 1978

16 Census Bureau reply forms for LCOA, 1979

17 Central Ohio Coal Company, 1976, arbitration of UMWA Local 1604, District 6

18 Articles on strike and Triolo's response, March 1978

19 Civil action, UMWA v. Cherokee Mining Company, March 197?

20 Clinchfield Coal Company v. UMWA District 28 and Local 1452, regarding breasting and contract mining, 1982-83

21 Letter to Larry Coffindaffer regarding arbitration records, 1983

22 Copy of petition by Council of Southern Mountains, UMWA Districts 12 and 17 v. MSHA Martin Co. Coal Corporation, ABC Coal, Adanac Coal, et. al., regarding self-rescuers

23 Transcriptions of contract negotiations between Amherst Coal, Chafin Coal, et. al., and UMWA District 17, 1977

24 Summary, BCOA-UMWA settlement, 1978

25 Copy of 1974 National Bituminous Coal Wage Agreement with revisions for 1978 contract

Box 86

LCOA miscellaneous files

Box 87

LCOA miscellaneous files

Box 88

LCOA miscellaneous files (older)

Box 89

LCOA miscellaneous files

Box 90

LCOA miscellaneous files

Box 91

LCOA miscellaneous files

Box 92

LCOA miscellaneous correspondence 1962-1970

Box 93

LCOA miscellaneous files

Box 94

LCOA miscellaneous files

Box 95

LCOA miscellaneous files 1930s

Box 96

LCOA miscellaneous files recent

Box 97

LCOA miscellaneous files 1940s

Box 98

LCOA miscellaneous files 1940s

Box 99

LCOA miscellaneous files 1930s

Box 100

LCOA miscellaneous files late 1920s-early 1930s

Box 101

LCOA miscellaneous files

Box 102

LCOA miscellaneous files 1966-1971

Box 103

LCOA miscellaneous files 1930s

Box 104

LCOA miscellaneous files late 1920s-early 1930s

Box 105

LCOA miscellaneous files

Box 106

Property owners committee

Box 107

Property owners committee

Box 108

Department of the Interior miscellaneous documents

Box 109

Consolidation Coal general correspondence, other miscellaneous files - needs listed

Box 110

Mining maps, joint wage conferences, Buffalo Creek clippings

Box 111

1 Analysis of Coal, 1928-40

2 Rates to Carolinas (#23314), 1933

3 Erie and Pere Marquette Railways, Control by C&O, 1928-29

4 Clinchfield Coal Corporation vs. C. C. & O., 1928

5 "Coal Mine Fatalities in the United States, 1924," Mine Inspections, 1944, Federal Mine Safety Code, 1946

6 Committee of Ten, Coal and Heating Industries, 1931-36

7 Committee of Ten, Coal and Heating Industries, 1937-42

8 Logan Armory, 1924-47

9 Logan Armory, 1947-48

10 Board of Education, Logan District, 1927-28

11 Board of Education, Logan District, 1929-36

12 Board of Education, Logan District, 1946-47

13 Brochures from American Asphalt Paint Company, circa 1925

Box 112

1 LCOA Minute Book, 1918-19

2 LCOA Minute Book, 1920-22

3 LCOA Minute Book, 1922-25

4 LCOA Minute Book, 1926-29

5 LCOA Minute Book, 1930-39

6 LCOA Minute Book, 1940-51

7 LCOA Minute Book, Articles of Association and By-Laws, April 8, 1964

8 LCOA Minute Book, 1951-61

9 LCOA Minute Book, 1962-68

10 LCOA Minute Book, 1969-74

11 LCOA Minute Book, 1975-79

12 LCOA Minute Book, 1980-85

13 Articles, "The Battleground of Coal," and "The Case of the Non-Union Coal Field," by C. Minot Weld, circa 1923

14 Speeches made by ACLU members on steps of Logan County Courthouse, 4 March 1923

15 Bill of Complaint, State of West Virginia vs. Don Chafin et al. and injunction against appointment of deputy sheriffs paid by coal companies. List of men prohibited from employment as deputies, list of coal companies from paying deputy sheriffs, 22 November 1924

16 "See West Virginia First: Logan County," by Phil Conley for West Virginia Publicity Commission, 15 June 1923

17 Van Bittner (UMWA) to J. P. Wright (Armour & Co.), 30 August 1925. Letter regarding UMW representatives' who had appeared before the Logan Chamber of Commerce. Vows that unionization will occur in Logan County and refers to Chafin as the "King of Boot Leggers and Thugs."

18 "Affidavits Relating to Assaults and Disorders Committed By Strikers in Mingo County, West Virginia, and Pike County, Kentucky," circa 1921

19 "To the Honorable Committee of the United States Senate Appointed to Ascertain the Causes of the Recent Lawlessness and Violence in Mingo County, West Virginia, and Pike County, Kentucky," charges against the UMWA by the Williamson Operators Association

20 Miscellaneous statements to Kenyon Commission, U. S. Senate, 1921, defending coal operators and attacking the UMWA

21 Injunctions against UMWA by Bert Altizer, et. al. (Non-Union miners); another by Alderson Coal Company and other coal companies

22 "Reproduction of Editorials and Other Matter From the West Virginia Federationist. Also Excerpts From Speeches of Mother Jones and Others, and Similar Propaganda Showing the Character of Campaign Made by the United Mine Workers of America," circa 1920

23 West Virginia Mining Association response to question, "Why do the Coal Operators of West Virginia so bitterly oppose the organization of their employees by and the recognition of the United Mine Workers of America?"

24 "Copies of Threatening Letters Received by Miners, Operators and Others," 1920-21

25 "Copies of Letters Received in Response to Advertisement 'Your Winter's Coal,' in Various Newspapers (two copies)," circa 1920

26 "Petitions of Workmen to the County Law Officers and Also to Companies Asking for Protection in Order That They Might Work," circa 1920-21

27 "Report of Conversation Between J. A. Windle and B. R. Bias, at Williamson, West Virginia, June 20, 1921"

28 LCOA Mine Account Statements, December 1918

29 "Affidavits of Persons Who Joined the United Mine Workers of America, Left the Field and Afterwards Returned to Accept Re-Employment in the Non Union Field. Also of Persons Who Joined the Union, Remained in the Field, and Afterwards Renounced the Union and Returned to Work," circa 1921

30 "Report of a Conversation Between C. E. Lively and James Damron at Williamson, West Virginia July 11th, 1921"

31 "Statement of Henry Haywood," 28 June 1921. Contains eyewitness description of Matewan Massacre

32 Williamson Operators Association, Chronologically organized reports of violence in the strike region of Mingo County, West Virginia and Pike County, Kentucky.

33 "Special Investigation by the State of West Virginia, Hearings at Charleston, West Va. Sept. 30 & Oct. 1, 2, 1919."

34 Williamson Operators Association, Miscellaneous

35 Orders transporting men & supplies, September 1921. Specific orders and reports relating to Battle of Blair Mountain. One dispatch mentions the use of planes to drop gas on the miners. Another is a brief note from Gaujot, whose two sons were Medal of Honor winners.

36 Blank yellow dog contracts (five)

37 B. C. Clarke to Walter [Thurmond?], 22 January 1923, and general report on activities of New York group of radicals. Reports that Soviet agents were sent into the Mingo and New River fields to spread communism

Box 113

1 Umpire Decisions, District 29, 1971-72

2 Umpire Decisions, District 29, 1972-73

3 Umpire Decisions, District 17, 1971-72

4 Umpire Decisions, District 17, 1971

5 Northern Colorado Coal, Correspondence

6 Northern Panhandle of West Virginia Coal Operators Association, Correspondence, 1962

7 Umpire Decisions, Western Pennsylvania Coal Operators Decisions

8 Umpire Decisions, District 30, 1972

9 Umpire Decisions, District 31, 1972

10 Umpire Decisions, District 23

11 Umpire Decisions, District 23, 1965-66

12 Umpire Decisions, District 23, 1965-67

13 Western Pennsylvania Coal Operators Association

14 District 17, Grievances, 1975

15 BCOA, Grievance Procedure Negotiations, circa 1975

Box 114

1 Photocopies of Newspaper Articles about the A. C. Felts Robbery Trial, 1910

2 Newspaper Clippings, 1920-22. Includes original Huntington Advertiser front page from 2 September 1921, with headline, "State is Under Federal Control," and Williamson Daily News, 8 June 1920, with advertisements by Williamson Coal Operators Association and UMWA.

3 Williamson Coal Operators Association, photocopies of newspaper clippings, 1920s

4 Williamson Coal Operators Association, photocopies of newspaper clippings, 1920

5 Williamson Coal Operators Association, Press Releases, 1920

6 Miscellaneous Documents regarding Coal Operators and the Union, circa 1920. Contains membership oath

7 Williamson Coal Operators Association, Historical Materials, 1920. Includes excerpt from speech of Mother Jones, made at Princeton on August 15, 1920, and correspondence relating to attacks on Borderland Coal Corporation, War Eagle Coal Company and New Howard Coal Company.

8 Williamson Coal Operators Association, Correspondence with UMWA, 1920. Contains speech by gubernatorial candidate Samuel B. Montgomery, delivered at Williamson, 16 October 1920; also details of violence in Mingo County; letters from various coal companies to C. F. Keeney, dated June-July 1920, declining an offer to negotiate with the Union.

9 Williamson Coal Operators Association, Historical Materials, 1920, including letter from Williamson Coal Operators Association to President Warren G. Harding, 27 August 1921.

10 Melvin Triolo, Personal, 1967

11 Melvin Triolo, Personal, 1967

12 Melvin Triolo, Personal, 1966

13 Mevin Triolo, Personal, 1966

14 Broadsides: Mother Jones broadside: "Mother Jones! Known in Every Mining Town in the United States as the Great Fighter For Miners' Freedom, will Speak at Matewan, W. Va. Monday Night, June 21st, at 7 O'Clock. This is a Big Mass Meeting! For All Mine Workers on Tug River. Attend And Hear Her Great Message. U. M. W. of A. District No. 17." Undated broadside, "Strike! The Miners in Mingo County, West Va., and Pike County, Kentucky are striking For Democracy, the Privilege of Speech and the Right to Organize!"

15 Addresses of "Mother" Jones at Williamson, West Virginia, Sunday, June 20, 1920 and October 14, 1920.

16 Photocopies of newspaper clippings relating to labor strife, 1920-21.

17 Violence and vandalism in the coal fields, 1920-21.

18 Governor John J. Cornwell address, Williamson, July 17 ?.

19 UMWA materials relating to coal strike, circa 1920. Contains letter to Governor Morgan from UMWA, "Hell With the Lid Off in Mingo County, West Va.," Strike Order, Labor Contract, and Bulletin No. 4, letter to "People of the Williamson Coal Field."

20 "History of the Strike As Far As It Affected the White Star Mining Company, Merrimac, W. Va."

21 Coal company replies to UMWA, 1920.

22 Matewan Massacre. Instructions to Grand Jury, contemporary account of the event, statement of the activities of Sid Hatfield during the Mingo coal strike.

Box 115

1 UMWA constitutions and Labor Contracts, 1917-24

2 "The Public's Stake in Railway Wages," by E. W. Mayo, reprinted from National Magazine, March 1916

3 Charter for establishment of UMWA Local Union 5852, Kleenkoal, West Virginia, 29 June 1933; blank charter form for establishment of Southern Miners Union

4 The Outlook, 29 March 1922; contains article, "The Battle-Line of the Coal Unions: The Strategy of the Impending Coal Strike," by William P. Helm, Jr.

5 Lake Coal for the Northwest, 14 February 1923

6 Pamphlets-WV Labor Unrest, 1912-22

7 United Mine Workers Journal, 1 April and 1 August 1920

8 American Coal Miner, 20 August 1920

9 Anti-Union Pamphlets, 1916-26; "Unionizing of Coal Mines is Discussed," Clarksburg Daily Telegram, 21 July 1924; National Security League articles; "An Illustrative Crime of the American Federation of Labor..."; "Do You Know: The Strike History of District No. 14 of Kansas from April 1, 1916, to Dec. 31, 1919"; "Borderland Coal Corporation vs. International Organization of The United Mine Workers of America; Et. Al.," 1926; "Borderland Coal Corporation vs. Ora Gassaway, et. al.," 1921

10 "Illinois Miners' Earnings, 1918-1926"

11 "Self Government in the Coal Industry," 1926

12 "Brief of The Alabama Mining Institute," 31 August 1923

13 "36th Annual Report of the Interstate Commerce Commission, December 1, 1922"

14 Newspaper Clippings, 1960s, Coal Industry

15 Newspaper Clippings, 1970s, Coal Industry

16 Newspaper Clippings, 1980s, Coal Industry

17 Coal Age, October 1965 (contains West Virginia mining photographs)

18 Employment Security in West Virginia, Thirtieth Annual Report to the Governor, July 1, 1966 to June 30, 1967

19 City of Hope Medical and Research Fellowship program, Buck Harless endeavor, 1984

20 Brochure, "Twelfth Workshop for Coal Industry Management," April 7-12, 1963 (three copies)

21 Yellow Dog Contract, circa 1920s

22 Copy of Anonymous Letter Received by A. C. Pinson, Sheriff of Mingo County. Envelope addressed "A. C. Pinson Williamson W. Va." Postmarked "Williamson, W. Va. June 27 3-30P 1921"

23 Bituminous Coal Operators Association Committee on Job Evaluations, 1977

24 Solid Fuel Administrator Reports, 1944

25 President's Committee on Portal-to-Portal Travel Time, reports and correspondence, 1943

26 Labor Age, February-March 1933

27 Newspapers/Journals, 1932-56; Logan Banner, 13 February and 14 April 1948; Labor Action, 21 January 1933; District Fifty News, 25 July 1956; The Miner's Lamp (published by authority of the Logan County Operators Association), 5 December 1921 (two copies); The Progressive Miner, 16 and 23 September 1932; 13 January (two copies), 31 March 1933; Charleston Daily Mail, Kanawha Coal Operators Association ad, 1939

28 Articles by J. E. Tobey: "The Competitive Fuel Situation," 1939; "What the Consumer Should Know About the Purchase of Coal," 1939

29 Harry Bowles Papers. Receipts for Union Dues payments and membership book for International Association of Structural and Ornamental Iron Workers

30 Miscellaneous: National Coal Association Map, n.d.; Logan Coal Operators Association, freight chart 1920-21

Box 116

1 A. C. Felts trial newspaper clippings – 1910
2 Arbitration files – Princess Coals – 1966
3 LCOA Bylaws and “Agreement for Incorporation – circa 1925 – from minute book: January 19, 1918 to October 23, 1925
4 Newspaper clippings – Williamson Coal Operators Association – propaganda – circa 1920
5 Logan District of West Virginia – by LCOA – circa 1925 – statistics
6 Logan Weekly Coal Production Reports – Circulars, shipment reports, statistics – 1920
7 Newspaper clippings – general labor unrest and strikes – 1919-1920
8 Newspaper clippings – politics and labor – circa 1920
9 LCOA – Listing of coal companies, management and description of operations
10 Matewan shootings – related newspaper clippings – 1919-1921 – Mingo matter
11 Broadside – Protest! – Williamson, West Virginia – 1921 – citizens invited to protest 1921 election delays in Williamson
12 List of active and special duty deputy sheriffs in Logan County – August 17, 1923
13 Lease agreements – LCOA – C & O Railroad – various companies – 1921-1948
14 List of men indicted – Blair Mountain – Logan County Circuit Court – September 14, 1921
15 LCOA ledger accounts – receipts and disbursements – August 1981-October 15, 1985
16 LCOA ledger accounts – receipts, assets, income and disbursements – January 31, 1981-September 30, 1985 17 Miscellaneous papers

Mines wars period - needs listed

Box 117

UMWA District 17 correspondence 1924-1952

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