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Lucius Cross, Sr. and Thirza (Stanley) Cross Collection

Inventory of Lucius Cross, Sr. and Thirza (Stanley) Cross Collection
Compiled and Donated by Dorothy Staats Kerns

1. 32 proven lines to immigrant ancestors of Lucius Cross, Sr. and Thirza (Stanley) Cross - Colonial Dames XVII Century membership and supplemental papers.
2. 8x10 photograph of Lucius Cross, Sr. and Thirza (Stanley) Cross with their grown children. Photograph is on inside back cover of Colonial Dames XVII Century papers.
3. Pedigree charts of Lucius Cross, Sr., and Thirza (Stanley) Cross
4. Notebook of family group sheets of descendants and parents of Lucius Cross, Sr. and Thirza (Stanley) Cross.
5. Research on the Cross family by John P. Granger.
6. Research on the Alworth family.
7. Marriage record of Peter Cross and Alice Warner. Birth records of Peter Cross and Alice (Warner) Cross' children.
8. Will of Timothy Stanley, father of Thirza (Stanley) Cross.
9. Mound Cemetery Record - Timothy Stanley, Abigail (Robbins) Stanley and Eliza Stanley, sister of Thirza (Stanley) Cross.
10. Probate records, Washington Co., OH - Stanleys
11. Two deeds - Waid Cross buying property located one mile north of Marietta on Ohio River (eight acres) for $280.00 - 21 Sept. 1802 and Waid Cross sells lot #233 in Marietta (eight acres) on the Ohio River for $300.00 17 Feb. 1806. Signed by Waid Cross and Bridget Cross.
12. Six lawsuits by and against Waid Cross, Washington Co., OH.
13. Obituary of Arthur Melancthon Carson - The Jackson Herald, 9 Jan 1925.
14. Death Certificate of Arthur M. Carson - Allegheny Co., PA, 6 Jun 1925.
15. Obituaries of Dr. Waid Edwin Carson 11 Apr. 1946 - Pittsburgh Press and Cordelia (Lasher) Carson.
16. Obituaries of Cordelia (Lasher) Carson and A. M. Carson.
17. Guardianship papers of the children of William C. Carson and Eliza (Cross) Carson - Meigs Co., OH.
18. Marriage certificate of A. M. Carson and Cora S. Lasher, 17 Sept 1875, Meigs Co, OH.
19. Death certificate of Cora L. Carson, 13 Feb. 1941, Cabell Co., WV
20. Death Certificate of Mrs. Carson (Eliza (Cross) Carson) 21 Mar 1912 - Blount Co, TN.
21. 1850 Jackson Co, VA (WV) Census - William, Jr., and Eliza Carson and son, Arthur.
22. Marriage certificate of William Carson and Eliza Cross, 20 Sept 1848, Meigs Co., OH.
23. Will of Eliza Carson of Maryville, Blount Co., TN.
24. Jackson County Past and Present - "Carson - Lasher" and "Clerc-Carson Home"
25. Marriage certificate of Lucius Cross and Thirza Stanley, 15 Apr 1821 - Marietta Congregationalist Church - Samuel M. Robbins, Minister.
26. Will of Lucius Cross, Sr., Meigs Co., OH.
27. Will of Thirza Cross - Meigs Co., OH
28. Obituaries of Lucius Cross, Sr. and Thirza (Stanley) Cross
29. Monroe County Genealogical Records V. 8 - compiled by Catherine Foreaker Fedorchak - Marietta Library. "Lucius Cross, Administrator of T. Stanley, deceased vs. Stanley heirs", p. 6.
30. 1850 census, Meigs Co., OH - Lucius and Thirza Cross and children.
31. Grave markers in Oak Grove Cemetery, Meigs Co., OH, of Lucius and Thirza (Stanley) Cross.
32. Map of Marietta showing Waid Cross property.
33. Stanley Families of America compiled by Israel P. Warren, D.D., 1887.
34. Newspaper articles on the Lucius and Thirza (Stanley) Cross house.
35. Newspaper articles on the businesses of Lucius and Thirza (Stanley) Cross.
36. Typewritten pages of family information from Willie Bicknel Cross - grandson of Lucius and Thirza (Stanley) Cross.
37. Articles on Lucius Cross, Sr., from - The Pioneer History of Meigs County by Stillman Carter Larkin, 1908.
38. Newspaper clipping - photograph of Waid Cross Store in Racine, Meigs Co., OH.
39. Typewritten article from History of Sutton Township Bicentennial of Northwest Ordinance 1787-1987. (Notes on Lucius Cross business enterprises).
40. Lawsuit Lucius Cross against Bridget Cross, 10 Nov 1821 - division of property of father, Waid Cross between Lucius Cross and stepmother, Bridget Cross, Washington County, OH (See #84).
41. Lawsuit - The State of Ohio against Lucius Cross, Washington Co., OH. Common Pleas Court, Vol. 10, p. 355.
42. Meigs County History Book - "Racine Methodist Church", "Cross Mill".
43. David Barber and others to Lucius Cross, Power of Attorney to sell property in Marietta, Washington Co., OH, that belonged to Timothy Stanley, 1816 (deceased).
44. Will of Waid Cross - Washington Co., OH, 1819.
45. Typewritten marriage records of Meigs Co., OH.
46. List of veterans of Civil War from Sutton Twp, Meigs Co., OH - taken from the Tribune Telegraph - Pomeroy, OH.
47. Marriage record of Waid Cross to Bridget Force, 27 May 1804, Washington Co., OH.
48. Information in "American Friend" - Newspaper, Marietta, OH, concerning Bridget (Force) Cross Brough, her will and daughter Mary, wife of John Baker of Dutchess Co., NY.
49. 1820 Census of Ohio - Bridget Cross.
50. Washington County, Ohio Marriages 1789 -1840, compiled by Bernice Graham and Elizabeth S. Cottle - Brough marriages.
51. Copies of birth records of Meigs Co., OH - WPA Project - Cross
52. Application for Probate of Will - Meigs Co., OH. David B. Cross - lists his widow, children and granddaughter.
53. Civil War Pension information of Timothy Stanley Cross, son of Lucius and Thirza (Stanley) Cross.
54. Biography of Edwin Cross, M.D. - Roots Web: OHMEIGS-L.
55. Racine Methodist Newsletter, Sept 1, 1894 - Roots Web - OHMEIGS-L Archives.
56. Handwritten obituary of A. B. Cross (Alben Benton) from scrapbook of Cora (Lasher) Carson.
57. Obituary of David Barber Cross from Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, OH and Obituary of Mrs. T. M. Hayman (Thirza Maria (Cross) Hayman and notes from Cora (Lasher) Carson scrapbook.
58. Newspaper article on the celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Lucius Cross, Jr., Golden Wedding Anniversary.
59. Wedding announcement (newspaper) of Mr. Joe Cross and Miss Addie Roberts, 1917.
60. Newspaper Article - "A Conspiracy", Front page of Leader, 6 Feb 1913, Pomeroy, OH.
61. Obituary of Mary Cross, widow of Timothy Stanley Cross
62. Obituary of John Wesley Miles.
63. Newspaper clipping of will of Lucius Cross, Jr. and photocopy of photograph of Elizabeth (Reynolds) Cross, wife of Lucius Cross, Jr.
64. Obituary W. E. Carson, M.D., obituary of J. E. Carson, Obituary of Dr. E. Dwight Staats, obituary of Mrs. Amelia Hayman (widow of Josiah Hayman), obituary of Anna (Carson) Rhodes, and news clipping of Mrs. Ella (Carson) McConnell honored educator.
65. Obituary of Dr. Waid Edwin Carson - Pittsburgh Press. Obituary of Josiah C. Hayman of Racine, OH.
66. Typewritten article on Ella (Carson) McConnell by E. L. Cross.
67. Biographies of Waid Cross - Thorton Mallory, Miles Family and Philson information from History of the Upper Ohio Valley Biographies for Athens and Meigs Co., OH.
68. Meigs County Ohio History Book "The Cross Family", "A. B. Cross", "The Earl Cross Family", "Edwin Lucius Cross".
69. Obituary of Edwin Hayman, Obituary of Mary S. Bicknell (wife of David Barber Cross of Racine, OH). Obituary of Bertha Hayman (daughter of Josiah and Amelia Hayman). Obituary of John Van Rensselear Lasher. Obituary of Thirza (Stanley) Cross. Obituary of George Cabel.
70. Photocopies of photographs of Waid Cross Store.
71. 1803 Census of Washington Co., OH - Waid Cross.
72. 1810 Census of Washington Co., OH - Waid Cross.
73. Probate record of Waid Cross - Washington Co., OH, 1819.
74. Abstract of Wills and Administrations of Estates of Washington Co., OH - Cross, Wade, and Bridget Brough
75. First Congregationalist Church of Marietta, OH - Vol. 1. Deaths of Timothy Stanley and Wade Cross. Baptism of Thirza Stanley.
76. Mound Cemetery Records - Jane (Garnet) Brough and Mary Brough.
77. The Governors of OH - John Brough - the last of the three War Governors of OH.
78. Ohio Historical Society - Article - John Brough.
79. Family of Lucius Cross, Sr. - information on Brough/Cross family connections by Dorothy Staats Kerns.
80. Court papers, Washington Co., OH, 1804 - Joseph Fitch Munro acknowledges that he received $400.00 from Edward Howard (Deceased of Marietta). John Brough, Esq. and Bridget (Force) Cross are Executors of Edward Howard's Estate. Lists two lots #175 and #172, Marietta, OH, 2 Nov 1807. John Brough sells Power of Attorney of described lands to Waid Cross for $1.00., 18 Sept 1821, statement that previous record is true.
81. Photographs of William C. Carson, Jr., Eliza (Cross) Carson and Robert Patterson Cross.
82. CD of photographs and inventory of descendants of Lucius and Thirza Cross.
83. The family of Elmer Elsworth Cross - History of Roane Co., WV by William H. Bishop.
84. Racine Riot - William Carson - Log Cabin Reminiscences.
85. Thank You
86. Clerc-Carson House - Jackson Herald - 23 Dec 1992.
87. Descendants of Governor William Bradford (through the first seven generations) compiled by Ruth Gardner (Mrs. Francis C.) Hall, 1951
88. Mayflower Index, 1960
89. The Stanley Families of America as Descended From John, Timothy, and Thomas Stanley of Hartford, CT compiled by Israel P. Warren, D. D., 1887

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