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Vernon Dahmer Black Collection

Box 1:

Letters from Vernon Dahmer Black to his family – 1945
Telegrams concerning the death of Vernon Dahmer Black
Letters regarding the report of death and funeral preparations of Vernon Dahmer Black
*Restricted Service Records
Vernon Dahmer Black's envelopes from the war department
Vernon Dahmer Black's certification of Honorable Discharge
Folder of Pilot Information and certifications for Vernon Dahmer Black
Newspaper, obituary, memorial poem
Wallet contents
Business cards and New Testament Book that belonged to Vernon Dahlia Black

Box 2:

Flight training manuals
The B-29
Instrument Flying Basic -Technical Order No. 30-100A-1 (2 copies)
Instrument Flying Advanced -Technical Order No. 30-100B-1
Instrument Flying Technique In Weather -Technical Order No. 30-100D-1 (2 copies)
Special Edition Instrument Flying Basic and Advanced -Technical Order No. 30-100A/B/F-1
Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions for Army Models B-24G, H, and J Airplanes
Notebook of Vernon Dahmer Black's notes
Vernon D Black's Flight School Yearbook

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