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Glenna Mullins Collection

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Descriptive Summary

Title:Glenna Mullins Collection
Span Dates: 1927-1952
Bulk Dates: 1943-1945
ID No: Ms2013-098
Creator: Glenna Mullins
Extent: 2 boxes (Ms2013-098); 1 box photographs (Ph2013-098)
Language: English
Repository: West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV
Abstract: This collection consists primarily of the correspondence and papers of Glenna Melvina Mullins during her service in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps during World War II. Ms. Mullins was born on January 5, 1909 in Queen Shoals, West Virginia. A 1927 graduate of Charleston High School, she worked for Libbey-Owens Glass, the State of West Virginia, and the United States Selective Service beforing joing the WACs in late 1943. Following her discharge, she worked as a civilian employee of the Army Reserve and for the Department of Social Security. Glenna Mullins died on April 6, 1998.
Administrative Information

Donors: Stephen and Deborah Mullins
Transfers: Museums
Preferred Citation: [item, collection number], Glenna Mullins Collection, West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV.
Contents List:

Box 1
1:1 Glenna Mullins, Correspondence Sent, November-December 1943
1:2 Glenna Mullins, Correspondence Sent, 1944
1:3 Glenna Mullins, Correspondence Sent, January-June 1945
1:4 Glenna Mullins, Correspondence Sent, July-October 1945
1:5 Glenna Mullins, Correspondence Received, January-June 1944
1:6 Glenna Mullins, Correspondence Received, July-December 1944
1:7 Glenna Mullins, Correspondence, Miscellaneous
1:8 Glenna Mullins, Diary, December 1944-October 1945
1:9 Glenna Mullins, Greeting Cards Received, 1943-1945
1:10 Glenna Mullins, Request and Approval of Emergency Furlough, October 1945
1:11 Flyer, warning about dangers of crossing streets in Manila, Philippines, 1945
1:12 Glenna Mullins, Military Service Papers
1:13 Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, 1943-1945

Box 2
2:1 Coupons, Liquor Sales Permit, West Virginia Liquor Control Commission
2:2 Esso War Maps, II and III
2:3 Glenna Mullins, Notebook Contents, Selective Service Information, Handwritten Notes on
2:4 Notification of Cash Bonus to West Virginia Veterans of World War I and World War II, 1952
2:5 Book, Winnie The Wac, by Corporal Vic Herman, 1945
2:6 New Testament, Presented by the Army of the United States, 1942 2:7 Letter, Lewis B. Hershey to Members of Selective Service System, December 20, 1943
2:8 Telephone War Digest, Number Two
2:9 Songs/Play Programs/Humor
2:10 Language Guides, War Department, 1943 (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portugese, Spanish, Russian)
2:11 Membership/Identification Cards, Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company of West Virginia/Onized Club/Owens-Illinois Glass Company/Lovers Leap Mountain Lodge/Lower Falls Beach
2:12 Report Cards, Edward Mullins/Glada Mullins, Cabin Creek District, Kanawha County
2:13 Commencement Program/Invitation, Charleston High School, June 3, 1927
2:14 Program, Mother's Day on the Rhine, May 11, 1919
2:15 Trip Pass, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway Company, 1927
2:16 Envelope, The Daniel Boone, Charleston
2:17 Ticket, Derby Day, Chuchill Downs, 1938
2:18 Clippings
2:19 Meeting Reminder, Anna Marie Fisher American Legion Post No. 167, Elk Kanawha Legion Hall, Fayette and Pennsylvania streets, Charleston
2:20 American Legion, 1950 Handbook
2:21 Book, The Key to Peace, by Clarence Manion

Photographs (Ph2013-098):
1 Ila Paula Hartley, Fairmont
2 Photo Postcards, Fort Sheridan, Illinois
3 Postcards, North Platte, Nebraska Canteen
4 Photos, by James B. Thorpe, World War II, Hawaii and return trip to United States, 1946
5 Photos, by Bessie Daniels, Manila and San Francisco, 1946
6 Photos, WACs, World War II
7 Photo, Police Patrol vehicle
8 Photo, Watt Powell Park
9 Photos, Kanawha Airport
10 Photos, West Virginia Soap Box Derby, Charleston
11 Photos, V-J Parade, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1945
12 Negatives
13 Portrait, Glenna Mullins in uniform
14 Photo Postcard, LaGuardia Airport Terminal, New York
15 Group Photo, Third WAC Training Center, Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, December 13, 1943
16 Glenna Mullins with unidentified women
17 Certificate, Memory of Glenna M. Mullins, President Bill Clinton
18 Military, 1943
19 Military, 1944
20 Military, January-May 1945
21 Military, June-September 1945
22 Military, October 1945
23 Negatives
24 Boys State, 1948
25 American Legion Open House
26 Veterans Parade
27 American Legion Activities
28 American Legion Activities

West Virginia postcards (transferred to post card collection)

Special Collections (Sc2013-098):
Manila Daily Mail (Extra), May 8, 1945, "War Is Over In Europe"
Free Philippines, June 16, 1945
Free Philippines, June 28, 1945, "Luzon Freed"
Free Philippines, July 3, 1945
Free Philippines, July 13, 1945
Free Philippines, August 7, 1945, "Atomic Bomb Rocks Japan"
Free Philippines, August 14, 1945, "It's All Over!"
Selective Service, June-July 1946
Selective Service, August 1946
Hawaii Newsweek, October 8, 1945
Army and Navy Bulletin, August 3, 1946
Army and Navy Bulletin, August 10, 1946
Army and Navy Bulletin, August 17, 1946
Army and Navy Bulletin, October 5, 1946
Army and Navy Bulletin, October 12, 1946
Yank, September 22, 1944
Yank, September 29, 1944
Yank, October 6, 1944
Yank, "Surrender and Occupation of Japan"
The Service Woman, April 28, 1944
The Service Woman, May 12, 1944
The Service Woman, August 11, 1944
The Service Woman, August 25, 1944
Army Times, National Guard Edition, November 2, 1946

Transferred from West Virginia Archives and History to the State Museum:
Bamboo fan
Pins (seven), labeled Philippines 1945
Campaign button, Pat for First Lady
Campaign button, James O. Lakin for House of Delegates
Army sewing kit
Military patch

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