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Robert G. Williams Collection

Box 1

Correspondence, Robert G. Williams, 1935-1940
Correspondence, Robert G. Williams, 1941-1945
Correspondence, Robert G. Williams, 1946-1950
Correspondence, Robert G. Williams, 1951-1955
Correspondence, Robert G. Williams, 1957-1960
Correspondence, Robert G. Williams, 1960, New York Titans football game
Correspondence, Robert G. Williams, 1960, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Correspondence, Robert G. Williams, 1961-1965
Correspondence, Robert G. Williams, 1977
Correspondence, Robert G. Williams, Letters from Former Students
Information Packet, Macy's 34th Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade, November 24, 1960
Newsletter, 313 News, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, September 1968
Program, The Miss America Pageant, Atlantic City, September 1955
Program, Eighteenth Annual North vs. South Football Game, August 17, 1951
Charleston High School Band Bulletin, August 24, 1960
Programs, 1935-1949
Programs, 1950-1971
Programs, n.d.
The Alumni News, Charleston High School Band Alumni Association, August 1, 1957
Program, The United States Navy Band, Robert Williams, Guest Conductor, Charleston Municipal Auditorium, May 6, 1958
Cartoon, Robert G. Williams
Gorby's Band News, Gorby's Music House, South Charleston, Spring 1950
Program, Baccalaureate Service, Charleston High School, Mid-Year Graduating Class of 1939, January 15, 1939
Program, Mountain Lion Band, Minstrel, All Band Cast, Directed by Robert G. Williams, Charleston High School Auditorium, February 28, 1951
Program, Mountain Lion Band, Minstrel, All Band Cast, Directed by Robert G. Williams, Charleston High School Auditorium, November 30, 1951
Lions Weekly Roar, Lions Club of Charleston
Membership Card, West Virginia Elks Association, Robert G. Williams
Ticket, Charleston High School Band Concert, Watt Powell Ball Park, August 16, 1955
Certificates, Charleston High School Band, 1944-1965
List of Band and Orchestra Instruments Owned By The Music Department, Charleston High School September 1, 1936
Charleston High School Roster, 1936-1937
Rules and Regulations Governing Charleston High School Orchestra, 1938
Music Department Report, Kanawha County, 1946
Recommendations For An Efficient Instrumental Program in the Stonewall Jackson and Charleston High Schools
Robert G. Williams, List of Personal Contributions to Music Education and War Effort
Proposed Financial Plan for Kanawha County Music Education
Comment Sheets, Band Festivals
Robert G. Williams, Commodore on the Ship of State, A. James Manchin, 1979
The Book Strap, Charleston High School, September 27, 1957
Certificates, Tenth Annual North-South Football Game, August 20, 1943; Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, July 1968
Two Scrapbooks, Charleston High School Band

Box 2

Scrapbook, Charleston High School Band

Photographs (moved to Ph2009-138)

Manuscript Collections

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