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Ellis Dungan Research Files/Photographs

Box 1:

1. Afghanistan/Pershawar: B&W photographs of Kabul, Khyber Pass
2. Anecdotes by Ellis Dungan: articles and typed and handwritten notes about travels
3. Articles/Speeches by Ellis Dungan: text of speeches and articles, ca. 1950-1997
4. Autobiographical India Ellis Dungan: includes resume, B&W photographs and negatives of Bridgeport, OH
5. Awards: B&W and color photographs, clippings and other documents of awards, including Wheeling Hall of Fame (1996) and St. Clairsville alumnus of year (1995)
6. Bangalore: B&W photographs of gold mine, 1937-39
7. Barton, OH (birthplace): B&W and color photographs, clippings and historical materials about Barton and Belmont County, OH
8. Bermuda: color negatives
9. "The Big Hunt": correspondence, promotional materials, a few B&W photographs, contract, script and other materials regarding filming of this film, also known as "Jangal"
10. Bridgeport, OH: clippings, B&W and color photographs and other information about Bridgeport
11. Biographical (about Ellis Dungan): clippings, articles, documents and other materials about Ellis Dungan's life and career
12. Bombay: B&W and color photographs and negatives, including some regarding Bombay-Los Angeles Sister City committee, 1 clipping about planting Dungan tree, ca. 1940s-90s
13. Burma: B&W photographs, articles and letters about Burma, 1936; manuscript by Ellis Dungan about time there, n.d.
14. Calcutta: B&W photographs, 1939-1950s
15. Ceylon: B&W photographs, 1938
16. Contracts: scripts and contracts for various projects, 1959-1973
17. Creegan and Crow: B&W photographs of Creegan and puppet Crow interviewing Ellis Dungan for a broadcast, 1988
18. C. Rajagopalachari: B&W photographs of Indian statesman and Governor-General of India 1948-50

Box 2:

1. Ellis Dungan Productions: correspondence, lists, forms, clippings and other materials relating to production company
2, Family Personal Photos: includes Ellis Dungan's mother visiting India in 1939, various family members, Quimby family (his mother's family), B&W and color photographs
3. Family Personal Photos: envelope and folder of family photographs
4. Ferrin, Frank (producer): B&W and a few color photographs, articles and one letter from Ellis Dungan including scenes shot for "Andy's Gang"
5. Fox, Josiah: copy of letter seeking to buy copy of film on Josiah Fox and copy print of portrait of Josiah Fox, early naval designer of USS Constitution and ancestor of Ellis Dungan
6. France: clippings, maps, letters, B&W photographs and negatives of Ellis Dungan's years in France and Spain, 1930-32
7. Gandhi: B&W prints and 1 clipping about Gandhi, including his funeral, ca. 1940-47
8. Genealogy (Dungan Family): copies of records, correspondence and unpublished manuscripts by Thomas Dungan about Dungan family and Irish origins - not to be photocopied without permission of author
9. "Harry Black and the Tiger": B&W photographs, clippings and press releases about film, ca. 1956-57.
10. Hollywood Years 1950-1962: B&W photographs of Ellis Dungan with various celebrities, including Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Alan Ladd
11. Indian Films (Misc): Correspondence, a few clippings about Ellis Dungan's film making in India, including letters sent in 1930s to USC library
12. Indian Films - Photos (Production Shots): B&W photographs of location and publicity stills, 1930s-50s
13. India Photos (Misc. by Ellis Dungan): B&W photographs of scenes and people around India, many from 1930s
14. "The Jungle": B&W photographs, clippings and a few letters, including shots of cast members Caesar Romero, Marie Windsor and Rod Cameron, 1950s

Box 3:

1. Khedda (photos elephant roundup): B&W photographs of elephant roundup for "The Big Hunt", 1955-58
2. Kotah Maharaja: B&W photographs and color photographs and negatives of Maharaja of Kotah, as well as a few letters from him to Ellis Dungan, ca. 1950s-90s
3. Logging (Assam, India): B&W photographs of elephants assisting with logging, 1952-55
4. Maas, Gary (Dreamcatcher Films): B&W photograph, color photographs and color scans of photographs, notes on materials borrowed and returned by Maas to Ellis Dungan
5. Madras: B&W WWII photographs; Springboard! Madras 1945 publication featuring photographs by Ellis Dungan; B&W various photographs of Madras scenes ca. 1939-1947.
6. Madras visit 1994: includes B&W and color photographs, clippings, program, letters and correspondence, text of interview
7. Margaret Bourke-White: article about Indian life containing her photographs; letter from Ellis Dungan to Bourke-White; article about Subbulakshmi (star of "Meera") and Sadasivam (director of "Meera")
8. Medical photos (documentaries): color, B&W and color slide views of medical procedures
9. "Meera": clippings, correspondence, B&W and 1 color photograph of shooting of movie, publicity information, most ca. 1945-47 but a few pieces from 1990s
10. Mountbatten, Louis and wife: B&W prints of Lord and Lady Mountbatten, including 1947 Independence Day, at Gandhi's funeral, other scenes
11. Moyer, John (wild animal photographer): Color transparencies, slides, clippings and some of Moyer's writing about his adventures - includes rhino, elephant, tiger
12. M. S. Subbulakshmi (star of "Meera"): B&W and color photographs, clippings and other articles, programs and correspondence between actress/musician and Ellis Dungan, ca. 1940s-1990s
13. Mysore: B&W photographs of gold mine, Maharaja, ca. 1951-52
14. Naga: B&W photographs of tribe of former headhunters, 1 clipping describing a Christmas with them, 1952
15. Nehru: B&W photographs and clippings about Indian prime minister - some photographs include Lord and Lady Mountbatten, Indira Gandhi, M. S. Subbulakshmi, ca. 1945-51
16. Nepal: B&W and color photographs of people and scenery - includes one B&W showing sherpa who guided Sir Edmund Hillary to top of Mount Everest
17. New York City trip 1926: B&W of Ellis Dungan on roof of Pennsylvania Hotel; color of brass plate and article with photo about Ellsworth Milton Statler, who started as bell boy in McClure House in Wheeling before operating Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City
18. Norfolk/Southern "Family Portrait": B&W photographs, correspondence, script and other production details about film done for Norfolk Southern Railroad highlighting their people in southern West Virginia coalfields, 1984-85
19. Omalev, Michael: B&W photographs, negatives and 1 color snapshot of fellow film maker, including photos of trip to Yugoslavia and photocopy of diary from this trip, 1935, draft of autobiography
20. Palaces: B&W and 1 color photograph of various palaces in India, 1940s
21. Pix (published by Ellis Dungan): clippings and articles showing photographs taken by Ellis Dungan and sold through Pix, including list of transparencies and negatives they had purchased from him
22. Portraits (India): B&W photographs of various people, ca. 1940s

Box 4:

1. Portraits (Ellis Dungan): B&W and a few color of Ellis Dungan, ca. 1929-1990s
2. Randor Guy: correspondence between Guy and Dungan, 1990-95; articles and clippings by Guy, 1990-94
3. Scenic Photos (by Ellis Dungan): B&W photographs, 1930s-40s including Taj Mahal
4. Scripts (Miscellaneous): various scripts and contacts, 1974-1986
5. St. Clairsville, OH, High School: B&W photographs, color photographs and negatives of high school class and reunions, clippings, 1927 yearbook and commencement items including diploma. Also includes Long Beach Junior College yearbook for 1928
6. "Tarzan Goes to India" film: B&W and 1 color photograph of cast and filming, starring Jock Mahoney as Tarzan; also a few clippings and one letter
7. Temples: B&W photographs of various temples
8. Tiger Shikar photos: B&W photographs and a few clippings, most photos from filming of "The Big Hunt" or "Harry Black and the Tiger", 1940s-50s
9. Toda (mountain tribe): B&W photographs taken during filming for "Andy's Gang"
10. Tripura, India: B&W photographs, most photos from filming of "The Big Hunt" or "Harry Black and the Tiger", 1950s
11. Twilight Club: Color photographs and negative, clippings and speeches about Wheeling's Twilight Club
12. "Upper Ohio Valley" (film for Ohio Valley Travel Council): clippings and other materials about making of film, ca. 1982-83
13. University of Southern California (1933-34): B&W photographs
14. Villages and Villagers (India): B&W photographs
15. "Wheels to Progress" 1958-59 film and 1995 video: B&W and color photographs, clippings and information about Goldenseal article published fall 1996

Box 5:

1. Wheeling: clippings, maps, research materials about Wheeling history, including information on Victorian homes of Wheeling which was not released
2. Wild Animals (misc. filming of): B&W photographs of rhinos for "The Big Hunt", other prints of Ellis Dungan with various animals including tigers, monkeys, snakes
3. Yeazell, Paul: correspondence, ca. 1986-98 with writer who worked with Ellis Dungan on several projects including "Family Portrait", "The Search" and "Josiah Fox"
4. Ylla: B&W photographs of Ylla, female wildlife photographer, ca. 1950s
5. Incomplete Film Projects: correspondence, B&W prints and clippings about various incomplete projects, including one for United Way, "Little Cobra", "Visiting at Home and Abroad"
6. Incomplete Film Projects: clippings about wild animals; correspondence and research materials for "The Quakers" for Ohio Humanities Council, 1970s-80s
7. Incomplete Film Projects: correspondence and reference material for "John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry", ca. 1986

Box 6:

Photo album - much of it is European travel, ca. 1919-1930 but also includes family photographs and local Wheeling and Ohio scenes - many of prints have been removed from pages and are loose in the book
Small box of B&W negatives and prints and a few color prints, labeled as India - 3 envelopes of negatives and 2 envelopes of prints
Small box of assorted B&W and color negatives and some small prints, mostly of India and wildlife, including "Harry Black and the Tiger", "Meera", elephants; color slides of maps of India, Wheeling and "Lites Festival"

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