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Douglas and Rena Bumgardner Collection

Box 1

Douglas Bumgardner, Primary Reading Circle Certificate, Watts School, May 29, 1936
Pass, Douglas Bumgardner, United States Senate Chamber, Senator Rush D. Holt, May 4, 1939
Doug: An Autobiography by Douglas Clifton Bumgardner, May 8, 1947
Contract, Douglas C. Bumgardner and Southwestern Company Publishers, 1947
Doug Bumgardner, Philosophy of Political Freedom, presented to West Virginia Philosophical Society, October 22, 1949
Douglas Bumgardner, Diary, 1952
Douglas Bumgardner, Military Papers
Douglas Bumgardner, Honorable Discharge, April 19, 1957
Douglas Bumgardner, Diploma, Alderson Broaddus, Bachelor of Arts, May 28, 1950
Douglas Bumgardner, Ordination Certificate and Program, February 26, 1956
Douglas Bumgardner, "Attitudes of West Virginia Baptists Toward an Educated Ministry"
Douglas Bumgardner, "Learning"
Douglas Bumgardner, Ordination Paper, 1956
Douglas Bumgardner, Diploma, Crozer Theological Seminary, May 15, 1956
Douglas Bumgardner, Diploma, Marshall University, Master of Arts, August 9, 1961
Douglas Bumgardner, Application for Pistol License, July 15, 1965
Douglas Bumgardner, Pocket Calendar, 1966
Douglas Bumgardner, Passport, September 27, 1972-September 26, 1977
Douglas Bumgardner, Building Permit, November 6, 1979
Real Estate Agreement, 712 Fife St, Charleston, Douglas Bumgardner
Douglas Bumgardner, Business Cards
Invitation, Engagement Party, Douglas Bumgardner and Rena May Thompson
Wedding of Rena Thompson and Douglas Bumgardner
Douglas Bumgardner, Black Notebook
Douglas Bumgardner, Lease, 169 Summers Street, Charleston
Memo: The Members of the Council of Charleston, West Virginia, July 11, 1997
Douglas Bumgardner, "Does What Go Around Come Around? And Here Comes Meddy," Anvil Club, February 6, 2005
Douglas Bumgardner, Anvil Club, December 7, 2007
Douglas Bumgardner, Anvil Club, February 7, 2008
Douglas Bumgardner, Obituaries, 2015
Guestbooks, Wedding of Doug and Rena Bumgardner, June 6, 1953
Rena May Thompson
Rena T. Bumgardner
Autograph Books, Rena Thompson
Letter Award, Stonewall Jackson High School, Rena May Thompson, 1940-41 and 1941-42
Notebook, Rena Thompson, Clothing, Stonewall Jackson High School
Mason College of Music and Fine Arts, Rena May Thompson, 1942-1948
Rena Thompson, Calendar, 1948
Rena Thompson, Music Pupils Lesson Book and Practice Record
Piano Recital, Students of Rena M. Thompson, 1950/1951/1952/1965
Piano Recital Program, Rena May Thompson, May 1952
Rena Thompson, School Project, West Virginia Club
Lessons given by Rena Bumgardner
Driver's License, Rena M. Bumgardner, 1978 (Photocopy)
Circuit Court Documents, James Sanchez and Beck McIntosh vs. Rena and Douglas Bumgardner, 1983
Stanley Bumgardner, Parent/Teacher Conference, 1971-72
Stanley Bumgardner, Miscellaneous Certificates
Program, Organ and Piano Recital, Myra Baldwin and Stanley Bumgardner
Program, Stanley Albert Bumgardner, Montrose Music Club, March 18, 1981
Stanley Bumgardner, College Class Papers
Stanley Bumgardner, Correspondence, Employment Applications, 1988
Stanley Bumgardner, Resume and cover letter
Stanley Bumgardner, Harpers Ferry National Park, Internship, 1989
Citation, Norma Thompson, War Bond Sales
Albert Thompson
Albert Thompson, Railway Mail Service
Albert Thompson, Checks, The Stockman's Bank of Harman, 1922
Albert Thompson, Will, 1955
Envelopes Addressed to Albert Thompson
Music Composition Book, Mrs. Albert Thompson
Death of Mrs. Leslie J. Thompson, 1971
Billfold, Stanley D. Bumgardner
Redress Petition, Supreme Court of the United States, Thomas E. Bumgardner, Ballard, 2003
Bulletin, Memorial Service for June Marie Bumgardner, February 2004
Kanawha Coin Shop
Greater Kanawha Valley Coin Show, 1967-1977
Charleston Coin Club
Composition Notebook, Overdated Coinage
Beckley Coin Club
Program, American Numismatic Association Convention, Philadelphia, 1969
Top Value Stamps

Box 2

Correspondence, Douglas Bumgardner to Rena Thompson, April 1953
Correspondence, Douglas Bumgardner to Rena Thompson, March 1953-May 1953
Correspondence, Douglas Bumgardner to Rena Bumgardner, February 1954/September 1954
Correspondence, Douglas Bumgardner to Rena Bumgardner, October 1954
Correspondence, Douglas Bumgardner to Rena Bumgardner, November 1954
Correspondence, Douglas Bumgardner to Rena Bumgardner, December 1954
Correspondence, Douglas Bumgardner to Rena Bumgardner, January 1955-February 1955
Correspondence, Douglas Bumgardner to Rena Bumgardner, March 1955-May 1955
Correspondence, Douglas Bumgardner to Rena Bumgardner, September 1955-December 1955
Correspondence, Douglas Bumgardner to Rena Bumgardner, January 1956-February 1956
Correspondence, Douglas Bumgardner to Parents, 1944-1949
Correspondence, Douglas Bumgardner to Parents, 1950
Correspondence, Douglas Bumgardner to Parents, 1951
Correspondence, Douglas Bumgardner to Parents, 1952
Correspondence, Rena Thompson Bumgardner to Mrs. Albert Thompson, 1952
Correspondence, Douglas Bumgardner to Parents, 1953
WWI Letters
Postcards, Homer Holt
Correspondence, Rena Bumgardner to Douglas Bumgardner, September 1955-February 1956
Correspondence, Al Capp, regarding Sadie Hawkins Day, November 1947
Douglas Bumgardner to Grandmother, March 7, 1949
Correspondence Received, Stanley Bumgardner
Correspondence, Miscellaneous
Correspondence, John D. Rockefeller IV to Doug and Rena Bumgardner, June 6, 2005
Program, Charleston May Festival Concert, 1938 (2 copies)
Program, First Anniversary of the Union Mission Settlement, Charleston, Burlew Opera House, October 13, 1912
34th Victory Celebration, Union Mission, 1945
Program, The Henri Schultze Studio, St. John's Parish House Auditorium, February 24, 1946
Program, Lauritz Melchior, Charleston Municipal Auditorium, April 8, 1947
Program, Charleston Preaching Mission, March 13-20, 1949
Program, Annual Meeting, West Virginia Academy of Science, Davis and Elkins College, April 29-30, 1949
Beta Beta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Programs, 1952, 1953, 1957
Program, 23rd Annual Meeting West Virginia Council of American Baptist Men, Cowen, WV Aug 22-24, 1958
Souvenir Program, Kanawha County History and the 35th Star, Charleston, June 20-27, 1963
Program, Kanawha City Lions Arts and Crafts Show, October 20-22, 1967
Program, Creative Arts Festival, Charleston, 1955, 1956, 1958, 1967
Program, Mary Lou's Dancing School, May 13, 1972
Program, 1974 West Virginia High School and Junior High School Chess Championships
Program, Morris Harvey College, Suzuki Violin Festival, June 23, 1974
Program, Trees of the Nations, Sunrise, Charleston, December 2-28, 1976
Programs, Huntington Galleries Antiques Show and Sale, May 10-11, 1980/May 8-9, 1982
Program, National Championship College Bowl, Marshall University, March 18-24, 1981
Program, West Virginia 1981 All-State Concert
Program, Delta Kappa Gamma Society, Alpha Phi State West Virginia Fortieth Annual Convention, The Greenbrier, April 10-12, 1981
Program, Anvil Club, "The World is Coming to a Start," November 4, 1982
Program, West Virginia 1983 All-State Concert
Program, WVMEA State Music Conference, Morgantown, March 17-19, 1983
Program, Charleston Chamber Music Society, 1991-1992
Program, Music in the Mountains, Snowshoe Symphony Festival, August 23-25, 1996
Program, Eagle Court of Honor, December 26, 1999, Greg Turk, Jeremy Acs, Jimmy Porter
Program, Anvil Club, Charleston, Tim Barber, "Last Dinner on the RMS Titanic," April 4, 2002
Program, Great Kanawha River Navy and West Virginia Opera Theatre, "Riverboat Man," by Bob Barr
Program, The Appalachian Children's Chorus
Program, "An Evening with Frankie" Veltrie, June 29, 2000
Worship Programs, Various Churches
Notebook, Smithsonian Institution Division of Performing Arts Presents Touring Performances, 1969-1970, and Encounters
Col. Ruby G. Bradley materials
Creighton Family, South Charleston

Box 3

The Lamp, Morris Harvey
West Virginia Senior High, Figuring Your Future
College and University Committee of Cultural Coordinators
Morris Harvey College
Morris Harvey College
Guestbook, Experiment in International Living, French students at Morris Harvey, 1959-1961
Marshall University
Marshall College Alma Mater
Alderson Broaddus College
West Virginia State College
University of Charleston
University of Charleston Children�s Chorus
West Virginia Tech
West Virginia University
West Virginia University, Public History Program
West Virginia Association of Colleges and Universities, 1968/1971
Career Planning, Career and Personal Counseling Center, Davis and Elkins College
Re-union Vets Meeting, Flatwoods, October 26-28, 2004

Box 4

Kanawha County Schools
Kanawha City Elementary School
Horace Mann Junior High School
Dunbar Junior High School
Directories, Kanawha City Elementary School, 1970-1975
Charleston Public Schools, Spelling Words, 1925
Lincoln Junior High School
George Washington High School
Invitation/Program, George Washington High School Commencement, June 1983
Programs, Stonewall Jackson High School Reunions
Stonewall Jackson High School, Formal Opening, May 16-17, 1940
Stonewall Jackson High School
The Yearling, Stonewall Jackson High School, May 1944
Charleston High School
Program, Charleston Junior High Schools Commencement (Chamberlain, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Woodrow Wilson), May 25, 1943
Program, Charleston Catholic High School Commencement, June 1983
Invitation, Circleville High School Commencement, 1935
Invitation, James Monroe High School Commencement, 2001
Invitation, Stonewall Jackson High School Commencement, 1980
Program, South Charleston High School Commencement, June 3, 1964, May 30, 2003
Program, Saint Albans High School Commencement, May 31, 1965
Programs, Charleston High School Commencement, 1935/1940/1941/1942/1946
Program, Charleston General Hospital and Kanawha Valley Memorial Hospital, Schools of Nursing, August 31, 1961
Programs, Charleston High School Reunions
Department of Free Schools, Elementary Diploma Tests, 1916-1920
Charleston Leadership Training School, 1936
Charleston Leadership School, October 8-12, 1961
Program, West Virginia Congress of Parents and Teachers Annual Convention, October 19-21, 1978
Gifted Program, West Virginia Music Teachers Association
West Virginia Music Educators Association
Programs, Morris Harvey basketball, 1960-1964 and 1973-1979
Program, Basketball, West Virginia University vs. University of Cincinnati, February 23, 1976
Program, Charleston Optimist Club Tip-Off Tournament, December 4-5, 1981
Herd Game Magazine, Marshall vs. Charleston, November 24, 1984
Program, WVIAC Basketball Tournament, 1947, Buckhannon
Programs, WVIAC Basketball Tournament, 1975-1988
Sports Schedules, Marshall Basketball, University of Charleston Basketball, Peeks Football Guide
Stonewall Jackson High School, Basketball Programs, 1971-73
Lady Herd, Marshall University Basketball Cards
Miscellaneous Tickets (Camden Park, WVIAC Basketball Tournament, 1974/1975/977/1979/1980/1981/1982/1983/1984, State Fair, 1983/Charleston Symphony presents Isaac Stern, Charleston Charlies vs. Memphis,1936, Marshall Artists Series-The New Swingle Singers, Marshall Basketball, Barnum and Bailey 1981, Jeffrey Swann March 18, 1989, "Down from the Mountain," Red Hot Chili Peppers, August 10, 2000)
Program, Harlem Globetrotters, 1974
Cleveland Browns Tickets, 1982
Charleston Reds Review, December 6, 1946
Cincinnati Reds, 1972 Scorebook
Signed photograph, Mickey Mantle
Program, International League All Stars vs. Pittsburgh Pirates, Watt Powell Park, Charleston, August 18, 1975
Program, Charleston Wheelers, 1987
Scorecard, Golf/Bowling
West Virginia Sports Extra, March 1972
Woody Hayes Sports Spectacular 15th Annual Golf Outing, June 10, 1991
Photo (photostatic copy), Charleston Gunners, 1987-1988

Box 5

Menu, Mykonos Cafe, Charleston
Menu, Sterling Restaurant
Placemats, Libby's Lunch, Heaters
Kenney's Coloring Book
Gorby's Music
RCA Victor Record Review, Londeree, Inc. /Galperin Music Company
Charleston Community Music Association
Students Practice Report, Withrow School of Music, Charleston
West Virginia Music Educators Association
Musician Pass, 19th Annual Bramwell Oktoberfest
Bob "Mr. Music" Williams
Blank Wedding Book, Withrow Music Company, Charleston
"Let's All Sing" Song Lyric Book
Fireside Melodies #3, Song Book with photos, Cap, Andy, and Flip, circa 1940
Favorite Poems, selected by "Singing" Sam Raborn, Beckley
Charleston Civic Chorus
Kanawha Junior High School County Choral Festival, 1979
Kanawha Valley Youth Orchestra
Charleston Symphony Orchestra
Charleston Light Opera Guild
"Diamond Studs," Charleston Light Opera Guild, 1980
Charleston Children;s Theatre
Brochures, Huntington Galleries/Kanawha State Forest/Mountaineer Dinner Theatre/The Aracoma Story, Valley Park Wave Pool, Hatfields and McCoys, Pilgrim Glass, State Fair 1984/Smoke Hole Caverns/Point Pleasant Battle Monument
Marmet Theatre, Calendar, August and September 1946
Kanawha Players
American Guild of Organists
Fund For The Arts
Charleston Performing Arts Calendar, 1981-82
Charleston Arts Calendars, 1982-1983, 1985-1986, 1986
World Class Artists, 1989-90
Pamphlet, Mountain State Art & Craft Fair, Cedar Lakes, July 2-6, 1975
Summerfest '75
Summer Orgelfest
"Honey In the Rock"/"Hatfields and McCoys," West Virginian Historical Drama Association, 1961
Programs, Miscellaneous Music
Caroline's School of Dance
Calendar, West Virginia Centennial
Pocket Calendars, Parkview Mobile Homes, 1959, Charleston Theater Supple, 1967-68
Charleston Gazette Planning Calendar, January 1983
Calendars, Zymole Trokeys, 1940 and 1941
Identification/Membership/Business/Campaign Cards
Cards and Invitations
Obituaries and Funeral Cards

Box 6

First Aid for Postal Employees, 1923
General Scheme of West Virginia, United States Post Office, 1954
Post Offices and Post Routes of West Virginia, 1923
United States Zip Code Directories, 1972, 1977-78
Works Progress Administration of West Virginia, Song Sheet
Brochure, Welcome to Historic Holly Grove
Brochure, East End Foot and Pedal Tour
Brochure, Trail Guide, Children's Museum and Planetarium at Sunrise, Charleston
Brochure, YMCA Day Camp Trail Blazer, Kanawha State Forest, 1974
This Week in Charleston, West Virginia, March 23-30, 1964
Pamphlet, "It's the Greater Kanawha Valley," A Directory of Cultural and Recreational Opportunities in the Charleston Area, 1966-1967
AAA Tour Books, Mideastern, 1970-71; Mid-Atlantic, 1976
West Virginia Historical Society
Country Style: An Anthology of Hillbilly Humor, compiled by J. Holt Byrne, 1974
Spring Hill Cemetery, Charleston
Homecoming, 1996
Children's Home Society
West Virginia Bank Directory, 1970
Schedule, Charleston Civic Center, January-April 1967
Wine Cellar, March 1981
Hardy County, Heritage Weekend 1998, 1999, Heritage Calendar 1999-2000
Historical Walking Tour of Barboursville, Pamphlet
Pamphlet, The Greenbrier
Pamphlet, The Potomac Highland of West Virginia, "The Nation's Eastern Playground" Almanac, Kenney's Prescription Pharmacy, Charleston, 1965
Proceedings of the Institute on Mental Hygiene Aspects of Civil Defense, Trenton, New Jersey, 1951
Young People's Camp, Philippi, August 18-25, 1945
West Virginia's Underground Wonderland: The Beautiful Seneca Caverns, Pendleton County, West Virginia
Seneca Caverns
Conference Abstracts, Society for Industrial Archaeology, Wheeling/Wheeling Brochures, May 19-22, 1988
The Mountaineer, Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company of West Virginia, September 1944
City of Charleston's Environmental News, Spring 1997
Kanawha Sheriff's Youth Camp, Camp Virgil Tate, 1979
Licensed Sidewalk Contractors, Charleston
Diamond Department Store, Charleston
C.W. Faulknier Hardware Inc, Store Catalog, Charleston, WV
4-H Bicycle Project, Unit 1, developed by Mrs. Georgie Buzzard of Marshall County, 1971
Self-Guided Tour, Hemlock Trail, Blackwater Falls State Park
New River Gorge Bridge, Cancelled Cover and Stamp, October 22, 1977
West Virginia Works, Personal Responsibility Contract, 1997, Welfare Reform Meeting, May 7, 1998
West Virginia Club Work, Question and Answer Book on West Virginia, Rev. 1957
Pamphlet, Schedule of Events, Charleston Trident Chamber of Commerce, May 1, 1977
Union Carbide, "You and the Economy," 1975
Pamphlet, Storer College
Charleston Downtown Revitalization Project, 1979
Charley Rose
KVRTA, St. Albans to Cabin Creek Route Map, undated
Pre-Employment Test
Pamphlet, F.A.R.E., Charleston Police Department, undated
Covenant House, Charleston
Order of the 35th Star, 1978/1979
The Story and Protocol of the West Virginia Flag
The New Charleston: The Chamber's 75 Years, October 1975
West Virginia Grand Assembly International Order of Rainbow for Girls, Charleston Program, June 12-14, 1975
Charleston Maps and Promotional Materials
Charleston Memories: A Classic Building Tour, Circa 1912, 1988
Kanawha Spectator: A Guide to Kanawha County's Historic Places, 1988
Official Pamphlet, Tygart River Reservoir Dam
Brochure, Charleston Bicentennial Festival, July 2-5, 1976
Brochure, Charleston Humane Association
Charleston Kanawha Valley YMCA, Leadership Development Proposal and Guidelines, Fall 1971
Flyer, Eve Curie, Charleston Municipal Auditorium, April 22, 1947
Urban Renewal in Charleston, West Virginia
"Space and Sky," by Pearl Buck, The American Way, March 1970
East End Coalition for Families
History 310, Historic Site Recording and Interpretation, Emory Kemp
Land Tax Records
State of West Virginia vs. James McCartney and Arch Moore, Moore third term, Ex rel Melton Maloney, Petitioner's Brief
A Handbook for Jurors
Instructions to Voters, Kanawha County, West Virginia
Campaign Cookbooks, Phyllis Rutledge and L.W. "Bill" Seaman
Pocket Guide to China, War and Navy Departments, World War II era
USS Puget Sound, CVE 113 Commissioning, June 18, 1945
"Lest We Forget," The Heroic Deeds of the Sons of West Virginia in France, Judge Alston G. Dayton
Patient Guide to Medical Center Services, Department of Veteran Affairs
Cancer Facts for Women
Charleston Area Medical Center
Charleston Memorial Hospital, Materials for New Mothers and Babies
Insurance Pamphlets
Programs/Schedules, Charleston Charlies, 1972-1979
Style Book, Schwabe and May, Charleston, 1917-1918
Description Sheet, Sam Cobra Equipment, Louis Marx & Co., 1972
Envelopes, postmarked Kanawha Courthouse/Point Pleasant, Civil War era, sent to the Brown family, Albany, Ohio
Interdenominational Social Concerns Committee, 1977
Suzuki Association of America, West Virginia Chapter
The American Boychoir, Baptist Temple, James Litton, Director December 8, 1995, March 25, 2001
Children's Leader, August 1929, January 1930
Bank Savings Books
Deborah Ann Davis, Miss West Virginia, 1979, Marjorie Vincent, Miss America, 1991
Ledger Book
West Virginia Auctioneers Association, Continuing Education, Autumn 1999
West Virginia International Film Festival

Box 7

Junior Achievement
Charleston Baptist Temple
Charleston Baptist Temple
Charleston Baptist Temple
Charleston Baptist Temple
Charleston Baptist Temple, Board of Christian Education
Charleston Baptist Temple, Directories and Histories
Charleston Baptist Temple, Directory
Charleston Baptist Temple, Board of Missions, 1962
Charleston Baptist Temple, Board of Missions, 1963
Charleston Baptist Temple, Board of Missions, 1964
Charleston Baptist Temple, Board of Missions, 1968
Charleston Baptist Temple, Board of Missions, 1969
Minutes, Circle Number 10, Baptist Temple
Yearbooks, Woman's Federation and Missionary Society of the Baptist Temple

Woman's Federation
Manual of Church Organization and Procedures for Charleston Baptist Church (Baptist Temple), 1963
Manual of Church Organization and Procedures for Charleston Baptist Church (Baptist Temple), 1964
The Family Tie, Baptist Temple
ABWBT (American Baptist Women of Baptist Temple)
Constitution and By-Laws, Woman's Federation, Baptist Temple, Revised 1962
West Virginia Baptist
West Virginia Historical Society, September, 2001

Box 8

Crozer Theological Seminary
The Coming Dictator, by B. R. Lakin, The Voice of Evangelism, Fort Gay
Thoughts of Worthwhile Subjects, by O. J. Morrison
Card, Huntington Youth for Christ Rally (Billy Graham, speaker)
The Daily Devotionals, Robert C. Byrd and Erma Byrd
A Scriptural Exposition of the Book of Jonah, by Reverend G. W. Fitzwater, Charleston, 1925
The True Meaning of Christmas, Radio Messages by A. Reid Jepson, 1942
Booklet, 34th Victory Celebration, 1911-1945, Union Mission, Charleston
Everyday Philosophy, by Phil Conley, January 1950
West Virginia Council of Churches, 1998 Assembly
Religious Coalition for Community Renewal
Kit of Essential Tools for the Ministry
History, St. John's Episcopal Church, Charleston
First Presbyterian Church, Huntington, West Virginia
Asbury Methodist Church Bulletin, August 5, 1945
Brawley Chapel, United Methodist Church, 1902-2002
Christ Church Methodist: A Historical Sketch, 1804-1961, by Roy Bird Cook
Christ Church United Methodist: A History, 1804-1980
West Virginia United Methodist, August 1978
Parchment Valley Echo
Constitution of the Ansted Baptist Church, 1949
American Baptist Churches
Visitors Card, Calvary Baptist Church, Charleston
Charles Town Baptist Church
The Baptist Banner, Souvenir Edition, October 18, 1923
Handbook, Emmanuel Baptist Church 1971
History of Our Church, compiled by Ethel D. Jeffers (Emmanuel Baptist Church, Charleston)
Kanawha City Baptist Church
Kanawha Valley Baptist Association
Program, Milton Baptist Church, Church Dedication, February 13, 1955
Report of the Executive Board to the West Virginia Baptist Convention, 1958
West Virginia Baptist Education Society Annual Meeting, October 18, 1983
West Virginia Baptist Youth Leadership
West Virginia Baptist Education Society
Baptist Youth Fellowship Reunion, 1986
Baptist Youth Fellowship Reunion, 1993
Seventeenth Annual House Party, Woman's Baptist Mission Society of West Virginia, 1951
First Baptist Church, Beckley
Bulletin, Memorial Day Message, First Baptist Church, Beckley, May 28, 1939
The Little Minister, First Baptist Church, Charleston, West Virginia
Bulletin, First Baptist Church of Tyler Mountain, 50th Anniversary, 1995
Fifth Avenue Baptist Church, Huntington
"The Columns," Fifth Avenue Baptist Church 1985-88
NAJAC Newsletters
Children's Stories, Bank of West Virginia
Silver Brand Clothes, 1983
Magazine, "The Beatles Film"
Obituary, Dr. Rossing F. Smith Jr.
U.S. Department of Agriculture pamphlet, Spring 1976
Miscellaneous Handwritten Notes
FBLA National Leadership Conference, 1982
West Virginia Board of Accountancy, Application and Examination Booklet, November 5, 1982
Pamphlet, City National Bank of Charleston Hours, undated
Flyer, "Two Fakirs"
Pamphlet, Southern Chemical Company
Flyer, Children's Museum and Planetarium of Science, Haunted House, October 21-31
Pamphlet, "The Great Textbook War of Kanawha County, West Virginia," November 17, 2011
Miscellaneous papers
John Lambros
Turner's Record Shop, Album Club Card
Mail Pouch "Dividend" certificates
The West Virginia Auctioneer, News and Review, Summer 2001
Ribbons/WCHS-TV Video Tape Sample
Department of Culture and History
Fallout Protection: What to Know and Do About Nuclear Attack
Scrip Talk, July 2000
Old Time Songs and Amusements, H. E. Harper and Company, Macksville
Certificates and Reports
Handbooks, Kappa Delta Chi, 1948-1949, 1949-1950
The Mad Hatterfields! WLW-The Nation's Station
Grade Report, Leslie May, Riverton, 1919
Certificate of Attendance, Leslie May, 8th Grade, Dixie School, 1919
Souvenir, Holiday Greetings, Dixie School, December 25, 1917

Box 9

Temple Times, 1952
Temple Times, 1957
Temple Times, 1959
Temple Times, 1960
Temple Times, 1961
Temple Times, 1962
Temple Times, 1963
Temple Times, 1964
Temple Times, 1965
Temple Times, 1966
Temple Times, 1967
Temple Times, 1968
Temple Times, 1969
Temple Times, 1970
Temple Times, 1971
Temple Times, 1973
Temple Times, 1974
Temple Times, 1975
Temple Times, 1976
Temple Times, 1977
Temple Times, 1978
Temple Times, 1979
Temple Times, 1980
Temple Times, 1981
Temple Times, 1982
Temple Times, 1983
Temple Times, 1984
Temple Times, 1985
Temple Times, 1986
Temple Times, 1987
Temple Times, 1988
Temple Times, 1989
Temple Times, 1990
Temple Times, 1991
Temple Times, 1992
Temple Times, 1993
Temple Times, 1994
Temple Times, 1995
Temple Times, 1996
Temple Times, 1997
Temple Times, 1998
Temple Times, 1999
Temple Times, 2000
Temple Times, 2001
Temple Times, 2002
Temple Times, 2003

Box 10

Temple Times, 2004
Temple Times, 2005
Temple Times, 2006
Temple Times, 2007
Temple Times, 2008
Temple Times, 2009
Temple Times, Letters form Church Officials, Budget
Temple Times, Birthdays, Teachers, Activity Calendars
Charleston Conservatory of Music
Charleston Conservatory of Music
Charleston Conservatory of Music
School Concert Schedules
College Bowling Tournament Bracket
Gauley Hardwood Lumber Company
Miscellaneous Receipts, 1892-1903
Miscellaneous Documents, 1881-1928

Box 11

Huntington Chamber Orchestra, n. d.
Charleston Symphony Orchestra, miscellaneous file, mostly tickets, n. d.
Charleston Symphony Orchestra, various programs:

West Virginia Symphony Orchestra, various programs:

**A + indicates the folder contains more than programs, usually a season brochure, but may be another document, such as an invitation.

Oversized Materials

Sheet Music, "The Holy City," for violin, Stanley Bumgardner, Londeree Music Company, Charleston
Sheet Music, "A Prince of To-Night," for violin
Sheet Music, "Stand By America"
Sheet Music, "West Virginia Homeland of Mine," Frances Hart Ritzinger
Sheet Music, Five Hundred Miles, Hedy West
Sheet Music, "The Great Commission"
Sheet Music, "Ballade"
Sheet Music, "The Great Commission"
Sheet Music, "Peter Cottontail" and "Frosty the Snowman"
Certificate, Douglas Bumgardner, Kentucky Colonel, 2000
Certificate, Rena Thompson, First Baptist Church Vacation Bible School, Summer 1931
Drawing, Albert Thompson
Article, "It's Not Over For Me Yet," on Doug Bumgardner, Charleston Gazette, January 31, 2011
Article, "W. Va. Quarter available in set," January 25, 2005
Article, "Attitude really does count," April 28, 2003
Basketball Schedule, Morris Harvey College, 1976-1977
Poster, Charleston, 1990
Poster, Young People's Concert, Marshall University Symphony, April 16, 1987
Grade Reports, Norma Thompson, Stonewall Jackson High School
Grade Reports, Norma Thompson, Lincoln Junior High School
Grade Reports, Norma Thompson, Mason College of Music and Fine Arts
Clippings, Douglas Bumgardner
Certificate, Vacation Bible School, First Baptist Church, Beckley
Elementary Certificates, Albert Thompson and Leslie J. May
Junior High School Diploma, Rena May Thompson, Kanawha County Schools
Rena May Thompson, Diploma, Stonewall Jackson High School, Kanawha County Public School, May 26, 1942
Certificate of Proficiency, National Academy of Music, Chicago, Albert Thompson, Guitar, September 18, 1933
Certificate, Douglas C. Bumgardner, Phi Gamma Mu, 1963
Poster, "That's Mah Big Day," Sadie Hawkins Day, November 14, 1948
Poster, Alderson Broaddus College Players, (For He Had Great Possessions)
Poster, Spooking of Ghosts
Poster, "Learn-To-Swim Week," Charleston YMCA Pool/Morris Harvey College Pool
Diploma, Douglas Clifton Bumgardner, Charleston High School, May 24, 1946
Photograph, 54th Armored, Fort Knox, Kentucky, December 1950
Certificates, Rena May Thompson, First Baptist Church, Beckley, 1926-1930 (rolled)
Elementary School Diploma, State of West Virginia, Leslie May, 1918 (rolled)
Elementary School Diploma, Albert Thompson, Riverton, 1915 (rolled)
Marriage Certificate, Albert Thompson and Leslie May, May 11, 1922, Riverton (rolled)
"State House is Burned," Charleston Gazette, January 4, 1921
"West Virginia Celebrates Its Centennial with A Bold New Spirit", New York Times, April 21, 1963
Charleston Gazette Cookbook, 1956
Charleston Gazette Cookbook, 1957
Morris Harvey College, Annual Report, 1958-1959
Photocopy, article, "WV history goes high tech," Charleston Gazette-Mail, Metro North, January 17, 1996
Photocopy, article, "Children's Home Society marks centennial of service to state," Charleston Gazette-Mail, Metro West Kanawha, January 24, 1966
Drawing, swimming pool room ventilation system, Douglas C. Bumgardner, 1982
Stanley Bumgardner, Contribution Certificate, Kanawha Valley Youth Orchestra, Inc., 1975-76
Broadside, Dr. H.D. Hatfield, candidate for Governor, primary June 4, 1912
Poster, Independence Day Picnic, July 5, 1981
Poster, A Summer Film Festival of Music and Comedy, 1980
Poster, Winter Film Festival, 1982
Poster, Winter Film Festival, 1984
Poster, Greater Kanawha Valley Arts Calendar, 1990

Scrapbooks (Sc2019-001)

SB1, Morris Harvey College
SB2, Morris Harvey College
SB3, Morris Harvey College
SB4, Morris Harvey College
SB5, Morris Harvey College
SB6, Charleston Symphony Orchestra
SB7, Charleston Symphony Orchestra
SB8, Rena Thompson
SB9, Rena Thompson
SB10, Charleston High School, 1940
SB11, Postcards
SB12, Crozer Theological Seminary
SB13, Mason College of Music and Fine Arts
SB14, Mason College of Music and Fine Arts
SB15, Miscellaneous
SB16, Rena Thompson, Stonewall Jackson High School
SB17, Rena Thompson, Stonewall Jackson High School
SB18, Stonewall Jackson High School
SB19, Rena Thompson

Transferred to Yearbook Collection (Sc2005-003)

Transferred to Maps

Transferred to the Library

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