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William E. Davies Collection

Box 1 - Buffalo Creek

1. Buffalo Creek Report - manuscript
2. Buffalo Creek Commission - correspondence
3. Buffalo Creek Commission - report
4. Buffalo Creek Commission - minutes, agenda
5. Buffalo Creek Commission - witnesses
6. Buffalo Creek Commission - misc.
7. Buffalo Creek Commission - citizen's report including Disaster on Buffalo Creek A Citizens' Report on Criminal Negligence in a West Virginia Mining Community
8. Buffalo Creek - field observations
9. Buffalo Creek 1976 - Williams, Connolly & Califano
10. Buffalo Creek - misc. backup
11. Buffalo Creek - travel
12. Buffalo Creek - Press release
13. Buffalo Creek - Walker, USBM Report
14. Buffalo Creek Task Force - Correspondence I
15. Interior Task Force II
16. Interior Task Force III
17. Buffalo Creek non-commission correspondence
18. Buffalo Creek correspondence
19. Manuscripts, Buffalo Creek and talks
20. Buffalo Creek - misc. summaries
21. Reference materials on dams and failures 1 of 2
22. Reference materials on dams and failures 2 of 2
23. Flood on Buffalo Creek from Saunders to Man, West Virginia by G. S. Runner USGS 2 pp
24. Preliminary Analysis of the Coal Refuse Dam Failure at Saunders, West Virginia, Feb. 26, 1972 by US Department of the Interior Task Force to Study Coal Waste Hazards (3 copies)
25. West Virginia's Buffalo Creek Flood: A Study of the Hydrology and Engineering Geology by William E. Davies, James F. Bailey and Donovan B. Kelly, 1972 (3 copies)
26. Civil Engineering July 1973 - Buffalo Creek article by William E. Davies
27. Failure of Dam No. 3 on the Middle Fork of Buffalo Creek near Saunders, West Virginia, on February 26, 1972. Report prepared by Roger K. Seals, W. Allen Marr, Jr., and T. William Lambe for the Committee on Natural Disasters, National Academy of Engineering

Box 2 - Buffalo Creek, Caves

1. Aberfan, Wales disaster which sparked USGS interest in coal dam failures
2. Plaintiffs' Trial Brief, Dennis Prince et al vs. The Pittston Company, US District Court, 1974
3. Transcript, Bert Molnar et al vs. Pittston, 1976 vol. II, pp. 1129-1426 (Davies' testimony), Wyoming County Circuit Court
4. Clippings, Feb-Mar 1972
5. Clippings, Apr 1972-1973, misc.
6. Clippings on dams and Buffalo Creek
7. William E. Davies Memorial by Daniel B. Krinsley, 1990
8. WV Caves - surveys and descriptions, ca. 1949-1957 inc. correspondence, maps 1 of 2
9. WV Caves - surveys and descriptions, ca. 1949-1957 inc. correspondence, maps 2 of 2
10. File, Caverns of West Virginia - manuscript prep, 1947-1958
11. File, Manuscript Caverns of West Virginia
12. File, WV Caves correspondence, 1948-1967
13. File, WV Commercial Caves, brochures, undated
14. File, NSS Bulletins, Caves of West Virginia, 1947-1950
15. File, WV Caves articles, 1950s
16. Brochure, Hilltop House, Harpers Ferry, n.d.


Certificate of appointment, William E. Davies to Ad Hoc Commission on Buffalo Creek

Photographs and Negatives (Ph2014-018)

Transferred to Audio-Visual Collection
Cassette tape - AEG/ASCE 3 (Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists/American Society of Civil Engineers): mock trial, Webster, Sterns, Hathoway
Reel to reel tape, Governor Moore and Mr. Davies press conference, March 2, 1972
45 rpm record - Buffalo Creek Disaster by Jean Crowder

Maps transferred to map collection

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