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Carpenter Family Collection

Box 1

1. Photographs, West Virginia
2. Postcards, West Virginia
3. Photo postcards, U.S. Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL
4. Photographs, USS LSM 323, Landing Ship Medium, September 16, 1944-May 20, 1946
5. Photographs, Philippines
6. Clippings
7. Brochure, From Devil's Grease to Black Gold
8. Miscellaneous Papers, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, Amphibious Training Command, Amphibious Training Base, Little Creek, VA
9. Thayer Carpenter, Handicraft 4-H Project, 1955
10. Thayer Carpenter, Watt Fun, 4-H Rural Electrification Project No. 1, 1956
11. Song Lyrics "Fighting Amphibians"
12. Signal Card
13. Bumper sticker, Wallace/Lemay
14. Notes on World War II Service of Bert Edward Carpenter
15. Inaugural Souvenir Menu, House of Representatives Restaurant, U.S. Capitol, January 20, 1973
16. 33rd Annual Commencement Program, Nitro High School, May 31, 1955
17. Correspondence, Kanawha Drug Co. to Emerson Drug Co. of Baltimore, MD, May 1, 1908
18. Correspondence, Bert Carpenter to Mrs. B. E. Carpenter, May 1944

Panoramic photo, Co. 37, U. S. Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, IL, Feb. 17, 1944 - Bert E. Carpenter is 3rd row down from top, 4th from right

Transferred to Yearbooks

Nitro High School, 1962

Transferred to Library

Our English Book Two by Mary Fontaine Laidley, 1922

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West Virginia Archives and History