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Senator C. N. (Bud) Harman Collection

Descriptive Summary

Title:Senator C. N. (Bud) Harman Collection
Span Dates: 1972-1990
Bulk Dates: 1989-1990
ID No: Ms2009-095
Creator: Senator C. N. (Bud) Harman Collection
Extent: 2 boxes (Ms2009-095); 1 folder oversized photographs (Ph2009-095)
Language: English
Repository: West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV
Abstract: Correspondence and other materials of C. N. (Bud) Harman of Taylor County, who served in the West Virginia House of Delegates from 1969-70 and in the State Senate from 1972-1990.

Administrative Information

Provenance: Unknown
Preferred Citation: [item, collection number], Senator C. N. (Bud) Harman Collection, West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV.

Contents List:
Box 1
Correspondence, A, 1990
Correspondence, B, 1990
Correspondence, C, 1990
Correspondence, D-E, 1990
Correspondence, F, 1989-1990
Correspondence, G, 1989-1990
Correspondence, H, 1989-1990
Correspondence, K, 1990
Correspondence, L, 1988
Correspondence, M, 1988, 1990
Correspondence, N, 1990
Correspondence, O, 1988
Correspondence, P, 1990
Correspondence, R, 1989-1990
Correspondence, S, 1989-1990
Correspondence, T, 1989-1990
Correspondence, U, 1989-1990
Correspondence, V, 1989
Correspondence, W, 1989-1990
Correspondence, Arch Moore, 1988
Correspondence, A. James Manchin, 1989
Correspondence, Right-to-Work Legislation, 1989
Correspondence, 1988 Senate Bill 14, 1990
Correspondence, Senate Bill 99, Physicians, 1990
Correspondence, Senate Bill 420, Post-Secondary Education, 1989
Correspondence, Senate Bill 448/House Bill 2585, 1989
Correspondence, Senate Bill, 576, Omnibus Health Bill, 1989
Correspondence, House Bill 3001 (Home Rule), 1987
Correspondence, Regarding Court of Claims ruling, lost pay for teachers, Grant and Ritchie counties, 1990
Correspondence, Status of Workers Compensation in West Virginia, 1990
Correspondence, Tourist Train Excursions, South Branch Valley Railroad, 1990
Correspondence, Abortion, 1990
Correspondence, Teacher Retirement System, 1990
Correspondence, Form Response, Miscellaneous Issues, 1989-1990
Correspondence, Potomac Valley Transit Authority, bus transportation, 1990
Correspondence, Excess Acreage Tax, 1990

Box 2
Correspondence, Out-of-State Garbage, 1990
Correspondence, Coal Mining, Preston County, 1990
Correspondence, Parsons Nursery, 1985-1987
Correspondence, Teachers Salaries, 1989
Correspondence, West Virginia State Senate, 1988-1990
Correspondence, Broaddus Hospital, Philippi, 1990
Correspondence, Ethics, 1989-1990
Correspondence, Lewis C. Jones
Correspondence, West Virginia University Personnel
Correspondence, Governor's Management Task Force, Recommendations, School Service Personnel
Correspondence, Miscellaneous Education
Correspondence, Budget Amendments, 1987
Correspondence, Press Releases, 1988
Correspondence, Casino Gambling, 1987
Correspondence, Tattooing Bill, 1990
Correspondence, Magistrate Raise, 1990
Correspondence, Form Letter to School Service Personnel, 1990
Correspondence, Form Letter for National Guard Tuition and Fee Benefits, 1990
Senator C. N. Harman, Constituent Surveys
Senator C. N. Harman, Death Penalty Testimony, Senate Judiciary Committee
"This Week In The State Senate," by C. N. (Bud) Harman, January 29, 1988
West Virginia Bill Status, Bills by C. N. Harman, 1987
West Virginia State Senate, Miscellaneous Papers
Legislative Wrap-Up, 1988
Legislative Wrap-Up, 1989
Legislative Wrap-Up, 1990
Legislative Report, West Virginia Chamber of Commerce, March 16, 1989
Ethics Bill, as it left Senate Finance, n.d.
Incumbents, House of Delegates
House and Senate Committees
Dan Tonkovich
"Taxes," Poem, Governor Gaston Caperton
Poem (incomplete), "Twas the Night Before Christmas" regarding judicial pay
Cartoon, "The Fox Guards the Chicken Coop, Si Boettner, West Virginia Senate Subcommittee on Ethics
"News," A Project of Charleston Area National Organization for Women, West Virginia Chapter, December 1987
Davis Power Project, 1987
Stonewall Jackson Lake, National Park Service Feasibility Study, Summary of Meeting, Weston, August 28, 1987
Program, 1990 First Annual No. 1 Mom USA Award, Charleston, May 12-13, 1990
Study, "Your State Police: A Dangerous Decline in Manpower, 1980-1989," by J. R. Buckalew
Wayport West Virginia: A Preliminary Report of the Feasibility of Creating a West Virginia Wayport Authority and Site Location for a Wayport Authority, Christine L. Barry, Institute for International Trade Development, Marshall University, August 1989
West Virginia State Tax Department, Personal Income Tax Law Changes for 1987 Tax Year
West Virginia Board of Regents, Annual Report, 1987-1988
"The Condition of Teaching: A State-By-State Analysis," Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 1988
The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Annual Report, 1987
"School Reform: Completing The Course," by Ernest L. Boyer, Presidential Candidates Forum, September 10, 1987, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
"Report Card On School Reform: The Teachers Speak," Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 1988
"Halfway Home and a Long Way To Go" Report on 1986 Commission on the Future of the South
"Liability Insurance, Federal Jurisdiction and Initiatives" National Conference of State Legislatures
Legislative Oversight Committee on the Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority, 1989
Senate Finance Committee Materials, February 19-23, 1990
Impeachment Materials, A. James Manchin, 1989

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