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Delbert Ray French Collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Delbert Ray French Collection
Span Dates: 1928-2021
Bulk Dates: 1928-2021
ID No: Ms2021-294
Creator: Delbert Ray French
Extent: 2 boxes and oversized
Language: English
Repository: West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV

Administrative Information

Donor: Pam Johnson
Transfers: Museums
Preferred Citation: [item, collection number], Delbert Ray French Collection, West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV
Processor: Michela Ocheltree
Biographical Note:

Contents List:

Box 1

1. Ripley High School "R" Award, 1933
2. West Virginia Public Schools Pupil Reading Circle Certificate, Delbert French, N.D.
3. West Virginia Public Schools Pupil Reading Circle Certificate, Roy French, 1928-1929
4. Ripley High School Fourteenth Annual Commencement Program, 1933
5. Ripley High School Fifteenth Annual Commencement Program, 1934
6. South Charleston High School Parent-Teacher Association Booklet, 1959-1960
7. West Virginia College of Graduate Studies summer course offerings and schedule, 1974
8. Chatham College Eighty-Seventh Annual Commencement Program, 1960
9. Foster Chapel Memories, 1996
10. Lincoln Day Dinner Program, 1986
11. Program of the marriage ceremony of Kathy Jo Crawford and William Eric Johnson, 1991
12. Candidate Interview Schedule Belle Plant, 1974
13. Pamphlet map of Charleston, West Virginia and vicinity
14. Pamphlet guide to Kanawha Valley
15. Du Pont Belle Plant Blue Cross and Blue Shield with Optional Major Medical Group Protection, booklet
16. Your Thrift Plan, Du Pont, Booklet
17. Du Pont Service Emblem Plan, 1963
18. Du Pont Special Benefits Plan, 1960
19. Du Pont Thrift Plan, 1973
20. Du Pont Vacation Plan for Wage roll Employees, 1964
21. Du Pont Disability Wage Plan, 1960
22. Du Pont Group Accident and Health Insurance Plan, 1960
23. Du Pont Contributory Group Life Insurance Plan, 1972
24. Du Pont Non-Contributory Group Life Insurance Plan, 1972
25. Du Pont Continuity of Service Rules, 1971
26. Du Pont Salary Allotment Insurance Plan, 1953
27. Invitation to Du Pont Belle Plant Twenty-Five Year Club forty-ninth annual meeting, 1999
28. Du Pont Belle Works Twenty-Five Year Club Annual Dinner Programs, 1966-1997
29. Du Pont Belle Works Twenty-Five Year Club Annual Dinner Programs, 1998-2001
30. Du Pont Belle Works Twenty-Five Year Club Annual Dinner Programs, 2001-2006
31. Du Pont Belle Works Twenty-Five Year Club Annual Dinner Programs, 2006-2013
32. Du Pont Belle Works Twenty-Five Year Club Annual Dinner Programs. 2014-2019
33. Resume of Delbert R. French, II
34. Du Pont qualification record
35. Soares Grounding Electrical Distribution Systems for Safety
36. Jeff Gordon profile flyer, 1995
37. Sixtieth Anniversary Belle Plant, Booklet
38. Mechanical Engineers in a Chemical Industry, Booklet
39. Du Pont Belle Plant employee materials
40. D. R. French optometry materials
41. D. R. French dental materials
42. E-I Organization
43. Du Pont Thrift Plan, D. R. French's Account Statement, 1963
44. D. R. French license renewal, 1974
45. Correspondence, 1933-1989
46. Du Pont Post Card
47. Apollo Saturn V
48. Apollo 11
49. Delbert R. French army discharge papers, 1945
50. The Ball Blue Book, 1938
51. The Kessel Clan, A Record of the Job Kessel Family
52. French Family
53. Miscellaneous Funeral Cards, 1965-1979
54. Miscellaneous Funeral Cards, 1979-1986
55. Miscellaneous Funeral Cards, 1986-1992
56. Miscellaneous Funeral Cards, 1992-2019
57. Leal French Obituary, 1990
58. Invitation to Mr. and Mrs. Leal French's fiftieth wedding anniversary, 1970
59. Delbert French Birth Certificate
60. Birthday cards
61. Retirement cards
62. Christmas cards
63. Thank you cards
64. Miscellaneous foreign currency
65. Newspaper clipping, In Tribute to the Late Dr. C. Royall Kessel
66. Newspaper clipping on Ft. Flower School
67. Newspaper clippings on Ripley High School
68. Newspaper clipping on Walter E. Stone and Delbert R. French's furlough
69. Newspaper clipping on The Casto Hole
70. Newspaper clipping, Astronaut Michael Collins, Apollo 11 Pilot, dead at 90, 2021
71. History of Belle Works Strike, July 12 to July 24, 1948
72. Reds vs. Padres ticket, June 8, 1985
73. Delbert R. French Military Papers, 1945
74. Miscellaneous tickets

Box 2

1. Belle Plant IQ82 Mechanical Department Review, 1981
2. Belle Plant IQ82 Mechanical Department Review, 1982
3. Du Pont Belle Plant Introduction


Two photobooks and miscellaneous photos


Delbert Ray French, Ripley High School Diploma
Huntsville Times, July 19, 1969, Apollo Moonship Races Into Shadow of Target
Huntsville News, July 19, 1969, Fragile Module in Good Shape to Land
Huntsville Times, July 17, 1969, Apollo 11 Passes Voyage's Midpoint
Huntsville Times, July 16, 1969, Man's Most Historic Trip Begins
Huntsville News, July 21, 1969, 'One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind'
Huntsville Times, July 20, 1969, Warning From von Braun: This Is No Time to Slow Pace
Huntsville News June 21, several articles on the upcoming Apollo 11 mission
Du Pont Belle Plant Photo with signatures
Du Pont Belle Plant certificate for D. R. French's 39 years of service

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