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Shanholzer Collection

Box 1

Promissary notes, receipts, 1900-1954
Teacher's certificates for L. E. Shanholzer, Hampshire County, 1892-1901
Subpoenas, orders and Christmas card re: State Trooper Karl V. Shanholzer
Script for radio interview with Sgt. Karl Shanholzer on WGKV radio, Charleston, February 3, 1949
Booklets, identification of typewriting and counterfeit money
Honorary Chicken Plucker card for West Virginia Poultry Festival, Moorefield, undated
West Virginia Liquor Sale Permit booklet, undated
Vacation Guide to West Virginia including 1946 official highway map
Miscellaneous ads, brochures, including peach sorters's manual, Boy Scout Luminous Pocket Planetarium
World War II era ration stamps, draft classifications, and other publications
Drivers' licenses, motor vehicle registrations, 1941 Official Blue Book new and used car guide, 1946 Manual for Identification of Automobiles
Potomac State Commencement June 9, 1927; Potomac State alumni membership card for Karl V. Shanholtzer 1975-76; Pan-Hellenic Dance New River State College March 27, 1931

Photographs (Ms2016-015)

Photos, postcards (11 postcards, 6 B&W photos, 2 color sketches)
Oversized: sketch, Chessie Cat lithographs

Transferred?: (see archivist)

Charleston High January 1925 annual

Dateline Charleston High student directory 1960-61
1956 Convention and election guide published by Esso

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