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Elizabeth Mason Harden-Gilmore Collection


Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)

Congratulatory Messages to Elizabeth Gilmore concerning her appointment to the Board of Regents

West Virginia State College Correspondence

Board of Regents Correspondence

Speech to Glenville State College

Letters to Newspapers

Handwritten Papers

Typed Papers

Awards and Biographical Information

Programs and Bulletins

Charleston Child Care Centers, 1952

"Developing Negro Leadership Potential for Organization and Organizational Participation"

Proposal for the Development and Uses of Camp Washington Carver Camp, 1978

Program "Salute to Black Women," May 10, 1980

"A Summary Report of the Survey of the Economic and Cultural Conditions of Charleston, West Virginia, As They Relate to the Negro Population, April 15-May 15, 1948"


Simpson United Methodist Church, Buckhannon



Box: Ms2003-083acc

1:1 WV African American Women of Distinction June 23, 2002 (Photocopy) Letter from Gov. Bob Wise Announcing selection of Mrs. Gilmore "2003 Civil Rights Day Award"

1:2 Program "Salute to Black Women" May 10, 1980

1:3 Newspaper Articles

1:4 Honorary Doctor of Public Service Elizabeth Harden Gilmore

1:5 Funeral Program Elizabeth Mason Harden Gilmore, April 11, 1986. Harden and Harden Hand Fan, Simpson outreach cover letter

1:6 Harden and Harden Calendar 1974

1:7 Harden and Harden Calendar 1975

1:8 Harden and Harden Calendar 1977

1:9 Harden and Harden Calendar 1978

1:10 Harden and Harden Calendar 1979

1:11 Harden and Harden Calendar 1980

1:12 Harden and Harden Calendar 1981

1:13 Harden and Harden Calendar 1982

1:14 Harden and Harden Calendar 1983

1:15 Harden and Harden Calendar 1984

1:16 Harden and Harden Calendar 1986

1:17 Address book, Silas H. Harden


1:1 Elizabeth Gilmore - 1-8X10, 1-5X7

1:2 Elizabeth Gilmore with daughter Betty Gilmore

1:3 L-R Unidentified, Mrs. Elizabeth Gilmore, Mr. Virgil Gilmore

1:4 Harden and Harden Parking Facilities 8X10

1:5 Harden and Harden Morticians House 2-8X10

1:6 Betty Harden 2-3.5X3.5

1:7 Silas H. Harden

1:8 Unidentified Man

3 oversized:

Elizabeth Gilmore with Daughter Betty

11X14 Virgil Gilmore

16X20 Silas H. Harden

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