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Wildwood-Beckley Family Collection

Box 1

1:1 Correspondence, Mary Beckley to Alfred Beckley
1:2 Correspondence, Mrs. Neville Beckley to Alfred Beckley
1:3 Correspondence, Henry Martin Beckley to Alfred Beckley (April 6, 1865, from Fort Delaware)
1:4 Correspondence, Isaac C. Beckley to Alfred Beckley
1:5 Correspondence, William G. Beckley to Alfred Beckley
1:6 Correspondence, Emma Beckley to Alfred Beckley
1:7 Correspondence, Neville Beckley to Alfred Beckley
1:8 Correspondence, Alfred Beckley to Alfred Beckley
1:9 Correspondence, W. G. Beckley
1:10 Correspondence, from Alfred Beckley
1:11 Correspondence, Alfred Beckley to John S. Ewart, June 1, 1857
1:12 Correspondence, to D. W. Beckley
1:13 Correspondence, to John Beckley
1:14 Correspondence, to Stuart H. Beckley
1:15 Correspondence, to Alfred Beckley, 1840-1860
1:16 Correspondence, Neville B. Craig to Alfred Beckley, 1850-1856
1:17 Correspondence, to Alfred Beckley, 1867-1879
1:18 Correspondence, Thomas R. Evans to Alfred Beckley
1:19 Correspondence, to Alfred Beckley, 1884
1:20 Correspondence, Historical Society of Pennsylvania to Alfred Beckley, 1882
1:21 Correspondence, to Alfred Beckley, 1880-1889
1:22 Correspondence, to Alfred Beckley, n.d.
1:23 Correspondence, to Emily Beckley
1:24 Correspondence, Stuart Beckley
1:25 Correspondence, Fanny Spessard to Maria Beckley
1:26 Correspondence, John Beckley to Susie Beckley, 1907-1908
1:27 Correspondence, to Lucille (Teelie) Campbell, 1923
1:28 Correspondence, to Lucille (Teelie) Campbell, 1924
1:29 Correspondence, to Lucille (Teelie) Campbell, 1925
1:30 Correspondence, to Lucille (Teelie) Campbell, 1926
1:31 Correspondence, to Lucille (Teelie) Campbell, 1927
1:32 Correspondence, to Lucille (Teelie) Campbell, 1928
1:33 Correspondence, to Lucille (Teelie) Campbell, 1928
1:34 Correspondence, to Lucille (Teelie) Campbell, 1928
1:35 Correspondence, to Lucille (Teelie) Campbell, 1929
1:36 Correspondence, to Lucille (Teelie) Campbell, Paris, 1929
1:37 Lucille Campbell, New York School of Fine and Applied Art-Paris Branch, 1929
1:38 Correspondence, to Lucille (Teelie) Campbell, 1930
1:39 Telegrams, Lucille (Teelie) Campbell
1:40 Correspondence, Lucille (Teelie) Campbell, n.d.
1:41 Correspondence, Miscellaneous
1:42 Correspondence, 1890-1902
1:43 Correspondence, 1952-1998
1:44 Correspondence, 1969-1992
1:45 Correspondence, Teelie Ralsten
1:46 Correspondence, to Betty (Bettie) Beckley Campbell
1:47 Correspondence, to Murrill and Teelie Ralsten

Box 2

2:1 Business Papers, John Beckley
2:2 Business Papers, Alfred Beckley
2:3 Business Papers, Stuart Beckley
2:4 Alfred Beckley, Typescript, Reminiscence of West Point, From 1819 to 1823
2:5 Alfred Beckley, Address to Graduates of United States Military Academy (partial)
2:6 Alfred Beckley, Address to the West Virginia Female Seminary, Union, June 1875
2:7 Alfred Beckley, Notes and Bible Passages
2:8 Fee Bills, April Term, 1860
2:9 Fee Bills, April 1873
2:10 Miscellaneous Papers
2:11 Land Grant (copy), John Beckley, 1795
2:12 Photocopies, Civil War Papers, Alfred Beckley
2:13 Account Book, John Beckley, circa 1880
2:14 Deeds and Agreements, 1886-1909
2:15 Autograph Book, Bettie Beckley, 1887
2:16 Abstract of the Title of the Lands of Julius Stone, Trustee for the Kanawha and Michigan Railway Company in Raleigh and Summers Counties, 1915
2:17 Program, In Memoriam of Mary Emily Beckley, 1857-1878
2:18 Death of Anthony Campbell, Resolutions, Beckley Lodge No. 95, A.F.&A.M.
2:19 Certificate, City of Beckley, Citizens Hall of Fame, General Alfred Beckley, 1985
2:20 Advertising Card, J. A. H. Parsons, Photographic Studio, Wheeling, November 21, 1876
2:21 Speech of Stephen B. Elkins of West Virginia in the United States Senate, April 16, 1893
2:22 Address, The Splendid Record of the Republican Administration, Nathan B. Scott, Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Huntington, circa 1898
2:23 Song Sheet, “Would I Were With Thee”
2:24 Sheet Music, Irving Berlin’s At Peace With The World, 1925
2:25 Envelope, The Beckley Hotel, Beckley
2:26 Hagerstown Almanack, 1906
2:27 Lucille Campbell, Town District High School, Beckley
2:28 Ration Books, World War II
2:29 West Virginia Wesleyan College Bulletin, November 1947
2:30 Cunard Line, Passenger Lists, 1952
2:31 Commencement Invitation, John Neville Ralsten, Hampden-Sydney College, 1959
2:32 C&P Centennial Talk, Beckley, February 23, 1976
2:33 Handwritten Notes
2:34 Cancelled Checks
2:35 Invitations and Name Cards
2:36 Article on Appraiser Emyl Jenkins, Historic Preservation, May/June 1983
2:37 National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, 1981
2:38 Envelopes/Notes regarding purchase of documents
2:39 America’s Past in Pencil, by Eugene Gilbert and Olive Fielding Marrical
2:40 Certificates
2:41 Business and Membership Cards
2:42 DAR Magazine, August-October 1982
2:43 Articles, Robert C. Cooper, Beckley
2:44 Booklet, The Midland Trail Tour in West Virginia, by Perceval Reniers and Ashton Woodman Reniers, 1926
2:45 Booklet, Camp Shaw-Mi-Del-Eca, Greenbrier Military School’s Four Tribe Camp, 1947
2:46 Booklet, Bicentennial Exhibition, West Virginia’s Artistic Heritage, Charleston Art Gallery of Sunrise, October 10-November 30, 1976
2:47 Bulletin, Centennial Celebration, Trinity Episcopal Church, Parkersburg, December 2, 1979
2:48 Centuries of Commentaries, Compiled by Dale Payne and Bob Beckelheimer, 1992
2:49 Raleigh County Garden Council
2:50 Azalea Garden Club
2:51 Azalea Garden Club, Award, May Duff Walters Trophy for Preservation of Beauty
2:52 Lucille Ralsten, Flower Shows
2:53 Prizes, Mrs. M. M. Ralsten, Raleigh County Garden Council, 1956-1957
2:54 Certificate, News Leader Past 80 Club, Teelie Ralsten, 1992
2:55 Proclamation, Dr. and Mrs. M. M. Ralsten Day, Beckley, October 1, 1992
2:56 Dr. M. Murrill Ralsten and Teelie Ralsten, The Spirit of Beckley Community Service Award, 1992
2:57 Invitation List, 50th Anniversary, Dr. Murrill Ralsten and Teelie Ralsten
2:58 The Anniversary Times, Murrill and Teelie Ralsten

Box 3

3:1 Presentation to Raleigh County Historical Society, Peter Laqueur, Beckley Charters, 1972
3:2 Presentation, The Bibb Family of Raleigh County: Where From-When-Why
3:3 Presentation to Raleigh County Historical Society, Judge Norman Knapp, Remembering Pearl Harbor, 1967
3:4 Presentation to Raleigh County Historical Society, James O’Neal, Coal Mining in Raleigh County, 1969
3:5 Presentation to Mini-Historical Society at Lincoln School, Mr. Bibb
3:6 Presentation to Raleigh County Historical Society, Jack E. McVey, A Portrait of Sir Walter Raleigh, February 1, 1968
3:7 Presentation to Raleigh County Historical Society, Judith Williams, The Call of Beckley’s “Wildwood,” April 8, 1963
3:8 Presentation to Raleigh County Historical Society, Lois Kilgore, A Raleigh Countian Goes to Washington, November 13, 1969
3:9 Presentation to Raleigh County Historical Society, Mrs. W. W. Withrow, Sophia
3:10 Presentation on Wildwood
3:11 Presentation to Raleigh County Historical Society, Murray Shuff, Raleigh County: From Traces, Trails, Turnpikes, to Tomorrow, May 10, 1973
3:12 Presentation to Raleigh County Historical Society, Lois McLean, Mother Jones – Impressions, May 11, 1972
3:13 Presentation to Raleigh County Historical Society, Billy E. Richmond, The First Families of Richmond District, March 14, 1968
3:14 General Beckley and His Legacy
3:15 Honorable John Beckley, Autobiography
3:16 History of Raleigh County Public Library
3:17 Article, “Shades of John Beckley!” The Mentor, July 1928
3:18 “The Bibb Family of Raleigh County: Where From-When-Why”
3:19 Memoirs of Raleigh County, 1932
3:20 Beckley Sesquicentennial, 1988
3:21 Booklet, Raleigh County’s Parade of Progress, 1950
3:22 Sticker, Centennial Celebration, August 27, 1950-September 2, 1950
3:23 Booklet, Beckley Centennial: 100 Years of Progress in the Smokeless Coal Capital, 1938
3:24 Raleigh County Historical Society, Meeting Minutes, 1968-1971
3:25 Proceedings, Raleigh County Historical Society, 1971-1972
3:26 Raleigh County Historical Society
3:27 Raleigh County Historical Society, Genealogy Workbook
3:28 Raleigh County Historical Society, Heirloom Dress Style Show, August 14, 1975
3:29 Raleigh County Historical Society, nomination of Lucille (Teelie) Campbell Ralsten, Woman of the Year
3:30 Raleigh County Historical Society, Grant Requests
3:31 Raleigh County Historical Society, Community and Private Donors (charter members)
3:32 “Wildwood: A House Museum,” by Rebecca Beckett Wall, 1979
3:33 Sketch, Wildwood
3:34 Map (copy) of Wildwood, 1940
3:35 Dedication, Wildwood House Museum, May 18, 1986
3:36 Correspondence, Dedication, Wildwood House Museum, May 18, 1986
3:37 Wildwood House Museum
3:38 Wildwood House Museum
3:39 Important Material for Wildwood
3:40 Receipts and Correspondence, Purchase of Antiques
3:41 Wildwood Furnishings
3:42 Survey “Wildwood” Restored Property Alfred Beckley, submitted to Raleigh County Historical Society, M. Madeline Vogel, curator, July 1984
3:43 Grant Award, Wildwood, 1972-1974
3:44 Poem, “Alfred’s House,” by James Neil
3:45 A Condensed History of Wildwood, 1932
3:46 Wildwood House Museum, Fundraising
3:47 Wildwood House Museum, Logo
3:48 Wildwood House Museum Council, 1986-1987
3:49 Project Completion Report, Wildwood
3:50 History of Wildwood
3:51 Dedication Program, Wildwood House Museum, 1986
3:52 Article, “Wildwood, The Beginning,” by Murray Shuff, Raleigh County Historical Society
3:53 Specifications for the Restoration of Wildwood, National Park Service, 1975

Box 4

Testament and Psalms, John P. Beckley, 1884
Official Proceedings of the National Democratic Convention, 1876 (copy of Albert Beckley)
Journal of Proceedings of the Right Worthy Grand Lodge of the United States, and the Sovereign Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Volume IV, 1888
Yearbook, Beckley High School, 1925
Yearbook, West Virginia University, 1928
4:1 Clippings
4:2 Clippings
4:3 Clippings
4:4 Clippings
4:5 Photograph, Mary Beckley
4:6 Photographs, Dr. and Mrs. M. Murrill Ralsten
4:7 Photograph Postcard, Raleigh Courthouse
4:8 Photographs, Stairs and Floors, Wildwood, July 15, 1982
4:9 Photographs
4:10 Photographs


Sketch, Teelie Campbell (Mrs. M. Murrill Ralsten)
Deed, Alfred Beckley and Amelia Beckley to Hezekiah Mann, 1836 (signed, encapsulated)
Road Review, signed by John Beckley, 1874
Photocopies, inventory of the household furnishings of John Beckley when he died, 1807, in Washington
Scrapbook contents, including John Beckley correspondence, 1904-1905 and resolution upon his death
Article, mounted, “Photo of General Beckley To Be Presented School”
High school newspaper, Green Briers, Greenbrier Military School, Lewisburg, July 1, 1946
Newspapers and articles
Resolutions of Condolence, death of Anthony Campbell, White Pine Lodge No. 37, Knights of Pythias, of the Grand Domain of West Virginia, 1901
Certificate of Baptism, Betty Margaret Jordan (daughter of Marie Beckley Jordan), M. E. Church South, August 1, 1917
Sketches of Wildwood
Floor Plans, The Beckley House, Beckley
Signed Photograph of the Challenger, with personal note from Jon McBride, December 24, 1985
Bound, 1850-1950, Raleigh County’s 100th Anniversary and the Beckley Post-Herald Golden Jubilee
Insurance Policy, German Insurance Company, General Alfred Beckley Sr. Dwelling, 1892
Land Grant, Robert Lilley, 1816
Survey of Lands in Fayette County, Virginia, done by Alfred Beckley, February 17-25, 1840

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