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Livia Simpson Poffenbarger Collection

(many clippings, use photocopies)

Folder 1: Family History - Point Pleasant

Mrs. Campbell passes away, p. 1
Maj. John Cantrill (biographical sketch), p. 2
Death of Mrs. Capehart, p. 7
Sen. J.L. Carpenter, p. 8
Wm. Putman Cherrington (biography), p. 9
Chambers - Harris (marriage), p. 10
Cartmill - Casto (marriage), p. 10
Capt. Chancellor (biographical sketch), p. 11
Capt. John Charles (obituary), p. 12
John J. Chase (personal sketch), p. 13
Clendenin family (Genealogy [Tillaye family]), p. 14
Bay - Comstock (marriage), p. 15
Comstock - Cooper (marriage), p. 15
Powder horn of the Revolution, p. 16
Craig - Shimer (marriage), p. 17
John R. Couch (personal sketch), p. 18
Peter S. Couch (personal sketch - obituary), p. 19
Mrs. Delia Couch (obituary), p. 19
William Henry Clark (personal sketch), p. 20
James M. Crump (photo), p. 21
Mrs. Lucretia Dabney (death), p. 22
John R. Dabney (obituary), p. 22
Duffey and Robey, p. 23
Mrs. S.A. Dunbar (obituary), p. 24
James P. Dye (obituary), p. 25
Dye- Parson (marriage), p. 26
Brinker - Dyke (marriage), p., p. 26
Mrs. Mary A. Eastman (obituary), p. 27
P.C. Eastham (biographical sketch), p. 28
Mrs. Frank E. Fitch (obituary), p. 29
Eastham estate, p. 30
Mrs. Arthur Kerr (obituary), p. 30
Edward's family (genealogy), p. 31
Mrs. John W. English (personal sketch & obituary), p. 32
Filson family (personal sketch), p. 33
Mrs. Elizabeth Eckard Foglesong (obituary), p. 34
Franklin family (genealogy), p. 35
Friedman & Co. (personal sketch & business), p. 36
Mrs. Ella Fowler (obituary), p. 37
Thomas Fowler (obituary), p. 38
Mrs. George Fowler (obituary), p. 38
Fry - Armstrong (marriage), p. 38
Mrs. Willard Fleming (death), p. 38
H. Fry - notice, p. 39
Mrs. Nell Fry, p. 40
Mrs. Perry Gabbert (personal sketch & obituary), p. 41
Mrs. Ball (obituary), p. 41
George P. Gardner, p. 42
James H. Garrison (obituary), p. 43
Grover - Somerville (marriage), p. 43
George family - genealogy, p. 44
Mrs. John Gerloch (personal sketch and obituary), p. 45
Gibbs - Moore (marriage), p. 46
Gibbs family (genealogy), p. 47
Gilliland family (genealogy), p. 48
Mrs. Carrie Gilmore (personal sketch), p. 49
William Graham (personal sketch & early Mason County settlers), p. 50
William Clarke Greenlee (personal sketch & obituary), p. 51
Greenlee - Morgan (marriage), p. 51
William T. Goodall (personal sketch & obituary), p., p. 52
Henry Guin (obituary), p. 53
W.R. Guin (personal sketch & death), p. 54
Mrs. Clara E. Guthrie, p. 55
Judge Frank Guthrie, p. 56

Folder 2: WV Men and Women, Great and Near

Princess Aracoma (daughter of Chief Cornstalk), p. 1
George W. Atkinson (governor), p. 2
Rev. J.M. Boland, p. 3
Judge Henry Brannon, p. 4
Mrs. Annie Brown (personal sketch & death), p. 5
Mrs. W.E.R. Byrne (photo), p. 6
Alexander Campbell (personal sketch), p. 7
Mrs. George Steptoe Chilton (personal sketch), p. 8
Senators Chilton, Kenna, and Thompson, p. 9
Bill in the Senate of the U.S., April 10, 1912, p. 10
Sen. William E. Chilton (speech), p. 11
Edward Calderwood, p. 12
William G. Conley (photo), p. 13
Mrs. William G. Conley (photo), p. 14
Mrs. Whiteman H. Conaway, p. 15
Dr. Roy Bird. Cook, p. 16
Corbly speaks on Child training, p. 17
H.G. Davis favors celebration, p. 18
J.Q. Dickinson, p. 19
First night train, p. 20
Hon. John J. Cornwell (photo), p. 21
Judge Andrew Edminston (photo), p. 22
Col. William Seymour Edwards, p. 23
William H. Edwards, p. 24
Elkins family (Senator's death), p. 25
Mrs. Fannie Field, p. 26
Mrs. Bertha Filson (superintendent of schools), p. 27
Mrs. Parks Fisher, p. 28
Henry J. Fisher (lawyer), p. 29
Program of the unveiling exercises of the Barbara Fritchie monument, Frederick, Md., p. 30

Folder 3: Pioneer and Other History Pertaining to Mason County, WV

Gen. Charles Henry Grosvener, p. 1
Tu-endie-wei Park, p. 2
Geo. C. Wilding Writes of Mason Co., p. 3
W.S. Laidley Interviews Col. G.B. Thomas, p. 4
Institute at Pt. Pleasant (list of attending), p. 5
Honorable O.E. Randall of Columbus, OH, p. 6
Memorial Day, May 30, 1903, p. 7
Pt. Pleasant Blows her Horn, p. 8
Looking Backward (1862), p. 9
Attractions (Pt. Pleasant, WV), p. 10
The Monument (Pt. Pleasant), p. 11
Yellow Jack (Yellow Fever of 1878), p. 12
Veteran Teachers, p. 13
North Pt. Pleasant, p. 14
Vandalism (Oldest Tree Laid Low), p. 15
Pt. Pleasant, an old town, p. 16
Kanawha and Michigan Railway, p. 17
New Flag Pole (Tu-endie-wei Park), p. 18
Looking Backward Eighty Years, p. 19
Souvenir of W.V. Homecoming (1909), p. 20
Coal Mines Opened in Pomeroy Bend, p. 21
Mason City Not More Than Corn Field, p. 22
West Colombia, p. 23
K & M Right of Way Changed, p. 24
After Forty Years, p. 25
Clifton, p. 26
Pioneer Cemetery, p. 27
Colonial Times, p. 28
Pt. Pleasant Could Have Another Thoroughfare, p. 29
Salt Manufacture, p. 30
At Dead Man's Canyon (camp), p. 31
Record Breaking Flood (April 3, 1913), p. 32
School Bill of 1887, p. 33
News Items from Weekly Register, 1917, p. 34
Old-New City (Pt. Pleasant), p. 35
A Message to Mothers (First World War), p. 36
Official Announcement (sic) of Surrender (1918), p. 37
Chautauqua's Fine Program, p. 38
Members Pt. Pleasant Red Cross, p. 39
Big Patriotic Meeting, p. 40
Mason Co. Men Registered (1917), p. 41

Folder 4: Pioneer and Other History Pertaining to Mason County, WV

Mason City Sixty Years Ago, p. 1
Pt. Pleasant Kiwanians, p. 2
Pen Sketch of Mason City, p. 3
Old Steamboating Days on Ohio, p. 4
Historical Play at Pt. Pleasant, p. 5
The Mason Pageant, p. 6
Brick Laying on M.E. Structure, p. 7
Pt. Pleasant Chamber of Commerce, p. 8
The Monument - Pt. Pleasant, p. 9
The Hub, Pt. Pleasant haberdashery, p. 10
American Legion, Mason Co. Post, p. 11
Mrs. Sarah Edwards, p. 12
Local Citizenship (Pt. Pleasant), p. 13
Merchant National Bank, Pt. Pleasant, p. 14
Masons Minturn Lodge No. 19, p. 15
Franklin Commandery, p. 16
Eastern Star, Chapter No. 75, p. 17
Charles K. Blackwood, p. 18
"Tu-Endie-Wei", p. 19
Cornstalk, p. 20
City at Point Pays Homage to Past, p. 21
Year Without a Summer (1816), p. 22
S.W. Swisher, p. 23
Charles C. Lewis, p. 24
Advanced Courses Added by Schools, p. 25
Howard Camp, p. 26
Map of Pt. Pleasant Development Co., p. 27
Engleside, Old Capehart Place, p. 28
Crooked Creek, p. 29
Local Bridge Featured by Road Journal, p. 30
Silver Bridge, p. 31
Oldest Town Along Ohio, p. 32
Dr. Charles E. Holzer (picture), p. 33
Site of First Battle of Revolution, p. 34
Masonic Unveiling and Homecoming, p. 35
Confluence of Kanawha and Ohio Rivers, p. 36
Lincoln Meets Horace Greeley in Western Virginia - 1858 (picture by Diss de Barr), p. 37
Going from W.V. to KY Slave Market - 1846, p. 38
Home of Gen. Horatio Gates, p. 39
Pastoral Scene in W.V., p. 40
Apple Tree in Piedmont Valley, W.V., p. 41
Belles of 1850 - picture by Diss de Barr, p. 42
Buford DAR Chapter House Huntington, p. 43
Savage Land Grant, p. 44
Cabell Co. W.V. War Memorial Arch, p. 45
Types of Mountain Women, 1861 (picture), p. 46
Blue Sulphur Springs, p. 47

Folder 5: Pioneer and Other History Pertaining to Mason County, WV

First Free School in Pt. Pleasant, p. 1
Mason Co. Court (and Court House), p. 2
Historic Painting (Battle of Pt. Pleasant), p. 3
Flood is recorded (1907), p. 4
Civic Pride, p. 5
Uncle Billy Eads, p. 6
To the Honorable Board of Public Works, p. 7
Church celebrates Beech Hill, p. 8
Federal Building (Pt. Pleasant), p. 9
Sketch of Pt. Pleasant W.V., p. 10
Valuable Gift - Lot for Public Park, p. 11
Paving Streets Again, p. 12
Representation in Legislature, p. 13
Gala Day in Old Mason (1910), p. 14
When the Indian Roamed Our Fields, p. 15
Celebration of the Battle of Pt. Pleasant, p. 16
Homecoming, 1909, p. 17
W.V Argus Views Pt. Pleasant in 1909, p. 18
Lock No. 25, p. 19
Old Tomahawk, p. 20
Muster Roll of Co. A of the 116th Reg., p. 21
Marriages Records, p. 22
Col. J.P. R.B. Smith, p. 23
Homer Smith, p. 24
Griff T. Smith, p. 25
First Mason Co. Clerk's Office (picture), p. 26
First Mason County Court, p. 27

Folder 6: Pioneer and Other History Pertaining to Mason County, WV

The Leaden Place Discovered, p.1
Mound Building, p. 2
Geo. Washington Surveying Party, p. 3
M.E. Church South, p. 4
County of Virginia, p. 5
Washington as an Ad Writer, p. 6
Gen. Andrew Lewis (picture), p. 7
Plat Showing Field of Battle, p. 8
Fort Randolph and Attendant Incidents, p. 9
Last Indian Incursion, p. 10
W.V. in Revolution, p. 11
Account Book Kept by Dr. In 1792, p. 12
Anne Bailey, p. 13
Organization of Mason Co. Va., p. 14
Maine to California, The Republican Victory, p. 15
Article by Griff. B. Thomas, p. 16
A page from the State Gazette, Nov. 9, 1894, p. 17
First Pt. Pleasant Public School Report, p. 18
Pt. Pleasant, W.V., Shrine of the First Battle of the American Revolution, p. 19
Marietta Company in Rice Association, p. 20
Lee A. Harper, p. 21

Folder 7: Pioneers of Mason County

Virgil A. Lewis, p.1
Hannah Irene Lewis, p. 2
Mrs. Isaac Lewis, p. 3
Morris Lewis, p. 3
John F. Lewis, p. 4
P.S. Lewis Picture, p. 5
Mrs. P.S. Lewis, p. 6
Mrs. Rosanna Lewis, p. 7
R.P. Liter's House, p. 8
Mrs. Catherine Anne Long, p. 9
Mrs. Isaac Long, p. 10
Isaac Long, p. 11
Mrs. Gideon Williams, p. 12
Lietwiller family, p. 13
S.M.A. Maupin, p. 14
Gen. John McCausland, p. 15
Merchants National Bank, Officers, p. 16
Ryan-McCulloch, p. 17
C.E. McCulloch, p. 18
John McCulloch, p. 19
John Daniel McCulloch, p. 20
Hon. George Ways Tippet, p. 20
Mrs. Mary C. McCulloch, p. 21
Mrs. James McGuffin, p. 22
Col. John A. McGuffin, p. 23
Capt. J. Robert McGuffin, p. 24
McGuffin-Henking Marriage, p. 25
Dr. Ed. McElfresh (personal sketch), p. 26
Kossuth T. McKinstry (personal sketch), p. 27
J. McMillan (related names), p. 28
Mrs. Apha Miller, p. 29
Henry L. Miller (personal sketch-obituary), p. 30
Judge William T. Minturn (personal sketch- obituary), p. 31
Mrs. Kate Misner (personal sketch), p. 32
Mitchell Family (genealogy), p. 33
Joseph Moore (personal sketch-obituary), p. 34
Gen. Daniel Morgan (personal sketch), p. 35
Mrs. Moses Morgan, p. 36
Capt. James Beale Morgan (personal sketch & death), p. 37
Dr. E.J. Mossman (personal sketch-obituary), p. 38
Asa Musgrave (personal sketch & death), p. 39
Musgrave family (genealogy), p. 40
Nye family, p. 41
W.P.L. Neale (obituary), p. 42
Ellen Steenbergen (personal sketch & death), p. 43
Rebecca Jane Nease (personal sketch & death), p. 44
Isaac V. Newman (personal sketch & death), p. 45
I.V. Newman (personal sketch & death), p. 46
James Nicholson (obituary), p. 47
Harry J. Norton (personal sketch & death), p. 48
Lee-Mack Marriage, p. 49

Folder 8: The State Gazette - Illustrated Edition 1905

Mansion House is Pt. Pleasant Pride, p. 1
Mutual Realty Co., p. 2
H.G. Nease Co., p. 3
Pt. Pleasant (picture), p. 4
Phoenix Hotel, p. 5
Pt. Pleasant National Bank, p. 6
Public School Building, p. 7
Peter H. Steenbergen - Supt. Of Public Schools, p. 8
Spencer Hotel, p. 9
Street Paving (1905), p. 10
W.V. Malleable Iron Castings Co., p. 11
What Town Can Beat It? (Pt. Pleasant), p. 12
Pt. Pleasant, p. 13
Pt. Pleasant Development Co., p. 14
Pt. Pleasant Laundry, p. 15
Pt. Pleasant Water and Light Co., p. 16
Pt. Pleasant Incorporated (1833), p. 17
Art and Loan Exhibits, p. 18
Bridge Across the Kanawha, p. 19
Beale's Hall (picture), p. 20
Two Pt. Pleasant Churches (pictures), p. 21
Court House and Clerks' Offices, p. 22
Decoration Day 1905, p. 23
Easy Street Leads (Children of Pt. Pleasant), p. 24
Enterprise Marine Dock Co., p. 25
County Jail (picture), p. 26
Equity Milling Co., p. 27
Fraternities, p. 28
Heights (Pt. Pleasant Suburb), p. 29
Hooff's Opera House (picture), p. 30
Ice Company 1905, p. 31
Kanawha Doc. Co, p. 32

Folder 9: Muster Roll, Co. A, 116th Regt. Of Western Virginia

Copied into Day Book by Captain John T. Greer of Cooper district, Mason Co. Original Muster Roll of Co. A, 116th Reg. and Civil War Notes

Folder 10: Point Pleasant

Notes on Pt. Pleasant, p. 1
Pt. Pleasant Churches, p. 2
Mason Co., Va., Court Record, p. 3
On the Move, p. 4
Presbyterian Church-Laying of Cornerstone, p. 5
Conley Expected for C.D.A. Meeting, p. 6
Address of Hon. W.L. Curry, p. 7
Anne Bailey, p. 8
State vs. John Hall, p. 9
Pioneer Families in Mason Co., p. 10
Notes from the Weekly Register up to 1913, p. 11
J. Howard Gibbons, p. 12
M.E. Roach, p. 13
Mrs. W.J. Gallagher, p. 14
Bill in the Senate of U.S. January 31, 1910, p. 15

Folder 11: George Washington

Folder 12: George Washington

Folder 13: Great War History

Book of songs and hymns, p.1
The Registration (World War I?), p. 2
The Brave at Home (poem), p. 3
The Stamp of Solidarity, p. 4
October on the American Rhine, p. 5
The Jew and the European War, p. 6
For National Defense, p. 7
15th Anniversary World War - '29, p. 8
The 26th Keeps Rendezvous, p. 9
"Liberty Sings" Sunday September 29, p. 10
Patriotic Songs for the Patriotic Rally, p. 11
Noye's Poem "The Pact", p. 12
Sinking OF The Maine, p. 13
Rowan Seen as 'Real Hero' of Cuban Conflict, p. 14

Folder 14: No Title

About the Indian, p. 1
Seven Famous Indian Chiefs (Black Hawk), p. 2
An Irish Indian was Cornplanter, p. 3
Love of Weena and Con-Nes-Ta-Ga, p. 4
The Old Guard at Chicago, p. 5
Newspapers- and Trouble Makers, p. 6
The Influence of Woman in Religion, p. 7
Travel a Few Decades Ago, p. 8
The Sprague, Largest Towboat in the World, p. 9
The Striker, p. 10
The Ten Commandments (a take-off), p. 11
Female Laborers, p. 12
Daniel Webster, p. 13
James G. Blaine, p. 13
James A. Garfield, p. 13
William McKinley, p. 13
The "R" on a Prescription, p. 14
A Defense of Col. Cresap, p. 15
Ohio River Improvement, p. 16
Voices for Peace, p. 17
Nell Wilson Carroll of Miss., p. 18
DeWitt's 200 Year Calendar, p. 19

Folder 15: Charlestonians

J.F. Bouchelle, p. 1
Mrs. Julian F. Bouchelle, p. 2
James F. Brown, p. 3
Quarrier Family, p. 4
Mrs. W.E.R. Byrne, p. 5
Gen. N.S. Burlew, p. 6
Uncle Bob Carr, p. 7
Mrs. J Eustace Chilton, II, p. 8
Gov. William G. Conley, p. 9
Mrs. William G. Conley, p. 10
Mrs. Phil Conley, p. 11
Mrs. Leulla Conner Copeland, p. 12
John Sherman Darst, p. 13
Esther Davis, p. 14
Arthur S. Dayton, p. 15
Mrs. T.A. Deveny, p. 16
Harriet Edmunds, p. 17
Jessie Fortney, p. 18
Mrs. David Eagan, p. 19
William S. Gates, p. 20
Walter S. Hallanan, p. 21
Mrs. John Hart, p. 22
Mrs. Arthur Hill and Children, p. 23
Arthur M. Hill, p. 24
Mrs. Thomas B. Jackson, p. 25
Okey B. Jackson, p. 26
Mrs. Randolph Johnson and son Howard, p. 27
Mrs. William S. Johnson, p. 28
Ida Jones, p. 29
Junior League to Give Annual Event, p. 30
Edward E. Kenna, p. 31
Elsie Fisher Kinchloe, p. 32
Duncan C. Kennedy, p. 33
James S. Lakin, p. 34
Mrs. Joseph Long, p. 35
Isaac Loewenstein, p. 36
Edgar A. Reid, p. 37
Wilbur V. Mallalieu, p. 38
Judge Haymond Maxwell, p. 39
W.B. Mathews (picture), p. 40
Elizabeth Mathews (picture), p. 41
Llewelyn Mathews (picture), p. 42
Helen Mathews (picture), p. 43
Evelyn Stubbs (picture), p. 44
James B. Menager, p. 45
Mrs. Ernest M. Merrill, p. 46
Mrs. Ernest C. Milair, p. 47
Caroline Mitchell (picture), p. 48
Mrs. Daniel M. Mohler, p. 49
Mildred Nicholson, p. 50
Mrs. Ruth Norvell, p. 51
Mrs. C.V. Noyes, p. 52
Mrs. Hannah Madison Fagan, p. 53
Judge George Poffenbarger (picture), p. 54
Mrs. George Poffenbarger, p. 55
Mrs. Leonard Poffenbarger (picture), p. 56
Nathan S. Poffenbarger (picture), p. 57
Poffenbarger-Stubbs Marriage, p. 58
Phyllis Poffenbarger, p. 59
Dr. Walter W. Point, p. 60
Mrs. W.B. Posson (picture), p. 61
Mary Arnold Scherr (picture), p. 62
Russell G. Quarrier, p. 63
Edgar A. Reid, p. 64
Mrs. Harold A. Ritz, p. 65
Mrs. H.D. Rummel (picture), p. 66
Betty Smith (picture), p. 67
John A. Thayer (picture), p. 68
Mrs. William R. Johnson and son (picture), p. 69
R.G. Hubbard (picture), p. 70
A.S. Thomas (picture), p. 71
Annie Laurie Watts (picture), p. 72
John Baker White (picture), p. 73
Judge Robert White (picture), p. 73
Sons of the Revolution (letter), p. 74

Folder 16: Confederacy Gleanings

The Homespun Dress, p. 1
William Gordon McCabe, p. 2
Lincoln and the last days of the southern confederacy, p. 3
Memorial services - confederate, p. 4
Southern men and women, p. 5
Annals of the war, p. 6
"Absolute Surrender", p. 7
Southern school history, p. 8
She accuses Roosevelt (daughter of Jefferson Davis), p. 9
Unveiling exercises, p. 10
A comparison (armies at the war's end), p. 11
American's fighting force, p. 12
True Civil War statistics, p. 13
Authentic oaths, p. 14
American history - injustice done to the South, p. 15
A glimpse of the past, p. 16
Fought with the boys (Newmarket), p. 17
A Virginia heroine (Matilda W. Russell), p. 18
The Confederate reunion, p. 19
The Right of Secession, p. 20
A Very Mournful Ballad of Black Jack, p. 21
Conversion of John A. Logan, p. 22
Confederate war prices, p. 23
Attitude of the south toward Union of States, p. 24
Confederate Half Dollar, p. 25
"'Twas just like Jim" - a poem, p. 26
"Save One Gun for Me" - a poem, p. 27
"Just From Georgia" - poem, p. 28
"His Western Brother" - a poem, p. 29
"A Southern Volunteer" a poem, p. 30
"A Confederate Trumpet" - a poem, p. 31
"High Tide at Gettysburg"- a poem, p. 32
"I'll Kiss Him for His Wife" - a poem, p. 33
Josephine Miller, p. 34
No Great Cause for Alarm (Social Equality), p. 35
Confederate Memorial Day address, p. 36
Maj. Coleman Anderson, p. 37
The Reconstruction Period, p. 38
"Sing a Song of Six-Pence" - a poem, p. 39
Moral view of the Roosevelt-Washington dinner, p. 40
South cannot be politically free while blacks vote, p. 41
Ogden and the Negro, p. 42
Severe Criticism of the President (T. Roosevelt), p. 43
To Senator Hanna, p. 44

Folder 17: Confederate Immortals

Davis (Jefferson) in Prison, p. 1
Put Irons on Mr. Davis, p. 2
Jeff Davis, p. 3
The Ghost of Jefferson Davis, p. 4
A Flagrant Forgery (Jefferson Davis), p. 5
"Jeff" David Comes to Washington - in Bronze, p. 6
"First Citizen of Virginia" - Dr. Moses D. Hoge, p. 7
An Inexpiable Outrage - (Gen. Miles), p. 8
Putting Irons on Mr. Davis, p. 9
The South, p. 10
Varina Davis, p. 11
Jeff Davis as a Logger, p. 12
Henry Woodfin Grady, p. 13
Bill Nye on Jeff Davis, p. 14
War Life with Jackson, p. 15
Some Anecdotes of Stonewall Jackson, p. 16
Gen. Albert Sidney Johnson, p. 17
Hon. J. Proctor Knott (picture), p. 18
Tribute to Robert E. Lee, p. 19
"The Sword of Lee" - a poem, p. 20
Gen. Lee's Sword, p. 21
Most Thrilling Day of the Civil War, p. 22
Lee's Surrender, p. 23
General Lee and Children, p. 24
Lee's Mother Buried as Dead, p. 25
McLean House, Appomattox, p. 26

Folder 18: Family History

William Steinbach, p.1
Mrs. Julia Stephenson, p. 2
James M. Stephenson, p. 3
Grace Sterrit, p. 4
Josie Sterrett, p. 5
Bird Stone, p. 6
Mrs. Eliza Ann Stone, p. 7
John G. Stortz, p. 8
T. Stribling (picture), p. 9
S.W. Swisher, p. 10
Tolliferro Stribling, p. 11
A.T. Sullivan, p. 12
D.S. Snyder, p. 13
Mrs. Green Somerville, p. 14
Public Schools (Pt. Pleasant), p. 15
Mrs. Belle H. Stewart, p. 16
G.B. Thomas, p. 17
Parsons-Thomas, p. 18
Lavinia Tuller Thomas, p. 19
Thomas Family, p. 20
Richard Turnbull, p. 21
VanMatre Family, p. 22
J.L. Thorn, p. 23
G.E. Thornburg, p. 24
Mrs. Viola Guard Tillis, p. 25
A.C. Van Gilder, p. 26
Daniel Webster VanMatre, p. 27
Jacob VanMatre, p. 28
Mrs. Sophia Vollert, p. 28
Cambden M. Varian, p. 28
C.H. Varian, p. 29
Plira Albert Varian, p. 30
Nannir L. Vaught, p. 31
William Henderson Vaught, p. 32
Elizabeth Von Schultz Kennedy, p. 33
Thomas L. Waggener, p. 34
Mrs. W.C. Whaley, p. 35
Samuel Wheaton, p. 36
Mrs. Caroline Walker, p. 37
Alexander Wartenburg, p. 38
Hamilton Weaver, p. 39
Mrs. John Wells, p. 40
Sara Welton, p. 41
Mrs. Carl L. Weigand, p. 42
C.O. Weissenburger, p. 43
John Lamar Whitten, p. 44
Ann Eliza Whitten, p. 45
Mrs. Flora Ann Wiatt, p. 46
Rnakin Wiley, p. 47
Boyd Williams, p. 48
Windon Family, p. 49
James Wellington Windon, p. 50
Mrs. E.C. Winger (picture), p. 51
E.C. Winger, p. 52
Mrs. Hannah Timms Wilkinson, p. 53
Walter Augustus Windsor, p. 54
Mrs. Julia Work, p. 55
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Wright, p. 56
Mrs. Catherine Yeager, p. 57
Yeager Family, p. 58
Alfred H. Yonker, p. 59
Weaver Heirs, p. 60
Maj. Andrew Waggener (sword of), p. 61
The Waggeners - by Virgil A. Lewis, p. 62
Waggener - Arbuckle, p. 63
Mrs. Camden Hogg, p. 64
George Young, p. 65
E.A. Young, p. 66
Pioneers of Mason County, p. 67

Folder 19: West Virginia

Interesting Places in W.V., p. 1
Landmarks in History of W.V., p. 2
W.V. Historical Facts, p. 3
W.V. and the Nation, p. 4
W.V. Forts, p. 5
Conley Describes Emblem of State, p. 6
Dolly Madison, p. 7
Indians (extract from the So. Historical Magazine), p. 8
Rehoboth, p. 9
The John Brown Raid, p. 10
Lewis Wetzel's Gun, p. 11
White Sulphur Famed Since Colonial Period, p. 12
Rare Old Books, p. 13
Notable Portraits, p. 14
Really, This is Slightly Overdrawn, p. 15
Supreme Court Interferes, p. 16
Federated Women's Clubs Present Garden to the State, p. 17
Soil Impoverished by Removal of Leaves, p. 18
The Hand of Cassius, p. 19
West Virginia's Rapid Growth, p. 20
Ladies' Society to the Front, p. 21
History Exhibit, p. 22
W.V.'s Coal Column (Jamestown Exposition), p. 23
Neil Robinson, p. 24
Old National Road in Ohio County, p. 25
Four Sections of W.V. Have Distinct Fame, p. 26
Senator Scott, p. 27
W.V. History, p. 28
Many Valuable Volumes Arrive, p. 29
Married Woman Law, p. 30
Semi Centennial History, p. 31
News of 44 Yrs. Ago (clipping 1907), p. 32

Folder 20: West Virginia

State Seal and Flag (picture), p.1
A Toast to W.V. (poem), p. 2
Memoirs of Indian Wars & Other Occurrences, p. 3
Col. John Stuart's Memorandum, p. 4
Virginia Land Laws, p. 5
A Famous Deed (Va. and the Northwest Territory), p. 6
An Old Publication, p. 7
Early W.V. history, p. 8
Monuments and Memorials, p. 9
Gov. Dawson Makes an Address, p. 10
Books of Local Interest, p. 11
The Disputed Boundary Line (Md. And WV), p. 12
Fifty Years Ago Today (A. Lincoln), p. 13
What Happened in Wheeling 50 yrs Ago, p. 14
A Primer History of W.V., p. 15
Making the State, p. 16
Fifty-one Years Since the First Convention, p. 17
Col. Geo. R. Latham's Speech at Wheeling, p. 18
W.V. Constitutional Anniversary, p. 19
Reminiscences of Early Life in Parkersburg, p. 20
Much Human Interest in Records of State, p. 21
Civil War Started by a Woman's Shot, p. 22
Letter Accompanies Return of First Barbour Co. Seal, p. 23
Bailey Brown First Soldier Killed, p. 24
Gov. William G. Conley (picture), p. 25
W.V. Capitol, p. 26
Secession from Secession, p. 27
Old Time Virginia-Granville D. Hall, p. 28
W.V. Constitution, p. 29
History of State's National Guard, p. 30
Antiquity-Mound at Moundsville, p. 31
Virginian's "Death Bed" Repentance, p. 32
The Virginia Debt Question, p. 33
Map of Chicago and the World's Fair, p. 34

Folder 21: West Virginia, The State Beautiful

Clay County, p.1
Greenbrier County, p. 1
Harrison County, p. 1
Lewisburg, "Western Cradle of Independence", p. 2
The Bitter Days (Civil War), p. 3
Fayette County, p. 4
East Rainelle, p. 5
Ansted, W.V., p. 6
Thurmond, W.V. (picture), p. 7
Carwile -Boley Ante-Nuptial Contraction, p. 8
Burning Spring, p. 9
Ripley, County Seat Fight Won, p. 10
Ripley Past Teems with Indian Fighting, p. 11
First Baptist Church of Ripley (picture), p. 12
Ravenswood's Land Once Washington's, p. 13
Episcopal Church at Ripley, p. 14
O.J. Morrison, p. 15
Kenna, W.V. (picture), p. 16
Ripley Rotary Club, p. 17
Bank of Ripley, p. 18
Diamond Hatchery at Ravenswood, p. 19
United Brethren Church is Modern, p. 20
Ripley Woman's Club, p. 21
Ravenswood's Lands, p. 22
Epworth Church at Ripley, p. 23
Ravenswood High School (picture), p. 24
Residence of H.P. Pfost (picture), p. 24
L.H. Miller (picture), p. 25
Logan County, p. 26
Monroe County, A Story of, p. 27
A Bit of Indian History, p. 28
Cline Family History, p. 29
Cook Family, p. 30
Lead Mines in Pocahontas, p. 31
Hardy County, p. 32
Where Marlinton Stands: Home of First Settlers, p. 33
Early History Raids on Life and Property, p. 34
Kingwood History, p. 35
Stroud's Glades, p. 36
O.H. Hardman Residence (picture), p. 37
Washington's Birthday (Parkersburg DAR), p. 38
Blennerhassett Island, p. 39

Folder 22: West Virginia

West Virginia (poem), p.1
Great Kanawha Valley in 1850, p. 2
Poffenbarger Praises Lawyer's Great Work, p. 3
Blue and Gray, p. 4
Civil War in Kanawha Valley, p. 5
Museum Recalls Old Battles, p. 6
Future Holds Much for W.V., p. 7
Revolutionary Battle, p. 8
"Ohio Valley Pioneers", p. 9
Ex-Gov. Dawson, p. 10
Stuart F. Reed (picture), p. 11
Conley Scores Legislature, p. 12
Speaking of Politics (Highland & Goff), p. 13
How Salt was Mined, p. 14
Natural Gas Discovered, p. 15
Strike Pool (Kan. Co. Oil), p. 16
Methodists in W.V., p. 17
McCulloch's Leap, p. 18
Clear Title to Valuable Coal Lands, p. 19
Rare Piece of Money Owned in Wheeling, p. 20
Hon. Nathan Bay Scott (picture), p. 21
How the B & O Tells a W.V. Story, p. 22
Semi-Centennial - Stuart F. Reed, p. 23
Census of W.V., 1910, p. 24
Items of Interest Concerning State, p. 26
Woman's Clubs - Silver Jubilee, p. 27

Folder 23: West Virginia

Hail W.V. (Prize Winning WVU Song), p.1
Criticized Monument Aimed for Capitol Gr., p. 2
Alderson Cross Between Hotel and College, p. 3
High Schools Established, p. 4
Our School System, p. 5
Waddington People's College, p. 6
W.V. Federation of Women's Clubs, p. 7
Organ Cave Draws Visitors, p. 8
Great Palaver Follows Tom-Betsy Race, p. 9
W.V. Day at Exposition (Jamestown), p. 10
West Virginia's Great Opportunity, p. 11
Guard Co. and Armory are Boasts of Ronceverte, p. 12
History of Greenbrier Region, p. 13
Three Battles of Lewisburg, p. 14
W.V. Building - Panama International Exp., p. 15
South W.V., p. 16
The Place of W.V. in Early History, p. 17
William G. Conley, p. 18
John J. Cornwell, p. 19
Henry D. Hatfield, p. 20
Albert B. White, p. 21
Ephraim F. Morgan, p. 22
Howard M. Gore, p. 23

Folder 24: Charleston and Kanawha County

Organization of Kanawha Co., p. 1
Golden Jubilee to be observed by Bar, p. 2
Pageant of the Packets - Garnet Eskew's Book, p. 3
Typical River Scene in Late Nineteenth Century, p. 4
Hillcrest Sanitarium, p. 5
Union Soldiers Buried in Spring Hill Cemetery, p. 6
Founders of Kanawha Valley, p. 7
Kanawha Valley Bank, p. 8
Prize Winning Essays in DAR Contest, p. 9
Do you remember when? - Mrs. Billie Ferguson, p. 10
Goshorn recalls first cigarette here, p. 11
Adam Littlepage Home (picture), p. 12
West Side Fort Hill at Kanawha Two Mile (picture), p. 12
How Littlepage Home was Saved, p. 13
Charleston's wholesale trade, p. 14
Early Politics in Kanawha County, p. 15
Kanawha Country Club, p. 16
Boy Scout Court of Honor Has Birthday, p. 17
Davis Memorial Park, p. 18
Gov. William A. MacCorkle, p. 19
John Laing Sees Early Revival of Coal, p. 20
Edward Hess, p. 21
Washington Bicentennial Celebrated, p. 22
Mrs. R.J. Coney (picture), p. 23
Mrs. Luella Conner Copeland (picture), p. 24
Rev. R.H. Merrill, p. 25
Mrs. William S. Johnson, p. 26
Mrs. Harold A. Ritz, p. 27
Mrs. George Poffenbarger, p. 28
Ohio Univ. Alumni- Charleston, p. 29
Clendenin Blockhouse, p. 30
Yellow Fever, p. 31
Map of Charleston-1922, p. 32
Early Physicians of Kanawha, p. 33
Pioneer Settlers of Kanawha Co., p. 34
Mercury Registers 112 here - 1930, p. 35
Map of Charleston - 1917, p. 36

Folder 25: West Virginia Men and Women, Great & Near Great

Mrs. Ebersole Gaines and Children (picture), p. 1
Gov. William E. Glassock, p. 2
Mrs. S.F. Glassock - Three Minute Talk, p. 3
W.V. Primary and the Candidates, p. 4
Republican Voters - Sen. Guy D. Goff, p. 5
Hon. Howard Mason Gore (picture), p. 6
Judge Frank A. Guthrie, p. 7
Dr. Lewis Ban Gilder Guthrie, p. 8
John Greenleaf, p. 9
Hanks and Lincoln Families, p. 10
Gen. John L. Hines, p. 11
Gen. Mason Patrick, p. 11
Hon. C.E. Hogg, p. 12
Mary Draper Ingles, p. 13
John J. Jackson, p. 14
John Gabriel Jacob, p. 15
Stonewall Jackson, p. 16
Birds often seen in W.V., p. 17
Dr. Harriet B. Jones, p. 18
Hon. Alfred E. Kenny, p. 19
Florence E. Kuhn, p. 20
John Laing, p. 21
Howard B. Lee, p. 22
Judge D.B. Lucas, p. 23
Mason-Brent marriage, p. 24
Izetta Jewel Miller, p. 25
L.H. Miller, p. 26
W.N. Miller, p. 27
Judge Charles Forrest Miller, p. 28
Wesley Mollohan, p. 29
Col. Presley W. Morris, p. 30
Clifford R. Myers, p. 31

Folder 26: West Virginia Men and Women, Great & Near Great

Livia Nye Simpson Poffenbarger (picture), p. 1
A message to mothers, p. 2
Mrs. George Poffenbarger, p. 3
Statures - Repose in the Hall of Fame, p. 4
Ex-Governors and Mrs. Poffenbarger, p. 5
Louis S. Pomeroy (picture), p. 6
Andre Price - Monument, p. 7
Andrew S. Rowan, p. 8
Rumsey's Friends, p. 9
The Invention of the Steamboat, p. 10
Peter H. Steenbergen, p. 11
David Hunter Strother, p. 12
Howard Sutherland (picture), p. 13
William Roote Thompson, p. 14
Judge L.J. Williams, p. 15
Robert F. Watts, p. 16
Walter A. Windsor, p. 17
M.W. Vanable, p. 18
John Lamar Whitten (picture), p. 19
Hon. Sam V. Woods, p. 20
Early Fraternity at WVU, p. 21
Who's Who- 27 Get Places, p. 22
Mrs. W.H. Vaught, p. 23
E. Willis Wilson, p. 24
Judge Homer. B. Woods, p. 25
Mrs. Edward Woodyard (picture), p. 26
Sol. White - Takes First Airplane Ride, p. 27
Florence Nightingale (picture), p. 28
Howard N. Ogden, p. 29
R.E. O'Connor, p. 30
Rev. W.O. Owens, p. 31

Folder 27: Mason County Obituaries/Genealogical Note

John S. Hanley, p. 1
J.E. Hanna, p. 2
Ellen Madison Haptonstall, p. 3
J.S. Harnsburger, p. 4
Nelson P. Hope, p. 5
Harry Hart, p. 5
Mrs. Margaret Hensley, p. 5
Hawkins Family, p. 6
Mrs. William T. Hayman, p. 7
Susan Simms Haynes, p. 8
W.M. Haynes, p. 9
Capt. Joseph Hein, p. 10
Henderson Family, p. 11
Virgil Hereford, p. 12
Mrs. Aurilla Jarrott Heslop, p. 13
J.W.C. Heslop, p. 14
C.F. Hess, p. 15
Hite-Hutchinson, p. 16
Hogg Family, p. 17
Hopkins Family, p. 18
Mrs. Mary Adalaide Holmes, p. 19
Mahoney-Holloway, p. 20
Holloway-Richerson, p. 21
Mrs. James H. Holloway, p. 22
Hiriam Reece Howard, p. 23
Incident of 1867, p. 24
W.H. Hughes, p. 25
Isa Hylton, p. 26
Huddleston Family Reunion, p. 27
Capt. Joseph Icenhour, p. 28
Mrs. Mary Jett, p. 29
J.H. Johnson, p. 30
Mrs. Alice Lucinda Jones, p. 31
Phillip L. Jones, p. 32
Charles E. Jones, p. 33
Charles Juhling, p. 34
Mrs. Mary Margaret Jones, p. 35
Owen Jones, p. 35
W.J. Kenny, p. 36
Mrs. Arthur Kerr, p. 37
Alice H. Kimberling, p. 38
Addresses, p. 39
Sarah Knight, p. 40
A.F. Kisar, p. 41
Mrs. Manley B. Brown, p. 42

Folder 28: The Declaration of Independence

The True Story of the Liberty Bell, p. 1
The Declaration of Fast Fading, p. 2
Faded Are Signatures, p. 3
The Declaration, p. 4
Declaration Saved from Fire by Clerk, p. 5
Preserving the Declaration of Independence, p. 6
Adopting the Declaration, p. 7
First Continental Congress, p. 8

Folder 29: Greenbrier County

Old Greenbrier (poem), p.1
Old Stone Church, p. 2
Stuart Manor - 1792, p. 3
Early History of Greenbrier, p. 4
Copy of Marriage Register of John Alderson, Jr., p. 5
Judge Charles Forrest Moore, p. 6
The Valley of the Greenbrier, p. 7
Greenbrier College, p. 8
Blue Grass Region of the State, p. 9
The Garden Spot of W.V., p. 10
White Sulphur Famed, p. 11
White Sulphur Springs War Between the States, p. 12
Three Battles of Lewisburg, p. 13
The Battle of Meadow Bluff, p. 14
Greenbrier Summer School and Camp, p. 15
Greenbrier Military School, p. 16
Margaret Kemp Ford, p. 17
Lewisburg Methodist Church, p. 18
Lewisburg is City of Homes and Noted for Two Colleges, p. 19
Ronceverte and Surroundings, p. 20
Ronceverte is Active Business Metropolis, p. 21
Mason C. Brackman Knows History of Greenbrier, p. 22
Guard Co. and Armory Are Boasts of Ronceverte, p. 23
Gen. Andrew Lewis Hotel, p. 24
Business Men are White Sulphur Aid, p. 25
Ronceverte's Attainments, p. 26
Copy of Old Map, p. 27
Caldwell Covered Bridge, p. 28
First Greenbrier Clerk's Office, p. 29

Folder 30: DAR

Challenges to the DAR, p.1
Mrs. William S. Walker, p. 2
Mrs. Donald McLean, p. 3
New DAR Officers (1907), p. 4
Plea for Monument, p. 5
National DAR Congress, p. 6
National Board of Management - 1905, p. 7
Financial Statement, p. 8
Mrs. George M. Sternberg (picture), p. 9
Mrs. Ellen Spencer Mussey (picture), p. 9
Mrs. Matthew T. Scott (picture), p. 10
Ninety Women at Banquet, p. 11
Brilliant events Given by DAR, p. 12
Pictures from the Washington Herald - 1909, p. 13
Mrs. Donald McLean (picture), p. 14
Mrs. William Cummings Story (picture), p. 14
Mrs. A.B. Cummings (picture), p. 15
National DAR, p. 16
End of DAR Congress, p. 17
SAR hosts of DAR, p. 18
Checks Mrs. Story - From Washington Post, p. 19
DAR Train Guns, p. 20
Grandeur Marks DAR Opening, p. 21
Career of a Patriotic Organization, p. 22
Mrs. Frances E. Fitz (picture), p. 23
Nathaniel S. Keay (picture), p. 24

Folder 31: Eminent Americans

Key Portrait is Unveiled, p. 1
Franklin Lane Dies, p. 2
James Lawrence, p. 3
John J. Lentz, p. 4
Edward Drummond Libbey, p. 5
The Favorite Song of President Lincoln, p. 6
The Thorn in Lincoln's Side, p. 7
Lincoln and His Cabinet (picture), p. 8
Lincoln Memorial (picture), p. 9
Speculating on Lincoln's "Fooling People", p. 10
Charles Lindbergh,p. 11
Statue of Washington, p. 12

Folder 32: Holidays

Leap Year, p. 1
Origin of Memorial Day, p. 2
Senator Knox Orator of Day at Gettysburg, p. 3
Memorial Day in South, p. 4
Memorial Day, p. 5
Memorial Day (poem), p. 6
Memorial Day Address (Guy D. Goff), p. 7
Marry in May, Rue the Day, p. 8
Mothers' Day in W.V., p. 9
A New Year's Greeting, p. 10
The New Year, p. 11
Legends of St. Patrick, p. 12
The Beginnings of Thanksgiving Day, p. 13
Jewish National Festival, p. 14
St. Valentine, p. 15

Folder 33: Obituaries and Other Family Clippings

Michael See, p. 1
John L. Sehon, p. 2
W.M. Duffy (picture), p. 3
Jesse Selby, p. 4
L. Shiflet, p. 5
Dr. John N. Simpson and Family, p. 6
John Nathan Simpson, Jr., p. 7
George Perry Simpson, p. 8
Diana Elizabeth Smith, p. 9
Jonas Smith, p. 10
Homer Smith, p. 11
Rev. John Smith, p. 12
Margaret Ann (Aunt Mag) Smith, p. 13
Mrs. Vause Beale Smith, p. 14
Cornelia Smith, p. 15
Maj. Lawrence Smith, p. 16
Charles Varton Smith, p. 17
Mrs. Amanda Singleton, p. 18
Somerville & Somerville (L.C. & E.J.), p. 19
Inez Somerville, p. 20
Vennie Maud Somerville, p. 20
Anna May Somerville, p. 21
J.S. Spencer, p. 22
Mrs. Susan Virginia Spencer, p. 23
Gen. Peter H. Steenbergen, p. 24
Steenbergen party, p. 25

Folder 34: Arbuckle, Alexander, Sterritt, Hannan, Posey, And Beatty, Family History, By George Frederick Beatty

Arbuckle, Alexander, Sterritt, Hannan, Posey, and Beatty Family History, p. 1
Mrs. Lenora C. Alexander, p. 2
Samuel T. Alexander, p. 3
William Allen, p. 4
Mrs. A.R. Barbee, p. 5
Dr. Andrew R. Barbee, p. 6
Mrs. Eliza Ellen Lewis Barnett, p. 7
Ada Barnett, p. 8
R.L. Barnett, p. 9
Barnett Family, p. 10
Mrs. Samantha J. Baum, p. 11
James H. H. Beale, p. 12
Mr. & Mrs. K.M.H. Beale, p. 13
John Edward Beller, p. 14
Beller & Blagg, p. 15
Lt. John E. Beller Jr., p. 16
W.H. Beller, p. 16
Hon. Adam Green Bear, p. 17
Addie Caufman Beard, p. 17
Beard-Dalton Marriage, p. 17
Dr. Jesse Bennet, p. 18
Bird-Samuels Marriage, p. 19
Blessing Family, p. 20
Blaine Family, p. 21
Co. Nat. Bloom, p. 22
John A. Goggess, p. 23
Daniel Boone, p. 24
Mrs. P.S. Lewis, p. 25
Charles Clendenin Bowyer, p. 26
Boywer-McCulloch, p. 27
Mrs. Manley B. Brown, p. 28
William Brown, p. 29
Mrs. Elizabeth Gaines Bryan, p. 30
Bumgarner Famioy, p. 31
Lewis Burdett, p. 32
J.F. Burdett, p. 33
Capt. Rush H. Brunside, p. 34
Benjamin F. Butler, p. 35
Timothy S. Butler, p. 36

Folder 35: Family History

Judge George Poffenbarger , p. Pg. 1
Residence of George Poffenbarger, p. 2
Mrs. Livia Simpson Poffenbarger (picture), p. 3
The State Gazette (1905), p. 4
Mrs. Clinton Poffenbarger, p. 5
Parsons family, p. 6
Mrs. Alberta J. Phelps, p. 7
Louis S. Pomeroy, p. 8
Mrs. Mary Sterrett Priestly, p. 9
Pullins-Eckard Marriage, p. 10
Pullin Family, p. 11
Geo. A Rairden, p. 12
William H. Rardin, p. 13
James Allen Rayburn, p. 14
Maxwell Rayburn, p. 15
Hon. B.J. Redmond, p. 16
Redmond-Patrick Marriage, p. 16
Mrs. B.J. Redmond, p. 17
Prof. R.A. Riggs, p. 18
Vinton Risk, p. 19
Rebecca Risk, p. 19
Samuel Riffle, p. 19
Roseberry Family, p. 20
Mrs. Jane Roush, p. 21
Mrs. Gordon Sebrell, p. 22
Samuel J. Shindle, p. 22
Mrs. E.A. Stricklen, p. 22
Rouch Family, p. 23
Ryan-McCulloch, p. 24

Folder 36: West Virginia The State Beautiful

Kanawha Falls (picture), p. 1
Harper's Ferry, p. 2
Sand Stone Falls, p. 3
Old Sweet Springs, p. 4
Pence Springs (pictures), p. 5
White Sulphur Springs, p. 6
When Winter Comes in WV (picture), p. 7
Smoke Hole (picture), p. 8
Black Water, Tucker Co. (picture), p. 9
Pinnacle Rocks (picture), p. 10
Greenbrier Military School (picture), p. 11
Four-H Camp at Jackson's Mill, p. 12
Charleston Waterfront (picture), p. 13
WV Views (picture), p. 14
WV Views (picture), p. 15
Grafton, WV (picture), p. 16
Hardy County (picture), p. 17
Views of Cotton Hill (picture), p. 18
Entrance to City Park, Parkersburg (picture), p. 19
Views of the Eastern Panhandle, p. 20
Morris-Harvey College, p. 21
Marshall College, p. 22
Lover's Leap Rock (picture), p. 23
WV Views (picture), p. 24
Williamstown Marietta Bridge (picture), p. 25
WV Views (picture), p. 26
Scenes where Pt. Pleasant will be, p. 27
National Cemetery Grafton, p. 28
Pence Springs (picture), p. 29
Riding Tournaments - So. Br. Valley (picture), p. 30
Civil War Trenches (picture), p. 31
Tablet on Birthplace of Stonewall Jackson, p. 32
Kanawha Falls (picture), p. 33
Philippi Covered Bridge, p. 34
Prospect Peak in Mineral County, p. 35
Saint Georges Chapel Near Charles Town, p. 36
Monuments, Charleston, p. 37
Cacapon River (picture), p. 38
Nancy Hanks - Site of Cabin where born, p. 39
Shenandoah "Daughter of the State", p. 40
Morgan Home - Shepherdstown, p. 41

Folder 37: Family History - Coat of Arms

Abbot, p. 1
Adams, p. 2
Ambler, p. 3
Appleton, p. 4
Arthur, p. 5
Bailey, p. 6
Ball, p. 7
Bancroft, p. 8
Barnwell, p. 9
Belcher, p. 10
Bennett, p. 11
Bingham, p. 12
Blair, p. 13
Bland, p. 14
Bonnell, p. 15
Booth, p. 16
Bowman, p. 17
Bradford, p. 18
Brodie, p. 19
Brooks, p. 20
Brown, p. 21
Browning, p. 22
Burwell, p. 23
Butterfield, p. 24
Campbell, p. 25
Cary, p. 26
Chamberlain, p. 27
Chase (no coat of arms), p. 28
Chicester, p. 29
Chickering, p. 30
Churchill, p. 31
Clement, p. 32
Cobb, p. 33
Cooper, p. 34
Covert, p. 35
Curtis, p. 36
Dalrymple, p. 37
Daniel, p. 38
Dudley, p. 39
DuVal, p. 40
Edwards, p. 41
Eliot, p. 42

Folder 38: Family History - Coat of Arms

Eppes, p. 1
Evans, p. 2
Fairbanks, p. 3
Flagg, p. 4
Fitch, p. 5
Freeman, p. 6
Fuller, p. 7
Gardiner, p. 8
Gebhardt, p. 9
Gilbert, p. 10
Gooch, p. 11
Goodwin, p. 12
Grant, p. 13
Guild, Guile, Gile, p. 14
Greenleaf, p. 15
Haines, p. 16
Harding, p. 17
Harrison, p. 18
Harrison, p. 19
Hayes, p. 20
Hickinbotham, p. 21
Hobson, p. 22
Hoskins, p. 23
Hoyt, p. 24
Hubbell, p. 25
Hume, p. 26
James, p. 27
Jenks, p. 28
Jessup, p. 29
Judson, p. 30
King, p. 31
Kip , p. 32

Folder 39: Family History - Coat of Arms

Kendall, p. 1
Kennedy, p. 2
Kingsbury, p. 3
Kirby, p. 4
Knight, p. 5
Lamprey, p. 6
Langford, p. 7
Lamont, p. 8
Leach, p. 9
Leigh, p. 10
Lewis, p. 11
Lightfoot, p. 12
Logan, p. 13
Maclellan, p. 14
Manning (no coat of arms), p. 15
McCullough, p. 16
Meade (no coat of arms), p. 17
Matthews, p. 18
Mercer, p. 19
Minor, p. 20
Miner, p. 21
Mitchell, p. 22
Moore, p. 23
Morehead, p. 24
Morrison, p. 25
Morton, p. 26
Munson, p. 27

Folder 40: Family History - Coat of Arms

Neale, p. 1
Nevius, p. 2
Newport, p. 3
Noyes, p. 4
Nye, p. 5
Odell, p. 6
Payne, p. 7
Pease, p. 8
Phillips, p. 9
Price, p. 10
Savage, p. 11
Schneider, p. 12
Sherman, p. 13
Simpson, p. 14
Smith, p. 15
St. John, p. 16
Stoder-Stoddard, p. 17
Strawbridge, p. 18
Strugis, p. 19
Taylor, p. 20
Tracy, p. 21
Tucker, p. 22
Turner, p. 23
Wallace, p. 24
Voorhees, p. 25
Walton, p. 26
Warner, p. 27
Warren, p. 28
Watkins, p. 29
Watson, p. 30
Wendell, p. 31
Wetmore, p. 32
Windsor, p. 33
Witherspoon, p. 34
Wright, p. 35
Wise, p. 36
Worthington, p. 37
Heraldry Hunt Keen in American Cities, p. 38
Old Family Trees Get a Shaking, p. 39
Colonial Families of America, p. 40
Patronymics and Their History, p. 41
Decaying Aristocracy, p. 42
Americans of Royal Descent, p. 43

Folder 41: Miscellaneous Historical Material Deposited In Library In 1935

Poffenberger collection - books and miscellaneous materials
Name of Mayor, councilmen, and other officials of Pt. Pleasant, p. since 1860
Mason County Directory
"Officers of Mason County. . . "
Muster Roll of Co. A. of the 116th Regt. Of W.V. Militia, March 10, 1861
Marriage Records (Mason County)
Mason County Facts
Pioneer Cemetery Grave Stone Records
Frist County Court
Pt. Pleasant Market
Centennial Exposition at Philadelphia
Record breaker of salt manufactured
Public Shoots
Children's centennial concert
Pt. Pleasant 10 years ago and now (1866-1876)
Mansion House, Pt. Pleasant (photo)
Appraisement of estate of Anthony Vansickle
Invitation to ball, preserved
Pt. Pleasant is older than Marietta or Wheeling
First Mason County Court
Ye Olden Time
History of the Excelsior Mill destroyed by fire
Gallipolis produce marker
Sixty years ago (1878)
Waggener Store Building (photo)
From the Weekly Register
Reminiscences from our files of the year 1863
Letters unclaimed in the Post Office
Proposed C&O Railroad Route
Local matters, July 11, 1867
Editor George W. Tippett & Hiram R. Howard indicted for assault & battery (1867)
West Virginia Homecoming week… unveiling of the monument and the celebration of the, p. battle October 7, 8, 9, 10, 1909
Centennial year 1876
In retrospection (1878)
Commission sale of town lots in the town of Byramville (Leon)
The monument at Pt. Pleasant, commemorative of those who fell in the Battle at this place, p. October 10, 1774
First Bell on school house in Pt. Pleasant, December 10, 1874/First Telegraph office in, p. Mason County, December 9, 1875
Point Pleasant and surroundings 1875
Weekly Register's account of political meeting in Mason County (1876)
Pt. Pleasant ten years ago and now (1876)
Report of the committee. Pt. Pleasant to celebrate 100 anniversary of Independence
Teacher's Institute, June 1882
Pt. Pleasant retail market, 1882
Looking backward 1912
Condemnation notices

Folder 42: William Alexander MacCorkle

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