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George L. Winkler/Mary Boster Beard Collection

Box 1

Individual Deceased Personnel File, 2nd Lieutenant Robert S. Emerson
Individual Deceased Personnel File, Sergeant Willis W. Ehrhardt
Individual Deceased Personnel File, Captain Leonard E. Orcutt
Individual Deceased Personnel File, Technical Sergeant Louis H. Miller
Individual Deceased Personnel File, 2nd Lieutenant Harry L. Bedard
Individual Deceased Personnel File, Staff Sergeant George L. Winkler
100th Bombardment Squadron, Historical Report, April 1945
Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command, CIL2008-152-I-01 through I-05

Box 2

Certification of Military Service, George L. Winkler, June 12, 2008
Marriage Certificate and Bond, George L. Winkler and Iris L. Wishon
Correspondence, Veterans Administration, 1946-1950
Program, Memorial Service, Mary Margaret "Mickey" Boster Beard, September 16, 2019
Map of Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, noting grave site of George L. Winkler
Letter of Recommendation for George L. Winkler, admission to Officer's Candidate School, by Dr. Albert Polan (Zenith Optical Company), July 28, 1943
Letters of Recommendation for Elizabeth Boster, 1947
United States Civil Service Commission, Claim for Veterans Preference, Elizabeth A. Boster, 1950
Applications for Federal Employment, Elizabeth A. Boster
Correspondence concerning employment of Elizabeth Boster as switchboard operator, October 29, 1963
Pamphlet, "Huntington as a Manufacturing and Distributing Center," Huntington Chamber of Commerce, 1937
Pledge of Allegiance to the West Virginia State Flag
Comics, Huntington Herald-Advertiser, April 15, 1945
Telegram, Mrs. E. Boster to George L. Winkler, December 30
Telegram, George L. Winkler to Mrs. E. Boster
Correspondence, George L. Winkler, October 20, 1944
Correspondence, George L. Winkler to H. P., n.d. (photocopy)
Envelope, from George L. Winkler
Newspaper Clipping, promotion of George L. Winkler
Last Will and Testament, George L. Winkler (photocopy)
Notebook, Documents Related to the Fate of Staff Sergeant George L. Winkler and Other Members of the Crew, B-25 44-29760, Cebu, Philippines, April 3, 1945
Notebook, Diary and Manual, George L. Winkler
Correspondence, Iris Lesage (sister of George L. Winkler), June 24, 1988
Guest Book, George L. Winkler, April 23, 2007
Memorial Book, Arlington National Cemetery, George L. Winkler, May 5, 2011
Proclamation, Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, in honor of Staff Sergeant George Lewis "Rip" Winkler, July 13, 2011
Miscellaneous Items: Matchbook, Chessie System, Huntington; Matchbook, Hotel Prichard, Huntington; Matchbook, The Bonanza Room/Hotel Frederick, Huntington; Matchbook, Hotel Huntington, Huntington; Matchbook, Jefferson Barracks Exchange; Stamps; Camden Park, R.S.R.O.A. Roller Rink, Huntington; Mercurochrome Handy-Bandage, Inter Ocean Casualty Company, Huntington
Framed Drawings, George L. Winkler (2)
Charcoal Drawing, George L. Winkler
Newspapers and Newspaper Clippings, World War II
Book, From Fiji Through the Philippines With the Thirteenth Air Force, by Lt. Col. Benjamin E. Lippincott, 1948
Photograph Album (empty)

Transferred to Photographs:

1. George Lewis "Rip" Winkler (11)
2. George Lewis "Rip" Winkler in Uniform (38)
3. Iris Wishon Winkler (7)
4. Lance Winkler (12)
5. Iris and Lance Winkler (2)
6. George Lewis "Rip" Winkler with Elizabeth Ann Foreman Boster (Mother) (3)
7. Russell Winkler, Brother of George Lewis "Rip" Winkler (2)
8. George Lewis "Rip" Winkler and Russell Boster (3)
9. George Lewis "Rip" Winkler with Family and Friends (14)
10. Milton, Charles, and Bobbie Hendrickson, 1936 (1)
11. Dave Piatt and Harry Piatt Jr., Capitol Heights, Maryland, June 1944 (Xerox, 1 copy)
12. World War II, Military (38)
13. World War II Parade in Huntington, West Virginia (1)
14. World War II Stereo Photos (6)
15. Memorial Service, George Lewis "Rip" Winkler, Arlington National Cemetery (4)
16. Trophy George Lewis "Rip" Winkler Won for Model Boat (4)
17. Unidentified Children (2)
18. Postcards of Huntington (8)

Transferred to Audiovisual:

VHS Tape, George L. Winkler Crash Site, May 2004
Cassette Tapes (2)

Transferred to Digital Archives:

3.5" Diskettes (5)
DVD, Cebu Crash Site
CD, George Winkler Memorial, WCHS, July 14, 2011
DVD, Washington/Virginia, May 2011, Disc 1, 1-164 Files
CD, Funeral Service of Staff Sergeant George L. Winkler, May 4-5, 2011
CD, Memorial Service of Staff Sergeant George L. Winkler

Transferred to Maps:

Point Pleasant, West Virginia, Story Map of the Silver Bridge Cities on the Shortest Route from North and West to East and South

Transferred to Archives and History Library - Telephone Directories:

Huntington and Vicinity Telephone Directory, Spring 1928
Huntington Numerical Telephone Directory and Cross Section of Streets, 1944-1945
Huntington Telephone Directory, July 1957

Transferred to State Museum:

Air Medal, George L. Winkler
Certificate, Air Medal, George L. Winkler
Purple Heart, George L. Winkler
Certificate, Purple Heart, George L. Winkler
American Campaign Medal
Asiatic Pacific Medal
Army Good Conduct Medal
Honorable Discharge Lapel Pin
Ribbon with Airplane
Pillowcases made by mother and wife of George L. Winkler, returned to the family after his death
Honor and Remember flag, George L. Winkler
Flag sent to wife when George L. Winkler was interred at Jefferson Barracks, 1949
Shadow Box with flag that accompanied remains of George L. Winkler to Arlington
Victory World War II Medal
National World War II Memorial Dedication
Patch, 13th Air Force
Badge, Huntington Civilian Defense Volunteer, Cabell County
Bottle Opener, Huntington
Uniform Insignia, Aerial Gunner
Name Plate, Winkler
Token, Ohio Valley Bus Company
Pin, Mother of World War II
Pin, Airplane
Painting of the Desert, by Iris Lesage (wife of George L. Winkler), 1989
Flags, Virginia Run for the Fallen, George L. Winkler
Ceramic Dog, given to George L. Winkler as prize for selling ice cream
Headset used by Elizabeth Boster, mother of George L. Winkler

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