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Ruby Bradley Collection

1. Military Service Records from National Personnel Records Center
2. List of American Nationals Officially Reported Interned in the Philippine Islands, WWII (American Red Cross Central File)
3. The Status System of Japanese Internment Camps in the Philippine Islands by Ruby Bradley, January 1949
4. Victory Loan Drive speech by Ruby Bradley, n.d.
5. Nursing in a Prisoner of War Camp by Ruby Bradley, n.d.
6. American Nurse in Korea Honored as Woman of the Year, Department of the Army, May 5, 1953
7. Chief Army Nurse in Korea Home After Three Years, Department of the Army, July 16, 1953
8. Press release regarding This is Your Life, Department of the Army, February 24, 1954
9. Biographical data: Lt. Col. Ruby Grace Bradley, ANC, Department of the Army, July 12, 1954
10. Army Nurse Corps Officer Fourth to Receive Florence Nightingale Medal, Department of the Army, June 14, 1955
11. Florence Nightingale Medals Awarded, American Red Cross, June-July, 1955
12. Lieutenant Colonel Ruby G. Bradley: U.S. Lady-of-the-Year, U. S. Lady, January 1958
13. Army's Most Decorated Nurse Chosen Lady of Year by Magazine, Department of the Army, January 12, 1958
14. Nurse, Lady-of-the-Year, a World War II Heroine, Scope Weekly, February 19, 1958
15. Ruby Bradley bio prepared for Chief of Information, Department of the Army for possible documentary, June 8, 1960
16. Famous West Virginians, Charleston Gazette-Mail, February 3, 1963
17. Army's Most Decorated Nurse Retires, Department of the Army, March 25, 1963
18. Army's Most Decorated Nurse Retires After 29 Years, Fog Horn (Letterman General Hospital), April 1963
19. West Virginia Distinguished Service Medal citation, July 11, 1963
20. Counselor-Registrar Appointed, The Quarterly Review, October 11, 1963
21. West Virginia University Honors Former Army Nurse, Department of the Army, May 22, 1964
22. West Virginia University Press Releases re: Commencement/Honorary Doctorate, June 1, 1964
23. Ruby Bradley: An Appreciation by Frank G. Haughwout, nd.
24. Miscellaneous items from Army Nurse Corps Historian
25. How Did They All Survive? By Elizabeth M. Norman and Sharon Eifried, Nursing History Review 3 (1995): 105-127
26. List of Awards/Medals
27. Photographs (photocopies)

Manuscript Collections

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