Camp J. A. J. Lightburn Camp, Sons of Veterans
Weston, West Virginia

Box One

Descriptive Books (2)

Roll of Members Book

Minute Book

Ledger Book

Cash Book

Duplicates of Secretary's Quarterly Reports

Rituals and Ceremonials (3 copies)

Journal of Proceedings, Twenty-Seventh Annual Encampment, Sons of Veterans, USA

Laws of the Death Benefit Association, Sons of Veterans, USA, 1906

Constitution and Laws Governing the Sons of Veterans, 1905

Constitution and Laws Governing the Sons of Veterans, 1912 (8 copies)

Box Two

Miscellaneous Forms (Blanks)

Delegate Cards (Blanks)

Membership Cards (Blanks)

Passwords/Word Ciphers

Indebtedness Forms (Blanks)

Odes and Hymns

Headquarters, Pennsylvania Division, Sons of Veterans

Uniform and Equipment Suppliers

Major R. H. Hendershot (Drummer)

Flag Purchase

Membership Oaths

Membership Applications



Miscellaneous Papers

Manuscript Collections

West Virginia Archives and History