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Henry Chaney Family Collection

Civil War Papers of Henry Clay Chaney, 1st Maryland Light Artillery
Pension certificate of Kate G. Chaney, widow of Henry C. Chaney, 28 October 1919
Pension declaration receipt, 21 May 1912
Discharge, 24 October 1862
Discharge, 19 January 1864
Promotion Certificate, 27 August 1862
Certificate of Disability for Discharge (photocopy), 16 October 1862
Letter, David Stanton to Henry C. Chaney, 8 August 1907
Letter, A. A. Hager to Henry C. Chaney, 6 February 1908
Acknowledgment of receipt of application, Bureau of Pensions, 7 September 1907
Notice of increase in pension from the Bureau of Pensions, 3 March 1916

Civil War Papers of Thomas Chaney, 1st Maryland Infantry
Certificate of Union Service
Discharge, 14 February 1862
Enlistment document (photocopy), 12 February 1864
Letter, Thomas Chaney to Mother, 6 May 1864, from Alexandria, Virginia
Letter, Thomas Chaney to Sister (Annie), 13 May 1864, from Frederick, Maryland
Letter, Samuel Lane to Benjamin Chaney, 20 May 1864, describing death of Thomas Chaney

Civil War Papers of George H. Jordan, Company L, 1st Regiment Ohio Volunteer Light Artillery
Enlistment document issued 10 December 1909
Letter, Henry C. Chaney to Quartermaster General of the United States, 15 December 1909, requesting a headstone for the grave of George H. Jordan.

Photocopies and notes
Obituaries of Henry C. Chaney (2002) and Mary L. Chaney (2004) (photocopies)

Henry C. and Kate Chaney Papers
Life Insurance Policy of Kate Chaney, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, 15 June 1903
Death Certificate of Henry C. Chaney, 20 June 1919
Marriage Certificate of Henry C. Chaney and Kate G. Jordan, 26 July 1866
Letter, James Brown to Henry C. Chaney, 1 February 1905
Miscellaneous Receipts, 1904-10
Letter, Fred J. Koesling to Henry C. Chaney, 6 January 1908

Henry Garfield and Nellie Chaney Papers
Autobiographical information on Nellie Nevada Sisler, wife of Henry Garfield Chaney
Letter, Carrie to Nelle (Nellie) and Garf, n.d.
Letter, Garf to Father, n.d.
Letter, Garf to Nelle, n.d.
Letter, Garf to Nelle, 24 August 1934
Letter, S. King to Cousin, n.d.
Death Certificate of Nellie Nevada Bradford, 26 February 1980
Death Certificate of Henry Garfield Chaney, 2 June 1938
Estate of Henry Garfield Chaney, Commissioner's Preliminary Report, 24 April 1939
Estate of Henry Garfield Chaney, Final Settlement of Executrix, 5 December 1945
Obituary of Henry G. Chaney

Henry Clay Chaney Papers
World War II Papers, Army Air Corps

Photographs - transferred to photo collection

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