John Chapman Anvil Club of Charleston Collection
ca. 1943-2011

Dr. Leonard Riggleman, "Rise of the Social Emphasis and Some Present Implications, March 16, 1944
Dr. Daniel Barber, "Community Hospital," April 13, 1944
Dr. Daniel Barber, "Invitation to Action," September 16, 1948
Dr. Daniel Barber, "In His Image," September 4, 1950
Dr. Daniel Barber, "Geriatrics," November 20, 1952
Dr. Leonard Riggleman, "Convictions on Some Important Matters," April 1, 1954
Dr. Daniel Barber, "Sincerely Yours," November 1954
Dr. Leonard Riggleman, "How High is Higher?" September 13, 1956
Dr. Daniel Barber, "Is MRA the Answer?" January 31, 1957
Dr. Daniel Barber, "Leisure," March 12, 1959
Dr. Leonard Riggleman, "Of Things Piscatorial," October 27, 1960
V. B. Harris, "Open Season," 1963
Dr. Leonard Riggleman, "The Unseen Scene," September 7, 1972
Dr. Leonard Riggleman, "Nothing to Hide Behind," September 9, 1976
V. B. Harris, "Arda and the Hollowbillies," September 7, 1978
Dr. Leonard Riggleman, "The Child of the Storm," January 3, 1980
V. B. Harris, "The Lee Resolution," October 7, 1982
V. B. Harris, "Which Way, USA?" April 4, 1985
V. B. Harris, "Two Charleston Pioneers," Winter 1980
Jack Maurice, "Mena Insana in Corpore Sano or Who Demolished the Little Red Schoolhouse?" December 1, 1988
V. B. Harris, "John L. May," 1997
Dr. Warren Point, "150 Years Ahead of His Time: Simon Bolivar," March 5, 1998
Dr. Steven Jubelier, "Impeachment of Andrew Johnson," January 7, 1999
Richard J. Bailey, "A Second Gun," April 1, 1999
Joseph C. Jefferds Jr., "The Land Between the Rivers," May 6, 1999
Joe Triplett, "Days of Infamy and Doom," December 5, 2000
Unknown author, "The Prisoner's Dilemma and Other Games," January 4, 2001
Carl Lehman, "And a River Runs Through It," February 1, 2001
Tom Damewood, "Take Me Out," March 1, 2001
Dr. Daniel Barber, additional writings, 1943, 1948
Dr. Daniel Barber, "The General Practitioner," no date
V. B. Harris, "The Argument of the Attached Paper To the Uttermost," February 1980
Unknown author, "The West Virginia Economy: An Appraisal," no date
Unknown author, "The Economic Base in Kanawha County," 1964?
V. B. Harris?, "The Great Fiasco," no date
V. B. Harris?, "The West Virginia Hollowbillies," no date
Unknown author, "Education and the Republic," no date
Unknown author, Part II, "The Energy Crisis in the USA," no date
John A. Chapman, "O Canada, No Canada," November 6, 1980
William Rosenfeld, "You Knew What I Mein," October 5, 2006
John Rowan, "Just Because They Can," November 2, 2006
Tom N. Smith, "Reincarnation," December 7, 2006
Mike Comer, "Are You Awake???? or Is Someone You Know Asleep???" January 4, 2007
Frank Dabreo, "Science and Religion: Closer Than You Think," February 1, 2007
Kenneth C. Wright, "With and Without a Donkey," March 1, 2007
Steven J. Jubelirer, "The Last Exit," April 5, 2007
Gale Gray, "Wittgenstein's Method," May 3, 2007
Ken Sullivan, "Lawd, Lawd," September 7, 2007
Kenneth R. Bailey, "Unintended Consequences," September 4, 2008
Clifford G. Lantz, "Left Hand, "Right Hand," October 2, 2008
Frank Branner, "It's About Time," December 4, 2008
William H. Stewart, "Opulent Accommodations for Unwanted Guests," January 8, 2009
Andrew MacQueen, "Yes We Can," February 5, 2009
Dr. Edwin H. Welch, "Distortions, Lies and Victory," March 5, 2009
Kenneth C. Wright, "Why Haiti?" April 2, 2009
George L. Grubb, "A Blight on the Culture," October 1, 2009
Mark Chatfield, "Give Us Our Daily Bread: When Did That Start?" November 5, 2009
Sattes, audio CD
Jim Hores, "The Big Bang, Black Holes, Dark Energy and Other Anomalies of the Cosmos," January 8, 2010
Bill Stewart, "Time to Say Goodbye," February 4, 2010
William H. Stewart, "Democracy Imposed by a Dictator," March 4, 2010
"Heidegger on Technology," May 6, 2010
William Rosenfeld, "It's A Gift," September 2, 2010
William H. Stewart, "The Time Capsule of Cupaloy," October 7, 2010
Kenneth R. Bailey, "You Can Lead Them to Water (But You Can't Make Them Drink), January 6, 2011
Douglas Bumgardner, "Will They Continue to Shine," March 3, 2011
Elden, "Silent Secrets," May 2011
Dan Foster, "The Times They Are A Changin'," November 5, 2011
Ken Sullivan, "A Few Words for the Dark Side," 2011
Tom Wills, "Wacantognaka (Wa-Chon-Toeg-Nah-Kah) and You," January 5, 2012
John G. Brehm
Thomas C. Damewood, "Dear Readers in 2010"
William H. Stewart, "Achieving Fame Through Failure"
Steven Jubelirer, "Religion and Life Satisfaction"
Robert Harris, "Nor Any Drop to Drink"

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