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Don McGraw Collection

Box 1

Fiftieth Anniversary Directory, Emmanuel Methodist Church, 1887-1937
Fourth Year Book of the Huntington Poetry Guild, 1942-1943
Ninth Year Book of the Huntington Poetry Guild, 1948
Yearbook, The Woman's Club, Huntington, 1947-1948
The Outlook (includes article, "Forced Labor in West Virginia," by Gino C. Speranza), June 13, 1903
Program, Sixty-first Annual Meeting of the West Virginia State Teachers Association, Genoa Junior High School, Bluefield (cover photo of school), October 29-30, 1953
Program, Commencement Exercises, Douglass High School, May 28, 1937
Invitation, Commencement Exercises, Logan High School, May 28, 1926
Program, Commencement Exercises, Marshall College, 1940
Program, Commencement Exercises, Loudon District High School, South Charleston, May 29, 1933
Program, First Anniversary, Huntington City Mission, February 1, 1941
Program, 25 Years of Service, Dr. and Mrs. M. L. Wood, Fifth Avenue Baptist Church, Huntington, October 19, 1930
Program, America's Town Meeting, City Auditorium, Huntington, May 9, 1946
Leaflet, In Memory of President (Franklin) Roosevelt
Correspondence, Delegate Oscar Watts to Herman H. Moss, March 7, 1935
Program, Armistice Day, 1929, Huntington Memorial Arch
Flyer, Pilgrim Legacy Cameo Glass, 2002
Promotional Materials, John E. Kemple Glass Works, Kenova
Newsletter, Heck's World, December 1981
Genealogy Materials, Henry Hite Family
Miscellaneous Photocopies
Memorial Addresses, Allen T. Caperton, December 21-22, 1876
Memorial Addresses, Godlove S. Orth, December 18, 1882
Memorial Addresses, Jonathan T. Updegraff, February 6, 1883

Box 2

Memorial Addresses, John W. Shackelford, February 17, 1883
Memorial Addresses, Dudley C. Haskell, December 17, 1883
Memorial Addresses, Thomas H. Herndon, April 1884
Memorial Addresses, William H. F. Lee, February 6 and March 4, 1892
Memorial Addresses, John Simpkins, January 28-February 18, 1899
Memorial Proceedings, Charles Henry Simonton, May 10, 1904
Memorial Addresses, John Tyler Morgan and Edmund Winston Pettus, April 1908


Collier's, "The Great Flood in West Virginia," July 13, 1901

Transferred to State Documents:
West Virginia Educational Bulletin, March 1952
West Virginia Educational Directory, 1948-49
West Virginia Educational Directory, 1959-60
West Virginia Educational Directory, 1966-67

Transferred to the Library:
Know Your Own State: West Virginia, 1925
How to Eat Well Though Rationed: Wartime Canning and Cooking Book, Martha Reynolds
Jenkins in Mechanicsburg: The Confederate Attempt on Pennsylvania's Capital, by Michael Weaver, 2001
Footprints, by Otway M. Gunnoe, 1973
Hillbilly Ballads, by Roy Lee Harmon, 1938
The Four Great Powers, by C. B. Boynton, 1866
Official Congressional Directory, 1904

Manuscript Collections

West Virginia Archives and History