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Ken Blue Collection

Box 1

1. Black History Conference materials 1989-1990
2. Black History Conference materials 1992-1996
3. McDowell County History
4. African-Americans in the West Virginia Legislature
5. Handout, The Buffalo Soldiers, America's Black Regiments of the West
6. List of participants, Economic Development Seminar, October 6, 1995
7. general West Virginia History, John Brown and Harpers Ferry
8. Miscellaneous materials
9. Negro Participants in the Fields of the Theatre and Music Plus Associated Enterprises: Period 1920-1960 by Dr. Douglass T. Murray
10. Blacks in West Virginia: A Critique of the Secondary Literature and a Survey of the Primary Sources by Joe W. Trotter
11. Weston Colored School by Joy Gilchrist Stalnaker
12. Mr. E. B. Saunders, Kelly Miller School
13. Rae Brown speech given to 1990 WV Black History Conference
14. Joseph Eldridge Dodd: A Parkersburg Artist by Jeanne Tasse, 1991 WV Black History Conf.
15. New Periods, New Dreams, New Hopes. by Emma J. Lapsansky, 1992 WV Black History Conf.
16. Self-Determination Within the African-American Community of Jefferson County by Hanna Geffert, 1992 WV Black History Conf.
17. Politics and Education in the 'Free State': Elizabeth Simpson Drewry, Pioneer African-American Politician by C. Stuart McGehee, 1993 WV Black History Conf.
18. In Retrospect: John F. Matheus, A Man for All Seasons by Carolyn R. Dorcas, 1993 WV Black History Conf.
19. St. Peter Claver Catholic School, Huntington, WV 1938-1964 by Sandra Clements, 1994 WV Black History Conf.
20. Maceo Pinkard by Joseph Bundy, 1994 WV Black History Conf.
21. An Excerpt from Chapter VI - Come the Revolution by Hannah N. Geffert, 1994 Shepherd College An Oral History
22. St. Philip's Parochial and Industrial School, Charles Town by James A. Tolbert Sr., 1994 WV Black History Conf.
23. Free Afro Americans in West Virginia 1850-1860 by Roland Sevy
24. Jim Crow: The Invisible Motivator for Blacks by Larry Peters
25. The Underground Railroad by Kathryn Snead, 1990
26. Anderson Hunt Brown: His Story by D. B. Hardman, 1990 WV Black History Conf.
27. Paw Paw Colored School, Paw Paw Negro School, Paw Paw Black School 1876-1954 by B. Katherine Pannell
28. Collecting Local History by James Randall
29. West Virginia's Separate But Equal High School Basketball Tournament: The West Virginia Athletic Union Basketball Tournament 1925-1957 by C. Robert Barnett
30. One More Concert - The Life of Revella Hughes
31. West Virginia Blacks and the Military by Dallas C. Brown, Jr.
32. Publication, Black Journal, Volume 1, Number 14, February 1979
33. Publication, Colors of a Culture: Red, Black and Green, Carter G. Woodson Historical Association, 1994
34. Publication, Negro History Bulletin December 1993, African-Americans and WWII
35. Publication, Inventing The Future: African-American Contributions to Scientific Discovery and Invention Teacher's Guide, Department of Academic Programs, American Chemical Society, 1995
36. Publication, Underground Railroad Special Resource Study, Management Concepts/Environmental Assessment, National Park Service, September 1995

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