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West Virginia State Archives Manuscript Collections
Boyd Blynn Stutler Collection

Series 1: Original Source Papers

Series 2: Civil War History "Notes and Queries." (1 ft.)

Series 3: Civil War - West Virginia - Sketches (1 ft.)

Series 4: Civil War research papers (General) (1 ft.)
Series 4, Box 1:

Series 4, Box 2:

Series 5: West Virginia Encyclopedia (1 ft.)

Series 6: George D. Moore collection of John Brown papers (copies) (5 in.)

Series 7: Eleanor Barnes correspondence on the "John Brown bell" (5 in.)

Series 8: General correspondence, 1911 - 1970 (8 ft.)
Series 8, Box 1:

Series 8, Box 2:

Series 8, Box 3:

Series 8, Box 4:

Series 8, Box 5:

Series 8, Box 6:

Series 8, Box 7:

Series 8, Box 8:

Series 8, Box 9:

Series 8, Box 10:

Series 8, Box 11:

Series 8, Box 12:

Series 8, Box 13:

Series 8, Box 14:

Series 8, Box 15:

Series 8, Box 16:

Series 8, Box 17:

Series 8, Box 18:

Series 8, Box 19:

Series 9: General correspondence, 1919 - ca. 1935 (15 in.)

Series 10: General correspondence, 1968 - 1969 (3 in.)

Series 11: John Brown research papers (6 ft.)
Series 11, Box 1:

Series 11, Box 2:

Series 11, Box 3:

Series 11, Box 4:

Series 11, Box 5:

Series 11, Box 6:

Series 11, Box 7:

Series 11, Box 8:

Series 11, Box 9:

Series 11, Box 10:

Series 11, Box 11:

Series 11, Box 12:

Series 11, Box 13:

Series 11, Box 14:

Series 11, Box 15:

Series 12: Calhoun county research papers (5 in.)

Series 13: Abraham Lincoln research papers (5 in.)

Series 14: West Virginia Review (5 in.)

Series 15: American Legion papers, including Stutler's papers as war correspondent (6 ft.)

Series 16: 80th Division Veterans Association papers, (20 in.) including 314th field artillery (5 in.)

Series 17: Civil War centennial commission papers (5 in.)

Series 18: West Virginia centennial commission papers (3 in.)

Series 19: Glenville newspaper records (5 in.)

Series 20: Civil War round table papers (5 in.)

Series 21: Financial records (1 ft.)

Series 22: Research notes (1 ft.)

Series 23: W.Va. legislative hand book and manual, 1923 (5 in.)

Series 24: West Virginia Yesterday and Today (5 in.)

Series 25: Clarence S. Gee correspondence, 1930 - 1969 (3 in.)

Series 26: Henry T. McDonald correspondence, 1926 - 1951 (3 in.)

Series 27: "West Virginia Club" (3 in.)

Series 28: Historical sketches of West Virginia counties (3 in.)

Series 29: Unprocessed papers (2 ft.)

Box 1
Photo stat copies of newspaper articles
Muster Roll, Company E, 14th Regiment of Va. Army, December 31, 1864, Transcribed on back, (Photostat Copy)
Facsimiles of Famous American Documents and Letters, Collected and Arranged by Edward C. Boykin
"One Hundred Years of Famous Pages from the New York Times, 1851-1951," Henry Steele Commager
Editorials, one by A. M. Reager and John C. Vance; one by John J. Davis, circa 1861
Broadside, John Brown Centennial Picnic and Celebration, New Richmond, PA, August 2, 1930
Muster Roll, Photo Stat, Company I of Eleventh Infantry, July 1, 1847
Muster Roll, Photo Stat, Company A, Nineteenth Cavalry, "Moccasin Rangers"
Genealogy, Thomas Hughes, Photostat copy
Map, Photostat Copy, John Brown's Land, From a Blue Print in the Official Record of the City of Kent, OH, deed record 32-455, July 14, 1838

Box 2
Broadside, "$100,000 Reward! The Murder of out late beloved President, Abraham Lincoln..." Reprint, N.D.
Broadside, Recruitment "For Harper's Ferry Immediately!!" Third Battalion of Col. Geary's Regiment, (28th), N.D.
Broadside, Proclamation for John Brown's Execution, November 28, 1859
Broadside, Contribute to Storer College, In Memory of John Brown, N.D.
The New Year Message of the Newsmen of The New York Herald, January 1, 1860
Gilmer County Deed; Gilmer, Ripley and Ohio Turnpike, July 1886
A Discourse on the Design of Civil Government and the Extent of its Authority, by Isaac Errett, February 9, 1851
Correspondence, Charles A. Berry and Boyd B. Stutler, 1950
Broadside, Fulton Mill, A. Fisher and Company, Wheeling, VA, N.D.
An Open Letter to John Sherman, N.D.
Broadside, "1,428 Dollars May Be Saved By Your Vote!," January 8, 1856
Broadside, "To the Conservative Voters of the State of Rhode Island." Printed by Cooke and Danielson, N.D.
Broadside, "He Being Dead Yet Speaketh" John Brown quotes, Printed by S. O. Thayer, N.D.
Broadside, Parson Brownlow's Farewell Address, In View of his Imprisonment by the Rebels, October 24, 1861
The John Brown Bell, Address by James M. Gleason, Sons of the Veterans Encampment at GAR Hall, April 11, 1901
"Free Press Extra" announcing the verdict against John E. Cooke, Edwin Coppec, Shields Green, and John Copeland, November 11, 1859 (Photo Stat)
Broadside, Thomas C. Green, Mayor of Charles Town warning citizens to stay at home the night before and day of John Brown's execution, November 30, 1859, (Photo Stat)
Address of John Brown to Virginia Court on receiving the Sentence of Death, two versions, November 11, 1859
Broadside, "The Rescuers of Dr. John Doy, of Lawrence," July 23, 1859
"A Card" open letter by Martin Franklin Conway discussing his physical attack on Dr. Charles Robinson; statement by Jeff B. Conway denying participation in the attack; and witness statement of Thaddeus Prentice and George H. Sargent; March 1, 1859
Address to the Freeholders of Ohio County, VA, March 6, 1809 (Photo Stat)
Broadside, John Brown Memorial Association Picnic, June 30, 1928
Broadside, "16.50 a Month," Recruiting poster for the "Invincible" possibly the 56th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, 1861 (reproduction)
Broadside, "Charleston Mercury Extra: The Union is Dissolved," December 20, 186 (Reproduction)
General Order, Major General William W. Loring, Department of Western Virginia, Charleston Virginia, September 24, 1862 (Copy)
Proclamation, Governor Arthur I. Boreman, Designating November 26, 1863 a day of Thanksgiving and Praise, November 3, 1963
Proclamation, Governor Arthur I. Boreman, Designating August 4, 1864 as a day of fasting, humiliation and prayer, July 27, 1864
Proclamation, Governor Arthur I. Boreman, Designation November 24, 1864 as a day of thanksgiving and praise, November 17, 1864
Certificate, American Legion Department of West Virginia, recognizes the election of Boyd B. Stutler to Department Adjutant, September 5, 1828
Sketch of the Life of John Brown, by I. H. Stephenson, 1891

Le Monde Illustre, December 17, 1859
Banner of Light, Boston, December 26, 1863
Richmond Dispatch, July 28, 1883
The Winchester News, July 14, 1865
The Oberlin Evangelist, February 1, 1860
Martinsburg Gazette, December 6, 1827
Unidentified Newspaper, Article "The Attack Upon Cheat Mountain: Death of Thomas Y. Brown" N.D. (possible reproduction)
Harpers Weekly, partial bound, pgs. 705-768, November 5, 1859-November 26, 1859

From Unidentified Newspaper, View of Wheeling, Virginia, From The Railroad
From Unidentified Newspaper, The Secessionist Army-Irregular Riflemen of the Alleghanies, Virginia
Frank Leslie's, Execution of John Brown, December 17, 1859
The New York Illustrated News, The Procession to the Scaffold, December 2, 1859 (damaged)
The Battle at Philippi, Va. Between the Federal Troops under the Command of Col. Dumont
The Custom House at Wheeling, Va.
View of Grafton...Under command of Major General G. B. McClellan
Topographic Plan of Harper's Ferry
The War in Western Virginia -9th Indiana Volunteers
The Day after the Battle of Romney...Colonel Wallace, in Camp M'ginnis
Village of Bealington, on Beverly Turnpike
General Rosecrans,...His Staff... Clarksburg, Va.
Village of Clarksburg...General Rosecrans
Prisoners Captured by Major-General McClellan's Column, Beverly, Randolph County
Battle of Corrack's (sic) Ford, Discovery of body of General Garnett
Burning of U.S. Arsenal at Harper's Ferry, April 18, 1861
Battle of Rich Mountain
Plan of the Battle at Philippi, Virginia
The Graves of the Indiana Volunteers who fell at the Battle of Rich Mountain, Virginia
Skirmish of Bealington, Laurel Hill, Va
Battle of Rich Mountain, Pika, Virginia
Secession Battery at Harper's Ferry
Laurel Hill, Rich Mountain

Jefferson Davis Capture Drawings
Capture of Jeff. Davis (Puss in Boots! What Boots It?), E. B. & E. C. Kellogg, 245 Main St. Hartford, CT., F. Whiting 87 Fulton St. New-York
The Head of the Confederacy on a New Base. Published by Hilton & Co. 128 Nassau St. N.Y.
Jeff's Last Shift. Capture of Jeff. Davis, May 10th, 1865, at Irwinsville, GA., Issued from Buffords' Print Publishing House, 318 Washington St., Boston, Mass
The Capture of Jeff Davis, Published at 111 Nassau St. N.Y. (up stairs)
The Last Ditch, signed E. Lump

Series 30 West Virginia in the Civil War (3 in.)

Series 31 Photographs, engravings, etc. (6 ft.)

Series 32 Special collections materials

Supplemental Boxes
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