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Livia Simpson Poffenbarger Collection

Box 1: Battle of Point Pleasant participants, various genealogies

1. Arbuckle
2. Arbuckle, Alexander, Sterrittt, Hannan, Posey, & Beatty Family History by George Frederick Beatty, 1892
3. Beale and allied families (including Hite, Steenbergen, Lewis, Neale)
4. Daniel Boone
5. Burnside-Byrnside
6. Calderwood-Wilson and allied families (including Carr, Christian, Corbin, Donnally, Neale)
7. Campbell
8. Cole-Bryan Genealogy
9. Dickinson family
10. Edmonson/Edminson Family
11. Edwards Family Genealogy
12. Gilliland Family
13. Heslop-Jarrett-Moore-Hill-Jefferson-Malone lines
14. Lewis Family
15. Lewis Family Genealogy
16. McCausland
17. McCreery
18. McCulloch
19. Pullins
20. Randolph Family
21. Sterrett
22. Stewart-Stuart
23. Waggener
24. Young Family
25. A misc.
26. B misc.
27. C misc.
28. D misc.
29. E misc.
30. F misc.
31. G misc.
32. H misc.
33. I misc.
34. J misc.
35. K misc.
36. L misc.
37. M misc.
38. N misc.
39. O misc.
40. P. misc.
41. Q-R misc.
42. S misc.
43. T misc.
44. U-V misc.
45. W misc.
46. X-Y-Z misc.
47. Misc. unidentified
48. Fort Randolph
49. Battle of Point Pleasant eyewitness account of battle and murder of Chief Cornstalk
50. Background of the Battle of Point Pleasant by Perry S. Poffenbarger
51. Battle of Point Pleasant articles by Livia Simpson Poffenbarger
52. Point Pleasant Battle Monument Commission
53. Point Pleasant Battle Monument Commission - roster of names for monument
54. Pioneers of Western Virginia
55. Mason County
56. The Founders of Charleston Who They Were
57. Charleston History
58. Clippings
59. French Lead Plate
60. Chief Logan and Cornstalk
61. Ancestral Lines of Mrs. Kathleen Guthrie McCulloch
62. Certificate, The Civil Legion to Livia Simpson Poffenbarger, 1928
63. Souvenir Generals Grant and Lee benefit memorial fund
64. Copy of Entries Made Concerning Case of State vs. Jonn Hall, indicted and tried for murder of Lewis Wetzel
65. Muster Roll, Co. A, 16th Regt. By Capt. John T. Greer, March 10, 1861
66. Death of General Peter H. Steenbergen from Weekly Register August 6, 1863
67. Extracts from First Record Book Mason County 1804-1807
68. Col. George Moffett
69. Dr. Jesse Bennett Pioneer Physician West of the Alleghenies
70. Not Speaking but Successfully Negotiating - Pt. Pleasant Development Corp.
71. Description Funeral of Gen'l Benjamin Tupper Campus Martius, Marietta, Oh June 17, 1792
72. Washington and Lee manuscript
73. Statues of Virginia's Capitol Aug. 9. 1889 by Charles Kennedy Simpson
74. Sherman's March to the Sea
75. Early Steamboats on the Kanawha River

Box 2

1. Poffenbarger Family
2. Society of Sons of the Revolution membership for Nathan Simpson Poffenbarger and George Poffenbarger
3. Notes and themes for possible articles
4. Talks and articles by Livia Simpson Poffenbarger
5. Calling cards
6. DAR minutes, correspondence, meetings
7. Ancestral chart beginning with Edmond Sehon and wife Jane Elizabeth Stuart
8. Line of descent of Livia Nye Simpson Poffenbarger for Society of Sons and Daughters of Pilgrims
9. Supplemental claims Livia Simpson Poffenbarger membership in Massachusetts Society of Colonial Dames of America (folder 1 of 2)
10. Supplemental claims Livia Simpson Poffenbarger membership in Massachusetts Society of Colonial Dames of America (folder 2 of 2)
11. From a Log Cabin to a Seat on the Bench of the Highest Court of a State
12. Miscellaneous writings (folder 1 of 2)
13. Miscellaneous writings (folder 2 of 2)
14. 1924 election results Presidential electors - Livia Simpson Poffenbarger on Republican ticket
15. Tributes, resolutions at death of Livia Simpson Poffenbarger who died October 27, 1937
16. Genealogy of Livia Nye Simpson Poffenbarger
17. Last will and testament, Livia Simpson Poffenbarger
18. Genealogy of George Poffenbarger
19. Memorials and correspondence on death of George Poffenbarger, March 20, 1951
20. Correspondence, George Poffenbarger
21. Kennedy family - pages from family Bible
22. Correspondence miscellaneous
23. Correspondence, Livia Simpson Poffenbarger
24. Most valuable genealogy notes

Box 3

1. James Rumsey Sesqui Centennial Celebration
2. Memorial Services DAR members Oct. 1935 - Oct. 1936 held Oct. 22, 1936 at Elk's Auditorium, Clarksburg
3. Epitome of the Life of Ossawatomie John Brown by Livia Simpson Poffenbarger
4. Booklet for Mansion House, Pt. Pleasant
5. In Memorium Ellen Lewis Nye, 1888
6. Historical Data and Partial Roster of the Young Family 1st edition 1912
7. Grant-Simpson Genealogy of the Ohio Branches of the family by Livia Simpson Poffenbarger
8. Battle of Point Pleasant 2nd edition
9. The Mansion House - Point Pleasant by Livia Simpson Poffenbarger (removed from notebook)
10. Hampton and allied families (removed from notebook)
11. Poffenbarger collection WV Archives and History (removed from notebook)
12. Livia Simpson Poffenbarger Vol. 1 Continental (removed from notebook)
13. Vol. 3 Pertaining to Livia Simpson Poffenbarger (removed from notebook)
14. Legislation Battle of Point Pleasant (removed from notebook)
15. Celebrating Battle of Pt. Pleasant (removed from notebook)
16. Pertaining to Judge George Poffenbarter Vol. 1 (removed from notebook)
17. Relating to Judge George Poffenbarger (removed from notebook)
18. Miscellaneous (removed from notebook)
19. Miscellaneous (2) (removed from notebook)
20. Adverse Dunmore Data (removed from notebook)
21. Haynes Chart (removed from notebook)
22. L to P (removed from notebook)
23. R to Y (removed from notebook)
24. Miscellaneous
25. Ribbons

Photographs (Ph2016-025)

B&W of Poffenbarger and related families, nd. 12 items

Manuscript Collections

West Virginia Archives and History