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Berthal William Steele Collection

Payroll envelopes, Berthal William Steele, April 15, 1936; April 15, 1948; June 30, 1949
Certificate of First Aid Training, Birthel W. Steele, December 10, 1958
Certificate, Mining Extension Class, Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance, Birthal Wm. Steele, May 21, 1962
Booklets, First Aid-Manual of First Aid for Miners, 1922; McKesson's First Aid in Emergencies, 1930; First Aid: A Bureau of Mines Instruction Manual, 1953
Booklet, Retirement Plan of West Virginia Coal and Coke Corporation, January 1, 1949
Booklets, Constitution and Rules of the No. 5 Mine Burial Fund, undated and revised March 1, 1956
Booklet, Appalachian Agreement, October 2, 1933
Booklet, National Bituminous Coal Wage Agreement of 1950 Effective September 1, 1955
Time Book, undated
Article, "Coal," 1960
Browning Family Genealogy Materials
Lafe Browning, Work Journal (copy)
Omar materials, (copies)

Certificate of Mine Rescue Training, B. W. Steele, July 17, 1935
Certificate of First Class Mine Foreman, Birthal William Steele, April 7, 1937

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