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Union Carbide Corporation

Box 1

Union Carbide: The Discovery Company (1939)-2000.

Department of Construction and Design, Annual Report, 1953. Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Company, A Division of Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation, South Charleston, West Virginia, September 1, 1954.

Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation: Activities and Products of the Important Subsidiaries. Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation, 1924.

Union Carbide Corporation History, Olefins: Early Period-1914 through 1950, in three volumes, September 1997 (two copies).

Union Carbide Corporation History: Olefins, Major Expansion Period, 1951-1995, by Wilburn H. Hoffman, November 1999 (three copies).

History of Low-Pressure Polyolefins (and the UNIPOL process) at Union Carbide Corporation, April 1997.

A History of Union Carbide Corporation, 1890-1990, by Robert D. Stief, 1998 (two copies).

Some Personal Reflections About Union Carbide Corporation (two copies).

Box 2

History of Specialty Polymers and Products in Union Carbide Corporation, by John B. Saunby, May 1999 (two copies).

Union Carbide Corporation History Archives. Introduction and Guide to Archives: General Section Table of Contents, Archive Index Nos. GE-1 and GE-2 (two copies).

Union Carbide Corporation History. Silicones. The Silicones Business at Union Carbide, by Ronald S. Wishart, Jr., and Silicones Technology at Union Carbide, by Bernard Kanner, April 2000 (two copies).

A History of Agricultural Products at Union Carbide Corporation, 1925-1986. Compiled and Edited by Ernest R. Marshall in conjunction with Richard C. Back and Warren J. Woomer, 1996.

Union Carbide Corporation: The Coal Hydrogenation Program and Related Coal Projects. Compiled and Edited by John J. Potter, Jr., October 1995.

The History of Emulsion Polymers at Union Carbide Corporation, by Everitt L. Peterson, May 1996.

Union Carbide History Project: A History of Low-Pressure Polyolefins, by J. J. Smith and J. M. Davison, April 1997.

The History of High Pressure Polyethylene at Union Carbide Corporation, by Charles H. Madge, February 2000.

Union Carbide Corporation History: Ethylene Oxide, Glycol and Derivatives, by John H. Wilson and H. Nelson Baylor, December 1997.

The Bakelite Story: A History of Phenolic Resins and Other Products at Union Carbide Corporation, by Frank Cozzarelli, Esquire, 1998.

The History of Solvents and Intermediates in Chemicals and Plastics at Union Carbide Corporation, by Albert Walker, June 1997.

The History of Vinyls and Plasticizers at Union Carbide Corporation, by Maxwell Sutherland, January 1996.

Union Carbide Corporation History: The Synthetic Rubber Program, Butadiene and Styrene, by Frank M. Branner, January 1996.

Union Carbide Corporation History: Process Engineering in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century, by Ode T. Carlisle, September 1996.

Mellon Institute for Industrial Research: Birthplace of the Petrochemical Industry and Union Carbide's Chemical Divisions, January 1996.

Union Carbide in the Nuclear Field of Endeavor, by Donald B. Trauger, July 1996.

My Carbide Journey, by J. Myron Sturgeon.

Informal Personal Observation on the History of the Carbide and Carbon Chemical Corporation, by J. N. Compton, October 4, 1937 (two copies).

Tables of Physical Properties, Laboratory Manual, Volume 40, 17th Edition, 1960. Development Department, Union Carbide Chemicals Company, South Charleston, West Virginia.

A Marketing Revolution: Early Sales Efforts of Union Carbide Chemicals Company (three copies).

Saturn of Surfel.

Tables of Azeotropes, Laboratory Manual, 1957. Development Department, Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Company, South Charleston, West Virginia.

Box 3

Folder 1
Table of Contents

Folder 2
J. T. Morehead, Pioneer in American Industry

Folder 3
Chemicals from Hydrocarbon Gases

Folder 4
"Men Who Deserve Fame," The Carbidea, August 1927.

Folder 5
"Chemical Engineering Builds a Synthetic," Chemical & Metallurgical Engineering.

Folder 6
Acceptance Speech of William Felton Barrett, December 11, 1933.

Folder 7
The Manufacture of Fine Chemicals: A Description of the Production Processes Recommended and an Estimate of the Investment Required Operating Costs Obtainable and Anticipated Profit. Research and Development Department, Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corporation, South Charleston, West Virginia, October 1, 1934.

Folder 8
"Works Laboratories Perform Important Functions in Plant Operation," Carbide News, November 1938.

Folder 9
"Research Takes Important Part in Plant Growth," Carbide News, February 1939.

Folder 10
"The Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corporation's Early Growth," Carbide News, June 1939.

Folder 11
"Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation," from American Chemical Industry-A History, Volume VI, edited by Williams Haynes, 1949.

Folder 12
United States Patents Issued to Dr. G. O. Curme, Jr.

Folder 13
Union Carbide Chemicals Company: Dates of First Sales of Chemicals in Lots of at Least 55 Gallons.

Folder 14
"A Brief Resume of the History of the Institute Plant, Union Carbide Chemicals Company," by G. J. Ratcliffe.

Folder 15
"Mellon Institute: Birthplace of Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corporation," typescript copy from Carbide News, April 1939.

Folder 16
"A Brief and Sketchy History of the Union Carbide Corporation, and more particularly the Union Carbide Chemicals Company, a Resume of a Talk Prepared for New Technical Employees on the Above Subject," by G. J. Ratcliffe (three copies).

Folder 17
A Marketing Revolution: Early Sales Efforts of Union Carbide Chemicals Company (2 copies). C. W. McConnell to R. D. Stief, October 31, 1995.

Folder 18
Carbide Chemistry, Union Carbide Chemicals Company, by J. M. Janis, June 1, 1962.

Folder 19
Historical Highlights: Union Carbide Corporation.

Folder 20
Union Carbide and West Virginia.

Folder 21
The Story of Union Carbide: A Corporation Based on Technology, by C. O. Strother, August 29, 1972.

Folder 22
Patents issued to James Turner Morehead and James Motley Morehead, November 20, 1973.

Folder 23
Nomination of George Oliver Curme, Jr. For the 1976 National Medal of Science.

Folder 24
A Brief History of Chemistry in the Kanawha Valley, by Franklin Johnston. Kanawha Valley Section, American Chemical Society, October 1977.

Folder 25
Union Carbide and South Charleston: A Great Combination, June 1989.

Folder 26
Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation: Activities and Products of the Important Subsidiaries, June 1924.

Folder 27
"The Age of Synthesis in the Kanawha Valley," speech at Chamber of Commerce dinner for outstanding students, circa 1960, by H. Earle Thompson.

Folder 28
"The History of Willson Aluminum Company, Spray, North Carolina, 1891-1896," by Herbert T. Pratt, The Journal of Rockingham County History and Genealogy, June 1992.

Folder 29
"West Virginia," from Memoirs of Elinor M. Perley (Mrs. R. K. Turner), 1982.

Folder 30
"James Turner Morehead and the New South," Rockingham County: A Brief History, by Lindley S. Butler.

Folder 31
"The Carbides and Acetylene Commercially Considered," by T. L. Willson and J. J. Suckert, Journal of the Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania, For the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts, May 1895.

Folder 32
"A Lecture Upon Acetylene," by J. M. Crafts, Science, March 13, 1896.

Folder 33
Butadiene and Styrene for Buna S Synthetic Rubber from Grain Alcohol, 1943.

Folder 34
Carbide Chemistry: Union Carbide Chemicals and Plastics, How They Are Manufactured, 1975.

Folder 35
Compilation of Awards won by Union Carbide technologists and technologies, August 16, 1989.

Folder 36
Ethylene and Its Derivatives: Their Chemical Engineering Genesis and Evolution at Union Carbide Corporation, by Arthur E. Marcinkowsky and George E. Keller, II, June 13, 1980.

Folder 37
Dates of First Sales of Chemicals in Lots of at Least 55 Gallons in the USA by Union Carbide Corp. Between 1922-1960.

Folder 38
"The Cure For a Chemical Giant," reprinted from Business Week, July 14, 1973.

Folder 39
List of Historical Patents by Union Carbide Corporation, compiled by Norman L. Balmer and Al Cozzi, April 20, 1995.

Folder 40
Manual of New Chemicals Processes, compiled by J. M. Sturgeon, June 1960.

Folder 41
Photocopy of letter, Louis Smith to Carbide Recipient of Letter, March 8, 1995.

Folder 42
Miscellaneous Chemicals, by J. N. Wickert, January 18, 1936.

Folder 43
Clayton S. Myers to Richard K. Weber, December 24, 1994.

Folder 44
Patent Listings.

Folder 45
Abstracts from Union Carbide Corporation's Annual Reports, 1920-1993, R. D. Stief, November 1994.

Folder 46
Union Carbide Corporation Chronologies.

Folder 47
History of the Technical Center, South Charleston, West Virginia: Union Carbide Corporation: Chemicals and Plastics, 50 Years, 1949-1999, by Gary L. Brown, May 1999.

Folder 48
Chronology of Availability of Carbide Products.

Folder 49
Technical Center 50th Anniversary Materials.

Folder 50
Photocopy of blueprints, The Clendenin Gasoline Company, Clendenin, West Virginia. Compressor Building, Electric Power Building, Location Plan.

Folder 51
Extension of Fortune's (September 1941) Relief Drawing of Kanawha Valley Showing The Charleston W. Va. Industrial Area.

Folder 52
The Manufacture of Fine Chemicals.

Folder 53
Physical Properties, Union Carbide Chemicals, 1966 Edition.

Folder 54
Timeline: A Chronology of Significant Events Relating to the History of Union Carbide Corporation, compiled by George H. Daniels, 1998.

Folder 55
Addendum to the Timeline: A Chronology of Significant Events Relating to the History of Union Carbide Corporation, compiled by George H. Daniels, 2001.

Folder 56
Some Career Highlights, by Donald B. Benedict, 1970 (two copies).

Folder 57
Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation, Reprint of Articles from Fortune, June, July and September 1941, and December 1965.

Folder 58
Correspondence, memorandums, and articles relating to the history of the laser and the role of Union Carbide in its creation.

Folder 59
Fine Chemicals: The Birthplace of Hundreds of New Commercial Synthetic Organic Petrochemicals.

Folder 60
Index of Patents, 1943.

Folder 61
Union Carbide Products and Applications, 1994.

Folder 62
History of the Chlorhydrin Unit, Union Carbide Corporation Chemicals and Plastics, South Charleston, West Virginia, by W. E. Persbacker, February 1, 1972.

Folder 63
Hartsell "Sox" Kinsey Interview.

Folder 64
"Acetylene, The New Illuminant," by V. J. Youmans, Appletons Popular Science Monthly, circa 1895-96.

Folder 65
Interview with Ronald S. Wishart, April 21, 1995.

Folder 66
Union Carbide History: Environment, Safety and Health, by F. Douglas Bess, 1996 (two copies).

Folder 67
Memorandum of Products and Processes Pertaining to Work of Organic Synthesis Fellowship for Attention of Mr. G. C. Furness and Mr. W. F. Barret, by G. O. Curme, Jr., July 16, 1919.

Folder 68
"Calcium Carbide and Acetylene," by George Gilbert Pond, The Pennsylvania State College Bulletin of the Department of Chemistry, 1909.

Folder 69
Union Carbide Corporation Licensing.

Folder 70
Scientific Contributions by Union Carbide Corporation to the Organic Coatings and Plastics Industries.

Folder 71
Union Carbide S & CM Division Division Quality Celebration Day, History Videotape Audio Transcript.

Folder 72
Business Divestitures of Union Carbide.

Folder 73
The Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corporation's Early Growth, from Carbide News, June 1939.

Folder 74
Advances in Petrochemicals - 40 Years Ago.

Folder 75
Union Carbide's Tarrytown Site and its Research Activities: A Capsule View, A Talk Presented to the Rotary Club of Pleasantville, by William B. Leighton, October 14, 1965.

Folder 76
Union Carbide History, by R. L. Hackman.

Folder 77
Union Carbide Golden Jubilee, Carbide News, 1970.

Folder 78
Reminiscences of the Carbide Industry in Niagara Falls, May 2, 1921.

Folder 79
An American Contemporary: George Oliver Curme, Jr., by Aubrey D. McFadyen, Chemical and Engineering News, n.d.

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