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Charleston Community Music Association Collection

Descriptive Summary

Title:Charleston Community Music Association Collection
Span Dates: 1933-2015
Bulk Dates: 1970s-2012
ID No: Ms2015-060 and Ph2015-060
Creator: Charleston Community Music Association
Extent: 6 boxes, 1 folder, 11 bound volumes
Language: English
Repository: West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV

Administrative Information

Transfers: None
Preferred Citation: [item, collection number], Charleston Community Music Association Collection, West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV.

Contents List:

Box 1

Community Music Association, Arts Awards
Community Music Association, Board of Directors, 1990-1996, 2010-2014
Community Music Association, Bylaws
Community Music Association, Contracts
Community Music Association, Correspondence
Community Music Association, Funding Request
Community Music Association, Leadership in the Arts Award, 2014
Community Music Association, Letterhead
Community Music Association, Mayor's Awards for the Arts Nomination
Community Music Association, Programs, 1940s, 1960s, scattered (from Betty Chilton to CMA)
Community Music Association, Programs, 1949
Community Music Association, Programs, 1973-1984 (scattered)
Community Music Association, Programs, 1989-1993 (incomplete)
Community Music Association, Programs, 1993-1996 (incomplete)
Community Music Association, Programs, 1996-1999 (incomplete)
Community Music Association, Programs, 1999-2003 (incomplete)
Community Music Association, Programs, 2003-2008 (scattered)
Community Music Association, Programs, 2008-2011 (incomplete)
Community Music Association, Programs, 2011-2013
Community Music Association, Programs, 2013-2015
Community Music Association, Programs, autographed (Roberta Peters, Ivan Davis, Samuel Ramey)
Community Music Association, Publicity Materials, American Boychoir
Community Music Association, Publicity Materials, Ballets Russes
Community Music Association, Publicity Materials, The Canadian Brass
Community Music Association, Publicity Materials, Coldstream Guards Band
Community Music Association, Publicity Materials, Glenn Miller Orchestra
Community Music Association, Publicity Materials, Mildred Miller
Community Music Association, Publicity Materials, Sherrill Milnes
Community Music Association, Publicity Materials, Samuel Ramey
Community Music Association, Publicity Materials, The Royal Ballet of Flanders
Community Music Association, Publicity Materials, Stuttgart Radio Symphony
Community Music Association, Publicity Materials, Alexei Sultanov
Community Music Association, Publicity Materials, Andre Watts

Box 2

Community Music Association, Publicity Materials, Various Performers
Community Music Association, 60th Anniversary Cards
Community Music Association, Special Events
Community Music Association, Subscription Drive Materials, 1942, 1989-1999
Community Music Association, Subscription Drive Materials, 1999-2014
Community Music Association, Volunteers
Community Music Association, Miscellaneous
Municipal Auditorium
Publicity Materials, "Il Trittico," Metropolitan Opera, 1981
Publicity Materials, "La Boheme," Metropolitan Opera, 1982
Publicity Materials, "Tosca," Metropolitan Opera, 1978
CD, Camerata Ireland (contains 2 discs)
CD, Eileen Ivers and Immigrant Soul
CD, Canadian Brass, "Magic Horn" (sealed)
CD, Vienna Choir Boys, "Singa is Ins're Freud," Volkslieder - Folk Songs (sealed)

Box 3

Community Music Association, Certificates
Community Music Association, Publicity, Concert Posters
Community Music Association, Publicity, Goodnight Posters
Community Music Association, Publicity, Kanawha Valley Real Estate Guide
Community Music Association, Clippings
Community Music Association, Clippings, Goodnight

Box 4

Scrapbook, 1935-1938
Scrapbook, 1939-1942
Scrapbook, 1942-1946
Scrapbook, 1933-1941
Scrapbook, 1954-1959

Bound Volumes

Scrapbook, 1971-1982
Scrapbook, 1974-1977
Scrapbook, 1982-1985
Scrapbook, 1985-1989
Scrapbook, January 1989 (Rudolph Nureyev)
Scrapbook, 1989-1991
Scrapbook, 1991-1994
Scrapbook, 1994-1997
Scrapbook, 1998-2000
Scrapbook, 2000-2007
Scrapbook, 2007-2012

Folder (oversized)

Community Music Association, 80th Anniversary Series, 2013-2014 Performance Schedule Poster (mounted)

Photographs (Ph2015-060)
Box 1

Alexander, John, singer (autographed), publicity photo
Altman, Thelma, singer, publicity photo
American Boychoir (autographed by James Litton), publicity photos (2 plus 5 slides)
August, Joan, singer (autographed), publicity photo
Baccaloni, Salvatore, singer, publicity photos (2)
Bardelli, Cesare, singer, publicity photos (2)
Bardi, Giorgio, singer, publicity photo
Bayard, Sylviane, dancer (autographed), publicity photo
Bolet, Jorge, pianist (autographed), publicity photo
Borzi, Agata, singer (autographed to Richard Suter), publicity photo
Campbell, Joan, singer (autographed), publicity photo
Canadian Brass, publicity photos (6 slides)
Cassel, Walter, singer (autographed to Nan Kay), publicity photos
Chapliski, George, singer, publicity photos (2)
Cincinnati Summer Opera scene from "Masked Ball," publicity photo
Cleveland Orchestra, The, publicity photos (5)
Cohen, Franklin, clarinet player, publicity photo
Coldstream Guards, The Band of Her Majesty's, publicity photo (1 plus 1 slide)
Coppola, Anton, conductor, publicity photo
Davis, Ivan, pianist, publicity photo
Dichter, Misha, pianist, publicity photo
Doe, Edward, singer, publicity photo
Eddy, Nelson, singer, publicity photo
Entremont, Philippe, conductor (autographed), publicity photos (2)
Evangelista, Lucia, singer, publicity photos (2)
Firkusny, Rudolf, pianist (autographed), publicity photos (2)
Francis, Joan, singer, publicity photo
Gardner, Guy, singer, publicity photos (2)
George, Helen, singer, publicity photos (2)
Guarrera, Frank, singer, publicity photos (3)
Hayes, Helen, actress, 1945, publicity photo
Highlanders, publicity photo (slide)
Hobson, Jane, singer, publicity photo
Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra (autographed by Adam Fischer), publicity photo
Johannesen, Grant, pianist, circa 1957 (autographed to Nan Kay), publicity photo
Johnson, Thor, conductor, publicity photo
Kanazawa, Tomika, singer, publicity photo
Karajan, Herbert von, conductor, circa 1955, publicity photo
Karp, Richard, conductor, publicity photo
Kirsten, Dorothy, singer, publicity photo
Labeque, Katia and Marielle, pianists (autographed), publicity photo
Lakes, Gary, singer (autographed), publicity photo (2 plus 1 slide)
Lanza, Mario, singer, publicity photo
Lehmann, Lotte, singer, publicity photo
Likova, Eva, singer, publicity photos (2)
Lind, Gloria, singer, publicity photo
Lipton, Martha, singer, publicity photos (4)
Lloyd, David, singer, publicity photo
Maazel, Lorin, conductor (autographed to Mary Murray), publicity photos (2)
Mantovani, conductor, publicity photo
Marone, Rose, singer, publicity photo
Marriner, Sir Neville, conductor, publicity photos (3)
Marsalis, Wynton, trumpet player, publicity photo
Mazzarella, John, vice president and Eastern manager, Community Concerts, publicity photo
Melchior, Lauritz, singer, 1945, publicity photo
Melton, James, singer, publicity photos (2)
Menuhin, Yehudi, as conductor, publicity photo
Miller, Mildred, singer, publicity photos (13)
Miller, Mildred, and Robert Goulet, singers, publicity photos (2)
Milnes, Sherrill, singer (autographed), publicity photos (8)
Munsel, Patrice, singer, publicity photo
Paulee, Mona, singer, publicity photo
Pavarotti, Luciano, singer, publicity photo
Pease, James, singer, publicity photo
Peerce, Jan, singer, publicity photo
Peters, Roberta, singer, publicity photo
Petrak, Rudolf, singer, publicity photo
Pons, Lily, singer, publicity photos (2)
Ramey, Samuel, singer (autographed), publicity photos (7 plus negatives)
Royal Ballet of Flanders, publicity photos (17)
Sarnoff, Dorothy, singer, publicity photo
Sills, Beverly, singer (autographed), publicity photo
Sills, Beverly, John Alexander, Brent Galyean, Mary Murray, and Suzy Alexander in Charleston, West Virginia
Sills, Beverly, Brent Galyean, Suzy Alexander, and Mary Murray in Charleston, West Virginia
Soviet Philharmonic, publicity photo
Stuttgart Radio Symphony, publicity photo (1 plus 1 slide)
Sultanov, Alexei, pianist (autographed), publicity photos (3 plus 1 slide)
Swarthout, Gladys, singer, publicity photo
Tamburello, Tony, singer (autographed), publicity photo
Temirkanov, Yuri, conductor (autographed), publicity photo
Termini, Robert, singer (autographed), publicity photo
Toccatas and Flourishes, aka Richard Morris and Martin Berinbaum, organist and trumpet player (autographed), publicity photo
Traubel, Helen, singer, publicity photo
Troyanos, Tatiana, singer, publicity photo
Turner, Claramae, singer, publicity photo
Uppman, Theodor, singer (autographed), publicity photo
Upshaw, Dawn, singer (autographed), publicity photo
Warenskjold, Dorothy, singer, publicity photos (2)
Watts, Andre, pianist, publicity photos (2)
Whittemore, Arthur and Jack Lowe, duo pianists (autographed), publicity photos (2)
Wilderman, William, singer, publicity photos (4)
Unidentified, publicity photos (2)

Photo Box 2

Publicity photos for "Tosca," Metropolitan Opera, December 19, 1978, with James Conlon, Shirley Verrett, Cornell MacNeil, Fernando Carena, and John Cheek (5)
Publicity photos for "La Boheme," Metropolitan Opera, January 20, with Renata Scotto, Richard Stilwell, Franco Zeffirelli, Teresa Stratas, and Jose Carreras (3)
Publicity photos for "Il Trittico," Metropolitan Opera, November 18, with Renata Scotto, Giuliano Ciannella, Cornell MacNeil, Gabriel Bacquier, Bianca Berini, Jocelyne Taillon, and Vasile Moldoveanu (5)
Photo Album, Community Music Association Reception at Edgewood after the Royal Ballet of Flanders, Fall 1988 - Note: in part or in whole is actually for Stuttgart Radio Symphony (31)
Photo Album, Community Music Association Cookout Meeting at Susan Shinaberry's, July 1989? (32)
Photo Album, Community Music Association People with Rudolph Nureyev, January 1989 (69)
Photos (loose), Community Music Association People with Rudolph Nureyev, January 1989 (41)
Photo Album, Community Music Association People (14)
Photo Sheet, Community Music Association People (2)
Photos (loose), Community Music Association People (13)
Unidentified group (2)

Transferred to Moving Images Collection

Cassette tape: Rosalind Elias and Theodor Uppman Interview, October 15, 1981, West Virginia Public Radio
DVD: 2014 Art Awards (2 copies)

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