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Greenlee Family Collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Greenlee Family Collection
Span Dates: 1908-2008
ID No: Ms2015-068
Creator: Greenlee Family
Extent: 1 box
Language: English
Repository: West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV
Abstract: Jacob Andrew "Jake" Greenlee, Methodist minister born in Leon, West Virginia (1981-1989). Married to Ethel Jarrett Greenlee until her death in 1963; married Texa Parsons Greenlee who did artwork for his books and poems. This collection includes published and unpublished poems, and family history and photographs for son J. Harold Greenlee, and daughters Catherine Feather, and Mrs. Gene Hutchens. The collection was donated by his grandson, David Greenlee.

Administrative Information

Donor: David Greenlee
Transfers: None
Preferred Citation: [item, collection number], Greenlee Family Collection, West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, West Virginia
Processor: Denise Ferguson

Contents List:
My Call to the Ministry, edited by C.A. Joyce (1968)
Scribes, Scrolls, and Scripture: A Student's Guide to New Testament Textual Criticism, by J. Harold Greenlee (1985)
The Text of the New Testament, by J. Harold Greenlee (2008)
What the Testament Says About Holiness, by Dr. J. Harold Greenlee (1994)
When I Was a Boy, by J. A. Greenlee (1963)
Words from the Word: 52 Word Studies from the Original New Testament Greek, by J. Harold Greenlee (2000)

Three handwritten Titan Diaries, 1965, 1970-71 (J. A. Greenlee)
Spiral Bound Notebook Diary, 1970 (J. A. Greenlee)
Decendants of James Jarrett of West Virginia, 1750-2003 (J. A. Greenlee)
Ethel Edith Jarrett Greenlee's Diary, 1908-1963 (transcribed and typed)
Three ring binders J. A. Greenlee Poems for Special Occasions (partially indexed), 1958-1965
Three ring binder J. A. Greenlee Poems about Nature, Travel, Family, 1933-1967
Three ring binder J. A. Greenlee Poems to Congregation Members, 1959-1983

1 Letter of Gift from David Greenlee, 2015
2 J. A. (Jacob Andrew) Greenlee typed obituary/newspaper clippings, 1989
3 Ethel Jarrett Greenlee obituary, newspaper and church notices, January 1, 1964
4 Photograph, Ethel Jarrett Greenlee and J. A. Greenlee, 1918
5 OMS Newsletters (One Mission Society), 1965-1981
6 J. Harold Greenlee, letter from Omer Greenlee, April 12, 1985
7 Lois Greenlee Stuck, OMS Prayer Breakfast, OMS Convention, July 7, 1989
8 Ross Hugh Jeanson Obituary, November 4, 1991. Husband of Leslie Eugenia Greenlee Jeanson
9 Lola Greenlee, Obituary and Funeral Card, August 28, 1888-October 13, 1991
10 J. Harold Greenlee Family Photograph, 1981. Pictured: Lois Stuck, Jim Stuck, David Greenlee, Bill Morrison, Dorothy Morrison, Ruth Greenlee, Harold Greenlee in Center
11 J. A. Greenlee, Hilltop Home Newsletter (Union Mission Settlement News), June, 1987
12 Sarah Elizabeth Greenlee, Photograph with Husband H.W. Greenlee, 50th Wedding Anniversary
13 J. A. Greenlee, Newspaper clipping "Distinguished Speakers to Address State Gideon, Wheeling News Register June 12, 1938
14 J. A. Greenlee awarded "Methodist Layman of the Year", West Virginia Board of Lay Activities at Annual Methodist Conference June 5, 1958. Buckhannon, WV
15 Catherine Greenlee Feather, letter from Gene Crowder, April 2, 1990
16 J. A. Greenlee article title "We Went to Court", May 22, 1970
17 J. A. "Jake" Greenlee's poem title "Time", Church Program: A Service Celebrating His Life, July 14, 1989
18 Dorothy Greenlee Morrison, North Texas State University, Summer Commencement Program, August 15, 1987
19 J. A. Greenlee, A Profile of Church Related Activities, May 1983 report
20 Dorothy Greenlee Morrison, Letter for Memorial Service of Dorothy Best Rains, 1918-1989
21 Dog Wagon Stuff, Political Cartoon by Kendall Vintroux mentioning J. A. Greenlee, F.A. McGrew, Harry Beckenstein, undated
22 J. A. Greenlee, undated birthday card by President Jimmy Carter and First Lady Rosalyn Carter
23 Kenneth W. Greenlee, Retreat from Faith, 1935-36, from senior paper at Antioch College 1985
24 Lola Ethel Woodall Greenlee, birthday announcement, 100 years old, August 28, 1988
25 Jacob Andrew Greenlee, July 10, 1989, Bartlett Burdett Cox Funeral Home Cards, Charleston
26 Message by Charles Thompson for J. A. Greenlee's funeral
27 J. A. (Jacob Andrew) Greenlee, birth record October 6, 1891; Last Will and Testament, January 31, 1983; Ethel Greenlee's autopsy, February 5, 1964
28 J. A. Greenlee and Martha Grimes Correspondence regarding Greenlee Chapel and Greenlee United Methodist Church stained glass, 1995
29 Greenlee Chapel, 1928-1929, research notes with photograph of sign compiled by Mrs. George A. (Martha) Grimes, October 1995
30 Greenlee Chapel historical highlights, includes directory, some meeting minutes, enrollment, 1930-1986
31 Tale of A Red Coat or How God Answered Prayer, by J. A. Greenlee 1973
32 Seed - Then Harvest: A True Missionary Story by J. A. Greenlee (original and photocopy)
33 Letters to J. A. Greenlee regarding Tale of A Red Coat, 1974-1980
34 A Lay Evangelist by J. A. Greenlee, undated
35 West Virginia Annual Methodist Church Conference, Directory of Retired Ministers and Surviving Spouses, November 1, 1979
36 Charleston High School class of 1935, 50th Year Reunion Attendance List
37 Central United Methodist Church, Charleston, WV 1892-1992 Handbook on the History of a Name: Bowman Methodist Episcopal Church 1892-1913; Central Methodist Episcopal Church, 1913-1938; Central Methodist Church, 1939-1969; Central United Methodist Church, 1969-1992
38 Yesterday and the Day Before, by J. A. Greenlee; book of poems, book cover painting by Texa Greenlee, drawings by Betty Warner; includes poem and art work for "The Old Covered Bridge"
39 History of Watts School Parent Teacher Association, Charleston, 1915-1960
40 Central United Methodist Church Photographs 1914, 1934
41 Central United Methodist Church Bulletin June 22, 2008 with J. A. Greenlee introduction from March 8, 1925
42 Central United Methodist Church demolition, Charleston newspaper clippings, April 2012
43 The Methodist Men Go All Out For Kingdom Building, a play in two acts narrated by J. A. Greenlee, starring Ted Hoffman, David Crickenberger, A.D. McCormick, Harold Thomas Elmore, undated
44 Take Me Back To West Virginia, sheet music and lyrics by J. A. Greenlee March 26, 1979
45 West Virginia Hillbilly, November 24, 1979 and March 26, 1993, includes poems by J. A. Greenlee; Baptist Temple Church Bulletin with "Thanksgiving Day" poem by J. A. Greenlee November 23, 1988
46 Various Family Newspaper Clippings, Church Bulletins, etc. 1974-2006
47 Greenlee Family Letters 1959-1991
48 Chelyan Methodist Church Bulletin, November 29, 1959
49 Various Family Cards, Announcements, Commencements, Marriage, etc 1945-1979
50 Central Methodist Church Bulletin, Charleston WV June 21, 1964 and February 8, 1976
51 Greenlee United Methodist Church Bulletin, Charleston WV June 8, 1975
52 Brown Methodist Church, Charleston, Dedication, May 7, 1961
53 Wesley Park Methodist Church Bulletins, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1957 and 1958
54 Capital City Supply Company, Celebrating 50 years in the Kanawha Valley Publication, undated
55 Ethel Jarrett Greenlee Family Photograph (copy) 1905
56 "Old Lead Talks" poem by J. A. Greenlee, 1977
57 Various Greenlee Family Photographs
58 Photocopies of Family Photographs, 1952-2008
59 Poems by J. A. Greenlee, 1928 and 1958
60 Poems by J. A. Greenlee, 1960's
61 Poems by J. A. Greenlee, 1970's and 1980's
62 Recollections of Henry William Greenlee, by Henry William Greenlee, 1978
63 Poems of Inspiration and Information, by J. A. Greenlee, 1978 (two copies)
64 Rhymes and Reasons, by J. A. Greenlee, 1967

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