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The collection features United States military manuals from 1987 to 1990, including Desert Shield handbooks, several Army publications relating to Desert Storm, a homecoming parade program, and a letter to Malcolm White, who participated in the campaign.

How They Fight Desert Shield. Order of Battle Handbook. September 1990.

How They Fight Desert Shield. Order of Battle Handbook. Friendly Forces. November 1990.

M1A1 Pocket Gunnery Book. Fort Bliss, Texas.

Soldier's Manual of Common Tasks. Skill Level 1. October 1987.

United States Central Command. Desert Storm.

Identifying the Iraqi Threat and How They Fight. September 1990.

History, Customs, and Traditions of the 3D Armored Cavalry Regiment. "The Regiment of Mounted Riflemen." 1846-1992.

Armed Forces Day. May 18, 1991. "Operation Homecoming" Parade Commemorative Program. El Paso, Texas.

The Stars and Stripes, January 1/2, 1991.

The Stars and Stripes, February 21, 1991.

Army Times Special Edition. "Welcome Home."

Letter, Peter and Susan Hughes to Malcolm White, 4 March 1991.

Photograph of armored personnel carrier and transport plane.

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